Princess Leonore turns 2

Princess Leonore turns 2

Princess Leonore, the adorable squirmy monkey of Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill, turns two today, February 20.

Princess Leonore 2nd birthday 1

The Swedish court released the above photo to mark Leonore’s birthday.

Madeleine released the below three photos, taken during the same shoot, on her Facebook page with the caption: “Time flies- our Leonore is 2! Happiest of birthday wishes to our beautiful and sweet daughter.”

Princess Leonore 2nd birthday 2

Leonore is definitely growing into her features. She’s looking more and more like Maddie as she gets older.

Princess Leonore 2nd birthday 3

I love this one of Leonore blowing out the candles on her cupcake while holding a wand. So cute.

Princess Leonore 2nd birthday 4

Photos: Brigitte Grenfeldt/

36 thoughts on “Princess Leonore turns 2

  1. I love, love, love this little monkey. I can’t hide it, I’m just a sucker for her adorable pouts and when she puts her little hand in her mouth looking around. These pictures are the happiest I’ve seen her. My, how she’s grown, look at her, she’s practically a little miss. And she does turn like a mini Maddie, KMR, you’re right.

    Good for Maddie to share more pictures with us, she never disappoints us in her Facebook page. Bravo to Maddie and Chris: they have a beautiful family, don’t hide their children and don’t spare their pictures.

    Happy Birthday, sweet Leonore, I hope you grow always in love and happiness. And hope we can watch you grow for many years to come. Thank you, KMR for this treat for us Leonore’s fans.

    1. Oh my Princess. Leonore is so beautiful, happy and appropriately dressed! Thank you Princess Maddie and the SRF for sharing your PRIVATE time.

      At least Princess Maddie is not always out shopping avoding SRF service and duties (spending tax payers funds without pause to expense), and manage to always have herself and her children dignified and beautifully dressed.
      No shoe hanging or off her toddler -pretending”.

      Thank you KNR for the lovely article and photos, future queen Princess Estelle Birthday is close as well.

      1. How true.
        I think you mean a certain family photo of the Cambs, where everybody was photoshopped in, and they had put a baby shoe in front of it to make it look real.

        1. Leonore, how darling you are. A birthday girl who seemingly had so much fun!

          Love the way she is dressed. Love her expressions — especially how sweet she looked holding that wand and blowing out her birthday candles!

          Isn’t it nice that her parents share her so generously with the public? They know people want to see their children and the photos they post are always so full of life and love. Nothing is staged. Just natural and sweet.

          KMR, you are making this weekend extra special with so many nice photos of babies and children!

          And, yes, Doolittle and Carla, no baby shoe needed in this group of photos. Leonore is just a little star and she shines brightly.
          May this new year of her life be filled with happy times.

  2. She has a hairbow in her hair! I don’t know why, but I love hairbows on squirmy toddlers. You just know it’s going to come off. She is so cute. It’s nice to see that Maddie and the SWF released these pics. They get it and we love them for it.

    What a sweet way to start a Saturday. Thanks, KMR for ending the week on such a lovely note.

        1. I have to say I’ve seen plenty of photos that suggest that Estelle can be quite the little mischevous rascal. She’s adorable – and so is her cousing Leonore. Madeline actually said that Estelle was completely enamoured with her little cousins and wanted to help change diapers, etc. – so I’m really happy she gets to be a big sister.

  3. How cute! How very very cute! I love that last photo!
    This is a great way to end the week and thanks to Madeline and Chris for sharing with us all.
    Thanks KMR!

  4. Thank you KMR for the lovely photos. They brighten up a grey day.
    Princess Leonore has a special birthday tea set which my sisters and I had, too, when we were children.
    What a cute and happy little princess. I whish her love and happiness for her entire life.

  5. Thank you KMR for the photos. Madeleine is so good to share the photos of her children so that there is a balance. I like the last photo in particular with the wand and the tea set. Leonore looks very happy. I had a wand I recall too. Happy Birthday sweet and cute Leonore. May your birthday wishes come true.

  6. What a wonderful way to start a Saturday. Happy Birthday Leonore!! You are a gorgeous, happy little girl! Thank you Madeleine and Chris for sharing the photos with us!

  7. Happy birthday Leonore! Aww, she is an adorable mini-Maddie. A special thanks to Chris & Maddie for sharing pictures on this special day.

    Time sure flies! I have to confess I was a bit sad when I saw how much she’s grown. I’ll have to re-watch videos of her family wrestling with her at events. I thought she was the funniest and funnest of all royal toddlers <3

  8. I used to wear smocked dresses and hair bows and had a special tea set. Happy days. But this doesn’t look old fashioned and contrived like George wearing the same outfits that Will had done.
    What an adorable little girl can’t wait for the new Swedish babies.

    1. I love her little dress Birdy and you’re right it doesn’t look old fashioned or contrived. Could be the color or that Madeleine isn’t recreating a well documented scene from 30 years ago. Even when the little girls wear their mothers old dresses it doesn’t come off as stilted as when George is dressed like William.

      If I were casting a movie and needed a little girl for a fairy I’d cast Leonore. She’s so darned cute!

  9. It is just such a treat reading about other Royals and their children. A very nice break from the British Royals. If not for this blog I tend not to pay attention.

    She sure is a cutie. Thank you to her parents for sharing several photos.

  10. I’m totally stealing the name Leonore for the next girl I have. The Sweden kids are the cutest! SO excited to have two more babies for their family coming soon.

        1. Leonore is an awesome name. I like Estelle too though I always think of Estella in Great Expectations. The BBC version. Isn’t one of the Spanish princess’s named similar? Your children will be very lucky to have you as a mum KMR. What I don’t understand is why guys seem to prefer boys or is it because of the family name? Didn’t houses used to pass from father to son not father to daughter. Sorry for the ramble.

  11. The little toddler princess is adorable. Thanks to Maddie and Chris for providing cute photos of their little girls birthday. She seems like a squirmy little one, but they ended up getting some great photos of the day.

  12. Thank you, KMR. Such darling photos of a precious little girl.
    Happy Birthday, Princess. You are a fire cracker and a super sweet girl.

    I just love her dress and the hair bow, too. The photo of her blowing out the candles on the cupcake while holding a wand in her hand?! Just too cute. Love that tea set, too!

    To Maddie and Chris, a special thanks for sharing such happy times of your children with the public. Little Leonore, may all your happiest dreams come true!

  13. That last picture. With the wand and a cupcake. So cute, and the epitome of childhood innocence. Yes, indeed. Happy birthday little one!!

    And kudos to mom and dad. You didn’t have to have a certain party planner all over the occasion like ugly on an ape and I couldn’t help myself KMR. I just had to throw that out there.

  14. Am I losing my mind? I cannot find my comment on this wonderful birthday celebration. Did I post it on another thread? At any rate, let me repeat that I love little Leonore and wish her a very Happy Birthday. What a little sweetheart she is.

    Love her dress. Love her bow. And, the photo with her holding the wand and blowing out her birthday candles is too cute for words. Maddie and Chris are so generous to share their kids with the public in such a loving way. KMR, thanks for a wonderful way to help us celebrate this special child’s life.

    Maddie, blow out those candles and may your happiest wishes come true.

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