Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia don tiaras for first Official Dinner of 2016

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia don tiaras for first Official Dinner of 2016

It’s all about the jewelry today with two articles. Go here to read about Camilla’s jewels at The British Asian Trust. This article is about the Swedes and their tiaras at the first Official Dinner of 2016. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Sofia all attended.

Victoria and Daniel Official Dinner Feb 2016

Crown Princess Victoria repeated another gown from when she was pregnant with Princess Estelle – a white and blue floral (?) gown she first wore to the 2011 Nobel Laureates dinner.

Victoria opted for the Baden Fringe Tiara for this event, and of course wore her Order of the Seraphim and portrait of the King.

I’m not feeling this dress at all. It looks too much like an old lady’s nightgown or something.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel Official Dinner Feb 2016

Carl Philip and Sofia Official Dinner Feb 2016

Princess Sofia chose a gold sequin gown with a square neckline and short sleeves. This dress, by the way, was worn by Sofia’s friend, Olivia Rehn, to Sofia’s wedding in June last year. I don’t know whether it is the same dress and Sofia borrowed it from her friend or if Sofia happened to buy the same dress as her friend, but there you go.

Sofia went with her Diamond and Emerald Wedding Tiara, and the Order of the Seraphim and portrait of the King. I wonder how long Sofia will have to wear this tiara before she gets access to other ones. I still don’t like this one and want to see her wear something else. I’d love to see Sofia rock the Amethyst Tiara (or anyone rock this one really, it’s my favorite) or the Connaught Tiara, but I’d even settle for the one of the Button tiaras. Anything but this one.

Tiara-hate aside, I actually think Sofia looks nice here. I think the dress looks nice on Sofia and I like the hair down – I wouldn’t even mind the center part if it weren’t for the fact that the tiara still sits so oddly on her head.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Official Dinner Feb 2016

Carl Gustaf and Silvia Official Dinner Feb 2016

Queen Silvia repeated a red lace gown she previously wore to the 2014 Nobel Laureates dinner, but threw on a shawl this time. Silvia wore the Connaught Tiara along with the Order of the Seraphim and the portrait of the King.

Table setting Official Dinner Feb 2016

Invited guests included representatives from the diplomatic corps, Parliament, the government, government agencies, science, sports, business, culture, and people the royal family met while traveling. The guests were received in the White Sea and dinner was served in Karl XI’s Gallery.

The menu: 1) Shellfish terrine with fennel salad, rye bread crisps, and pomegranate vinaigrette. 2) Butter Baked trout with blue mussel ragout, lentils, blue mussel sauce, fried celery, and leek crisps. 3) Whole roasted cow fillet with red wine sauce flavored with smoked marrow, onion compote, and mashed potatoes with browned butter and shallots. 4) Calvados flambรฉed pear with caramel Bavarian cream, yogurt, ice cream, salt, almonds, and burnt meringue flakes.

The centerpieces were yellow tulips.

Flowers Official Dinner Feb 2016

Photos: / svenskdam

96 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia don tiaras for first Official Dinner of 2016

  1. I saw photos somewhere of Victoria’s friends in her dresses for her wedding.I think its possible Sofia did the same thing.

  2. Aah, how I would love to join them for dinner! The table and menu (just love fish and seafood) seem fantastic, well done KMR for the detailed report. Sofia looks lovely in this dress. Still smiling with closed mouth. Her tiara looks slightly crooked, although it may be the angle of the photo. If she doesn’t feel confortable with her hair up, I think a half up haido would make a huge difference with this tiara. I wonder too when she will get to try a new one.
    Victoria is nearly exploding. It looks that boy wants to come out pretty soon! You can hardly tell Victoria and Sofia have only one month of difference from the way they are carrying. Anyway, although I don’t particularly care either for Vic’s dress, they are both gorgeous royal ladies. Can’t wait for their babies.

    1. All beautiful regal ladies. Sweden do have lovely regal affairs and beautiful food/floral arrangement

      Both Princesses are lovely pregnant and working! in public even at this stage of pre delivery. Can’t wait for the babies and celebrations with the people.

    2. I noticed the closed mouth as well. *Sad face*

      Princess Madeleine has worn her hair down with her tiara a number of times. She’s one of the only women I’ve seen do this. So maybe Sofia is modeling her hair after Maddie’s?

    3. I have several problems with Sofia’s tiara. I think it is an akward design with the inverted pear cut emeralds. It also looks like the armarture it is mounted on doesn’t fit Sofia’s head. It simply looks too small and therefore it looks like it only can be worn perched on the top of her head.

      She would have been better served with having a all-purpose tiara, without coloured stones – since it would go with everything. That would have been a much better option since it looks like this is going to be her only tiara option. I know she’s new, and hasn’t had a lot of tiara events but I had hoped to see her in a loaner from the royal collection. They do have a lot of tiara’s in the SRF.

      Plus, it would have been nice if they actually had had one fitted to her head. At present, it looks akward and I suspect that it can be difficult to secure in this position, even with an updo. There are also practical concerns to wearing a tiara. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I think is is pretty hard to look serenely elegant when you are just about to give birth – so all things considering I think Victoria looks good. Personally, I think being pregnant really suits Sofia – her face has a lovely glow, don’t you think?

    And, yes, how wonderful it would be to sit down for that dinner!

    PS I love tulips – and what could be more cheerful than yellow ones!

    1. I thought Maddie looked fantastic at Carl Philip’s wedding in June last year, both at the pre-wedding dinner and the wedding ceremony.

      I agree that Sofia looks really great pregnant.

      I love tulips too!

  4. Vicki is totally rocking that awesome tiara but……the gown looks like it should be worn during the spring or summertime….NOT February!! Maybe a nice lavender or another shade of purple would’ve worked.

    Sofia? She looks lovely….very serene and the gold looks great on her. I don’t think the tiara looks that off this time and I think it’s because her hair is down. Also, I couldn’t help but noticed that she’s doing that closed-mouth smile again and she reminds me of Diana a little bit, from when she first game onto the scene (“shy Di” smile comes to mind). Not sure if Sofia is just suddenly nervous or she’s in the middle of dental work or what.

    Last, Silvia knows how to rock the tiaras and big jewels–love it! But….why does CG look so peeved?? Like he’s saying, “okay, fine! I’ll stop, I’ll pose, I’ll have her arm under mine but for God’s sake…..**stamps feet in tantrum**” I swear, that’s what the expression on his face is telling me.

      1. His Supreme Grumpy Overlord, Prince George, might have something to say about that comment.

        1. His Supreme Grumpy Overlord…LOL

          It almost looks as if George is wondering, who are these people and why are they taking me away from my nanny?

    1. Carl Gustaf quite frequently looks peeved. It’s like his default facial expression.

      1. It’s like he and Wills are competing against each other on the world’s stage over who can look the most cheesed off all the time.

  5. Oh my goodness what a lovely evening, the gowns, the tiaras, the table, the flowers, all of this and the ability to help others are the main reasons why I want to be a royal!! I just know that i was switched at birth and really belong in one of these great royal families wearing my tiara and making a difference in the lives of others.

    While I’m not a super fan of Victoria’s dress I have a feeling that it looks much better in person than in photos. Plus she looks comfortable in it and at this stage of her pregnancy i applaud her for not wearing yoga pants! Sofia looks lovely, this dress suits her very well and kudos to her if indeed she did borrow it from a friend, I mean why go to the expense of ordering a new gown at this stage of her pregnancy. While I love her hair style here, I agree that the center part look just doesn’t work with this tiara. Also, it is possible that she was offered other tiaras to wear but choose this one as I imagine it has great sentimental value to her.

    Queen Silvia looks stunning!!! I think she should always wear red! The only change I would make would be to lose the sash, I thing it just overwhelms.

    1. I applaud CPV just for being out of the house while this far along in her pregnancy! I think it’s quite telling of her personality that she is not taking a maternity leave before her child is born. What a hard working woman!

    2. Agreed on all of your points:

      CPV looks amazing, especially at this late in her pregnancy; standing straight and proud. I don’t think anyone would blame her for wanting to veg out in sweat pants and a t-shirt, binging on Netflix or something.

      I didn’t know Sofia borrowed her dress!! Oddly enough, that makes me like her even more.

      Last, red is definitely Silvia’s color!

    3. I hate to bring up Kate, but your first paragraph makes me think how easy Kate’s job could be if one were to actually have the initiative to get out there and do stuff. I don’t understand why she is so anti-working. But enough about Kate.

      I do think it’s smart to borrow and rewear maternity gowns. Gowns are expensive and buying a maternity gown one will never wear again is rather pointless.

        1. There will be a Kate post on Sunday or Monday since she has an engagement on Sunday, you can post all your theories then ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Agreed, and this is the reason I ‘m so suspicious of Kate. As I said before she looks forced and tries to look interested, and her work ethics is a joke, even with her staff trying to turn her into a “new Diana”.

  6. I am in love with the Swedes. KMR, the one day I decided to not have oatmeal you post this. My Greek yogurt with fruit isn’t half as delectable as this menu. I hope they saved me a plate and some extra dessert. The flowers are just beautiful.

    Vic looks pretty. I agree with Lauri that she looks good at this stage of her pregnancy. I got a little nervous with that train though. She’s wearing one of my favorite tiaras, the Baden Fringe. Sofia looks lovely, but I am tiring of the center part and tiara sitting there weirdly. She has such a beautiful face that she needs to wear it right. Silvia wore my other favorite tiara.

    The CP and Daniel looked smashing. Daniel cuts such a handsome figure in a tux. He seems like such a lowing and supportive spouse. CP is looking better. He must have listened to us when we said he needs a good shampoo and beard trim.

    Thanks for theverything beautiful post, KMR. I read on Twitter that this was the pregnant princess parade. Just think that we will have some babies in a few months. Can’t wait.

    1. While I was searching for a photo of Victoria in this dress previously, I came across an old photo of Vic, CP, and Maddie, and my god were they young. CP looks SO different now. I think he looks better older and with the beard.

    1. I read it was the Christina girl, but I don’t know who her friends are so I could be wrong.

  7. The SRF really knows how to do a State dinner. From the tiaras to the food, it is always wonderfully done.

    I wasn’t too crazy about Victoria’s dress either. But I can understand not spending a huge amount of money for a dress she will probably never wear again. Sofia looked good in her dress, I just can’t get over the rinky dink tiara. And the placement changes every time she wears it. It’s either too far back or too far up (like I think it is in these photos). If she ditched the middle part and let the Swedish Gods of Tiara Hair work with her I’m sure she would look amazing. I can see a soft side part that highlights/supports the tiara more than just sits there.

    Silvia looks good too. She’s another one who wears a lace dress with great success. Maybe CG found out they are both having girls and that’s why he’s so sour faced. I doubt it, he does have a very dour resting face.

    Thank you for two great posts. If we ever have a poll on lace dresses, I’m voting for Camilla and Silvia’s.

    And the menu, I would love to figure out a way to get invited to one of their dinners.

      1. I’m of the firm opinion that the Swedish royal hairdresser ought to give master classes in tiara hair ๐Ÿ˜‰

        However, I do think that Mary’s hair stylist has gotten rather good – also with incorporating other jewelled ornaments. He actually gave Kate’s wedding hair a thumbs down with the words: “When you marry into one of the oldest royal families in the world you ought to make an effort”.

        1. I bow down to the Swedish Gods of Tiara Hair. That one statement should be engraved in stone and installed at the entrance to where ever they are showing her wedding dress. Because it’s so very, very true. I don’t think I’ve ever been as underwhelmed by a royal bride as I was by Kate.

          1. Ditto – and I’ve never seen such an insipid McQueen gown. I liked the skirt but the whole thing was ruined by that rather uninspired lace bodice with the cone-like bust.

            Among my favorite royal wedding dresses are Margrethe’s, Mette-Marit’s, Victoria’s and Mary’s. The last one is a bit controversial but I like it.

    1. “Maybe CG found out they are both having girls and thatโ€™s why heโ€™s so sour faced”

      Haha, that’s so funny yet so sad.

      1. Or he found out Sofia is having a boy and is still obsessing over what “should” have been. CG is a good example of someone who has “resting b**** face.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ On the other hand, he looks rather goofy when he’s smiling so it’s a no win for him.

        1. Carl Gustaf just has one of those faces that doesn’t look good no matter what contortion it’s in.

  8. Sofia looks nice, but I’m pretty over the totally sequined gowns. I agree with you KMR and hope that we get to see her in a different tiara soon. I didn’t like her wedding tiara at the wedding and I don’t like it now. She’s a beautiful woman and another tiara would look much better than this one perched on her head. I think I could even like this one if she got it reset to fit more like the Baden fringe.

    CPV looks beautiful as always. Although I do admit that I would like to see her with her hair down sometime.

    1. My applause to Victoria and Sofia for taking on a formal event when they are in the last stages of pregnancy. Yikes! I just wanted to lie around the house in loose clothing and think post delivery.

      I think both ladies looked as lovely, though I agree that Vic’s dress may look better in person than it photographs. Sofia and sequins? Not my fave look, but she really rocked her tiara. Vic rocked her tiara, too.

      The Swedish formal dinners always sound like ones you’d want to attend. The flowers, the food! And, I am sure the guests reflect the demeanor of the Royals perfectly. You’d feel welcome to be there and you’d be made to feel a bit special.

  9. It must be difficult to find flattering gowns when you are a month or two away from the birth of your baby. Both women look nice, but the lace on C.P. Victoria’s dress is a little odd and the gown on Princess Sofia is not very flattering. The sleeves are too short/tight and the gown is a little long in the front. Princess Sofia and that darn tiara…

    The menu looks amazing and I wish I had an invitation. The SRF usually have a fantastic menu, but this one looks especially good.

    The floral designers made a cheerful choice for this time of year. I like the variety of tulips they used. I love tulips, but so do the deer. I had 1500 lovely tulips planted outside my kitchen door and anticipated seeing them open. I woke up, looked out the window and all that remained were the stems. At least the deer had a yummy snack.

    1. Too bad neither Victoria nor Sofia borrowed Maddie’s gowns she wore to Carl Philip’s wedding and pre-wedding dinner. I thought Maddie looked great in those gowns when she was just days away from giving birth.

      Oh no about your tulips! Very annoying.

  10. I think this is the best Sofia has looked with the tiara. Full sequins and pregnant give a bit of a disco ball effect but it is growing on me. I think the tiara still looks cheap but the placement seems a bit better. Agree with the desire to see a side part but that just doesn’t seem to be her thing. I’m glad she cut out the sausage curls with the shorter hair. She also looks great compared to pics from just last week where she seemed to be swollen all over.
    Vic worked until the day before she gave birth last time. Madde attended CP and Sofia’s wedding 2 days before she gave birth (and wrangled Leo without a nanny within arms length *are your reading Kate*). I’m hoping we will see a new baby royal within the next few weeks. I’m crossing fingers for a Valentines baby! Is her last scheduled work on the 10th?

    1. As of today, Victoria has an event on February 11 (a meeting), and one on April 30 (the King’s birthday).

      1. So, Vic and Daniel may be welcoming the baby (Estelle, too) on Valentine’s Day?! Or, later this month? Victoria, looking as wonderful as ever, does look like she is closer to giving birth, doesn’t she? I cannot imagine her going another month.

        I think she was lovely at the State Dinner and while her gown wasn’t my fave, the tiara, her presence, and the love that is so apparent between Vic and Daniel — just perfect.

        Sophia’s gown was not a winner to me. I give her credit, also, for attending a state function in the last months of her pregnancy. I am changing my opinion and think she is having a girl . Victoria is so big that maybe, it is a boy.

        Oh, well. The dinner was to die for. The menu, the lovely table with all the crystal and fine china and those beautiful flowers. The Swedish Royals do it right, don’t they? Just am loving them! Wishing them the best with the new babies.

        1. The schedule changes frequently, but it would seem that Victoria will give birth sometime before the end of the month.

          What I found interesting is that Sofia has an event scheduled on March 3 and one on April 30 (so far). They said she was due in April. So if Sofia has her baby in April, it seems like Sofia will be making an appearance very soon after giving birth.

          1. Well, she’s not Kate, so she just might make an appearance after the baby is born! Actually, I don’t think that would be easy, though. So, maybe, Sofia has her baby at the end of March.

          2. Women can get up do run marathons post labor. It’s amazing. Not all ofcourse. And not all care to do much. And not all can.

            A few hours including all prep of walking, standing, talking is not taxing considering the lifestyle where you can have much time with your child before and after.

          3. I think that Victoria will deliver closer to the end of February. Estelle’s paternal cousins have February birthdays (15th and 24th). My bet is the that the baby is born on February 29th. Lol.

  11. Let us all take a moment of silence for the loss of the tiara filled state visit of King Felipe and Queen Letiza to England :(:( the trip has been cancelled. ๐Ÿ™

      1. It’ll probably be rescheduled. The Spanish State Visit to France was cancelled due to a plane crash last year and was rescheduled.

        1. I just read that it might not be rescheduled in 2016 due to the Queen’s already busy year involving all her 90th birthday celebrations. ๐Ÿ™ Now I’m super sad

      2. Oh no! What a disappointment! I was soooo looking forward to that! ๐Ÿ™
        KMR, doesn’t this already changes one of your prediction questions in the polls (I think about Kate attending a state visit). I don’t know if there is another one scheduled for this year.

        1. There’s another one in October. I think there’s always two state visits a year and they’re always March and October. Also, the first article I saw was in Spanish and when I translated it, the article said that the visit would have to wait a year because the Queen only invites two countries a year. So I’m guessing that means HM has already invited another country for the October state visit, but we just don’t know which one yet.

    1. Oh, this is sad Leti really could have taught Kate a thing or two. Hopefully, things will work out for the best in Spain and the trip will be re-scheduled.

  12. I really like Sofia’s lame gown although it’s so long I fear she could trip. I love the tiara although it’s not being worn well; I keep thinking she needs more height to her hair to nestle the tiara in, or wear it like Victoria in a headband-type effect.

  13. Wow – Queen Silvia and that bright gown and jewels! It must have been spectacular to see the bold red amidst the silver gowns of Sofia and Victoria in one pictorial shot.

  14. I thought Vic looked so good, and I didn’t mind her dress, but I do think the little train saved it. She’s the full queen to be package, imo.
    Tulips and peonies are my all time favorite flowers. At my wedding (many many moons ago ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), my mother and I filled the church and reception hall with both. It was so pretty, and one of my happiest memories of that day was seeing all of those beautiful fresh flowers, everywhere I turned. And the next day, after the gift opening ( do people even do that anymore??), we delivered armloads to the seniors’ home in town. So many people got to enjoy them.
    Lastly, I wonder if any restaurant nearby offers a salted caramel pear Calvados dessert…sounds like the perfect Valentines Day indulgence, to me, mmm!

    1. Oh, Ray, I had peonies at my wedding, too. Wish we had tulips, as well. And, what a lovely thing to do — give the flowers away to the senior home.

      Here’s to many anniversaries that come with peonies and tulips for you!

      1. Thank you mary elizabeth, our 21 anniversary is in April! We look at each other sometimes and laugh…where has the time gone?? We can’t be that old haha

        1. Happy almost 21st Anniversary. That’s a wonderful, long marriage. Wishing you many, many, many more happy years together. I love hearing about marriages that last!!!! And, you are not old!

    2. What a great way to “dispose” of the flowers. I always wonder what happens to the tons of flowers used at a wedding. Seems like such a waste to me if one spends all this money on a bunch of flowers only for them to end up in the trash. Giving them away makes a lot of sense and allows for so many others to enjoy the flowers.

      1. At our wedding we had a little “raffle” for the centerpieces and such. We had several young kids who called out the numbers selected by the guests, so much fun was had by all.

        1. That sounds so cute! What a great idea.
          Had I had centerpieces I’d certainly regret not raffling them ๐Ÿ˜€

          I’m stealing this idea for an upcoming wedding of a friend.

    3. At my wedding (probably the same moons ago – actually no, just saw your post there, ours is only 12 years ago), we handed the flowers to our guests and my old aunties at the end of the reception. It made them so happy.
      Oh, Ray, I wish I could join you in any restaurant to indulge to the calvados flambรฉed pears.
      Anyway, even if you don’t find them, I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! And the happiest 21st anniversary in April!

  15. Another Tiara Occasion for the Swedish RF! But enough already! Sofia should choose or be given the chance to choose another tiara! The SRF always share their tiaras except the ones specially for the queen to wear. Sofia’s tiara is so awful & she looks so pathetic wearing it which spoils her outfit & appearance. Pls somebody must tell her this!

    1. At some point I’m pretty sure Sofia will get to wear another SRF tiara. But she hasn’t even been married a year yet, she needs to break in and get used to wearing her own first.

      1. Does anyone (KMR?) know what Maddie’s and Vicki’s “push presents” were? I’m curious. We know that Kate got a Cartier watch after George was born.

  16. I love that the Swedes pull out their tiaras so much ๐Ÿ™‚
    Daniel looks super handsome, but looking at that old picture of them, I like him better with squared glasses <3

    I actually like both outfits. I'm not in love with either gown but I don't dislike them either… Sofia looks lovely with her baby bump and I like that Victoria styled her bun a bit differently (I think she almost always does when she wears a tiara) and I think her tiara is *gorgeous*

    I noticed I haven't seen Sofia's teeth in the past two events and saw some comments of people wondering if she is having work done or is now too self-conscious to smile her normal smile. I feel guilty and bad, because I commented on her not perfect teeth and wondered if she would "fix" them. Well I don't have perfect teeth either. I have a tooth slightly smaller/shorter than the rest and a few months ago I saw a relative whom I had not seen in 2 years and she asked me if I chipped my tooth! ยฌยฌ Kind of an odd question because I did live close to this relative for 5yrs in my teens, but I guess all of a sudden NOW she notices, lol. Anyway, ever since I wonder if everyone else in the whole wide world wonders if I chipped my tooth as well ๐Ÿ™ My mother also recently commented I should have that fixed! I lived with her until I was 25, so why she didn't ever find it annoying until now I will never know (maybe it's shrinking? lol). So I have become very conscious about it and don't want to smile much anymore, and that was only 2 ladies!!! I truly feel for Sofia now… Sorry Sofia. You are a very pretty lady. Smile. Be happy.

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