Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in diamonds and lace at the British Asian Trust Gala

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in diamonds and lace at the British Asian Trust Gala

All diamonds all the time today with two jewelry-focused articles – go here to read about the Swedes at the Official Dinner. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall sparkled in diamonds as she joined her husband, Prince Charles, at the British Asian Trust Gala on February 2.

I’m starting with the diamonds, because diamonds. Camilla wore these gorgeous pear-shaped diamond cluster drop earrings with 11 diamonds each, and a matching diamond necklace featuring pear-shaped and oval diamonds. Camilla first wore this set in 2005; it is believed to be a gift from Prince Charles made from a dismantled tiara.

Camilla wore a midnight blue lace Bruce Oldfield gown with a lighter blue underlay on the bodice. She wore a black shawl over the top of the dress.

The British Asian Trust’s third annual gala was held at the Natural History Museum and featured 450 dinner guests, including celebrities from film, TV, music, and sport as well as some of the leading names in British and international business and enterprise.

Charles and Camilla at British Asian Trust Gala 2016

The gala was to support and raise awareness of The British Asian Trust. The British Asian Trust was founded in 2007 by Charles and aims to unlock the potential of disadvantaged people in South Asia by empowering them to transform their own lives through grassroots initiatives that help people to help themselves. The Trust works to support education and training to make environments safer, gives survivors of abuse opportunities to increase their confidence, skills and life prospects, works to improve financial security through skills training that leads to employment, and works to tackle the stigma in South Asia surrounding disability and mental health issues, providing community-based healthcare support.

Charles gave a speech in which he referred to Camilla as “My darling Mehabooba” which means “my darling beloved”. Aw, so sweet.

Charles said in part:

    “In the past year, my Trust has continued its efforts in four key areas – education, livelihoods, mental health, and anti-trafficking. These issues can throw up things that are uncomfortable and sometimes even taboo, so I am particularly proud that my Trust does not shy away from them and contributes, in its own way, to resolving some of the most difficult issues of our time. […]
    “Now another area of work that I was particularly excited to see get underway in recent months, is my Trust taking a more in-depth look at the issues faced by rural farmers in India, with the aim of establishing a dedicated fund to implement the kinds of intervention that the research clearly points out are needed. Agriculture is, of course, a vitally important sector of the economy, and one, if I’m not mistaken, that over half of rural households in India rely on as their principal means of livelihood. Over 30% of the world’s smallholder farmers are based in South Asia, and of those well over a third are women. However, as I am sure you know far better than I, smallholder farmers often realize only a small proportion of the value of their products and they can get caught in a poverty trap with no obvious way out. So you can immediately see that by making real in-roads into helping the sector upscale and increase its productivity – in a sustainable way, of course! – we can make a truly staggering difference to so many lives.
    “Outside of specific programme areas I’ve mentioned… my Trust remains hugely ambitious about growing its impact. It is seeking to increase the scale of the work on the ground in order to support more of those in need, as well as growing its footprint so it can reach Bangladesh and Nepal in a more dedicated way.”


Leona Lewis performed at the gala, and Simon Cowell was a guest – though he arrived over an hour and a half late and didn’t wear a jacket or tie (his chest is seriously grossing me out).

One day I want to be rich enough that I can buy myself some diamonds like this.

Photos: Getty / Clarence House @ClarenceHouse

64 thoughts on “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in diamonds and lace at the British Asian Trust Gala

  1. I would have liked to have seen the shawl in the same colour as the dress or even in a white or lighter shade of blue. Love the Jewels though.

  2. These diamonds are dazzling. I’m glad she tried something she hasn’t wore for ages so we get to see it. Camilla and Charles are such sweethearts. Where I come from, we say that you can’t hide love, cough and money. They surely have two out of three, lol.

    What the heck Simon Cowell is doing? Doesn’t he know anything about dress code?

  3. Seriously, Simon, we are all so over your chest. Put that thing away once and for all! He really looked disgraceful, doesn’t he know how to dress for a formal affair? Camilla looked beautiful.

  4. Great photos of Camilla and Charles – they really do look suited. Surprisingly, I do not find myself the least bit offended by Simon Cowell but I do hope he dug deep and gave generously to the cause of the night.

      1. Or someone too rich to care? All could apply.

        Wear a damn undershirt! It’s for respect! Why do people not dress to A. show respect for those and the cause. B. Show they respect themselves?
        Pet Peeve

      2. Anybody here watch “Frasier?” I’m thinking of the lounge singer “The Barracuda” from the episode where Frasier and the gang end up on a cruise.

          1. these episodes were from the late 70’s early 80’s, with Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Jane Curtin, etc., if you get a chance youtube them sometime they are hysterical!

        1. Hi, Lauri, I am sorry you are not feeling well and hope you’ll be better soon.

          I used to do celebrity PR and had the occasion to shuttle Simon around several years ago to a full day of interviews. When I was assigned the job, I cringed. He was so nasty and full of himself on American Idol that I was expecting the day from hell. It was actually one of the best days I spent with any celebrity. Simon was incredibly kind and on top of his game. He gave of himself and had fun with the interviews, which few celebs ever do. When he had to turn on the snarky Simon, he did. But, then he went back to being the nicer person, the guy I thought he must really be. Nothing was too much for him . He worked his butt off like a real pro.

          At any rate, at the end of the day, he was more gracious and thoughtful than any other celebrity I had ever accompanied to interviews. The town car dropped me off at my office and he was heading back to his hotel, but he stopped the driver, got out of the car and hugged me once more, saying, “I hope it wasn’t a terrible ordeal for you. You made this bearable for me. Thank you.” I will never forget those words. You rarely get thanked by celebs for the work you do. Just get blamed if they think something went wrong. From that moment on, I was a fan!

          At any rate, these photos shocked me. He looked terrible and seemed to have no respect for Charles and Camilla I’m shocked by his lack of sensitivity.

          I think Charles and Cam are so in love and it is quite touching to see them glow in each others presence. Camilla looked amazing Her gown, the jewels. Just so lovely! And, Charles was so dapper. A true prince among men.

          Simon, you have ruined my memory of a happy and busy day at work years ago. What in goodness sake is the matter with you?

          1. Oh, Mary Elizabeth, so you were in PR. I don’t really know much about Simon Cowell, I take your inside story for that and frankly I’m not so into celebrities, but I’m sure you must have opinions about how the BRF handles their PR. It’s good to know we have a pro amongst us.

          2. That is so cool. I worked for NBC during theach Olympics and got to meet a lot of celebs. Some were wonderful and others not so much.

          3. Mary Elizabeth,
            I have heard that, behind the scenes and away from the cameras, that Simon is actually a total sweetheart and your story confirms the rumors I’ve heard but that outfit from last night…..ugh!!!

  5. I know I’ve said that I’m over lace dresses, but I will certainly make an exception for this one! This dress is just beautiful!!! The lace, the beading, the midnight blue panels with the black lace, oh my goodness I just could go on and on about how much I love this dress!! And let’s not forget those diamonds!!! If I owned that necklace I would wear it everywhere, pushing my cart down the grocery aisles, at the laundromat, the doctor’s office, you name it I’d be wearing it there!!

    I am sick with a cold today but am so grateful to KMR for these great posts to take my mind off how lousy I feel!!

    1. I too as SO OVER the lace dresses, can’t stand them anymore. But on Camilla, this one looks good! Maybe it’s because she’s a matron (and not in a bad way) and so it doesn’t look aging, but suits her?

      Get well soon!

      1. Agreed, Liz! I think I get so annoyed with lace dresses because the same ladies seem to wear them over and over again. The look is new (I think) to Camilla and she looks radiant!

    2. Camilla looks very pretty. I would have liked the entire gown in a midnight blue. Kind of the shade we see on C.P. Mary from time to time. I like the old-school glamour of C&C.

      I hope you feel better Lauri. Hang out on the sofa and look back over favorite KMR posts.

    3. I’m Not! When done right a lace dress is lovely. And they Rarely photograph as well as they appear in person. The fabric, shades, details are all not as they appear in person and in motion.

      A favorite Tadashi Shoji. I have never been complimented in a dress more than those. And the lace does not itch or lose shape.. You pay for it though.
      This was years ago I started wearing them and the style is nothing new. Maybe more trendy.

      1. I love Tadashi Shoji! I wish Kate would wear Tadashi Shoji; those designs are right up her ally.

        1. KMR
          Lol! Are you calling TS matronly? JK
          The column silhouette is her style. With a wide enough range to cover age groups and occasions.

          I also love how every so often they donate 10%-50% of their profits to decent charities. Ones without large overhead and good transparency.

      2. I so wanted Tadashi dresses for my bridesmaids when I got married a few years back but too expensive. They were all so beautiful!

        1. I’m a Bridesmaid in a friends wedding. We’re paying the same as average TS dress and the quality is so poor. So unflattering. But she’s an amazing friend and is hellbent on these dresses to pull her vision together.

          I eloped. Best choice ever for us.

    4. I’m mostly over lace dresses as well, but I can make an exception for this one because Camilla is older and the dress is a darker color so the lace isn’t screaming at me.

      I hope you get well soon, Lauri!

    5. Not a big lace fan but it does suit Camilla and she carried herself regally. I agree the shawl should have been in another color for some contrast and (additional) drama.

      Feel better Lauri! Rest and take lots of fluid.

    6. KMR is the best company to get better with, Lauri! I agree this dress is fab on Camilla.
      I can just imagine you wearing diamonds while pushing your cart, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. After all, you can spot any kind of attraction in the grocery stores these days! Lol
      Get better soon! 🙂

    7. Thank you all so very much for the kind words, they are definitely making me feel better! And I’m enjoying all the cyber tea and soup 🙂 This is what I love about this community that KMR built, the real sense of community and friendship!

  6. This is how you wear lace! I am not a fan or foe in regards to lace dresses. They do need some “oomph” and the diamonds do that. This will be the first set that I will ask to borrow from Camilla. They are amazing. This is an perfect example of styling. The neckline compliments the necklace. The earrings are beautiful too.

    I also wish that she chose a different shawl. Maybe a soft gray or silver. Something to go with the diamonds. I think that she is styled appropriately as always. Having a knowledgeable dresser is so important as a royal lady. Also, she and Charles look so well together. He is another man who looks dapper in a tux.

    KMR, you win the Internet today. Cam and the Swedes made my morning.

    1. Rhiannon, you are my fashion go to. Every post you write about anything related to fashion just dazzles. Just like Camilla did in those diamonds and that lace gown. She really looked stunning. And, yes, I agree, the diamonds are the first thing you need to borrow from your Mum-in-law.

      Thought Charles looked very dapper, too. And, his love for his wife is quite touching.

      As for Simon Cowell, who is he kidding? He was so disrespectful in his dress, I thought.

      Lauri, feel better. Sending cyber hugs and if I lived closer some soup, tissues and a few baby pix. I hate to sound like a doting mom, but I am one. Whenever, I feel the least bit down, I just have to look at Maddie and her smiles (she actually, knows us now and smiles when she sees us), turn my blue mood inside out!

      1. And one from me too Jenny, and from Missy Four here who has decided that she loves babies… long as Mummy doesn’t hold one.

  7. Okay, I’m with the lovers of the dress. When I saw it on Twitter I was thinking “that is how you should wear a lace dress.” I don’t know if it’s her inherent style or if she is just smart enough to listen to the people around her but Camilla generally pulls it off for all of her engagements.

    “My darling Mehabooba”…OMG that just kills me!! I love that he is secure enough to let the world know how much he cares about Camilla. Honestly, it will be a cold day in…well you know…before we get something like that out of William. And then the story would be about how they had to rush in paramedics to revive Kate.

    Mr. Cowell seems to think that he is all that an a bag of chips and that his “style” translates into any occasion. WRONG!!! Ugh, button the shirt up or mow the lawn that’s growing on your chest.

    1. I thought it was very sweet that Charles called Camilla that. And I agree with you that William would never do something like that, which is just sad.

      “or mow the lawn that’s growing on your chest.” LOL

      1. I am just relieved that Simon did not wear a multitude of gold chains around his neck. I think that my flesh would still be crawling if he had of done that

  8. KMR, thank you for posting part of Charles’ speech! The more I learn about him and his charities, the more I admire him. I love how he is using his advantages in life to benefit others and to try and make a lasting impact. If the trust succeeds in helping these rural farmers now, generations to come are likely to benefit – even after Charles and the team working on this are long gone. I think he’ll be a fantastic King!

    1. So much as been made over the years about Charles and his extravagant lifestyle but so little has been made about how much he’s done to truly improve peoples lives. He doesn’t just show up and shake hands, he’s worked hard to bring people together and has provided the funding needed to make things happen. As you said Em, his good works will go on long after he’s departed this Earth, what a legacy he’ll leave!

  9. Cam is rocking the crap outta that bling! The earrings and necklace flatter the gown and don’t overwhelm her (AKA: too big). Dang she looks good!

    Also, that shade of blue looks wonderful and the shawl’s color doesn’t irk me.

    Last, it is SOOOOOOOOOOO sweet how openly affectionate and warm Charles is with/towards Camilla. We’ve seen pictures/footage over the years of Charles being this way with his sons (especially Harry) and even Diana (in the early years).

    Agreed, I don’t think we’ll ever see William be so open and charming with Kate. Harry? Yup. Wills? No which is sad, IMO.

    1. I wonder if William’s attitude towards Kate will turn to one of contempt. People like Kate – who will tolerate anything for whatever reason (ring, title, marriage) – end up being punching bags.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already is one which is sad and mean. Sad for her because, while she pursued this life, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap. Mean for William because his lottery-win-by-birth doesn’t even remotely justify treating Kate (or anyone) like you-know-what.

  10. Not only does Simon Cowell has gross unbuttoned hairy chest, but his fly is also open.

    Seriously, look at his pants closely in that photograph.

    It is possible that the fly is closed, and the flash light from the cameras is reflecting off it in an unfortunate way.
    … but … if he had worn a coat and tie, that would not have been even an issue.

    Lesson learned: dress appropriately for the occasion. Think ahead of all the people that will be retweeting your photo for the rest of your life.

    I have been carving those words into the back of my skull. Check.

    1. There is not accounting for taste is there. Money cannot buy breeding or class. How disrespectful for Simon to be dressed the way he is. This is not the way you present yourself, put it all away Simon and start afresh!
      Someone please give him a razor and a jar of wax.
      Prince Charles is dignified, elegantly dressed and appropriately attired. Is this the best Simon could manage. Camilla looks beautiful, the dress suits her, agree about the shawl, a lighter colour would be nicer. Her jewellery is beautiful, she looked stunning tonight

  11. Camilla always looks lovely on these occasions: the gown, the diamonds, the gracious smile & with the man she loves. She’s practically glowing! I can’t wait for those occasions when she has to wear a tiara. Hopefully new tiaras or at least the Delhi Durbar tiara! She looked sensational when she wore it for the first & last time.

  12. I like the neclese Camila is wearing. I have to admitt that Charles and she look happy together or is it just pampered lifestyle?

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