Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel release Christmas photos of Princess Estelle

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel release Christmas photos of Princess Estelle

At the same time Prince William and Kate Middleton released their Christmas photo, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel released a set of Christmas photos of Princess Estelle, as well as a video.

Kronprinsessfamiljen önskar god jul. December 2015.

The Crown Princess couple and Estelle were at Bagarstugan (The Bakehouse) at Skansen (an open-air museum in Stockholm) baking tunnbröd (Swedish “thin bread”).

The photos are lovely, but I’m obsessed with the video. I love getting to see them interact as a family and 0:45-0:48 is the best thing ever.

In the video, Estelle says to Daniel: “Pappa jag tycker det är väldigt mysigt!” Which means: “Dad, I think it’s very cozy!”

She ends the video with the message: “God jul och ett gott nytt år!” Which means: “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Kronprinsessfamiljen önskar god jul. December 2015.

I like how the Crown Princess family do some sort of activity for their Christmas photos and video – it makes the photos more lively. In 2013 they baked gingerbread cookies, and in 2014 they decorated their Christmas tree (In 2012, Estelle was too young to do an activity).

I can’t wait until next year when they are a family of four.

Kronprinsessfamiljen önskar god jul. December 2015.

Kronprinsessfamiljen önskar god jul. December 2015.

The Swedish court also released this video on their Instagram page:

A video posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on


44 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel release Christmas photos of Princess Estelle

  1. I simply ADORE their Christmas videos!!! Thank you so much for showing this and posting. They are by far my favorite Royal couple to come along in a long time.

    Haven’t watched the video yet, I just wanted to thank you for posting this. Estelle is not only adorable, but such a sweetheart. Both Victoria and Daniel seem to have such sweet and positive hearts and you can see that in Estelle.

    They do modern royalty correctly.

  2. Oh my goodness! How sweet when they hug each other. They are so lucky. It’s so genuine. Such a contrast from the King of Sweden. He has a sketchy past to say the least, but his children have turned out very sweet and genuine.

    1. They continue to be my favorite royals. I wonder if Queen Silvia is to be commended for the way the three children turned out. I don’t know much about the King, but the little I have read does not seem very flattering.

      1. Agreed G, I give Silvia a huge amount of credit, especially for supporting Vic as Crown Princess while the King wanted her brother.

        1. I agree. I bet Queen Silvia does have a lot to do with it. The three children are all so distinct, but also very close and seem to have really kind and genuine spirits.

          They are my favorite royals as well. I feel in this day and age you cannot be some sort of aloof ‘above the crowd’ monarchy.

          I didn’t know the King wanted Carl Philip. Interesting!

          1. Sweden had male primogeniture (the boy gets the crown, regardless of if girls came before… I think CG had 4 older sisters). Soon after Carl Philip was born, the Swedish parliament changed it to give equal rights to women – the firstborn would become king/queen, full stop. So, that gave the crown to Victoria and CG put up quite a stink about it. Went on and on for years about how his son was being cheated and it was pretty well known that he did not support Vic. Made the king really unpopular (among other things he did).

            IMHO, it is Victoria and her wonderful family that will “save” the monarchy in Sweden. She will be an amazing queen!

  3. Thank you for the post and adding the second video. I’d seen the first one and absolutely loved it. The obvious affection this family has for each other is wonderful. And I love that Vic and Dan had that little hug. Nothing forced, no body blocking. It will be great to see next year’s video with the new little one.

  4. Thank you KMR! Love, love, love their family. And Estelle is such a sweetheart!

    I always have a switch for a man who cooks, and even better, knows how to bake! Oh YUM!

  5. KMR – this is a good place to tell that I REALLY enjoyed the link you gave to Maddie and Chris interview – which also had Jamie Oliver and Adele – very cool! I thought it was interesting that Maddie admits that she doesn’t know how to cook – or is not very good at it and that she doesn’t even bother to try and put out the “superwoman Martha Stewart vibe”. Of course she has help in the form of staff – she’s not trying to project an unrealistic ideal for the sake of PR. I am favoring following the Swedish family more and more – in so far as we know that Kate doesn’t offer a lot in the way of news – I’m hopeful you will continue the trend of featuring other young royal families to compare and contrast — and I would be interested to know how much Maddie – a young royal mother living in London does.

    We’ve 2 weeks to go in this calendar year and we are only expecting one more sighting at Xmas – Kate’s five year working day numbers are as follows and why should we expect a sudden change in pattern? There is obviously some agreement in place about how much public work she will do.
    2015 – 37 days, 2014 – 48 days, 2013 – 34 days, 2012 – 55 days (Olympics and Diamond Jubilee ran up the numbers), 2011 – 30 days (from Apr-Dec)

    I favor increased coverage of Victoria and Daniel, Maddie and Chris, Carl Phillip and Sophia to round out the blog. Also, posts whenever there are pictures of those weird looking Monaco twins — they are going to be fun to watch grow up!

      1. Yes please, more coverage of the SRF. I absolutely love them.

        I am quite mad that my comment for this topic didn’t post, I read every single post but don’t comment always because a) my tablet stinks b) my keyboard app stinks and I constantly lose what I write and go crazy.

  6. Thank you KMR. This video really shows the three of them working as a team. The hug between Daniel and Victoria is adorable. It is good to see Estelle rolling out the dough and baking. Estelle in her apron and her spontaneity is so cute to watch. I like the third and last photo especially.

    1. I would just like to add how sassy Estelle is. The older Estelle gets she will have to hold her tongue. I think it was so endearing Victoria writing those letters all night. Such dedication to the man she loves. The Swedish royal family are such a joy to read about.

  7. Gosh, how sweet! And Vic and Dan–now, that’s true love. I still remember that speech he made at their wedding; they are just as in love, if not more so. Estelle is precious; you can really tell that they are a loving, unpretentious family by her sweet behavior, too. Love them:-)

  8. What a gorgeous family. I wish we could swap them with the Cambridges. They look so happy and estelle is so at ease with the camera. They have the right balance. Great post KMR

  9. Be still my heart. Estelle is such an adorable little girl. I hope that she retains her sensemble of self and identity. She is obviously cherished and adored. Baby 2.0 will be the same.

    Dan & Vic are just cute. This is a couple who allow a glimpse into their life and are loved for it. These videos make my heart sing. There is nothing more handsome than a man who loves his wife and child.

    You ended the week on such a beautiful high note. I just love this family.

    1. I agree!
      I work with Photoshop every day and it’s bliss when you get good photos, a good photographer needs no Photoshop so I was very confused with the dreadful Testino christening photos, his work is usually way better. But then George’s christening photos were photoshopped too.
      Love the personality coming through from the Swedish royals!

  10. I love this! Thanks for posting this. I still remember the video that they posted a few years ago of them making cookies. It’s so warm and inviting! Such a beautiful family.

  11. I love photos of royals making food. I remember this one of Queen Rania which I really loved:

    and there is another family photo which is traditional yet very revealing of the their personality:

    I would like to see the British Royals do something similar. I completely understand that they want privacy, but they can still find a balance between being open and warm, while also protecting their private life.

  12. They are just so natural. If W and K did something like this from time to time it would so increase their likability. Also, the kids learn how to deal with the presence of the papparazi.

    1. I don’t know LJA, I think if W&K started doing something like this now I’d only see it as a PR stunt not really as an effort to share something of themselves or especially their children. I hate being so jaded about those two but after 4+ years of broken promises and temper tantrums over privacy I’m pretty much done.

      1. I know, isn’t it a shame Lauri? Everything has become a PR move for them. They can’t even have a normal photo without tweeking it. Vic and Dan are true royal in every sense of the word–as they serve others–which is what royals are supposed to do. They are also so natural.

        Kate and Will don’t know what this means (“whateverwork means” Will) because they are very selfish and consider everyone beneath them. They are also very fake. It’s so unbecoming.

        1. Maybe they’re more natural because they have less pressure on their shoulders than the load that Wills and Kate have been carrying for years. I wouldn’t say that they consider everyone beneath them; Kate comes from a normal family, has gone to university and has actually worked for several years at Jigsaw if I’m not mistaken before giving it all up for William … Maybe he is a bit more stuck up and reserved but only because he was born in that environment and now as an adult he fights tooth and nail for his privacy. I can undestand the need of a private life away from cameras…

          1. I disagree Emma; the Swedish public is constantly criticizing the cost of supporting the SRF and there are calls to no longer support them. While Victoria, Daniel and the family put in solid effort and hours to support Swedish industries, charities and efforts, its understandable that people can see monarchies as out-dated, especially when the people are struggling under tax burdens. With Sweden being so much a socialist society, adding monarchy costs on top creates a choice for the peoples care and comfort, or losing something that creates tourist dollars, prestige, and basically ambassadors. Daniel gave up his job (he’s a commoner just like Kate) to marry Victoria, and he’s absolutely outstanding–puts in long hours and lots of visits, supportive but doesn’t take Vic’s spotlight, hands on parent but raising their daughter to be confident in the public. This family is terrific. Kate could look over the pond and take some pointers for any situations. What’s better; that Vic would help Kate if she ever needed help or advice. I doubt that Victoria has a mean bone in her.

          2. Emma, Kate did not work for Jigsaw for several years. I don’t think she even made it a year before she left. And when she did work it was on a part time basis and she let it be known that she had to be available when William wanted her to be somewhere. I don’t know many jobs that go for that. And she only got the Jigsaw job because HM suggested she get a job or do some charity work.

          3. I’ve never followed her closely enough to know for exactly how many years she worked where, I just remember thinking that it was remarkable that she was able to combine being with someone like William and working. Also people would have criticised her if she hadn’t been ready to meet her boyfriend whenever he was free: probably something about not valuing their relationship enough or some other nonsense. And if she landed the job because of her position (probably true) that wasn’t up to her. Sorry but I can’t find it in myself to see her as someone who deceives and fools people, call me naive. Anyway thanks for pointing it out I didn’t know that.

    2. People would just see it as a PR stunt and would find new things to criticize, plus I highly doubt that they would all huddle together with the Queen and everyone around a christmas tree wearing santa hats and baking cookies. The two families are extremely different from one another, it just wouldn’t work for me. Also it wouldn’t help to learn how to deal with the paparazzi because I don’t think that this video was shot by swarms of people suffocating the family with constant flashes and annoying questions. The pressure level is too different. So that just no.

  13. What an adorable little family!!! And next Christmas they will be a family of four, I can’t wait!! Estelle is just the cutest little girl, such a personality she has! I really can’t say enough good things about the Crown Princess family.

    I am so glad you’ve started covering the SRF, especially the younger set! I love the sense of friendship between them all, you can tell that they really do enjoy each others company. Gustaf and Silvia have raised three wonderful children. I also really enjoy how they combine pomp and ease, even while wearing gowns and tiaras they exude a sense of calm and ease, pomp without all the stuffiness.

  14. OMG that is the cutest thing EVER! So adorable!! I would wish for Wills and Kittens to do that with G and Char, but let’s not kid ourselves. It would never be that fun and relaxed. Can you imagine? Too bad really.

  15. Wow the fact that I am so surprised by this royal family doing a Xmas video just shows how brainwashed we have become in Britain to think Wills and Kate hiding away is okay. I mean, the duchy that supports Prince Charles and by extension, them, has profits of around £19million a year that for some reason are exempt from corporation tax that us ordinary people would otherwise benefit form. Now I’m wondering what exactly we are getting for our money?!

  16. Everybody has said all there is to say about this sweet video, so all I have to add is thank you for posting this, KMR, and also for supplying the translation of what Estelle said. I so wanted to know what was coming out of this adorable girl’s mouth.

  17. Love this family! Just love them!!
    Vic and Daniel are so in love and it shows so naturally. Their love for Estelle is so beautiful, too.
    What a precious little girl. So very darling.

    Thank you KMR. This is a lovely holiday gift for us all. Pure love of family and not a scripted moment in their holiday fun!

  18. KMR you have made my day with this wonderful heartwarming video.
    When I think of the Cambridges after that I almost can feel a cold draught.

  19. Absolutely charming and delightful photos and videos. You can tell what a loving, close family they are and Princess Estelle is just the sweetest, most darling little girl. This is how Royal family Christmas photos should be done.

  20. Beautiful photos, beautiful family!
    I love that they went to Skansen to make the video. I can recommend that anyone going to Stockholm should take a trip to Skansen and the zoo. The houses are authentic and have people “living and working” in them in period clothing.
    It’s fun to go there in December too as they have activities for preparing for Christmas, candle making etc.

  21. I lost my previous comments but I still wanted to add that THIS is why Victoria and Daniel’s family is my favorite royal family. Add to that Maddie and Chris and the SRF are most definitely my favorites <3

    Estelle is beyond adorable and her loving parents are amazing.

    I saw last year's video but missed the previous one (the cookie-making video) I guess I wasn't following them back then. Thanks for adding those links KMR.

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