Swedish royals attend Swedish Academy’s formal gathering

Swedish royals attend Swedish Academy’s formal gathering

You need to know something, you guys, this is very important… Princess Sofia cut her hair and got rid of the center part. Yep, at the Swedish Academy Formal Gathering (which brought out all of the Swedish royals) on Sunday, December 20, Princess Sofia debuted a new hair cut and wore her hair with a side part.

Sofia's hair cut

What do we think of the hair cut? I think it’s similar to Duchess Kate’s in that I will need to get used to it. At least Sofia didn’t go with bangs.

Carl Philip and Sofia Swedish Academy formal gathering 2015

Along with her new hair cut and style, Princess Sofia wore a green Viktoria Chan dress and Caroline Svedbom “Dione Earrings/Chrysolite and Emerald” earrings (1550 Kr/about 183 USD). It seems like emerald is going to be Sofia’s signature stone – her tiara features emeralds, and she’s worn several pairs of emerald earrings.

Princess Sofia Swedish Academy formal gathering 2015 Caroline Svedbom Dione Earrings Chrysolite and Emerald earrings

Princess Madeleine repeated a black Ida Sjöstedt dress she first wore in September 2014 to the Childhood anniversary dinner. Madeleine wore pearl and diamond drop earrings we’ve seen her wear before and a diamond clip in her hair.

Madeleine and Chris Swedish Academy formal gathering 2015

Princess Madeleine Swedish Academy formal gathering 2015

Crown Princess Victoria wore a black velvet dress with black sequin detailing at the neckline, under the bust, and at the sleeves. She wore a diamond and pearl brooch, diamond earrings, and a diamond floral brooch in her hair.

eill from the Royal Family.

Crown Princess Victoria Swedish Academy formal gathering 2015

Queen Silvia wore a brown dress. All the the ladies wore the portrait of the King, everyone but Chris wore the Order of the Seraphim, and the gentlemen wore the Order of the Polar Star.

The Swedish Academy was founded on December 20, 1786 by King Gustav III to promote Swedish language and literature, and the Formal Gathering marks the end of the Academy’s working year.

The Director’s speech is long but the crux of it involves the EU and cultural diversity through language: how “without language policy that has a long-term survival value, cultural diversity will be depleted” and people who speak minor languages “will feel marginalized” and a “continuing marginalization promotes discontent and nationalism of the wrong sort”, but that “a language policy that is formulated correctly can… be a magnificent tool to create integration and harmonization.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Victoria, Daniel Swedish Academy Formal Gathering 2015

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia were out and about the next night, December 21, as well, attending the ‘Christmas in Vasastan’ concert at Gustav Vasa church in Stockholm.

Sofia wore Tiffany Rose “Chloe Lace Dress” ($240.00) and byTiMo “Hairy Faux Fur Aviator Jacket” (2,599.00 kr/about 309 USD). And yes, the “fur” on Sofia’s jacket is faux.




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  1. um..so I will read on Yahoo that Princess Sofia copied Kate’s new hairdo. The other day, CP Vic wore the blue maternity dress copying the Duchess of Cambridge.

    Can’t describe it but Sofia just doesn’t look regal at all.

    I don’t like any of the dresses. The worst was Maddie’s.

    1. I wasn’t trying to imply that Sofia copied Kate’s hair cut. The only reason I mentioned Kate is that just like with Kate’s hair cut I’m going to need some time to get used to Sofia’s new hair cut. Though I do like that she went with a side part.

      I agree that Maddie’s dress is hideous. I hated it last year and I still hate it this year.

    2. Just because Sofia cut her hair doesn’t mean she is copying Kate. The media try and push anyone copying Kate if there is anything slightly close. It is silly. Kate has worn things other royal woman and celebrities have worn, does that mean she is copying them? If Sofia was copying Kate she would have cut bangs as well. All she did is shorten the length and add a side part (which Kate doesn’t do all the time, so it is not her signature look). I think the cut looks good on both women. Nothing drastic or daring, just several inches off, but still long. I think this length flatters Sofia and she looks much nicer with a side part. I also think it looks so much better without bangs.

    3. I hope no one thinks I’m copying Kate with my long brown hair? I wore it this way first! I do think Sofia’s new hair do makes her look more polished.
      Love her earrings and considering how expensive everything is in Sweden? They are a great price.
      Victoria and Made look great, some may not like Madde’s dress but she’s so beautiful that she could probably wear a sack and still look good. I think it’s something about being happy in your skin and your life that makes you radiant?

      1. Those earrings aren’t very expensive – especially considering they’re emerald. I’ve seen plenty of earrings of lesser materials being just as expensive in Denmark and the Danish krone is stronger than the Swedish krone. I’m really surprised that they don’t cost more.

        Princess Madeleine’s earrings, however, is probably 5 figures. Pearls of that size are expensive!

        I’d also like to add that I simply adore Victori’a use of jewelled hair ornaments – any way to wear jewels is good with me ;-). I wish more royal ladies would do that. I’ve only ever seen Silvia, Victoria, Margrethe and Mary use jewels in their formal up-dos.

        1. I was surprised Sofia’s earrings didn’t cost more either, but I guess they are made with “swarovski elements” so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

          1. Swarovski isn’t usually that expensive… they’re not diamonds they’re only crystals made by lead and glass although nobody knows the exact formula. They’re nice shiny rocks but they’re not the real deal.

        2. I love how they incorporate jewelry in their hair as well; a very luxurious add in that more royals should use – they’re the ones with all that amazing bling at their fingertips!

          1. I read somewhere that Queen Silvia said that a lot of the time people will be looking at the back of her hair so she likes to give them something to look at. A nice thought.

    4. I saw similar articles Beatrice and just laughed and laughed!! According to the DM any royal who cuts their hair or is pregnant is copying Kate, when in reality I don’t think other royals pay any attention to the Duchess.

      1. Great point Lauri! I think the DM is trying to syphon off some of the attention other royals get and pull Kate into that sphere. Unfortunately, our beef with Kate is the media’s–she’s not doing enough so the press are writing more about other royals and the British people are probably like “Who’s William?” They still are trying hard to make her the incomparable royal.

      1. Looking at that picture of Kate, I have to say I am not crazy about the color of her hair this time around. And I actually like Sofia’s cut better. It seems lighter and a little more styled that Kate’s.

        1. I am with you, Lisa. I think Sofia’s cut is far better than Kate’s and I like her new look.

          I’m waivering on my initial thought that Vic is expecting a boy. Now, I am thinking, she’s having another girl! Maybwe, Sofia is having a boy.

          Love the Swedish Royals. Maddie’s gown did not quite do it for me, but I agree with Lauri, she is so beautiful and looks good in any and everything.

  2. I think it looks a lot better on Sofia merely because she has no bangs and thus makes her more youthful. Tbh, I think it’s a good move on both ladies because they tend to have curls or their hair gets in their face. To be fair to Sofia, it’s not as distracting on her part but there were times that I thought she looked unprofessional. This is a good solution for them because since they’re not so keen to have an updo a shorter style would be easier to handle.

    1. Yeah, Sofia had a propensity for Kate-esque sausage curls. The more I see the cut on Sofia the more I like it, but it does take some getting used to since it’s different.

  3. I really like Sophia’s hair, and I think it looks better than Kate’s because it’s not so bulky. Kate’s hair looks much better long (imo).

    1. sophia does not play with her hair like kate, kates long hair is usually extensions, I think her real hair is very thin and she looks hard with a ponytail, she needs that mop constantly on her face to look soft!!

      1. I hate to think she used extensions, but when you look at pictures from the early 2000’s, her hair seems to be the same texture as Pippa’s and Carole’s. Unless she got her hands on some magical tonic, which in that case, put me down for a dozen bottles 😉

      2. I don’t think it’s extensions; some people just have naturally thick longhair. It’s why it’s odd that Kate cut hers – it was Her Thing; without it she just looks ordinary IMO.

  4. They’re naturally beautiful women but they choose gowns and jewellery that don’t compliment their feautures at all. They should go with less elaborate dresses and smaller, more delicate jewels that would make their feautures pop out instead of the contrary. It’s the woman who makes the dress not viceversa. This applying only to Princesses Sofia and Madeleine. Sofia should also try to style her hair in an updo fashion if she wants to wear such “important” earrings all the time. As for Victoria she’s not the most attractive woman but she managed to look pretty much regal (although I strongly dislike velvet dresses because there are only a handful of women who can pull off that look and she’s not one of them and also velvet is enough for a dress no need to add those sequins). And I don’t like how Sofia accesorized that blue dress she wore at the concert, no thights, nude stilettos or pumps and hair up would have made a big difference: also another top such as a long coat would have been a better choice than that hideous jacket she settled on. That’s a big no for both Sofia and Madeleine.

  5. I love Victoria’s look. Beautiful from head to toe. I’m not too keen on the other dresses, but I do like Sofia’s first set of earrings. Her haircut does look quite youthful. Maddie is beautiful, but her dress is not. The speech was nice. It’s quite timely.

    Thanks for the birthday roundup, KMR. A dosecond of Dan and Vic is what this birthday girl needs.

    1. Rhiannon, you need to check out the KP instagram feed, Harry’s picked out a great photo for his Christmas card. Dare I say it? Harry’s proving, yet again, what a credit he is to The Queen by picking a photo which acknowledged the Armed services, veterans and the Battle of Britain in one photo. Great choice!

      1. It is a great choice! He’s just continuing to honor service men/women and it’s just a continuation of his work to help and honor them in any way he can. He’s a great guy. Rhiannon, you’re going to need a section just for the KMR people at the wedding…:)

          1. Y’all will have the best seats. And my curtsey game is strong. After I curtsey to HM, I’ll give Kate a look that says “This is how you do it”

      2. Cathy, thanks for the heads-up and Rhiannon, Happy Belated Birthday!
        Wow, Harry is amazing . I love his choice of including those in the military and vets in one photo, He just ;makes Will and Kate seem lesser and lesser in my eyes.

      1. rhiannon, I love the, I’ll give Kate a look that says, “This is how you do it.” She will want to hide away until she has some real competition from you. Then, she will step up her game. Carole will push her to try and regain the spotlight.

        1. Rhiannon, Happy Birthday!!!! As already mentioned, I think that smile from Harry is for you. Now, we need to “photoshop” your hand into the photo, and take the other hand (the one on his shoulder) out.

          I love Harry’s Christmas card! So full of the true meaning of the holiday — caring for others!

          Move over W&K, there’s a far better Holiday Card going around town.

  6. I’m glad Sofia cut her hair and like the side part a lot better. She went back to a middle part the next night, but it looked a little better too as it seems lighter since the cutting. I’m not completely enthralled with it though. As with Kate’s I feel it needs a bit more styling, she was still sporting some sausage curls with the side part.

    I think Victoria looks amazing. And I’ve like pretty much every outfit she’s worn thus far and she just looks so happy and radiant.

    Happy Birthday Rhiannon!

    1. I really liked the side part, I hope she does that more. The short hair with the center part is what gave me pause about immediately liking the hair cut. I’m getting used to it though.

  7. I’m rather undecided on Sofia’s new cut. On one hand I like the shorter length, it really makes her hair look fuller and healthier and the side part softens her features, but I’m not a fan of the retro 70’s curls she wore in the first photo. I think I’ll need to see how she ends up styling this cut before I commit to a decision.

    I have to say I love how Victoria showed off her baby bump in that velvet dress. No moomoo’s for that girl, she’s proud of her little bump and showing it off 🙂

    Oh Sofia, what were you thinking pairing black tights with that teal lace dress??? Have the pregnancy hormones overwhelmed your brains?? Do you have baby brain?? Since it is the Christmas season I will say no more about this 🙂

    1. Hello, Lauri! I agree with you. I like the side part and am interested to see how Sofia styles this hair going forward. I did think the teal color looked quite pretty on her. I also wish she would’ve lost the tights.

      I think the clear standout tonight is Victoria. I love the velvet dress and the way that it fits her bump. The brooch in her hair was quite pretty.

      I love that the Swedish royals actually behave as though they are married. They hold hands and show affection. It makes them much more human that the uptight Cambridges.

    2. haha..I couldn’t coin the term for the curls until I read your post Lauri.

      er hem…I have my outfit picked out for Christmas eve…a teal dress not lace that I made, black sweater and um.. black tights….I think I’ll switch to black hose but man, I hate ruining a pair of hose pulling my boots up….hahaha

      1. Beatrice, kudos to you for making your own dress, I am so impressed!!! I think that since your teal dress is not lace black tights would be just fine. My complaint about Sofia’s look is that lace is a pretty dressy fabric and really should just stand on it’s own, her black tights/hose were just overwhelming the fabric.

    3. Victoria is definitely showing. I know that Sofia is a month behind Victoria and it’s her first pregnancy versus Vic’s second, but it’s surprising how much Victoria is showing compared to Sofia.

  8. Sofia hair its gourgeous she is a dream everytime i look at her i see that princess from movies i love her new cut and it dont looks nothing with kate!

  9. Kmr have you watched the BBC documentary reinventing the royals? Apparently kp tried to delay its airing. It’s probably one of the least sycophantic things you’ll watch .it was the first time I saw the royal differently.part one is more Charles part 2 is more the holy trinity based look it up on YouTube I’m sorry I can’t post the links my phones breaking.

  10. Look at all those couples holding hands and looking mutually happy about it. Aww.

    Am I the only one who thinks Sofia looks like Jennifer Garner in the picture of her and CP standing in the doorway?

    1. I love the hand holding too!! Sometimes Sophie and Edward hold hands and it always invokes an Awwww from me.

      Now that you mention it I can see a bit of resemblance to Jennifer Garner, especially with the side part which Jen has worn frequently to celeb events.

    2. That to me was the best picture of Sophia. I’m normally not a fan, but if she looks good I’m not going to hold back! And I do see the JG resemblance, the dimple and the way the hair is swept to the side…

  11. I like Sofia’s new hair. I just wish she would continue with the side part. I prefer the side parting to the center parting. It makes her look younger.

  12. Third attempt to post…I think my work computer is telling me to work instead of Swedish royal watch!
    I haven’t been shy about my dislike of Sofia, but I think the hair is a giant improvement. I didn’t love the side part on night one because of the Farrah Fawcett curls, but I’m hoping she will do a side part with the sleeker blowout like she did the second night at church. I can’t even with the black tights with everything (even going back to the tree delivery) or CP’s suit (sympathy pregnancy weight gain?). Oh how my handsome prince has fallen!
    She’s a vegetarian who wears fur. That’s new.

  13. Since I harp on this a lot here, I feel that I must point out how great everyone’s posture is tonight, no crotch clutching, no rounded shoulders, straight backs and heads held high, good job everyone!!

    1. Please keep mentioning posture and slouching as I pull myself up every time I read your comments!
      And I agree, great deportment with the Swedish Royal ladies! 🙂

    1. I saw that. I’ve already added it to my Christmas Eve “Royals Christmas photos” article.

  14. Sofia’s bangs are completely different than Kate’s. They happen to both be called “bangs” but their looks are totally different.

    Sofia’s look so much better because they are long and layered. They won’t get into her eyes as much as Kate’s because they are longer.

    I wish the media showed us more of the Swedes than Will & Kate.

    1. So much +1 to this. The SRF is so accessible yet the media doesn’t seem interested at all. I assume that’s related to public interest, but when you have such a great looking family it seems that people would like to start hearing about them? Isn’t part of royal watching kind of the story tale aspect of it? K&W give us nothing so why doesn’t the public move on? Sofia and CP were in NYC just before the Nobels and I don’t know if any major outlets reported on it. There was no live coverage of any of their weddings in the US (I think that had something to do with rights, but still grumpy about it).
      Kate cuts her hair and the media goes bananas! Kate releases a 2 month old picture and it is everywhere! Maybe it’s a language thing. When Kate does bless us with a word or two, it’s in English so most of us understand? Is that the reason? Ugh!

      1. Besides being a good looking bunch, the SRF are also very interesting. Their recent history is multilayered, from Carl Gustaf and Silvia on down, and including the people who married into the family and the in laws that come with. Chris’s mom, Daniel, the King himself, Sophia, etc. You can really get into this bunch, and I am such a fan. I look forward to watching Estelle grow up, she is quite the little personality already.

    2. I actually like the side part with the soft layers– reminds me of the Farrah Fawcett look in the 70’s which is all the rage now. I’m not a big fan of the middle parted hair only because it reminds me too much of Kate’s Cinderella curls.

      I’m really loving the way the SRF style their hair with jewelry pieces. So elegant and beautiful!

  15. I am loving seeing some dressy and formal wear with the SRF, so I think everyone looks pretty darn nice.

    I loved Princess Charlene in her black boots and skinny pants with the winter white cape (loved the cape and wish I could afford it), but am becoming tired of the ‘royal casual’ look so many royals seem to be wearing. As much as I love Princess Charlene, I wish she would wear some dressier items at times and put on a tiara once in a while. I so hoped she would have a gown and tiara moment holding her babies for a photo, the way Princess Grace did a long time ago with her little ones. I realize times change, but her husband bought the gems, so why not wear them once in a while. Many of us wear things which are not exactly our style, but our husbands gave them as gifts, so we wear things given with love.

    The SRF, HM, Camilla, Max and Mary seem to wear gowns and jewelry beautifully. I like seeing casual to ‘full blown royal’ from the royals I watch and due to this: I won’t throw any sartorial negative comments at the royal women of Sweden.

    1. I love Mary. Haven’t seen much of her lately. I read that the family had a little scare at the beach while on Christmas holidays in Australia. Christian was caught in riptide and had to be rescued by a lifeguard. I’m sure that put the heart across them, glad he’s safe and unharmed. He was probably hurt more by the death grip hug his mother would have had him in after!

      I once lost my 2 year old daughter in the mall. It was only 10 min before she was located at the food court, sitting at a table swinging her legs waiting for someone to bring her “flies and kepitch”. But when I found her, something primal took over and I literally wanted to growl and grab her up tightly and get her home so I could check over every inch of her and satisfy myself that she was ok. That’s the mamma bear instinct, I guess, and I bet Mary was feeling it for Christian!

      1. Scary situation for Mary and her son. And, for you with your little one, Ray. So glad both instances had happy endings.

        There’s nothing more frightening than losing sight of your child — even for one second. The thought of a child being caught in riptide is just so horrifying, too. Gives me chills.

        “Flies and kepitch!” Now, that needs to be written into your memoir. Or, your daughter’s. Love that.

      2. You have to be impressed with the diligent lifeguards, who concentrate on the ever changing ocean, and spot potential disaster in the making.

        Ray, so glad to hear your situation had the best happy ending.

    1. Queen Silvia is of German and Brazilian extraction and all the children take after her. I’m Danish and can assure you that not all Scandinavians are blonde, in fact, most of them aren’t. Let’s leave the cultural stereotypes at the door.

      1. I completely agree! That being said, I see how people see the word “Swedish” or “Scandinavian” and think that. It used to be a natural thought for me as well. So please don’t hold it against some of us 🙂 We don’t mean it to be a stereotype.

        I no longer work in the hair industry, but I have a normal university degree (international studies) and also a beauty license. When I lightened clients from Scandinavia (not transplants from other countries who grew up there, but natives) even though some were dark bases, the hair lightened so much faster and easier due to the pigment in hair strands. So obviously there are dark haired Danes, etc. But when you dive in and actually work with the true natives with dark hair, the strands lighten so much faster and easier compared to say someone from Asia or Brazil. Does that make sense? I’m probably going off on a beauty tangent here. A lot of Swedish women actually do something to brighten their locks and they prefer other Swedish colorists because they know how to lift without it turning brassy. So many American colorists lift/bleach to a brassy color. Ok, enough beauty talk lol. True Scandinavian hair is lovely to work with.

        I personally think Queen Silvia added so much beauty to the lineage. Looking at these glossy brunettes has me rethinking my bleached blonde hair.

        1. It does make sense – issues like pigmentation is dependant on geographic location. It is also influenced by immigration and intermingling. Fx you do see more very blonde peopel among Norwegian since it historically has been a very isolated country. Denmark, on the other hand, is situated right between Germany and Sweden and has probably had a lot ore intermingling.

          I don’t know why but my hair has turned darker with age. I was a very blonde child, then in my teens and 20s my hair was a sort of dirty blond/very light brown and now in my 30s it is a bit darker. Both my parents have dark hair. My dad’s hair is/was black and my mum’s was a sort of dark chestnut. Incidentally, whe I tried have my hair dyed a darker brown, it came out with a strong reddish tint.

        2. ccoop, agreed. It’s great to respect the inherent beauty of someone’s ethnic heritage and biology. It’s easy to make generalizations because the mind always starts with a schema of what we know coupled with extrapolation. Children will say horse to every four-legged animal they see and then are taught diversity, also to see individualities, eventually arriving at a multilayered consciousness. People often say what comes into their mind instantly without waiting for the full idea to form, and there you go. The written word is a harsh finale. Ok, I’m going to go write my paper now, and wishing you very happy holidays!

      2. My family came to the United States from a Nordic country not that long ago, and it’s dark-haired people as far back as you can go! I think I can count the number of blondes on one hand.

  16. I wish Victoria would not always have her hair so severely pulled back all the time, I would like to see her hair a bit softer around her face. I just really like the SRF, and I think Sofia looks good with her new hair style. I really like the fact that they appear at so many events together, they just seem like a very stable family unit and that they enjoy each other’s company.

    1. I agree. I adore Victoria to bits and pieces. She’s a beautiful woman, but I hope she doesn’t go down the Princess Anne route and wear the same pulled back look her whole life.

    2. I hear you LJA, I would love to see Victoria’s hair down and flowing!! Although with a new baby on the way and even less time to fuss with her hair I am betting that we won’t see that for years to come. I have to say when I had long hair I wore it up most of the time because I felt it showed off my bone structure better and frankly I got tired of messing with all the time so maybe Victoria is trying to have the best of both.

  17. KMR excuse me for changing the subject, I would like your opinions! American lawyer Sarah Whalen has a website called Buyoubuzz Sarah’s comments on the cambridges, including the hint use of a surrragete for there children & andy’s sex with underage females! The last time S.W. posted anything on the british royals was on June 8, 2015. I wonder if buyoubuzz has been silenced on the royals? enclave24, kate middleton criticism and duchess or diva have been in active! WK have been trying to shut down websites that post anything negative about them using the weak ecuse they are being bullied & other people included? I am not trying to create rumors or destroy reputations! I am not gullible or believe everything see or hear! I am surprised that the cambridges might have power? It is interesting that certain websites have been quiet?

    1. It’s more likely that the people who run those blogs either got too busy to run them or got tired of running them.

  18. I think it’s ridiculous to compare Kate and Princess Sofia. Kate is not going to be seen favorably and will always lose to Princess Sofia. They are very different and it’s like comparing peaches with turnips. The sugary media makes it seem like Kate is the first woman to cut her hair shoulder length. I am a Princess Sofia fan but I agree that this new part and length are very flattering. I think she’s stunning and looked very elegant and glowy.

  19. Hi everyone! I love the Swedish royals and I love posts about them. I think Sofia’s new cut is quite a change, so I can understand needing to get used to it. It seems like she gets that she is a princess and is trying to project an appropriate image. I like that she has more polished hair now and is wearing the black tights. As time goes on I think she will grow into a more royal look and will also probably get more skilled at balancing modesty and style. I’m looking forward to seeing her develop her public image.

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      I agree with you, Sofia understands that she’s not dating Carl Philip anymore and needs to upscale her look, not just for the premieres and formal functions but across the board, make an effort to present herself respectfully (no bits!) and with some effort at taste. She’s got things she needs to work on, but I appreciate that she understands and is trying. One criticism I have with Kate’s jeggings–she has a great body so it’s not that she can’t pull them off–is she wears them with a basic shirt or jacket. It’s cute for like two seconds, but a stylish sweater, a long shirt with an up-do and maybe a broach or v-necklace, or better yet, no jeggings except for around the house/private time/friend visits would be smarter. Happy holidays!

      1. I agree Sunny!! I don’t mind Kate wearing skinny jeans or jeggings if she styled them better. Kate does wear some truly beautiful (and expensive) clothes but her lack of styling must have the designers sobbing over their tea.

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