Prince William and Kate Middleton return to Wales for RAF disbandment parade

Prince William and Kate Middleton return to Wales for RAF disbandment parade

Prince William, former RAF S&R pilot, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, made the trek (by helicopter, of course) back to Anglesey, Wales yesterday for the RAF Force Disbandment Parade marking the end of RAF opperations.

William and Kate disbandment parade
[Victoria Murphy ‏@QueenVicMirror]

William and Kate arrived for the 11 AM ceremony and watched as the RAF members paraded the colors for the last time. They then attended a reception for staff, crew, and their families.

William’s former colleagues said they used to buy William wedding tea towels with his and Kate’s faces on them as a joke.

One of William’s former colleagues gave him a glowing review:

    “He was not only up to doing it but he did more than that. When he was serving with us he was a very good pilot. … He would come on shift and do all the duties associated with going on shift. He would live and work with his crew, go on rescues with his crew, eat with his crew. He was just another one of the guys. He is one of the family and we wanted as many of the family to come back today and say goodbye.”


I wonder what William’s EAAA colleagues will say about him when he’s left that job.

On living in Anglesey, Kate said: “It was such a special time for us. It was the start of our life together really.”

Huh, I’ve never seen Kate cross her legs. Rebecca Deacon is sitting three people to the left of Kate.

As I predicted, Kate wore red – though I was wrong on the rest of my prediction. Kate’s LK Bennett red “Ami” coat made a fourth appearance. She’s previously worn the coat in Denmark in November 2011, to a Wales rugby match in November 2012, and for a poppy event in November 2013. The November streak is over. Sad Face.

Previous wearings: Nov 2011 on the left, Nov 2013 on the right, Nov 2012 on the bottom.

Kate switched up her styling of the coat, though, which is good. For this event, Kate wore her hair in a ponytail, brown pumps, and brought back one of her fave hats: the Betty Boop from Lock & Company. Kate also wore her Mappin and Webb Empress earrings.

There were very few reporters and photographers at this engagement – Chris Jackson wasn’t even there (he was with Charles and Camilla).

Our old friend Richard Palmer made some comments about the lack of photographers:

    “Kensington Palace’s growing attempt to restrict media to a tiny number means most of the royal press pack won’t be with Will and Kate today.”
    “Apparently there’s no room for most royal media to view the parade in a hangar at RAF Valley today, where Will and Kate will meet old chums.”
    “It reminds me of Clarence House saying space was tight when Charles and Camilla went to the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, in 2006.”
    “CH relented when @ArthurJEdwards said he’d been there with Diana and there was lots of space. The mosque holds 55,000 worshippers.”
    “A colleague who was there with us when the Queen visited Prince William at RAF Valley reminds me there were about 50 media in the hangar.”

[Richard Palmer Twitter]

For reference, here’s the size of the hangar. The back and forth between Team Cambridge and the press is getting very interesting.

Here’s a video of the engagement.

176 thoughts on “Prince William and Kate Middleton return to Wales for RAF disbandment parade

  1. The color really suits her and her eye makeup has significantly improved.
    Btw am I the only one who sees some facial resemblence b/w Catherine and Celine Dion?

      1. She has many horrible hats but this one is one of the worst, especially with that bow on the side. Her hair isn’t styled well for the hat either. A hat like that needs a real up-do not just a ponytail. Anyways, the hat is just awful – it isn’t really a pillbox hat, which would be worn differently. It is just …ugly.

        Is it just me but does this coat and combo remind anyone of an air hostess outfit?

        1. TWA flight attendant.

          Wrong hat. It sits flat on her head so when you are looking at Kate from a side view, it looks as if she was lopped off (I saw a profile shot in DM). The proportion of the long coat and squat hat is just wrong.

          1. The hat is so hideous. She looked terrible in it.
            She did look a bit like a flight attendant from days long ago.

            Rebecca’s coat (and what must be worn beneath it) was way too short. Was she wearing sheer black stockings beneath the boots? Just awful. And, her fascinator was ghastly.

        2. I still like this hat and don’t understand the hate for it. I agree, though, that the ponytail doesn’t look good with the hat.

    1. I agree, this hat does like odd. I think it’s because she is wearing it with her hair up. When she’s worn it in the past, her hair is down and looks very nice.

  2. I have never cared for that hat on her head. I can’t really put my finger on it, and I know it tends to be a favorite hat with her fans, but it looks too squatty & boxy to me. Maybe the fact that it’s called something like “Betty Boop” turns me off.

    I’m stunned she crossed her legs!! I can’t remember ever seeing her do that since the royal wedding. I never really bought into the hype that she had “princess training” lessons, and I wonder if she slipped up when she did this or if she just did not care.

    Glad to see she laid down the paintbrush when she did her makeup today though. I actually thought her makeup looked very pretty. I do appreciate that she does not get into this new “contouring” fad which imo makes people look fake and cartoon-ey. Her eyebrows looked much more natural and pretty also.

    1. Lol, I know lots of people have negative feelings toward this hat, I still like it.

        1. I actually like the hat. However, I don’t like it with the red coat she’s wearing. Brown and red and not colours that usually go well together.

          1. I like the hat. I like the coat. I don’t like them together.

            The hat is too “boxy” IMO (though I’m glad she put her hair in a ponytail) but isn’t over-the-top. The dress shows how scarily thin she is. Seriously! Just eat a cheeseburger and fries, Kate! Your body will thank you!

            P.S. PLEASE don’t think I’m insulting women who are naturally thin or are suffering from an eating disorder. It’s just that, based on pictures from the past, we know she isn’t naturally slim and her body must be starving for food.

          2. I would say she is naturally slim and athletic. I wish she would let herself be that way again. She is not naturally emaciated, which appears to be the look she is currently pursuing. It looks bad, and in all honesty, the only royal who can pull off that level of thin is Letizia. She has the sharp bone structure and the posture. Not saying I love it on her either, but it more “suits” her hyper disciplined aesthetic.

          3. Why are people hating so much on the red/brown combination? I think those two colors look fine together.

        1. Oh I know, but if you are anything like me and get a song in your head for days it drives you mad. At the moment I have a few “Wiggles” songs that I am trying to get rid of.

    1. That event was also the first one where the press made a huge deal about the fact that she showed some grey hair. I remember she didn’t look too great at that event; very tired looking.

      1. It’s as true an image of Kate as we might get. A week later she got her roots touched up, extra hair, botox, and maybe fillers to tighten everything. It was a pretty drastic difference.

  3. Thank you for some photos I had not seen on other sites. Another excellent article.

    I think red is such a good color for Kate and I do like this coat. I am not a fan of this hat.

        1. I believe red is associated with Wales. A lot of others appear to be in blue uniforms or navy suits. If red is in fact associated with Wales, it’s a nice gesture.

          1. Bit too literal though for me – oh I’m going to Wales I’ll wear red, the Irish Guards so green, Scotland so why not a tartan?

          2. Good for Kate if this is why she wore red. Plus, the coat has a military feel with the shoulder detail. Kate looks nice with her hair back and her eye liner looks better with a lighter touch. Kate’s assistant (or whatever she is) looks frumpy and unprofessional. She needs a major style make over.

          3. I live in Wales. It’s white, red and green, like the flag. But this wasn’t a patriotic event, it was to do with the RAF who wear blue. She just took on a patronage for the RAF so she should know the score. Rebecca was more appropriately dressed in her (albeit much too short) navy outfit.

        2. I think red and brown look fine together. I don’t get all the fuss about it. And she most likely wore red because it’s one of the colors of Wales. We all know Kate loves her theme dressing.

          1. honestly i don t like red and brown together, but they might match, if you like them.
            The point is that hat which to me it s hideous, and she’ s really too thin: Please stop telling that she’ s naturally thin because she’ s not, during university she wasn’ t ( she wasn’ t fat at all, she was kinda average, not skinny at all and she looked way better). I’ m naturally thin and my face is plump and shows no stress or tiredness because i don’ t starve myself, i just (try to, it isn’ t that easy 🙂 ) eat healthy somewhat but i don’ t give up chocolate and sweets. Instead I’ m pretty sure she starves herself

          2. Agree. It is the hat the ruins the whole look. The boxy shape that just sits flat on her head, plus that odd bow on the side. I hate bows on grown women on principle (too cutsey) – unless it is Maxima wearing a dress with a HUGE bow on the shoulder, because that is just soo Maxima.

          3. Why so much negativity toward brown with black? Maybe because we are used to seeing black accessories so much with red clothing. I am not a fan of pairing brown with black, but that is me. If she was going for that look, though, why didn’t Kate choose a pair of brown shoes? The black ones didn’t complete the look when the hat was brown. I’m no fashionista, though. Just my take on this.

          4. She did wear brown shoes. She’s wearing brown suede pumps. All of her accessories are brown.

          5. Perfectly acceptable assumption. I thought they were black initially, too. I even wrote “black pumps” in my initial writing until I saw that they were brown.

  4. My God, that first picture of her in the red coat is frightening. How did she survive? She was so thin!

    I like the red color. The coat needs a brooch, or something. She has nice pieces but just can’t style it for the life of her. I wish she’d hire a real stylist to help her out.

    1. Especially since most of her pieces are very basic, she really does need some better styling to make her outfits pop.

    2. She’s still reed thin and this coat doesn’t do her favors as it only accentuates her boyish figure. While the rich red is a beautiful color, the cut and style are not flattering. She also needed a nice ascot scarf for some oomph. She is hopelessly unstylish.

      1. I agree with you. She’ s got no style at all, she hasn’ t learnt yet how to accessorize her outfit ( and this is actually the only activity she does). That hat is ridiculous, she looks frumpy haggard and terribly old

  5. I don’t mind the outfit, however I can’t work out why she isn’t wearing tights?! Or at least black tights if she’s secretly wearing tan ones. I live near Anglesey and it was about -3 celsius here yesterday.

        1. Why? Is their some rule that one cannot wear nude tights in winter? I think the nude tights look fine, and it’s a way to change up the styling of the coat which is something she rarely does when she repeats outfits.

        2. If her legs are not properly covered from the cold they will get that gross, purplish ‘corned-beef’ look to them that they get when exposed to cold air. It has been very cold in Wales this past week. Everyone else is either wearing trousers or opaque tights. It’s like she’s trying to be weird on purpose so she stands out.

          Nude tights are also not really accepted in the military which she should also know since again she just took on a RAF patronage AND her husband was in the force too. She has lost the plot.

  6. The Cambs don’t look very enthustiastic on the photos. Somebody of Kate’s team definitely reads your blog KMR. Kate wears her hair in a ponytail – no flicking of hair. Her eye make-up has improved and the length of her coat is appropriate. She talks to people (nobody knows what, silly or not) and she tries very hard to look interested in what peole are saying to her. Everything of this had been offered as improvements for her in this blog.
    Could there be a better proof of the high quality of KMR and the posts of the contributors there ?

  7. Anyone know why Kate is drinking orange juice instead of the champagne for the toast, like the others?

    I usually don’t like to engage in pregnancy speculation, but I found it odd.

      1. A glass of orange juice has half the calories as a glass of champagne – but we’re only talking a difference of about 40 calories. Is she that strict?

        Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree. Maybe she just doesn’t like champagne lol

        In France, unless you have a medical reason, it’s just incredibly rude to do something like that, so maybe I’m looking at it from a cultural bias…

        1. I am feeling very anti Kate at the moment, but in her defence in the UK I don’t think it is ever considered rude to refuse alcohol. An alternative would always be offered especially at lunch time!

          1. At every event I’ve ever been to they’ve offered some sort of alternative to the alcohol. I would assume that’s the norm. I’d be shocked if an event didn’t offer an alternative.

        2. It isn’t a criticism but wasn’t Kate drinking abroad after a break from William?
          I like this red outfit. It does suit Kate. If it is the same brown hat worn at Sandrinham in 2014 then I did like that hat just not with the red coat dress. The only thing I am not really ok about it red for this occasion. Grey would have been good or a teal colour. Dressing in red does seem to make Kate stand out.

          1. “Dressing in red does seem to make Kate stand out.”

            And there goes the theory that Kate has been hiding because of a terror threat. If she was a target then would she be wearing red in a sea of blue and black?

    1. Couple that observation with the recent DM article about a night out of theirs where it was reported she chose sparkling water whilst William had wine. Could be happening…a third one?! Please God no….

      1. Edit: I’m guessing she hadn’t, or doesn’t, usually eat breakfast. She might not have wanted alcohol on an empty stomach. I wouldn’t.

  8. Let’s see…coat that doubles as a dress, check. Legs on display, check. Spindly high heels, check. Silly hat, check. Clutch bag she can hold in front of herself defensively, check. Jewellery that could feed a whole town, check. Evening eye make-up even though it’s daytime, check. Fake smiles, check. Must be another day at work for our lovely Fakey Katie!!!

    1. Don’t disagree except that they should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to cover it, not be refused access. IMO. Banning them especially at the moment would not seem to be in their own best interest.
      Next time they might be invited and decide they don’t want to bother.

      1. +1 If you keep telling someone they aren’t invited to the party, eventually they won’t even want to come… I think W+K need to learn that you catch more flies with honey.

    2. Regardless of the topic of the engagement, the fact that they don’t work very often is one of the main reasons the media wants to be there. It’s one of the few opportunities they get to see them together in action. Whether or not they attend to cover it is up to them, but there is no reason they shouldn’t have been invited/allowed to cover the event.

    3. I agree that it’s an uninteresting engagement, but it’s not about the interesting-ness of the engagement so much as it’s about the principle of the Cambs refusing to let the press come to their engagements.

  9. I normally like the hat but it just looks awkward with her hair pulled back. Red is a fantastic color for Kate and this coat has been a huge hit, but again it’s just not working this time. I just feel so underwhelmed by this look. Interesting comments by Wills former colleagues. I would love to know what the spouses had to say since it was reported that kate wasn’t keen participating in many group activities

    1. I was wondering this too – that is a little off-putting. I get that she’s doing all the managing for Kate (reminds me of the scene in Devil Wears Prada where Miranda’s assistants reminder her who is who at the gala as they approach) and its nice to be acknowledge for that – but aren’t there some RAF leadership who deserved that seat? Once K/W sat down they didn’t really need a person. Also, did William have a person there or just Kate?

    2. When I worked in the music industry my boss specifically told all of us it was not our jobs to be on camera. We were to get our clients in the photos. We stood far enough out of the way to not be included, but near enough to get to them should they need us. To be honest, if I could I was near the photographer directing/encouraging them in the shots I wanted. We would have never taken a seat like that unless the artist requested it. The only time I was in a seat next to the artist was the American Music Awards and that was because it was my job to get them through everything that night and I needed to be next to them at all times. Fun part was they won and we had an awesome night. But I have no pictures of myself during work time with the artists. My boss would have skinned me alive.

      1. Thanks for the info and insight, Lisa. It’s very welcome and very useful. It makes Rebecca’s presence in the front row that much more jarring.

        I’m beginning to think that Waity never had princess lessons.

      2. Awesome info, Lisa.

        Side note: How was the award show? I like watching some of the film/tv award shows on tv but I think it might be boring to actually be there since you can’t skip commercials or boring speeches if your there in person.

        1. KMR, I’ve done The Grammy’s, American Music Awards, MTV Awards and a whole bunch of TV shows chaperoning bands.

          The best part of the awards shows for me was rehearsal the day before and being backstage during it. Honestly sitting in the audience can be very boring if you don’t have a nominee. We were all sitting there with our fingers crossed during my bands category and as soon as their names were called they went to the stage and I headed backstage to meet them and walk them through the press and photos. After that it was party time.

          I’m a music freak and it was really cool for me to see how the shows were put together, to see musicians I loved work and to see what they were really like in person.

          And as a confession, one year Gloria Estefan was appearing after her life threatening accident. I was in the lobby at the time she came on. You weren’t allowed to walk in (obviously) while the show was airing, but to be honest while I was very happy for her coming back I was soooo glad I didn’t have to sit through it. It was moving but my cynical side was just over it because of all the genuflecting that was going on in rehearsals and everything. But that’s just me. I saw the performance on TV afterwards and it was really good. As much fun as I had working in the industry I became a little, jaded, for lack of a better word to moments that were intentionally created to pull the heart strings.

          Kind of like the pictures William and Kate will be releasing at some point of the kids to score brownie points with the public. My time working in the entertainment industry is why I get so very upset with William and Kate squandering the good will they had going into their marriage and not doing any work whatsoever for the golden position they are in. I saw artists every day who worked their backsides off and gave back in their own ways whenever they could. A lot goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see. There was one little girl who had a terminal illness and her mother contacted us because one of our artists was her favorite musician. They established a relationship before the cameras were called in and I’ll never forget the day I got the call from her mom that she had passed and I had to break the news to the artist. It was one of the saddest days of my life. So that’s why I’m tough and sarcastic regarding William and Kate. They can do so much, can get so much assistance in how to handle their public lives and do nothing but the bare minimum. Then get attitudes when they are called out for it and expect the board to be wiped clean by releasing pictures of the kids. Sorry, not buying it.

          Didn’t mean to digress there but knowing how things can be handled and how information does get out about good things that happen behind the scenes, I don’t believe for one second that either of them is doing a lot of secret, behind the scenes meetings with their patronages. If they did, especially with Kate, she would be far more aware of the patronage and not have that deer in the headlights look she gets almost every time she’s doing an engagement. She’s been doing this for 5 years, she should be better.

      3. i worked for the press for the venice cinema festival and it happened that iwas the personal assistant of a few italian actreeses for that occasions. I was never ever allowed to be in the first row in front of the camera. You’ re not there to be seen.It’ s been 5 years since Kate has married Will, plus 10 years of stalikg and she hasn’ t learnt anything yet.

  10. Her poor posture ruins the beauty of the red coat. If Kate is not careful she will look like the hunchback of Norfolk by the time she’s 50!

    1. “Hunchback of Norfolk ”
      And that coat needed a press before Kate put it on. It would have hung better, it looks like Kate pulled it out of a full closet and put it on. If she had time to add a wIglet to her hair she should have had time to look a little more groomed.
      I do have to say well done to the person who hid her sharpie pen. George? Was that you?

  11. Hmmm, I never would have thought about combining red and brown, but somehow it works. This hat has always been one of my favorites but I have to say I don’t like this hairstyle with it, either wearing the hair down or up in a chignon would have looked better. I agree with others here, Kate does look great in red but I would have loved to see Kate style this coat with a great scarf, anything really just to add a bit of interest in an otherwise rather dull outfit. A day or so ago Leti wore this great white suit and I noticed that even though she didn’t really add much to that outfit, it looked stunning on her and that made think that if Kate had worn that outfit the exact same way, it would have looked boring. I think the difference is down to personality and charisma, which we just don’t see coming from Kate.

    So what is going on between Cambridges and the press? I thought everything was worked out after the meet and greet with George and Charlotte at KP? Having read several books on HM and the Firm, I realize that relations between the royals and the press can be contentious at best to down right hostile at the worst but I can’t put my finger on any one event recently that would account for all this hostility coming from the Cambridges. The other interesting thing I learned is that the press usually has some pretty “scandalous” stories about the royals that for one reason or another they don’t print, I wonder how much longer the press will hold back unflattering articles about William and Kate?

    Kudos to the Duchess for walking with her arms down by her sides today!!!! I thought her posture looked a bit better today until I saw that photo of her and William in the doorway, wow she looked pretty intimidated at the thought of entering that room.

    1. If you drape a bedsheet over Leti and Mary, they would still look fabulous. Meanwhile, Kate is devoid of charm, charisma and she has no presence so no matter how she styles herself, it falls flat. If not for her title, she would fade into a wall. Bottomline, she is unremarkable.

      One plus on this appearance is there were no manic grins. She must have exceeded her manic quota at the HuffPo gig that she just ran out of gas this time.

    2. Lauri, you are my style sister. I loved the brownext and red combo. I would have added a brown belt. And a scarf. And a brooch. Thank goodness she didn’t wear those scuffy brown boots.

    3. “I think the difference is down to personality and charisma”

      Also our own personal taste in clothes, and feelings toward the royal.

      I also liked the red/brown combo so I’m happy to see at least a couple others who liked it as well.

  12. I know this is off topic but does anyone know if Kate gets professional styling advice from Vogue the way Diana used to? I’m sure when Kate first got engaged she had advice because her styling and outfits were much more different. Does anyone know who that was or why or when they left?

    1. I’d say no when it comes to professional styling. I don’t know if she’s ever had prof help. I seem to remember article from the early days of the marriage about her not having a dresser because it isn’t “normal” (though it is when it comes to royalty). She likes shopping very much and she has a lot of free time on her hands – and there are numerous reports of her doing her own shopping, whether it be clothes, jewellery, antiques or office supplies.

      I do think she needs help in this area – especially when it comes to accessorizing. Clever accessorizing could really help her, and it would also eliminate the need for so many new outfits (especially coats).

  13. It’s one of the few hats of hers that I like but I hated it with this coat. And for some reason it came off as looking very flat. Also, I have a bone to pick with her coat. It was wrinkled in places. Was she huddled in her seat in the helicopter the entire time to get those wrinkles. Why does there always seem to be some kind of sartorial error when she’s out. Too short, wrinkled, not anchored, not right for the event…please hire and listen to a real stylist soon Kate.

    1. Again, she is not caring enough to take notice of such important details. When she sits in cars or on helicopters, if the coat is not removed, then she is sitting improperly. She does not take the time to smooth her apparel in place before sitting down. She needs a Lady in Waiting to be with her at all times. To do the little reminders that make for a a truly polished appearance. Rebecca is rather sloppy in appearance, so she is of no help.

      As I said in another post on this blog, Kate does not have “it.” Leti can definitely pull off a simple look and shine. Other Royal ladies do, too. Kate is just not a naturally chic person. That’s ok. She is who she is, but tending to details really does make a difference.

      If she paid more attention to details, if she just would do a bit of accessorizing, she would stand out a tad more.

    2. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks that coat looked a mess. If she’d taken it from the closet and given it a press and let it hang it would have looked great. imo Kate needs a dresser as well as a stylist. the stylist to pick the clothes and put outfits together and the dresser would make sure Kate didn’t leave the house in a wrinkled coat, lint covered hat, scuffed boots, scuffed shoes etc.

      “If she paid more attention to details, if she just would do a bit of accessorizing, she would stand out a tad more.”
      So true Jenny, so very very true.
      And if Kate has a lady in waiting, sorry, Pippa would not full the job requirements. Kate needs someone with skills like Lady Susan Hussey or Anne Beckwith-Smith.

  14. Kate should have just traded her hat with the little girl’s red hat (3rd pic). Although I doubt that the little girl would want the box hat as it is not as “pretty”.

  15. I am no fashion expert. Or makeup expert. But I see a very very thin woman who maybe hasn’t the energy to care about the details. So scary thin. If Kate knew who she was, if she hadn’t been so focused on her prey and taken the time to really work out who she was, what she wanted I think she would have been in a far better place than she is now. Granted, no manic grins. And she did look kinda sorta interested and when she was talking to William she seemed to be asking him a question. I think that her ‘hair and thinness’ are what she believes to define her. And of course her title. She does not look healthy or happy at all, let alone regal or ‘royal’.
    That jaw straining for the accent. Arghhhhh

    1. 1,000% agree. She never allowed herself to find out who she is as an individual. Her romance with William turned into an obsession and stunted her growth as a person. Sad.

    2. I am a recovering anorexic and I well remember how tired I would look when I was seriously limiting my caloric intake – and would look just like Kate; as if I couldn’t summon the energy to concentrate and that’s how she looks to me. I notice another person here asked if 40 calories more in the drink would make that much of a difference in her diet for the day, and I know for me, when I was dieting, 40 calories more would have upset me very deeply. I feel sorry for Kate because we know she is not naturally this underweight, and can relate to how she must have to drag herself around. Add two kids to that (nanny and tons of help around Anmer and K.P. not withstanding) and it would be even more grueling. I do hope that she realizes the strain she is putting on her body, and that there are better ways to control your life than fiercely limiting or controlling what you put in your body. I am not saying she has anorexia, maybe bulimia, but some kind of bonafide eating disorder. I have put forth the idea that she might have the ongoing cosmetic dental work because vomiting up stomach acids eat away at your teeth. Diana had an eating disorder, and we all saw her wasting away, but she did come out and talk about it after she got help. With W & K and the tight sequestered lives they lead, coupled with the RF probably not “wanting to go there again” with another heir’s wife dealing with a problem, this may be why we are not getting snippets of information about what life is like behind the golden doors.

  16. I think this look is awful and she looks at the very least 10 years older than she really is. Why is the hat sitting flat on Kate’s head like a pancake? I do agree that she is thinner than ever, maybe even thinner than right before she got married. The coat looks old and worn, it reminds me of when you take an old woolen coat out of the back of the closet and the bottom is all creased from being shoved in the back for so long. The coat also has a strange fit, it looks big on her around the waist area, but then does not seem to close in the front. It overwhelms her and needs a good pressing. If you look closely at her shoes in some of the other media posts I have seen they look kind of scuffed up. To me I see no change in the eye make up I think the picture angle makes it look less heavy. This is just a huge miss on the fashion front for me. Since she has no substance, there is not much else to say.

    1. So funny. “Why is her hat sitting flat on Kate’s head like a pancake?:

      Such an accurate way of saying what is wrong with the look.

  17. William thinks that the public will accept a quiet life out of the spotlight for the heir to the throne, and doesn’t realize the wisdom of what the Queen said — she has to be seen to be believed. The majority of the British public will never see William or Kate or Harry or even Charles and Camilla or the Queen in person. It isn’t their fault, it’s because of the sheer number of people. But they can see them on TV and in the newspaper. It breeds a familiarity. If they cannot see them at all, why would they want to keep paying for them? I also don’t think that, in a decade’s time, when Charles takes the throne, that William will just be able to reappear in London, even if he wanted to do so. They are both in for a rude awakening when Charles is King. He will not be beloved and the mourning period for Elizabeth will be fierce and long. The Prince and Princess of Wales will be expected to help ease the blow, and either will not want to do so, or find it an uphill battle after years of being out of the game.

    If the monarchy fell, William ought to be stripped of everything but Diana’s money.

    1. That’s why I was snickering at William’s desired “gentleman country farmer” lifestyle. In my head I have a picture of a farmer in plaid shirt, rubber up-to-the knee boots, straw hat, and a pitchfork while toiling the land. Whereas William has a velvet smoking jacket, monogrammed slippers, a single malt in one hand and sipping it gingerly while surveying his vast gentlemanly Norfolk estate. The kid is a rich spoiled brat who wants to have it all except his royal duties and a job.

  18. The press response is interesting. Her HuffPo thing was basically buried, and Richard Palmer’s tweets about the RAF event were great to follow. The press has pushed back before and nothing has come of it. It will be an interesting story to watch if they keep up the pressure.

  19. I wonder if that former colleague with the glowing review actually exists. Because what they say is absolute hogwash. William almost lost his wings, he flew so little. He inconvenienced his colleagues often. I don’t know how he has the cojones to actually return, given what a slacker he is. No one looks thrilled to see him either.

    In some of the gifs I’ve seen he looks almost at the point of blubbering- a lot of rapid blinking. I read that he petitioned that the RAF remain in charge; rather ironic given his allergy to actual work. He must be missing his perfect little kingdom where the military can’t talk and he rules supreme while he plays his manly game of helicopters at whim.

    As for her, the hat so flat and low, paired with a high standing collar makes her look like she has no neck. The proportions are all off. Brown and red together provide little contrast. She looks dull and boring. There is no spark.

    1. Sun article “I think he would have loved to stay in the RAF, being a search and rescue pilot, but that branch’s privatisation put the kibosh on that.”

      Who’s to say he won’t get bored with that gig too — and why would they want him back to begin with.

      1. If he wanted to stay he could have until now this finishing out his contract, but nah. Let’s charge the taxpayers £400,000 for the loss in training him. Which he got to do on his own time instead of taking the same courses as everyone else. No 28 months for William, I think it was six weeks.

          1. This is beyond unforgivable. Makes me want to go postal.

            But Willy has never had any problems with the massive slaughter of animal life. His animal causes are a joke. Loathsome creature.

          2. Yup.

            Why they did that, I will never know. But it is horrific.

            There’s no reason they couldn’t have rehomed them or found somewhere for them to go. But William wanted to ditch the RAF after all they’d done for him, kept their mouths shut about his many idiotic incidents (landing in the Middletons’ garden, taking a Chinook to the Isle of Wight for a joyride)…

      2. Considering that he almost lost his wings, I’m guessing that he had reached that boredom level already. So, I don’t understand the near tears. Must be about something else entirely.

        Yeah, why would they want him back? Ever?

  20. Neither cambridge is getting a positive response from the press, nor public. Their conveniently timed/worded “date night” pr went down like a lead balloon. Right now would be a fantastic time for skiing and/or the Maldives — Dontchathink?
    (I do think they quietly skipped town for a January holiday. Maybe while the press was distracted by the idea of marrying Harry off to kuki patermause and his 18 year old 5th cousin ten times removed.)

    Should we expect new pictures of “Dearly departed DIANA’S grandchildren” this quarter of the year?

    1. “Should we expect new pictures of “Dearly departed DIANA’S grandchildren” this quarter of the year?”

      Well, given their past reactions and laziness, I think they will take the road well-travelled- the kiddies. If Diana is evoked, well, you win the prize. Heaven forbid that they actually increase their engagements and in a substantial way.

      What I don’t understand is why anyone remotely savvy at this point would fall for it.

  21. I love her in red and the hair needs to be dealt with. There are so many types of hats that would flatter her. A cloche or even a jaunty fedora. I don’t like to talk about her body but the coat accentuates her slight frame. And those wrinkles…I can’t. That coat is too expensive and beautiful to look like that.

    I’ve finally figured out who Will reminds me of: Don Draper from Mad Men. But without the personality and attractiveness. He wants to do as he pleases with no repercussions. I’ve had it with him.

    Thanks for the post, KMR.

      1. She has worn a smaller fedora, maybe more of a trilby?, (don’t know hat vernacular!). It was mid 2000’s, and I think she was at a horse do. The hat was black, and she wore a dark trench with it, I believe. She looked great, actually – it suited her.

  22. First, I love this blog. I’ve recently gotten interested in royal gossip and news, and as an American, the whole notion of a monarchy is very foreign to me.

    THe consensus here is that Prince William seems to dislike being a royal (but loves the perks of course). What would happen if Prince William “quit” being the Prince? He packs up his kids and wife, takes his money and leaves and moves to the British Virgin Islands. Would he be arrested? Charged with treason? Of course, he would be disinherited, but what would be the personal consequences to Prince William?

    1. Hi Seattle! Welcome, and thank you.

      William can’t “quit” without an act of parliament removing him and his children from the line of succession. If William were to just randomly go off somewhere, he would still be king upon Charles’ death. The only way to prevent that would be to formally remove himself from the line.

      1. and this is what he should ask for: being removed from the line, if he has some sort of dignity. But he hasn’ t got any and keeps on enjoying the perks of royal complaining and not accepting the duty.

      2. I think it is best for William and for the country, to be removed from the line of succession. He has great disdain for most things royal (except the perks) and that is not what the country needs or will require in their future monarch.

  23. KMR, thank you for another terrific article, you have covered this wonderfully as usual.
    William does not look happy at this event. In unguarded moments he looks surly and sulky. Maybe he has read the comments on his lack of work ethic, lets hope it might have a positive effect and possibly change his New “Year resolve and be more pro active.
    I don’t like to be critical of the Duchess’s figure, but she is alarmingly thin. This is not a good role model for young girls who look up to her or want to copy her, etc.
    As others have commented it is not natural thinness, she is wasted looking and her face is going to start to show sooner than later, she already looks older than what she is, gauntness is very aging. When she became engaged she looked healthy and was a little bit more rounded, even then she had steadily been losing weight. Her posture is out because she is all bent over. All her clothes accentuates her thinness – tight belts, close fitting dresses and coats, short skirts, appearing that she thinks she looks good like this. The red coat really showed how thin she is, you can actually see her bones in her back sticking out of her coat , slim is nice yes, but underweight, skinny and starved looking as you get older especially is not a good look, I hope her advisors are reading this blog today. She needs advice seriously.

    1. I wonder if this will affect Charlotte’ s phsyche. She’ s still a baby but she will grow up and probably be influenced by a mum who’ s seriously underwieight , who has done nothing but lose weight to be attracive for Williams. I suffered from anorexia and i have to say I was deeply influenced by the image of skinny girls in magazines, fashion and so on. Sure, anorexia is not only that but having a mum who starves herself isn’ t healthy at all

      1. Totally agree about Charlotte not to mention Kate’s ‘fan’ girls. I think that Kate needs help and she needs it now. From what I’ve read and seen of anorexics (been there and bulimic) it can be a control issue, if I can’t have control of anything else I will have control of what I eat, but also factor in how Kate sees herself in the mirror. Does she see what we see? I don’t think so and while I may have no use for Kate I certainly do not want to see her starve herself to death. Karen Carpenter was 32. Please Dear God don’t let it be too late for her to get some serious help. What truly scares me is that as I said before, Kate gets her identity from 3 things. Her hair. Her weight. Her title. That’s my opinion.

        1. I’ve been wondering about Charlotte too. Not only will Kate have an influence over how her daughter sees herself but her deceased, paternal grandmother will as well!

        2. Royalsareajoke you are describing the condition very well. My daughter has been a sufferer, and the anorexic does not see what the rest of us see when they look in the mirror, they see a altered picture of themselves. That is why the ‘duchess accentuates her thinness, she thinks she looks fine.
          I have just seen a photo of the Duchess in todays Daily Mail, she is out shopping in exercise gear. Her head, hands and feet, look disproportioned to the size of her body. She really is restricting her intake of calories.
          What is even worse is the article is not highlighting this problem that is so obvious, but more interested in her expensive exercise gear.
          She now seriously needs to be shocked into some home truths. Yes many die from this condition, they are denying there heart of vital nutrients as well as other vital organs.
          She looks unfortunately harder and very gaunt. What a decline, I feel very sorry for her that she thinks she needs to do this to herself to appear attractive. A bigger question though, doesn’t the Duke or her mother for that matter, see what is happening to his wife, she is fading away.

          1. I recall after George was born William said something about Kate having to lose about 20 pounds, and I was horrified.

            So I don’t think he cares. Maybe he likes her like this. 🙁

          2. Ellie,
            He said WHAT?! Why the F would he say that?! Wow–that’s just being an ass IMO! Prince Charming my foot!! Poor Kate and Poor Charlotte (cause you know she’s gonna hear it when she’s older).

          3. I wish I had a source for it because I know I’ve read it and it wasn’t in some tabloid rag, it was a quote from someone who met him at an engagement post-George.

  24. I always loved that hat which the duchess is wearing and I never liked this coat. It has no movement and seem to be to long. The hat and this coat is not the best combination. Kate’s makeup is very nicely done. I wish she will gain back her confidence and I hope William and her find joy in their duty.

      1. It’s just a niggle, but Prince Charles is paying for Kate’s wardrobe, yes? The wardrobe paid for is, I’m assuming here, for official purposes rather than personal? Yet Kate’s mother and sister also borrow from it?

        1. This drives me round the bend, too, Jen. I don’t think Kate makes those distinctions because she only wants to be wrapped in cotton wool and remain ignorant of grown up matters.

          1. Since there are so many negative comments about the Middleton family you’d think that at least one of them would have the sense and sensitivity to not blur boundaries. But no, they are a brazen lot with an insatiable desire for status. I’m surprised no-one on the KP side has advised Kate to keep her royal ‘work’ wardrobe off limits to her mother and sister. The optics are all wrong and subtly smuggles the Middleton’s yet again into the royal narrative. I may be reading more into this though this family seems to be always creepily on the make.

          2. Jen, if you’re reading more into the Middleton mess you aren’t alone. I didn’t even **know** that they traded clothes which is absolutely appalling. They have so disgraced and brought down the dignity of the ‘firm’ that it’s, as said up thread, a blurring of boundaries. Kind of makes me wonder what happened in that house before Kate married William. Knowing from what I read that Carole backed William into a ‘commitment corner’ makes me wonder if he doesn’t resent Kate on some level. The epitome of ‘wannabe upper class’. They absolutely do not take a hint, nor do they hesitate to use their ‘royal’ connections for whatever, and then act like idiots. William and Kate may very well be the ones to destroy the monarchy, and then what will Carole do? I have never seen such a blatantly grasping family. It’s so obvious and they don’t know or don’t care how they are perceived. It’s sickening to me and I have no dog in the fight, except that I love Britain and the Commonwealth countries and they’re our friends and allies. They deserve so much better. So very much better.

          3. I have said it before and I will say it again: Kate’s family is hurting her public image and if they really cared (and were smart) they’d keep a low profile like other royal in-laws. They do the opposite.

            They are grasping but they have nothing on the Wydevilles, Boleyns and Seymours – that was when being a royal in-law was the ticket to distinguised titles, immense wealth (in estates awarded, heirs/heiresses married) and real political power. Those were different times and other factors apply today. The Middletons seem to use media exposure to earn money but I do wonder about how successful they really are at that. How much do they benefit financially and socially from their royal connection?

          4. Family closeness is one thing and it’s clear that this family has a phalanx-like approach to making itself successful and known. They appear to calculate every aspect of their public persona.
            The most reported aspect of Kate’s ‘work’ is her wardrobe. That’s a sad indictment in itself but since that is the case, whatever is in the professional work wardrobe should surely stay that way.

          5. Yes, Art Historian, the Middleton family is problematic. Didn’t they employ a PR person at some point to manage their burgeoning rise to celebrity status?
            Pippa has been afforded opportunities that would not have come her way through her own work accomplishments, which are zero, like her sister. I suspect it has been harder for James; didn’t Uncle Gary finance James? Not his parents?
            As for Carole and Mike, I wonder about Party Pieces. I’m sure it gets a lot of traffic just out of curiosity; whether that translates to sales is another thing. That type of merchandise is readily available anywhere really at all price points. It’s an oddly constructed company as someone mentioned a while ago. I wonder whether the truth lies in previous inheritances having been well invested, with PP giving Mike and Carole the appearance of great entrepreneurs?
            My observation is that people like that take as much as they can get away with until called on it. Most people are too polite to do so, hence Middleton-type folk get away with far too much.

        2. Why not? They are very close. Besides, prince William is a very rich man. Personally I would never wear somebody’s clothes, but that’s just me.

          1. Have to agree with all of the above. Whatever happened to know ones place, keep a low profile and most importantly behaving in a dignified manner?
            James Middleton’s cake making business by all accounts is struggling, it does make you wonder about party pieces.
            When you research Carol’s mum, she was described as a social climber, so history repeats itself, you can see the emulation taking place in the generations.

          2. Several people have said the Party Pieces business is just a cover for other stuff the Middletons are up to. That and their (unfortunately legal) tax dodging, as well as the rumoured investment from William, explains their ‘success’.

          3. I don’t think the provision of a clothing allowance – ultimately by the taxpayer – means that the Middleton women get to play dress-up. It signals obliquely that these women, by extension, think they are royal too.
            Carole and Pippa have worn Kate’s very identifiable clothes in public. Surely they realise that an official ‘royal’ work wardrobe is not theirs to use at whim? I suspect they are just a pushy lot who get away with so much because people are gob-smacked at their brassy approach.
            The Middleton family has an odd sense of boundaries, if indeed any exist. Creepily close.

  25. Everyone, I read a few pregnancy rumors about Kate today. They D.M. was all agog about her possibly carrying twins, which I chalked up to being a rumor. All I can wonder is does she still get a period as underweight as she is. I wonder if she could even conceive, let alone carry a baby – or two.

    1. I’ve wondered that myself. There are quite a few people out there who question it. I can also throw another piece into the conspiracy. It was rumored that she conceived while dating Whiny. It’s said she took a short trip with mom and came back looking out of sorts. That too could have contributed to trouble conceiving. Combined with zero body fat and that she was over thirty (which reduces the ease of conceiving with each year)

      But then again, once she did conceive she had some big healthy babies. Which I attribute to the fact that she got back to a normal weight and her body took over from there.

      But seriously, conspiracy theories abound.

      1. I’ve heard that rumor/theory too, Lisa.

        I just feel bad that her body has gone through so much (the yo-yo weight, not pregnancies) and she may not realize how much she’s hurting herself in the long run.

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