Duchess Kate’s guest editor stint to take place February 17

Duchess Kate’s guest editor stint to take place February 17

Here’s a quick update on Kate Middleton‘s stint as a guest editor for the Huffington Post UK. Kate will become a guest editor of the online publication on Wednesday, February 17, to help launch a program called “Young Minds Matter”.

Kate in Place2Be video message still

From the Huffington Post UK:

    “On 17 February, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge, will join editors at HuffPost UK as guest editor to specifically help raise awareness of [children’s mental health] and help us launch Young Minds Matter.
    “Using the hashtag #youngmindsmatter we will discuss the problems, causes and also most importantly the solutions to the stigma surrounding the UK’s mental health crisis among children. […]
    “Under guidance from Kensington Palace, my team has been working on a series of original articles, blogs and videos commissioned by the Duchess. They all aim to inspire families and teachers to lead the conversation with children about mental health, so youngsters feel loved, valued and listened to.
    “You’ll read about how mindfulness in schools is critical to supporting good mental health in children, how art therapy is helping children affected by mental health issues flourish and how innovative science is solving the mental health problems in primary school children.
    “The Duchess has always been publicly clear about her passion around this subject, especially in her role as patron for Place2Be. That’s why #youngmindsmatter will launch by focusing on the areas she values highly, including programmes aimed to help primary aged children, efforts at early intervention, the importance of breaking the cycle of multi-generational mental health issues and the progress being made through art therapy.”

[Huffington Post UK]

I’m going to nitpick here and say: No, Kate has not “always been publicly clear about her passion around this subject”. Though Kate has been patron of Place2Be since 2013, she only decided it was her “passion” last year.

Anyway, from reading the article it sounds like HuffPostUK has been on a mental health kick for a good year or so and that they may have reached out to Kate/KP to give them a publicity boost for their new campaign (rather than the other way around). It seems like HuffPostUK is actually going to take this seriously and make it about mental health and ending the stigma around it, which is good.

I’ve been thinking about how best to cover the guest editor thing and am wondering how much coverage of the “original articles, blogs, and videos” you guys want. I would, personally, chose to cover more of the professional stuff than whatever Kate is doing, but this is a blog about Kate Middleton so I do need to cover her and if you guys want more coverage of her then that’s what I’ll do. It’s up to you my lovely readers.

Kate meets schoolchildren outside Place2Be school conference

In Prince William news: William FINALLY scheduled his first public appearance of the year for Tuesday, February 16. William will mark the first anniversary year of the Diplomatic Academy with a visit to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In blog schedule news: I’ll have updates about several royal ladies for the rest of the week leading up to Kate’s first appearance on Sunday. Then I believe Kate will release a video message for Children’s Mental Health week which starts on the 8th.

Kate Middleton Anna Freud Centre Christmas Party

Photos: screengrab / Place2Be @Place2Be / Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

57 thoughts on “Duchess Kate’s guest editor stint to take place February 17

  1. Hmmm…I’m just not excited about this whole thing. Bringing more attention to it is a great thing, but some how Kate being attached just dims the whole thing in my eyes.

    Now here’s what gets me: “Under guidance from Kensington Palace, my team has been working on a series of original articles, blogs and videos commissioned by the Duchess.” So is Kate doing the work or is KP??? Kate tells KP and KP tells HuffPo?? I have a feeling all of these commissioned pieces were sought out by HuffPo as unless Kate has some secret life chock full of meetings with leaders in the mental health field, I don’t think she actually has a lot of connections to reach out to. Whereas I can see Max or Mary reaching out to people they have met or worked with on their causes and getting it done. HuffPo on the other hand has already been working with this topic and field and probably has key people on speed dial.

    This is coming off as a way for KP to try to make Kate look more intellectual and involved. I think she will write some kind of column or blurb about the day and what she wants to accomplish, but I’ll even be side eyeing that because of how poorly written her basic correspondence to her patronages are.

    I don’t know, I’m trying to think positive, but it makes my head hurt!

    1. To me, this is more HuffPostUK using Kate’s name to gain publicity. I think they are doing all the work because they want to and just attaching Kate’s name for publicity. Kate probably isn’t doing much. I’m hoping she’ll write something herself but I’m not counting on it. I doubt KP is doing much either, to be honest. Kate/KP are just being used for publicity. Which I suppose is mutually beneficial since HuffPo gets the publicity and clicks Kate’s name generates, and Kate gets credit for caring about a cause.

      I know I’ve already given opinions, but I’m withholding the majority of my judgement until after the guest editor thing happens. Maybe it will be great, maybe it will be terrible, maybe it will just be okay. I’m trying to go into it with an open mind so that my negative perception doesn’t taint the event.

      1. KMR and Lisa, I had a bit of a chuckle when I read those obvious flaws in the HuffPo snippet. After having to deal with her or most likely her staff (I wonder if she even makes herself available to consult with her own staff or gives them any input) you’d think they’d have figured her out dropped the always.
        I agree, HuffPo is going to take it seriously. They have a growing brand to protect and it just makes business sense to capitalize on the interest Kate generates. I expect they’ll monitor traffic very closely to see what what people want to read and to refine their proposals for advertisers. I do wonder if they’ll be charging advertisers a premium for spots on that day. Anyway, we already know what Kate thinks of this, she won’t bother leaving the house or at least the London house in order to participate. Doesn’t that speak volumes about just how “keen” she is on drawing attention to an issue we’re made to believe is close to her heart? At this rate, I think her just agreeing to hit publish every so often would be considered a success.
        Also, what does KP hope to accomplish and how they expect to bring much needed attention to the cause? Yes, I get that HuffPo content is available online but how exactly do they expect other media houses to cover this? I doubt any commercial media house is going to infringe on HuffPo’s copyright content, specifically commissioned for this cause – plagiarism destroys reputations and careers. We’re probably going to get more fluff pieces, including detail on her outfit, and a rehashing of old press releases and charity visits to try to prove that she does in fact care instead of solid journalism on the issues raised by their chosen experts.
        I’m actually not convinced that she, herself, needs to have contacts to reach out to for articles. Regardless of what we think of William and Kate, the British Royal Family is highly regarded so I’m sure legitimate experts and opportunists alike will jump at the chance to be associated with them. Do you think HuffPo is going to pay for any of this content and if so what will the rates be? As I recall HuffPo doesn’t pay their bloggers who generate content and clicks but they’re commissioning special content for this.
        I also wonder what HuffPo’s trade off is going to be for getting what seems like limited access to Kate and her supposed intellectual prowess? I can’t help but think editorial integrity will be compromised. Maybe they’ll moderate comments or maybe they’ll disable them for all articles in this part of the young minds matter series. Would they go as far as changing the way in which they cover the Cambridges not just in HuffPo UK but across their platforms? It would be certainly be interesting to compare coverage pre and post Kate’s editorship.
        Wow, first post finally done. Apologies for the length but I’ve reading KMR for a while and just wanted to share all these random thoughts floating around in my head specifically for this engagement.

        1. You make an excellent point about pay. HuffPoUk clearly expects a click and advertising bonanza and I do wonder if these writers are being asking to donate their time.

          1. If they use academics to write content, community service is considered part of the job and money would not necessarily change hands. But yes, money could be generated through the advertising bonanza. Perhaps HuffPo could donate that revenue to mental health charities such as Young Minds Matter?

            I take exception to the word ‘passion’ being used so loosely (along with ‘keen’) in relation to Kate. She has a history of taking up causes, doing little and then moving on to the next ‘passion’. It’s really tiresome. The image at the top of your post, KMR, does Kate no service: her eyes are dead and she looks bored.

      2. I agree with you. The way HuffPo gave their statement it does sound like it was more their thing and they just got Kate to attach her name to it. Also, while I think this cause for mental health is of course very important, it’s annoying how much credit they attach to Kate. I mean, she’s only been “championing” this cause since LAST YEAR. Even then it was only about September, about the time she returned to work. The previous years she only touched upon the subject. Let’s wait until she actually sticks to this thing before giving her credit.

        “…my team has been working on a series of original articles, blogs and videos commissioned by the Duchess…” When I read this it made me think that Kate just sent out a bunch of letters to people to get them to make stuff for her. Anyway, I think she may appear at the HuffPo offices just for appearance’s sake.

  2. I’m going to withhold any judgment about Kate’s “Huff Post” gig until it’s over.

    I’m also surprised it has taken William until the second half of February to do his first official engagement of the year! Did he wait until mid-February last year? Hmmm….

    Last, I can’t wait to see what ladies you’ll be featuring the rest of the week KMR!

      1. Totally agree.

        What a waste of years of ‘royal goodwill’ and the good that can be contributed to the people and global causes.

  3. I really hope that Kate does well with this “guest editor” spot. Mostly, to shine more of a light upon the issue of children’s mental health but also to start proving (to herself and others) that she is up to the task that her position requires. I am trying very hard to stay positive about this and as KMR said above will try not to let my negative perception taint the event. I do however, agree with your nitpicking KMR, Kate has been “passionate” and “keen” about several issues but only decided that she was “passionate” about mental health issues in that last year.

    I think I would like a 50/50 split in terms of the coverage of this event. However, if Kate’s not doing much than more of an 80/20 split would probably work best.

    I’m really looking forward to your coverage of the other royal ladies as Camilla wore a stunning dress last night, Leti and Mary have both been out and about and I’m sure Victoria has been keeping busy as she usually does. Thanks so much for your wonderful coverage of the various royal ladies!!

  4. Mmm, Kate as guest editor. I’m with those who think this is a huge PR coup for Huff Post/UK and that they reached oiut to Kate. Not the other way around. If proper light is brought to this issue, it will only help. However, so many hard working individuals with a true desire to do good will never get the kudos they deserve. It will all be about Kate, won’t it?

    KMR, it is your choice as to what to cover. I really doubt there will more than some fashion comments concerning Kate’s involvement. And, let’s not forget that there is a staff ready, willing and able to pen something for Kate to post on Huff Post. I sincerely doubt she will write anything herself.

    As for WIliam finally making an official appearance, yes, it is February. What is he waiting for? Oh, and will the couple be able to squeeze in a visit to Must-Escape before Huff Post and William’s appearance? Or, will it be after? How are the Midds coping on their own? Or, as ArtHistorian posted, perhaps, they have been away, too? (W and K).

    1. Kate has an appearance on Sunday, so if they did go to Mustique then it would have had to have been before now. They may have put Mustique off and are planning a pre-tour vacation in March or something.

  5. QueenVic Mirror confirmed WK haven’t had a winter holiday – yet. She guessed it will be in March, before India.

    So they’ve been off work since mid Dec, don’t start until early / mid Feb and will be away for a fortnight in March.

    If this is “ordering her aides to fill her diary” and “keen to make a difference”, well heck I’d hate to see what lazy, entitled & doing the bare minimum looks like.

    I’m fed up of paying for these two. My taxes object.

    FYI, Roger Moore told a tale of getting bumped from front row seats for Kate plus security on a London-Scotland flight. Not sure if it was recently, but would imagine so hence it being in a gossip column (saw a clipping on twitter)

    1. My dog mostly lies around the house, very rarely exerting herself. So sometimes she’ll yawn a really big yawn and I’ll say, “Tired from a long day of doing nothing?” Reading about royals who need a vacation from doing nothing reminded me of my dog. Except I love my dog. 🙂

    2. Seriously! These two are a joke. Apparently saying you are ‘keen’ to help, means that is enough of an effort. You don’t actually have to do any work if you are keen. I wouldn’t mind them taking a vacation if they actually had done some work first. So far it looks like Kate will make 2 appearances in Feb. and then take a vacation in March. Gosh, her life is so hard. I feel for you taxes. You are paying for them to do nothing.

      As for the Roger Moore, I am not surprised Kate did that. She is the only one who matters! Do you have the link to twitter? I want to read it. I hope Roger Moore was mad. How dare she move Bond! 🙂

      1. Oh woe to this out-of-touch, spoiled brat duchess. But I guess she needs to shop and squeeze in couture fittings for her upcoming trips.

        How about Will – is he also on vacation for two months or is he back on the helicopter job?

  6. I love the above photo of the cute kids in the purple jumpers. Their excitement to be in Kate’s presence is equal to going off to the dentist.

    Kate is becoming more boring all the time. My interest in the guest editing is very low, but I will read what KMR has to say.

    I wonder about the Roger Moore tale. Was it Kate wanting extra room and privacy or was it demanded by security for safety reasons? It does look bad to throw Sir/James Bond from his seat. After all, James Bond and HM worked together at the summer games.

  7. KMR, I think it is definitely your call as to how much of Kate goes into your coverage of her stint at Huff Post/UK. My hope is that a powerful light will be shone on a most worthy cause and that the articles that are written will be informative and helpful to those seeking support and guidance when dealing with mental health issues in youth.

    Forgive me for saying that I will not be expecting much from Kate in this endeavor. I will be more interested in what the articles are saying. Maybe, she will surprise us all and knock a home run out of the park, so to speak. If she is sincerely interested in this cause, I will offer compliments. I think this is an opportunity for her to make a mark. I hope she steps up to the plate and does so.
    Sorry for the baseball metaphors. Just finished reading a book about my fave player (now, retired) Derek Jeter!!!!

  8. I think using #youngmindmatter as a takeoff on Black Lives Matter is appalling. It’s extremely representative of the caliber of product that HuffPoUK puts out — it’s not real journalism. It’s hashtag journalism. And I agree with everyone who said that “commissioned” was absolutely absurd. Sent a letter with her name on it, sure. I think the journalists who asked what HuffPo gave up/guaranteed for the publicity were definitely on to something.

    1. You may be right, bluejay. Someone has already mentioned a while ago the scenario that HuffPost had something on Kate and reached to her team to negotiate this guest editing idea as a win-win PR situation. This would explain our original question about why HuffPost was chosen in the first place over a more prestiged and serious publication.
      Anyway, I stand with KMR in waiting to see the finished product and also, can’t wait for the covering of the rest of royal ladies!

      1. I think I’ve said this before, but I wonder if HuffPo was the only publication that would bite when Jason floated the idea. I don’t know if a more serious publication would count her limited involvement as a serious plunge and also seeing how she seems to lose focus and move on to something else, chose not to tie their wagon to her star.

        1. Yeah, I think they would have been punching above her weight if they tried the more reputable publications.
          But then again, the Financial Times ran William’s “woe is me, protect wildlife so my children can see them” option piece.
          They’re both equally useless and it’s just so sad how an accident of birth/deliberate scheming gets them praise and incredible platforms while people that are actually doing things are ignored.

          1. Your last sentence highlights the injustice of it all; imagine how different a world based on true meritocracy would be. I guess the human race is not that advanced yet.

      2. There was a time when HuffPo was a reputable news outlet (they won a Pulitzer Prize) but those days are long gone.

        Their use of unpaid bloggers to generate clicks is both greedy & lazy.

        I don’t think HuffPo UK have anything on Kate, they just saw a kindred spirit 🙂

        Jason/HuffPoUK prob told Kate about the opportunity to have others do all the heavy lifting & she’d get most of the credit. She literally doesn’t have to do anything except sit in her house & have her picture taken while she pretends to look interested in others’work.

  9. In a backward way, I think if their PR people just came out and said K & W are only doing a limited amount of engagements 2016 (or the rest of their lives), then we would have no expectations. It is clear they have no desire to work unless pushed or if it involves sports and that the only things they are ‘keen’ on is having absolutely no interests outside of themselves.

    1. I agree with you, Lja.

      I think they would get some criticism at first by coming out and saying they’re only doing a limited schedule, but in the long run it would be far less criticism than when they tell us they are “keen” and “filling up their schedules” because then there won’t be any let down. In all honesty, Jason is screwing Kate over by constantly telling the public she is going to do a ton of work. Because then she gets even more criticism when she doesn’t do anything.

  10. Thanks for the overview and great comments about the situation. There’s no sugar coating – it is what it is – essentially a public relations exercise for “The Huffington Post”. Let’s hope KM uses it to step up to the mark show the world what she capable of, and maybe draw on her own studies in Art History (her honours thesis was on photography and “Alice in Wonderland”), to demonstrate the role of Art Therapy in mental health.

      1. Yes, I believe so – according to the book Kate: The Biography by Marcia Moody she completed her honours thesis on photography and Alice in Wonderland. This was of particular interest to me because Australian photographer Polixeni Papapetrou did her PhD thesis on the same topic with spectacular results http://www.polixenipapapetrou.net/work/wonderland-2004/ I always thought that when Kate and Wills visited Australia they should have arranged a visit to view some of Polixeni’s extraordinary works. And, how nice it would have been to perhaps compare notes on their respective academic works. If Kate is ‘keen’ on photography what better way to showcase the works of those with artistic as well as commercial merits?

        1. Oh, Hipsterette! Poli’s Alice in Wonderland series is just fantastic! The photographs are very large (like a metre x metre).
          The model was her young daughter, Olympia, and the scenic art was painted by her artist-academic husband Robert.
          When I read just now that Kate’s thesis was on Lewis Carroll, my mind went immediately to Poli’s work. You are right; why wouldn’t you want to meet up with someone who had excelled in a subject of interest? But methinks Kate did Art History because William started off in that subject; I’m not convinced of her academic interest.

          1. Jen, I fear you may be right but we live in hope that Kate and Wills with their international platform to communicate can bring some important issues, ideas and works of artistic merit to fore!

          2. Jen you probably answered your own question: “why wouldn’t you want to meet up with someone who had excelled in a subject of interest?

            The key word is excelled. When faced with someone who has a deep interest in Alice it is possible Kate may have had an incredible conversation with her, but more than likely a brief look of terror may have crossed her face while she smiled and attempted to get out of the meeting as quickly as possible. Nothing Kate has said or done has shown us even a glimmer of her intellect. She’s got to have something going on to get into her schools and graduate, but it’s almost as if they were thrown to the wayside once she got the ring on the finger and she’s become an accessory.

    1. Pffft. They are definitely getting their money’s worth from Jason who just keeps the spin alive on a regular basis about the “hard-working” and “exhausted” couple. Sure sure—we get the message. Do we have proof that Will is actually back on the job??

        1. Well then, I give Will the benefit of the doubt that he’s working and not playing the fiddle next to his Marie Antoinette. Thanks KMR!

  11. Oh, I forgot to add. I think you should cover the guest editing however you see fit KMR. Just go with whatever happens that day and you think is important. It is your blog and you always balance it out nicely. I however, will probably not be checking it out until the next day. Sunday the 7th has far more important things going on than Kate. It is Super Bowl Sunday and my boys are playing :). Yay.

  12. “I would, personally, chose to cover more of the professional stuff than whatever Kate is doing, but this is a blog about Kate Middleton so I do need to cover her and if you guys want more coverage of her then that’s what I’ll do.

    Well, this is the KM Review. I want KM reviews. As worthy as the other stuff is, I, with due respect, don’t think this is the venue unless you want to change the title of the blog. I think the issues come organically anyway.

    I think that showcasing the inherent mendacity in the PR spin is far more influential than supporting the cause. The rest will follow anyway.

    1. That’s why I asked. This isn’t a blog about causes or whatnot. I have discussed certain issues – like depression and domestic abuse – when the royals have been involved, but only when they related to the royal’s visit or something. I don’t want to make the HuffPo mental health thing all about Kate, but this is a Kate-focused blog (even though I do cover other royals) and have to talk about Kate. I don’t want to get too preachy, you know. This isn’t the place for that.

      1. Well said, KMR. As MavenTheFirst mentioned, I too would be interested in Kate’s involvement, depending on how much direct contribution or personal touch – if any – will be attributed to her.
        That being said, I also enjoy here the discussion we have on the causes/issues and particularly where the analysis takes us sometime, it’s so interesting and makes this forum quite unique in a way.
        I guess I wanted to say, KMR, that I trust your instinct and your balanced writing. I know you won’t miss out in the end of anything worthwhile and interesting, to our own delight of reading.

      2. Press coverage will be about what a fantastic job Kate did as guest editor. As others have suggested, Kate’s team will be doing the liaising with HuffPo and most/all of the work, with Kate kept in the loop.
        It would be good if your coverage could look at her actual contribution, though it will most likely be ghost-written, and do a table of her contribution to mental health issues – where she “has always been publicly clear about her passion around this subject” over the years ie what it has entailed (visits, speeches etc vs days in the job).

        1. I like Jen’s idea, cover what Kate does. Or doesn’t do. Maybe look at how her being attached to it affected it. Were there tons of hits, did the media pick up on more than her clothing and hair, did she write a piece.

          You could link to the page for those who want further details on the other contributions.

  13. “I’m going to nitpick here and say: No, Kate has not “always been publicly clear about her passion around this subject”. Though Kate has been patron of Place2Be since 2013, she only decided it was her “passion” last year.” Oh KMR this is the reason I LOVE this blog. You are always coherent in your point of view, and write what I’m thinking about Kate. Really her “passion” is recent but as many things about Kate they put it like it was part of her personality, and as she had doing this her entire life. It is ridiculous.

  14. I personally love seeing the posts about all sorts of topics and royals here. The other royals provide a good contrast to Kate, and that’s part of the reason I began to understand how much Kate really isn’t a working royal. It’s like studying the real thing so one can recognize a counterfeit. So, that’s just my two cents on your question.

  15. Perhaps if her actions on these causes she holds a passion for reflected the PR this would be more apparent.
    That if she did more than PR and photo ops. That if these meetings brought forth progress on promotion and weren’t from a flurry of events in November before the work tally is counted.
    Maybe if she took interest in some form before she married in and needed such a long time to announce her patronages.

    I’ll let a lot go, but their PR is making claims their actions never support.
    For all the deserving criticism Kate’s level of apathy deserves much more goes to her PR.
    And i’m not including William’s level of apathy in on this even though it does play a role. I could rant for days on how terrible he is to the monarchy and any cause outside of polo, conservation/jecca, and whatever gets him to fly a helicopter.

  16. If KP, Kate or William – or anyone associated with them or on their behalf uses the word “keen” once more in my lifetime, I am going to be sick. Goodness, English is the primary language of these dolts, they have decent educations, so please, find another adjective, please. Do they even know what “keen” means or are they just blind to redundancy? Blah! It give me an idea, though. Maybe I will start using the word “keen” around the house with my husband, i.e., “I am keep to do the dishes tonight” (and then not do them). God, Kate reminds me of a Stepford wife, “I am keen to make your life perfect, darling.” She’s really quite a bore.

    1. If I never hear/read the word “Keen” again it will be too soon. I just can’t with that word anymore.

  17. I also think its your call as this is your blog. I learn a lot here so I am happy with whatever you choose.
    As for Kate being a guest editor of the online publication on February 17, where she will help launch a program called “Young Minds Matter” I am thinking it will be ok however it may go along the lines of, ‘We are hoping to put the spotlight on this terrible crisis’ type of thing. She does get tongue tied.

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