Prince William fears not being around to see George and Charlotte grow up

Prince William fears not being around to see George and Charlotte grow up

There is a new documentary airing in the UK on Monday at 9 PM on ITV called: When Ant And Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years Of The Prince’s Trust. In it, Ant and Dec (Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly) – who were helped by the Prince’s Trust and are now ambassadors for it – follow Prince Charles around for a year to document his work with the Prince’s Trust in honor if it’s 40th anniversary year. As part of the documentary, Ant and Dec interviewed Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, about Prince Charles and the Prince’s Trust. William revealed he has become much more emotional since becoming a father and that he fears not being around to see his children grow up, while Harry revealed he hears Prince George play outside at Kensington Palace.

William and Harry with Ant and Dec

    William on fatherhood: “I’m a lot more emotional than I used to be. Yeah, weirdly. I never used to really get too wound up or worried about things but now the smallest little things can get – I can feel – you well up a little bit more. You get affected by things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more I think as a father, just because you realise how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective, the idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that.”
    William on his parents exposing him to people less fortunate: “I remember my mother and father taking us to charities and organisations and showing us, you know, what goes on. And I think it’s seeing such a broad spectrum of life, it’s really important from a young age, to give you a bit of perspective to go ‘you know, you don’t just live in a palace’, it’s very important you get out and you see what goes on in the real world.”
    William on the Prince’s Trust: “The Prince’s Trust evolved over time into what it is now, which is this incredible charity, that has really bust every possible limit it was ever set – it’s really done well. And I think he’s incredibly chuffed at how it’s gone.”

Several articles hooked on to William’s comment about not being around to see his children grow up and connecting that to the death of Princess Diana when William was 15. But really, I’m sure all parents have a fear of not being around for their children and to see their children grow up. I can’t really snark on William being more emotional since the birth of his kids and being fearful of not being around for them, because that seems like a very common thing for parents to think and say.

Though I wonder if William will follow in his parent’s footsteps and take George and Charlotte to different charities to see how different people live and to understand that they have such immense privilege. From everything William has said and done so far, it doesn’t seem like William would be willing to take his kids out in public like that.

    Harry on things going wrong: “Everywhere we go, everything is sort of rehearsed so much, that it’s always bang on correct, perfect. But we all, no more so than our grandfather, love it when things go wrong. And you always turn round and say, ‘Don’t worry, it’ll probably go wrong’ and then it does go wrong and they’re sort of crying; I say ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s actually… now I will remember it even more’. And it’s true.”
    Harry on being neighbors with William at KP: “I can always hear the wheels of those plastic tractors that George loves playing on. It’s really nice to be able to live next to each other and be neighbours.”
    William on Harry being his neighbor at KP: Harry will “pop round and he comes and scrounges all food off us and things like that.”

Of course Harry would be the type to scrounge food from his brother’s house. Of course. I can’t wait until Harry has a wife and kids to talk about in interviews like this.

    Camilla on Charles’ creation of the Prince’s Trust: “I think I’m really proud to be married to somebody who, 40 years ago, aged 27, had the vision to put it together – I mean it was an incredible idea then. For somebody – he was very young then – to think of it and to think of these very disadvantaged young people who had literally been to hell and back and to find a way to give them a second chance in life. I don’t know, he just has that energy. You know if you’re passionate about something you can do it, he cares so much about these young people.”

Camilla has never given an on-air interview before, so it’s interesting that she has chosen this to be her first. I hope she gives more interviews about the causes that are close to her heart in the future.

    Charles on the birth of Princess Charlotte: “It’s very nice having a granddaughter, hopefully somebody to keep an eye on me when I’m tottering about on my Zimmer frame.”
    Charles on whether William or Harry will take over the Trust: “I hope, you know, one of them might take an interest in it because I’m probably getting past my sell-by date now.”

On the one hand I’m sure the Prince’s Trust will run just fine without a royal involved, but on the other hand I think it would be nice for either William or Harry to take over the patronage of it once Charles becomes king.

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Charles with Ant and Dec

Here’s a preview for the special. Unless they put the special online, I will not be able to watch it since I’m in the US. If anyone does watch it, let me know your thoughts.

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143 thoughts on “Prince William fears not being around to see George and Charlotte grow up

  1. Yesterday I saw a dcumentary about princess Diana and there were pieces about William and Harry. I noticed how William was different. He looked happy, fresh, really a nice guy. William today looks unhappy, boring, petulant, and this is sad. When that old William died? I don’t know, but something changed very much. I hope really he is happy in his familiar life, because outside he doesn’t seem happy.

  2. I love how Charles has mellowed out over the years. I bet he’s a fun grandpa to George and Charlotte. I can truly picture him in his knees, bending over at little Charlotte, smiling and tickling her. The 80s/90s brought out the worst in everybody involved. Everyone had a hand in making a mess of things (Chuck, Di, Cam, etc) and I’m glad social media wasn’t around back then because it would’ve made everything that was worse even more horrible.

    I certainly understand William’s concern but I hope he’s able to use it as a way to truly cherish the time he has with his loved ones and make an impact in his community. We’re all brought into this world hoping to leave it a better than what it was when we came. I truly hope Wills (and Kate and Harry and everyone in the BRF) does just that. (Sorry if that paragraph is a bit wordy–it’s about quarter to 6 in the morning for me, didn’t sleep well plus it’s my birthday (January 3rd!).)

  3. Happy Birthday. I agree that Charles has improved but I still think he is spoiled and arrogant. He may indeed be a great grandfather but I wish he would be a better father and give Will and Kate more active guidance. He should want them to succeed and must be aware of the criticism they are getting.

    1. Thank you Birdy. I’m sure he’s aware but the Will and Kate are adults and he might feel it’s “too late” plus, we all know how stubborn William is and an criticism from Charles might fall on deaf ears.

      1. He was against William’s marriage to Kate, so maybe he keeps his distance to see how things work for them.

          1. I’ve also had the impression that Charles was against Kate and the marriage. Kate has even accused Charles of being the person behind their infamous breakup.

          2. Don’t know if he was against the marriage, but Kate told her work colleagues at Jigsaw that Charles was to blame for the mega break up of 2007 after Charles gave William the ‘marry or dump her’ talk.

            It’s one of the often repeated quotes from that period from those work mates who gave quotes about Kate during her work there.

            The other quote from the same period is that HM said it would all end in tears AFTER they re-united.

          3. He was behind the break up in 2007 in the sense that he told William that if he isn’t going to commit to Kate fully, to end things, because the longer he led her on, the more hurt she would be.

            So basically, Charles was trying to protect Kate, and so she ran her mouth off about him.

            Four years later when they actually married, I don’t recall Charles being against that.

            So really, he was more against his son dicking around.

          4. I agree Stephanie; they sound like separate issues.

            V. interesting though that when pushed to marry or dump Kate he chose:dump.

          5. You nailed it, Stephanie. That is what reportedly happened. He was looking out for Kate after seeing all the pressure the media was having on her. I can’t help but think that all of this is on William. It would be stupid for Kate to marry into the family and treat Charles like crap, unless Wills treats his dad that way. Whatever Kate is, she not an idiot. And it is something her puppet master Carole would never condone. Unless Will said to do it.

          6. Spot on Stephanie.

            Charles has always, when allowed to and given the chance, extended a hand and welcome to Kate. He helped her with the music for the wedding. In the dating years he invited her to his birthday parties, helped William get Kate police protection and he let her come on the tradition ski holiday that only he and his sons always went on. He brought her around to Dumfires House while it was still being renovated (privately), when Kate was just about to get married to William Camilla took her out for lunch to share a bit of insight to help the transition.

            One of Kate’s first engagements was a dinner that Charles couldn’t attended that he asked Kate to fill in for him. He invited her parents over for a shoot before they engaged. If Katie Nicoll’s to be believed apparently Kate shed a tear after Charles’ speech at their wedding breakfast.

            He seems to have shown nothing but kindness and consideration to Kate and her family and that it was the Cambridges who gravitated to the Middletons towards the exclusion of the Wales as time went on. In the dating years William never took Kate around the royals too much to begin with, if Harry’s interview during the South Pole is anything to go by, but it seems to have gotten worse after marriage. Understandably the Middletons are more relaxed and William and Kate enjoy their company a lot, but I don’t think anyone anticipated that the relations between Kate and her in-laws would not conintue to grow and be stifled by the Cambridges when the Queen and Prince Philip were extending invitations to Royal inclusions the race and polo (there are great photos of Carole and Prince Philip laughing without restraint) and tradition Christmas services and shoots to the Middletons in ways previously not afforded royals brides and their families, especially so publicly. But things have slowed down and the Middletons weren’t invited to church this last Christmas.

            Sidenote: After Sophie’s mom passed way the Queen started inviting Sophie’s father to a lot of private family functions and time at Windsor Castle and that has continued.

          7. Also, Camilla gave Kate a charm bracelet with both their initials on it that Kate wore a few times after the wedding, but it hasn’t been seen since 2011.

      2. Prince Charles was a good. Father. Look at the happy teens, young and mature adults (until the. meddletons), all evidence iespecially after the death of Di, is that he was and is.

  4. Your [somewhat] irrational fears get magnified when you’re a parent. Or at least it did in my case, which is why I awoke at 4:15AM this morning and just had to figure out what to do if your car goes into water and sinks. It may be because his mum died when he was young, but I think his feelings are pretty much universal.

    BTW: SWCO – seatbelts off; window down; children; out. You have about 1 minute. And I’m buying one of those spring-loaded window breaker thing-a-majigs.

    1. There are devices that will not only break the windshield but will also cut the seatbelts as they tend to not release after accidents or submersion. My brother was captain of his local fire department and head of their search and rescue team and always carried this device in his car, velcroed to the side of his seat.

  5. I can’t wait to hear about it. The Prince’s Trust has a long legacy. Charles has every right to be proud of it. It’s wonderful to reflect on its success and forecast the future. I wish that Will and Harry would step up and take over.

    I agree, KMR, that every parent worries about the world and safety and security for their kids. I think that fatherhood has brought out Will’s petulant side even more. His paranoia over the kids and being photographed is at an all time high. And can he give one joint interview where he isn’t throwing shade at Harry?

    IMHO, I think that Harry gave a realistic glimpse inside a royal life thato can be constricting. That’s what may scare off potential brides. It also speaks to Harry’s attitude when he says that he takes it in his stride.

    Thank you, KMR, for this post. It’s good to read about the legacy of Charles’ Prince’s Trust and the impact that it’s had on the UK.

    1. Hi Rhiannon, I just wanted to tell you I had oatmeal this morning and thought of you 🙂

      It’s so true, since the birth of George it seems that William’s obsession about privacy has increased tenfold. I can’t imagine that he’s fun to be around when he gets all wound up. Kate certainly has her work cut out for her now.

      1. Aww. I had mine with shaved dark chocolate bits and coconut.

        I am not sure if William will ever find a balance with hisome children. By keeping them hidden, he’s added a price tag to their heads. Also, he’s opened him and his family up to scrutiny.

        1. Oh, Rhiannon, why did you say that? Now, that is all I will be thinking about all day. Oatmeal with shaved dark chocolate and coconut! YUM!

          1. Also delish! And, you guys live in a warm climate. Oatmeal is hearty stuff for those of us who are Northerly Exposed. It got cold here, finally. Ugh!

          2. I have an allergic reaction to the high level of nickel found in oatmeal. That’s why I’m a boiled eggs-and-bacon man. 🙂

    2. I think it was a combination of the France photos in 2012 and then the birth of George the next year that really upped his paranoia over press intrusion. And the birth of a daughter probably only intensified that paranoia.

      1. @Seth – I had no idea about the nickel in oatmeal. I just eat it because the dr said so, lol! It looks horrific and consistency makes me want to hurl, hence the additions. But, I do love eggs and pancakes and all the bacon in the world as a substitute.

        1. I had no idea either for several years. I ate oatmeal three or four times a week, especially when it was cold. You know, warm whole milk, chopped bananas, brown sugar, raisins. I developed a type of eczema called dyshidrosis from stress my second semester of college, that got worse when I ate oatmeal or tuna fish (also with a high nickel content). That combined with digestive issues. It was two very unpleasant years before I was referred to a specialist who prescribed a steroid cream and a low nickel diet that helped immensely. It flares up from time to time when I’m under severe stress but it’s very mild compared to how it was. I’ll set up an omelet bar for people who don’t want or can’t tolerate oatmeal. And I’ll bring the Jamaican coffee and cream.

          1. Sounds like we need to have a KMR breakfast buffet, lol.

            I am deathly allergic to avocado and cilantro. Happened right after college. I miss it a lot, but can’t do it.

          2. @Seth
            I want bacon! Yum! Bacon and eggs!
            But now the idea is in my head so I’m going to have to go to the supermarket on the way home!
            avocado and cilantro? I hate the smell of cilantro so I agree with you there. It must be annoying to be allergic to Avocado with it being the “in food” to eat at the moment.
            It’s good that you’ve both found out about your allergies, I’ve got a peanut allergy which is a pain!

  6. I can totally understand where William is coming from, given my wild child days I too worried that I wouldn’t be around to see my children grow up. And of course now that I have grandchildren I worry about not being around to see them grow up, it seems to be a never ending cycle of worry 🙂

    For all Williams work for anti-bullying you’d think someone would point out that his near constant snarky comments about Harry are indeed bullying. Has he ever congratulated his brother on the success of the Invitcus Games? I truly can’t remember the last time he said anything positive or encouraging about Harry.

    I really don’t know if either brother will step forward to take over the Prince’s Trust when Charles ascends the throne. I mean what if they did and made some changes that Charles didn’t like, would they always have to run it the way Charles would want it run or would they be able to put their own stamp on it? Also, Harry is working so hard on his own charities so I don’t see him taking it over so logically William should be the one to do it, but I really don’t see that happening either.

    1. Agreed Lauri. It’s clear that William can’t open his mouth without complaining. George, Harry, press, probably nags the staff… ugh. Worse, he’s probably going to pamper Charlotte and make her petulant too. He’s a terrible spokesperson for anti-bullying. I wish he’d said that at a charity to help kids who’ve been bullied and was called out by a child. He needs to get a swift wake-up kick.

      1. Let us not forget that Will wrote “I am a Prince” when he had to describe himself at a recent event. He could have chosen many things such as “I am a father, husband, pilot, son, brother, etc.” I was hoping that he would have chosen father. This makes me think that he is very self absorbed and cannot see anything beyond himself.

        1. I don’t think that writing that is necessary a bad thing and father or son or husband isn’t a profession and from what I know he isn’t a working pilot anymore (also Prince isn’t a job but it really is what he is). I don’t like William all that much but I also don’t think that saying that Harry comes and steals his food can be interpreted as criticism on his brother. It actually makes you laugh and makes you understand that there is a real (hopefully) relationship between the two of them. It’s nice…

          1. Sorry, but I was immediately struck by the “put-down” tone of the comment about Harry “scrounging”. There are many, many other positive things he could have used that sound-bite for…

          2. I wouldn’t have had a problem with Will using the word “scrounging” if it was a one time thing, it’s the constant put downs and never saying anything positive about his brother or his accomplishments that made me object.

          3. Has Harry ever praised, encouraged or critised his brother or his (William’s) work? Has he ever put him down? These are genuine questions, never interested myself in their relationship much.

          4. Harry has often praised William and commented on William as if William were involved with Harry’s own conservation work, probably to put William’s name to Harry’s boots-on-the-ground work in conservation this past summer when William does very little. Interviews, Harry’s chided or teased him, but never cruelly as William has done and always in response to William’s comments.

          5. William is supposed to be an air ambulance co-pilot.

            Harry has joked a few times that the younger brother is the better looking one. But he’s also praised William several times, too.

          6. I do think that William was joking. He does seem to only ever take digs at Harry though, which can be funny and fun, and great banter between the two – usually initiated by William, but when there’s rarely ever any positive affirmation and only sarcasm and digs from the one party you kind of start to wonder.

            Harry has always been supportive of and spoken well of his brother, how he knows William will have a tough job and how his role is to support him. In one documentary William is almost embrassed and shakes his head. Harry has included William in comments and speeches as if William too share Harry’s sentiment and care in several occasions during formal and informal comments impromptu speeches on military servicemen and women engagements, unwell children and disadvantaged youths events and in his interviews.

            He even voiced his frustration at his brother not being allowed to service in the military, most recently the 2013 documentary.

            Harry joked that he would tell which wall William had done and that he would fix it during the revonvated houses for ex-servicemen and women, or about going bald (which he is too), and joking that he can’t wait for William to suffer more with Charlotte, they both tease each other but Harry’s seem a lot more light hearted (my personal opinion) and we have more instances of Harry genuinely speaking well, and with adoration even, of his brother. He’s always looked up to him growing up. Even when Harry undertook his first big solo tour to Jamaica and the Caribeans he would touch base with William. I do think William was protective of his brother and I remember reading about him being worried and hating the way the press were vilifying him back in the day but for all the good that Harry does and even his charity we don’t hear William say much to praise his brother. I think it could be the pressure it then puts on the Camridges but I think Harry is sensitive to that and that’s why majority of his work private. Well that, authenticity and his belief, taught and instilled in him by his mom, that people open up and you really find out what’s going on and get to the heart of the matter and so better help people when the cameras are away.

        2. My understanding of the event when William said that, was everyone was asked what made them different from others, not how they see themselves. One lady wrote that she was tall, I think she’s 6 feet or so, so that would make her different from most women.

        3. To be fair to William, the “I am a Prince” thing came from an exercise where they were supposed to write what made the different. So William’s “Prince” line worked in that instance, even if it is a bit arrogant. He is a Prince and that is what makes him different from everyone else.

      2. William’s “anti-bullying” stance seems to be: Don’t bully Prince William. Who cares if William bullies his brother, the pres, etc. As long as no one bullies him.

        1. Most bullies are like that. They can dish it out but the moment someone stands up to them, they crumble like crepe paper.

          1. Absolutely! When snarky comments are made oh-so-innocently, best to turn it back immediately and say, ‘what do you mean?’ We tend not to respond because we are so shocked that people could be so awful. They bank on you NOT responding, but just taking it.

    2. Lauri it is essentially the Prince of Wales trust so Will should take it over and Kate could also take on a major role….surely? I love love love elephants and lions, and I am glad that they are doing work in this area, but the Princes Trust changes people’s lives and offers help to bright young people who were not born with a silver spoon. Compare some of the successes to Kate ( can I compare her to hardworking individuals as I don’t want to compare her to other royals?) who has a brilliant education and before marriage would have been offered financial and practical help from her parents to build her own business and choose to do…….absolutely nothing.

      1. He has built an amazing organisation that can be handed to a competent CEO and run independently of the Prince. It really doesn’t need him anymore. It has the advantage of having a royal warrant which is a huge bonus for a charitable enterprise which they should hold even after he has moved on and up.

        I think Harry is on his way to building a similar organisation with Sentebale and possibly Invictus or WWTW.

        William or Kate…crickets. They keep saying they want to help, but they keep handing work off to the royal foundation which means Harry picks up the slack of their work eg Conservation which was William’s big issue platform. Or they do nothing.

        William talks in platitudes which sound like he is saying much, but when you look at his words closely, it’s all meaningless.

        I wish he was more self aware.

      2. I wonder if Charles could be the royal patron even after he becomes King. It may be called the Prince’s Trust, but he will be one of its founders for life. Is there a reason he’d have to give the charity up completely?

    3. Agree, Lauri. I think every parent worries about not being around to see his/her kids grow up. Still, William saying this made him more easy to like.

      Then, bam, a jibe at Harry. I so wish he would praise his brother when praise is due. And, it’s due often thanks to Harry’s amazing caring ways. I assume W is jealous of the ease in which Harry does things. Things seem tougher for William in his mind, that is. Oh, sibling rivalry Doesn’t matter how old we get, don’t we sometimes still feel that Mom likes him/her best? Still, I do love my sibs very much, even when I know a battle may be brewing!

  7. I agree Prince Charles has created a legacy with the Princes Trust and his farming I hope one of his sons takes it over. I think it will be Harry that does.

    William being self absorbed worries me. It seems he is showing classic signs of depression and is afraid of asking for help, which in itself is difficult . All this dismal talk of not seeing his children grow up makes for a bleak future. I am pleased Harry lives close to them. Going round and taking food is normal and the fact that William lets him shows that the brothers are close. Even if William makes sarky comments it is not meant to offend which is does. If you know what I mean.

    1. Yeah I agree it might be Harry who takes over as it is to do with young people and he seems to care about children a lot.

      But I think it is weird the stuff about Harry ‘popping round’ when Wills lives in Anmer Hall which is about 2hrs away from where Harry lives at Kensington Palace in London. William & Kate have an apartment there but it’s only for when they’re in London (not very often) so what gives? Or are they just trying to convince us they’re normal again hahaha.

      1. That was my interpretation too. It was just a soundbite to make them appear ohsofriendly & ohsohappy. In reality they ignore Harry for 3/4 of every month when they hide in Norfolk. That’s clearly not going to change as George is starting nursery school there.

        It was a duplicitous way of talking about his family without actually saying anything. Same old Kim Jong Will.

      2. OR… William lives in London much more than we realize. William’s air ambulance job is about midway between both KP and Anmer, so theoretically William could live at either and still be able to go to that job.

        Is it possible that while Kate and the kids are at Anmer, William is spending more time at KP where Harry comes around and eats his food?

        1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Kate were in London more, for the shopping. Maybe they switch off? I definitely don’t think they spend much time together.

          1. I think they’re in London more than they want us to think. Being in Norfolk all the time. To do what? Shoot animals? Also I think Katie goes to Bucklebury quite often.

          2. BUt they get criticised for holing up in Anmer rather than at KP where taxpayers paid a fortune for them. Why would they hide living at KP & making use of that?

          3. Who knows, why, JL? Unless you’re prepared to monitor every move they make, where they stay at any given time is the absolute least of my worries. And I mean that quite sincerely it is absolutely the least of my worries or priorities.
            Celebrities can slip away if they want to. Senior officials like the President of the United States or the British Prime Minister make secret visits to war zones with reporting embargos until they leave. The royals have spent their entire lives under media scrutiny. They know how to play the game as well as the media.

        2. I am puzzled. I thought William lived on the farm near Amner Hall? I doubt Harry would call round in KP if Kate was there. That look Harry gave Kate at the Christmas walk was artic.

        3. I hadn’t thought of that angle. It could also be to say, “yes we do live in the KP apartments, so all those expensive renovations were worth it.”

        4. When William and Kate were doing their end of year mad rush Harry was back in London after his Summer of conservation work in Africa. When the Cambridges have engagements they mostly return to London. Remember Harry, William and Kate had a few engagements together so there were definitely times when they were based and living in close proximity, in KP as neighbours again. If I recall correctly the plan is that the Camridges will come up together as a family to KP for a week or two and do a number of engagements then back to Norfolk then after a few weeks return to London (KP) do 3 or so engagements then back to Norfolk. Richard Palmer made a comment on it. That’s one of the reasons why Kate had a number of engagements in a week and everywhere you looked she seemed to be there and then silence, then back with a bang again… Okay maybe not everywhere you looked 🙂

          Sorry, all that to say, Anmber Hall is still their main residence but for the end year CC tally dash they were based in London and so it’s possible that both Harry and William were referring to their current reality (they were filmed together and seemingly in KP, Harry has his beard so we now it was after the summer work in Africa). It would have been William and his family, George in tow with his truck, that returned to London, Kate had engagements too and there was the pap photo of George and Charlotte watching the helicopter bringing Princes Anne back during this period. I don’t think it’s a case of William living at KP while Kate’s at AH and them living separately to each other (although Katie Nicoll has alluded to Kate staying with the Middletons a lot more than we are aware of, this was before Charlotte was born though so maybe things are different, but it would explain why George was photographed so often with Carole before KP issued that letter… Or maybe she was just visiting them a lot, who knows. Anyway it must have been good for George who was transitioning to having another sibling to be around his familiar caregivers and some individual attention.)

  8. Haha love it Rhiannon – your first married home will be in a tent on Wills tennis court….you’d still marry him though wouldn’t you? Just hope the foxes don’t pinch your tiaras.

    1. I would still marry him 🙂 I am quite resourceful and can manage just fine. I am pretty adaptable to any surroundings that you put me in. All I need is a pillow, blanket, a good book…and strong WiFi.

  9. Wow, I can’t wait to see this. Thanks for posting, KMR.

    I cannot help but feel sad if William has such a bad feeling about perhaps not being around to see his kids grow up. His job (?) as a helicopter pilot makes one wonder if he has a premonition of some kind. Or, perhaps, with all the fears of terrorist attacks, he may feel targeted? Who knows?

    At any rate, I hope W and H and their loved ones all have happy, long lives. I would assume for youngsters who lost a parent at such a young age, it must make you wonder if you, too, might have an untimely death. We’ve posted so much in the past as to the difference between William and Harry’s response to Diana’s death. Still, it is sad, to me.

    As for William and Harry teasing one another, what else is new? Don’t adult male sibs do that often? I didn’t like the line about Harry scrounging for food, either, but they probably think it is funny.

    On a personal note, I love the fact that one of the young men helped by the Prince’s Fund and is now one of the fund’s ambassador’s is named Delcan. That’s my dad’s name and I adore it! He hates it, though, and has sworn all his kids to say they will never name any male babies after him.

    Happy B’day Kimothy. Happy New Year, all.

    1. Thank you Jenny!

      What about Declan as a middle name? 😉

      I can see William’s concern but I also have a strange feeling that he might be….paranoid about it. So not only is he stubborn and controlling (regarding the media and press) but he’s now paranoid that he might pass on while his kids are young. I hope he doesn’t show that worry around his children because they’ll pick up on it!

      Edit: I hate to use the word paranoid but that’s the only word I can think of to describe William’s fear of an early death.

      1. Hi, Kimothy, Did you enjoy your b’day?
        Hope you had fun times with those who make your life happy.

        If I ever do have a son (another pregnancy is the last thing on my mind right now) I might consider Declan as a middle name. I just love it so much, though, I’d like to name any son I might have after my father. When we were expecting Madeleine, we chose Jamison as a possible boy’s name. At that time, we also tossed around Declan as a middle name and hypenated it with my father-in-law’s name, “Edward.” Poor little boy being saddled with such a long name, though!

        Declan It’s becoming more heard of in the States, btw. I love it!

        Also agree with what you say about his kids (William’s) picking up on his paranoid feelings. It just makes me feel sad. I do have to admit that I’ve wondered at times if I will live a long life and see my little girl become a happy, accomplished woman, but I guess that is normal.

        1. Hi Jenny!
          b-day was okay. It seems I caught my dad’s cold (yay!) but I did take a relaxing bath and went out and got some chili (and cornbread) to go plus some frozen yogurt at a local place. I’m staying home from work today because I slept so poorly and am about to make some soup.

          I first heard the name Declan in a chick-lit novel (Hit Reply) about 15 years ago!

          Of course, wondering whether or not you’ll be around to see your children become young adults is normal but I have a strong feeling that William isn’t just wondering–he’s flat-out paranoid about it (way more than his own brother) and he’ll probably be the super-over-protective parent. I’m amazed he had the balls to even admit something like that during the interview!

          Edit: now just going to make a simple noodle soup because I have almost no appetite.

    1. THanks, Lisa. Interesting, indeed.
      While Diana was the Queen of manipulating the press, I don’t think Kate is. However, like you said, I can see Carole planting little ideas in the minds of some Royal reporters. The article made me cringe!

      BTW, I read a post on another topic that you are doing well. You said you were happy that you went ahead with the surgery. So glad to hear that things are working out so well for you!

      1. Thank you jenny. I am very glad I had the surgery. It wasn’t an elective surgery, really had to go through with it, but happy that it happened.

        As for this story, it’s got me wondering what’s going on. As we’ve seen in the past, these type of things don’t just pop up randomly. 2016 could be a very interesting year in the Cambridge/Middleton camp.

    2. Ugh! Why did I read that article so close to dinner time?? That. Was. Gross.

      I guess that is Scarole’s response to the DM article that praises Sophie as the Queen’s favorite.

    3. That was a nasty piece of work. Probably hoping to have Kate and Will turn against each other. The War of the Wales’ sold millions of pictures and papers. This could be the reporters answer to Will drawing harsh lines about photos taken, access to the kids, and Chris’ favored presence. If the media wants to see fur fly, it will if Kate attends another event with handsome Ben. Will would go off his rocker.

        1. Ben Ainslie is a British competitive sailor who’s won four Olympic Gold medals in Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London along with a slew of other sailing awards. Katie is the royal patron of the 1851 Trust (dedicated to “inspire and engage a new generation through sailing and the marine industry,” according to their website and Sir Ben is also patron. They were seen to be rather flirty together.

  10. That was a nasty nasty article.

    Scarole certainly is on the warpath about something and it seems as though she wants Kate to be Canonized, Saint Kate in the future. Will looks unhappy, and IMHO I don’t think that things have been all that rosy behind the scenes for a while.

    Maybe she thinks that there is a breakup in the future and she is trying to get the press onside with Kate to shove William aside. If Scarole remembers what happened with Diana than she should realise that she is playing a dangerous game.

    I really don’t think that the rest of the Royal family cares one way or the other about Kate’s fashion and I don’t think that they dress to compete with her. Beatrice and Eugenia were born Princess’s they are Royal and they don’t need to prove themselves to anyone. Kate is the one who always looks nervous when she is out with inlaws and the facial expressions are over the top. I think that there would be a lot of bi*tchiness about her going on with some members of the family, but this happens in all families and I am pretty sure that she is not an innocent little snowflake herself.

    I have read numerous times that the Queen is very close to Sophie especially after the trouble with Louise’s birth and after Sophie’s Mother passed away. I think that there is a lot of mutual respect there that has been earned.

    Kate IMHO has not worked hard enough to earn respect from anyone.

  11. Wow, what really struck me was how odd William’s comment about worrying about seeing his kids grow up! I know that fear because I have beloved little ones in my family, but this was still a very weird and morbid thing to say. If he’s such a private person, why would he share such an irrational fear to the world? He and his family are probably targets of some sort to crazy terrorists/stalkers out there, but they also have the best personal security details money can buy. Anything could happen to any of us at any time, life is not to be taken for granted. That being said, announcing such fears to the world was a strange choice. It makes him seem morbid or like he has some terminal illness we don’t know about. I get a massive self-pitying vibe from him and I’m thinking that might be part of why he said this. I think he’s melodramatic and probably gets himself worked up into petulant fits over perceived slights, threats to his precious private time and imagined attack scenarios. I have the feeling Kate is very skilled at “handling” him when he’s like that, which is probably part of why she’s aging so rapidly. It’s probably requires a combination of coddling, disaster management and soothing flattery. I think we’re going to see more strange comments like this ifhe continues to speak up.

    1. Maybe he worries about crashing his helicopter? My solution is… don’t be an ambulance helicopter pilot then!

  12. What really irks me about his is well, the PR. Harry when at KP lives in the ‘cottage’ which is nowhere near 1A, and we know W&K and kiddos are usually at Anmer.

    Charles deserves all this praise for his charitable work. Yes, it is PR too, but not the stuff from William’s camp that makes me eye-twitch. Camilla had it right there: amazing a man of 27, with his Navy pension, built such a goliath of a charity organization. Wonderful just like Harry did Sentebale. William did… what, exactly?

    I hope Charles is given the praise and attention he deserves. I know his reputation is still probably crap thanks to the War of the Waleses. When the time comes he will be an excellent king, no matter some of his weird beliefs. He cares and he is a man who will read things, discuss things, and has an open mind.

  13. Well I’ve watched the programme. Really it was the Ant and Dec show and if non Brits watch it I think you may be bemused- they are a hugely successful,double act but I think you need to know them a bit to understand their approach.

    I freely admit I am not a Charles fan, and that is not going to change. There is no doubt though that this Trust has been incredibly beneficial to thousands of young people – life changing were the words used over and over.

    The interview with the boys was short. IMO the relationship between them is sadly strained. The body language was odd and H didn’t seem to want to look at his brother despite the banter between them. Don’t know if others would agree.

    Harry seems to be closer to Charles and Charles is desperate for one of them to take over the Trust. I hope one of them can find the time to take it on.

    Whilst I know Kate had 10+ years to decide when you get even a tiny insight into Royal life you can see why it would be daunting. Another poster made a very key comment – she was so busy focussing on getting the ring she forgot the reality that lay beyond it. It is not a life I would chose despite the luxury.

    1. Oh I would choose that life any day of the week. Not as much pressure for a man. Just wear a nice suit. Having Windsor Castle, Sandringham at my disposal. Bentleys, Rolls Royces. I could do 350 engagements a year, easily. Having men bow, women curtsy nice and low. No touching. No speaking unless I decide to be kind and speak to them first. Being accompanied by armed personal protection officers, while the “peasants” are protected by frying pans and table lamps. Being waited on hand, foot and finger. Yeah, I have to smile and wave and pretend to care about the masses but that would be a small price to pay to be called “Your Royal Highness” or “Sir.” by everyone.

      1. This is why I love you Seth. You are so honest. I would like the perks of not having financial worry. But I also like the fact that I could do meaningful work and leave my mark on the world.

        1. Me too, though the Duke of Edinburgh and Charles seem to have done some good despite their positions and Harry is taking that up.

      2. That made me laugh so hard! I bet you’d be as dapper as Philip or Charles. 🙂

        I’d love to be royal, but I’m 4’11″… I’d fail miserably not being elegant and tall, but I’d rock the charity engagements and I can give thirty minute speeches no problem without looking at my paper! (Thanks, academic decathlon and later Toastmasters.)

        KMR, I agree that I don’t think Kate had much exposure to he life. William is the teacher, and with his disdain for the life and what it means, why would he ever expose her to it? The Middletons were his fantasy normal family escape they catered to.

        1. Until Philip married Elizabeth, the Royal Family was at best of average height. I’m 5’7″ (170 cm) King George VI was 5’8″ or 5’9″ (172-175 cm). His older brother Eddie was at best 5’8.” King George V and Queen Mary were both 5’6″ (167.6 cm) Edward VII was my height (and only a bit over my waistline). Queen Alexandra was about the same I believe. The Queen Mother was 5’2″ (157 cm) and the Princess Margaret was only 5’1″ (154 cm)

      3. HRH King Seth?

        I don’t know, after the first month I think I’d get sick of it all…the excessive luxury, being stalked by the press, the fawning – knowing it was all just people projecting onto me and nobody actually knew the real me. I think it would make me (and any sane person) depressed I think. There’s a reason the Queen often looks grumpy.

        1. H.M. (His Majesty) H.R.H. or (His/Her Royal Highness) are for a male consort (like Philip) or the male-line children and grandchildren of the Sovereign. And I would simply be known as His Majesty the King.

        2. Plus, if you tried it and didn’t like it, there’s no going back! You could get divorced and lose the HRH and all the perks, but still be famous. I would love every part of it, except that. I would be over the moon to have the resources Kate does to help people and it would be blissful to not worry about money and live in beautiful homes. That being said, once you are famous, there’s no going back and that level of privacy is gone forever. I am an extremely private person and cherish peace and solitude, so I would never marry such a high profile person. I don’t sympathize with Kate because she knew what she was getting into and made that choice. She doesn’t understand that the price for her pampered life is being in the public eye, a loss of privacy and having to dedicate your life to service and duty. The “I just wanna be a housewife” attitude is totally unacceptable for someone in her position. She didn’t marry a wealthy country gentleman, she married the second in line to the British throne. It’s a package deal and she knew that.

    2. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Birdy. ITV put it online but there is a country restriction on it and since I’m not in the UK I can’t watch it.

      Re Kate: I think we think she had more of an exposure to the royal life before her marriage than she actually did. It’s not like William was taking her to engagements and showing her how royal life actually worked during the dating years. She was with him when he was partying and during his down time and stuff. I doubt she would have had too much exposure to what being a working royal really was like.

      For those in the UK who want to watch it and didn’t already, here’s a link:

    1. Thank you! The first thing that I see is that Charles is very warm and endearing. He has made a good use of his wait and has left an amazing legacy.

    2. It is a bit blurry though, better picture on the ITV website for those actually in UK.

      It was supposed to be about the Prince’s Trust wasn’t it? Seemed to be more like: 50% about Charles himself, 20% about Prince’s Trust, 10% Ant & Dec, 10% Harry & William 5% Camilla 4% Cheryl and 1% Rod Stewart. Half the program about a charity was about Charles himself and the rest was mostly about other celebrities…and what they thought of Charles. Programme proved what I suspected: this guy is a total narcissist.

      1. I agree R Charles has always been totally self absorbed. I think he can appear to have a warm persona but in the UK we hear far too much about him always needing to be the centre of attention – which is of course where Diana failed, but for the sake of 2016 peace let’s not go there! I still think the Trust is a great achievement and he plays an important figurehead role, but it wasn’t clear how much he is involved or was ever involved in the detail. I also think Camilla is clearly a very good wife for him and makes him happy, but still not sure about the Consort role.

      2. The show is titled when Ant and Dec met the Prince. And let’s be honest, in this celebrity-crazed society people are more fixacted on an individual then the causes they support, personalities have more pulling power then what’s actually been done, it’s unfortunate but the reality. How many people (fans) that follow Kate actually know her patronages by name and the work that each charity does. One of the best things about this blog is that KMR pays attention to and highlights that information. If you read articles after Kate’s speeches, even this latest pretty good one in terms of the need and solution, very little is ever written about the charity and what they address, not just with Kate who perhaps we can say has room to improve with her advocacy and giving informative proper soundbites but with most of the royals. With Harry in Lesotho in Dec from his whole speech and the new centre the focus was on what he said about his mom. Thankfully in the lead up KP had released letters from one of the kids he first met and so the people being helped got some attention in its reporting. The focus ends up being Kate had an idealic childhood or a snippet about the kids or William (in her first the soundbite from her speech was about how William would have loved to have been here).

        I think this was more in celebration of the charity Charles started and it’s success and his commitment to the work. No doubt also an attempt to repostitioning people’s understanding of him but unlike PR dribble about some people at least with Charles when it comes to the Prince’s Trust we know it’s true, no one can deny the commitment and passion he puts in his work with farming, the environment and the rest of it.

        IMO I think this was more a celebration of the man behind the charity everyone said he was ridiculous to start and with every new endeavour personally constantly criticised and mocked over.

  14. Kind of sickening how much luxury Charles lives in, so many houses, all that gold and the armed motorcade taking him around London driving in bus lanes so he doesn’t have to queue in traffic like normal people. How much does all this cost?

    The truth is if he really cared about disadvantaged young people he wouldn’t take so much public money in the first place; then there’d be more for the government to spend on training schemes for them.

    This trust like all of his other endeavours seems to be mainly about raising his own profile (necessary to get people to accept him as the next king) and ‘helping people’ is secondary; perhaps even just a cover for putting his own agenda forward.

    The south-west where he has his ‘duchy’ (where he works it like a corporation but simultaneously refuses to pay corporation tax) is one of the poorest areas of the UK and indeed Northern Europe. £19 million a year in profits he rakes in from his land there. He says he wants to help disadvantaged young people – okay how many young people living in that area have become disadvantaged because of this inequality?! He decides that he is helping them through his trust by offering them a loan which they then have to pay back with interest; sorry but I thought charity came for free!

    Sure the kids are thankful but it’s like they’re been conditioned to think that they didn’t deserve better; that they needed him to ‘save them’ when it needn’t be so. In Germany, a republic of course, young people get free university tuition or can opt to do a 7 year apprenticeship where their fees are paid and they don’t have to take out a loan to do so. Kind of puts this charity of Charles’ into perspective: maybe get rid of the monarchy and spread the wealth around and there wouldn’t be any need for charity in the first place!!

    1. R: Look at the Duchy of Cornwall reports on their website, which clearly delineate public and private expenditure. His money is in right as Duke of Cornwall, the heir apparent to the British throne. He uses a lot of it for his official office and to fund his grown children and their family. And he is a legitimate terrorist target as heir apparent to the Crown. He can’t be allowed to sit in traffic; that would create a bigger security risk for the people on the streets around him. The Queen Mother once said “Work is the rent you pay for the room you occupy here on Earth.” The Queen Mother occupied “room” to the tune of five palatal homes for herself and her dogs, she had fifty servants to do literally everything from washing dishes to opening doors and closing windows. She drank vintage pink Krug champagne, owned enough 18th century porcelain and antiques to fill a museum had a private line to her bookie for betting on horse races. By the time she died, she had a £6 million overdraft with Coutts bank. She spent 50 years after her husband’s death living like she was still an Edwardian empress. What charities did she found? What good did she do? At least with The Prince’s Trust, Charles has tried something. His grandmother was a parasite by comparison.

        1. Think about it this way Seth: Somebody takes £10 out of your wallet when you are not looking (or $10 if you’re American whatever) and they give you 5p (5c) back in your hand and tell you it’s charity – you can keep it! And you think aww how nice of them! See how stupid that would be?…….Now, imagine that, x 1,000,000 and involving millions of people and you can see how ludicrous the whole thing is.

  15. I’m glad that they’ve made this programme and I hope it will be shown in NZ.
    Charles did something out of the ordinary when he started the Princes Trust. It was started with his own money (Pension from the Royal Navy).
    I hadn’t realised he was only 27 when he started it, it seems Harry is following in his father’s footsteps as he started Sentebale when he was 22.
    I’ve seen Charles when he was here in New Zealand a number of times and thought he looked reserved and at times a bit shy. When he was here last time I took the morning off work so I could go see him. What a change! He looked mellow, relaxed and I believe he enjoyed being there and meeting the kids he was due to meet on the Spirit of New Zealand. I was watching him on the boat and he made sure he spoke to everyone. These were “tough nut” kids who were probably “Charles who?” before meeting him but I think are now fans for life. I think it’s being with Camilla and being happy that’s made for a change with Charles. I certainly have a different view of him. Seeing the change in Charles makes me wonder if William would be a completely different person if he was married to someone else?
    The Princes Trust has done a huge amount of good in 40 years and Charles has to be commended for sticking his neck out and trying something new. He’s also bringing jobs to places like Cornwall where there is little employment. It’s easy to knock him as he’s a figurehead but try to think of the good as well?

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