Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine

Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine

I know it’s the 1st, but instead of a Hot Guy of the Month, here is a royal round up post featuring the Swedes. I’ll have a Hot Guy post later this week (anyone in particular you’d like to see featured?). There are a few announcements for Princess Madeleine, Crown Princess Victoria going back to her normal schedule, and Princess Sofia (formerly Sofia Hellqvist) attending her first engagements as an official royal.

Princess Madeleine, Princess Leonore, and Prince Nicolas have officially moved to London to be with Chris O’Neill. Prince Nicolas’ baptism will take place in the Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace on Sunday October 11, 2015. Maddie will be in attendance (along with the rest of the family) for the opening of parliament on September 15.

Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill and Prince Nicolas July 2015 2

On Monday, August 17, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel welcomed UN Ambassadors to the Royal Palace. The Ambassadors came to Sweden to discuss climate-related issues facing the UN climate summit in Paris in December. Victoria repeated a dress from Ralph Lauren.

Crown Princess couple meet UN ambassadors

On Friday, August 21, Victoria and Daniel visited Södertälje to hear about their work to safeguard skilled workers, secure an education infrastructure when skill requirements of labor increases, and combat exclusion.

Crown Princess couple visit Södertälje

Also on Friday, August 21, Victoria and Daniel joined King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia at the Swedish Radio anniversary show Crucial moment – Radio Sweden 90 years held in Berwald Hall.

King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel Swedish Radio anniversary

On Saturday, August 22, Crown Princess Mette-Marit joined Victoria for the Climate Pilgrimage. The focus of the pilgrimage is, like the Ambassador’s visit above, focusing on the importance of the UN climate summit in Paris in December. Victoria participated in the walk between Halden, Norway and Strömstad, Sweden. At Älgafallet/Elgåfossen, the border between Sweden and Norway, Mette-Marit gave the baton (a water bottle from Elgåfossen) to Victoria. The climate hike ended with a prayer service in Strömstads church attended by both Victoria and Mette-Marit.

Mette-Marit wore a dress from Australian brand Zimmermann – the White Confetti Embroidered Floral-Print Cotton Dress – which is a designer Duchess Kate has worn twice. In fact, Mette-Marit’s dress is very similar to Kate’s.

On Tuesday, August 25, Victoria presented the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2015 to Perry Alagappan from the United States at a ceremony at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The Stockholm Junior Water Prize brings together thousands of participants from over 30 countries and is an open competition for young people between age 15 and 20. The contest is a way to stimulate young people’s creativity to develop sustainable solutions for the environment. Victoria has been Patron of rhe Stockholm Junior Water Prize since 1994. Victoria wore a blue, floaty dress from Dagmar.

Crown Princess Victoria Stockholm Junior Water Prize

On Wednesday, August 26, Victoria, along with her father the King, presented the Stockholm Water Prize 2015 to Rajendra Singh from India. Victoria wore a dress from Marc Jacobs.

Crown Princess Victoria Stockholm Water Prize

On Thursday, August 27, Victoria took part in World Trade Day 2015, presenting the Export Hermes award to Sectra AB, which develops IT solutions used for medical imaging and secure communications. The Export Hermes award was founded in 1981 and is awarded to Swedish companies that perform well and increase Sweden’s export efforts.

Crown Princess Victoria Export Hermes

On Friday, August 28, the King and Crown Princess visited Kalmar County to take view the county’s work on climate and environmental issues, where they inaugurated the new CHP plant. Victoria wore a striped sweater from Lindex and blazer from Hunky Dory.

Crown Princess Victoria and King Kalmar County

Princess Sofia (formerly Sofia Hellqvist) attended the graduation ceremony of Project Playground and Easy Street on Wednesday, August 19.

Sofia made some comments about the initiative, saying: “I feel great hope. I have personally seen what gang activity can lead to. We tread the fragile thread between life and death, which our young people are balancing on.”


Sofia Hellqvist Project Playground graduation

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Värmland 1

On Wednesday, August 26, and Thursday, August 27, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia visited Värmland. The couple are the Duke and Duchess of Värmland. There was lots of rain, but they continued with their schedule anyway.

The visit began at the nature reserve Byamossarna which is Arvika’s largest contiguous area of marshland. The trail is part of the gift that the County Administrative Board in Värmland gave Royal couple during the banns.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Värmland 2

The evening ended with a dinner at Governor Kenneth Johansson‘s residence in Karlstad. Sofia wore a black dress from Zara – the Tube Dress with Raglan Sleeves ($69.90)

About adjusting to life as a royal, Sofia said: “You learn so much about Sweden, it’s really fun! I see it as a great honor and I hope I can do a good job.”


Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Värmland 3

On the 27th, the couple took a boat to Mariebergsskogen where they visited a children’s vegetable garden and talked to the children. They visited a children’s book lab, took part in celebrations on the main square in Karlstad, before taking a boat to Kristinehamn and Picasso peninsula where they were given a guided boat tour through the Kristinehamn archipelago.

Sofia’s Värmland wardrobe featured lots of Gant.

Here are some photos from the Daily Mail.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Värmland 4

On Friday, August 28, the couple were back in Stockholm where, along with the Queen, they attended the opening of the exhibition Clothes for a Princess – The Lilian Look! In memory of Princess Lilian, who would have turned 100 years on August 30th, the exhibition displays several different types of garments – evening dresses and costumes but also hats and bags – and is divided into six categories: weddings, family celebrations, entertainment, Nobel, inaugurations and charity, and humor.

In her speech opening the exhibition, the Queen said: “It is sometimes said that clothes make the man. But with Princess Lilian was the opposite. In her case, it was the woman who made the clothing. The pieces shown in this exhibition reflects Princess Lilian’s personality. We recognize her in the adorable pastel colors. The elegant cuts. And even in the fine details. There’s that ‘tongue in cheek’ that was so characteristic of her.”

Queen Silvia, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia at The Lilian Look exhibition

Photos: Brigitte Grenfeldt/Kungahuset / / Getty / Project Playground

98 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine

  1. Victoria is going to make a great Queen.

    As for her sister-in-law, she seems to be gaining a bit of weight. Baby weight, or just too much of the good life?

  2. I’d say Sofia is definitely pregnant and Vic may be, too. Best to them!

    I loved Sofia’s comments about the gang situation and the vulnerability of youth.

    Love all the efforts the Swedish Royals land Danes, too, do on behalf of the environment.

    Nice to hear that Maddie and the children will be joining Chris in London. What a nice addition they all will make to that city!

    Very nice post, KMR. As for suggestion for Hot Guy of the Month, he’s not Royal, but we had mentioned before — David Beckham. SOOO HOT!!!!

      1. Well, didn’t meant to jump the gun, but she surely looked pregnant to me. Sofia, I mean. I bet an announcement is not far off and there was something about Vic, a look of slight tiredness in the photos, that made me think she could be pregnant, too.

        1. Feel free to speculate. For me personally, I decided a while ago not to speculate on possible pregnancies and not to “bump watch” women. I, personally, don’t want to speculate, but I don’t mind if other people do. As I said, it would be great if they announced pregnancies.

          1. Wow, KMR. I don’t consider myself a bump watcher. I just looked at her photos Sofia’s) and thought,”She’s pregnant.” I don’t go out of my way to speculate or bump watch. Now, I feel terrible.

          2. Don’t feel terrible!! I didn’t mean to offend you, Jenny; I’m sorry I upset you. I didn’t intend to be judgmental of people who see photos of Sofia or Victoria (or other royals/celebs) and speculate on possible pregnancies, I’m sorry it came across that way. I’ve bump watched in the past about Kate (hell I speculated about Sofia in May or early June along with other people – it was after that that I decided to just wait for official announcements). It’s just for me personally now I’d rather not get my hopes up and instead just wait for an official announcement (unlike with celebs who lots of times deny things, royals announce at the three month mark so we’re sure to get an announcement when it happens). It’s human nature to notice when things change, like if someone gained weight or is showing signs of pregnancy (or has had plastic surgery). Nothing wrong with noticing things and commenting on them.

          3. You didn’t make me feel badly. I just re-thought my post. I guess I have pregnancy on my brain and stomach and I thought she looked pregnant. I think you are correct that it’s better to wait for an announcement.

            Thanks for the reply.

  3. Thank you KMR. It is lovely seeing what the Swedish Royal family are up too especially the newly weds Carl and Sofia. Victoria is definitely keeping busy and promoting youth events like the Stockholm Water Prize.

    I am pleased Maddie and the children are coming to London. A welcome addition indeed.

    I may be going against the grain but please no David Beckham. I really don’t understand the attraction.

    1. I think I’m going to keep to royal men for now. (If I ever did broaden it out to non-royal men, the first one would be Captain America. He’s my forever crush.)

          1. Thank you for asking! I’m doing well. I had a second follow-up with my surgeon and barring any complications I don’t need to see him for a year. And I’m not currently on any meds at all and can eat so well that I’ve gained 25 pounds more than I need to…lol Time to rein in the sweet tooth! I’m still wiped by the end of a work day but it’s getting better. I never thought I’d love having surgery, but it’s been a complete game changer for me (sorry Whiny, but it really applies in my instance)

          2. That’s awesome, Lisa! It must feel great not having to be on meds or worry about dietary restrictions. As far as loving having surgery, I’m sure the actual surgery didn’t feel great, but sometimes it’s for the best to suffer stronger pain in the short term for a payoff of less pain and better health in the long term future.

          3. I still have to watch some things (no nuts unless their ground or nut butter, careful on the leafy veggies, chew everything a zillion times, drink tons of water) but a lot more opened up than before.

            On the surgery front, to be honest the most pain I remember is when they took the epidural off and switched me to oral meds. It was a hellish transition, but otherwise they managed the pain really well. I definitely have tons of angels around me during this surgery and recovery.

          4. Lisa, what good news about your recovery. I am sure the surgery and its immediate aftermath were difficult, but it is good to know that all is going so much better for you. Continued good health.

      1. I am probably a one woman fan club on this one, but how about a look at Bhutan’s King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck down the line. Very handsome, works his backside off with his Queen right beside him and he’s a published photographer!

          1. Or go retro…Prince William of Gloucester. Not conventionally hot, but a dapper looking dude and really amazing eyes

    1. I vote for King Felipe.

      It might be completely wrong of me but I’m curious about his love life prior to Letizia. I read rumors regarding his sexuality (on a Spanish online magazine) and about how his parents didn’t allow him to marry a previous choice so that when Letizia came into his life he really set his foot down.

  4. Princess Sophia of Sweden did a better job than KM! I think that I was wrong about Sophia, she will be an asset to Sweden! below is the comments & opinions of the new princess. and royaldish…91935;topicseem#msg891935

  5. I love, love Victoria. She is style and substance. I’ve always had a soft spot for her. She’s the heir her father never wanted and doesn’t have the “conventional” looks of Madde. I do not mean that to be a burn. She battled anorexia and for her marriage. I find her to be both beautiful, a woman of experience, and empathy that will be a great asset to her. I also love her relationship with Mette-Marit. If I had to steer my daughter to an ideal princess, it would be her. She shows up and enjoys her role. A few years ago, she was in a cast and had to hop on the stage to give a speech. No muss no fuss.

    Good for Madde. I think that she has a lovely family and glad that they will be together.

    Sofia. What can I say? She had a small comment, but it was realistic. She actually brought something to the table. And she knows how to bend properly when talking to a child. Her clothes are quite appropriate for each event. Is it sad to say that I’m shocked when I see her and CP touch? Maybe I’m used to the Cold Cambridge body language. It is quite nice to see. Sofia is doing a good job and look forward to her growth in her role.

    As for Hot Guy, I always vote for Harry. And then Daniel. And then Harry. But a bearded Felipe is a wonderful suggestion.

    Thanks for such wonderful pictures and commentary, KMR.

    1. I agree Rhiannon. Sofia actually got down to the child’s height and engaged with the children. I get the feeling Kate is uncomfortable with children as they can be unpredictable and sensitive.

      1. It looks like Sofia is jumping in the deep end by working with disadvantaged youth – good for her! I also like that she was getting right down to the kids level to talk to them, not looming over them and sticking her b*tt in the air, like some we can mention…

      2. It seemed odd to me when the press started making all the comments about Kate and her natural ability with children. To my eyes, Kate looked like a woman who never held a baby until she had her own. She may be interested in her own children, but she does not seem like someone who enjoys all little ones (like Zara).

        1. I agree with you, G. Kate doesn’t seem all that comfortable around children. Sometimes I read articles saying Kate is a natural with kids and I’m thinking we must be seeing two different things.

          1. No, I don’t think she is a natural with children, either. A few photos showed a different side of her. Especially when she was pregnant and meeting moms holding their little ones. There was one photo of a toddler crying and Kate reached out and lightly touched the little girl’s hair. It seemed like a genuinely kind gesture — one from a woman who understands kids.

            However, I don’t see what the writers seem to be saying when they report she is a natural with children. I guess I don’t see many of the gushing compliments she always gets, either.

            They build her up so much.

          2. KMR, G, Jenny;

            Kate (the meddleton sibs) is still a college teen – hasn’t grown, matured personally or professionally and refuse to leave home and mommy; such a waste…

    2. Lol, I had the same reaction as you when I saw Sofia and CP touch! Especially in a more posed/formal photo. It is nice seeing them put their arms around each other for a photo like a normal couple. Just because you are royal does not mean you are not human and crave affection. I like small bits of PDA. I think we are very used to the Cambridge’s PDA, or lack there of, so anything seems a bit shocking. The Swedes sure seems like the modern Royals, don’t they and not the BRF?

      Rhiannon, I am sure you will not be afraid to show affection with Harry ;). The BRF needs some sweet PDA!

      1. Yes. There will be. I think that a little wink, nod, glances are wonderful stolen moments between two people. Plus, my gut tells me that Harry’s the kind of guy who needs that. And I will take every opportunity to rub those shoulders that I can get. I may need to remind myself to keep it professional.

    3. “She’s the heir her father never wanted”

      And yet she’s way better at royal-ing than Carl Philip. I wonder if the King is proud of his daughter and how well she handles her role. That whole wanting Carl Philip over Victoria thing has got to be water under the bridge by now, right? Of course I wouldn’t put it past Carl Gustaf to still be a d-ck, though.

      Re Carl Philip and Sofia’s touching: They seem very much in love and hands on. There is a lot of passion for each other. It’s really nice to see considering how little interaction we see between Kate and William.

      1. I think that Victoria is an amazing heir. She personifies class. Carl G has to be proud of her. Her nation adores her. But he does seem to be the type of d-ck to sit by the fire and mutter how things could have been.

        When Will and Kate touch it’s awkward. His steering her from the back seems paternal to me. When she got her heel stuck in a grate, he was the last to offer his hand. When they left the hospital with Char and offered his hand, she looked so pleased. I just don’t sense a lot of love there. CP and Sofia dated for almost the same amount of time and there is still passion there. These two are cold fish.

        1. The only time we see them touch is when Will has his hand slightly touching Kate’s back to guide her around, or she gingerly touches his shoulder when they are talking to people. Those are the only scenarios I can remember them touching. I know the Brits don’t like PDA but even Charles and Camilla and Edward and Sophie touch more than Will and Kate.

          1. I was specifically talking of the British royals, not all British people in general. Sorry I didn’t make that clear enough.

        2. I read that William hugged a girl whilst he was at the army graduation ball from behind in a kind of bear hug. Now that is a PDA from a prince.

  6. I love this post about the Swedish Royals. Just think they are fabulous in every way.

    I also tink Sofia may be pregnant. If so, that is terrific. She and her Prince seem to be very much in love, so if Vic and Daniel and Maddie and Chris are any examples of how great parents are, I am sure all will be wonderful here, too.

    As for Hot Guy of the Month, I second David Beckham. What’s wrong with him, guys? I think he is totally hot. I am afraid I don’t follow him in the media, though. Don’t know that much about him and his wife and kids, though all seems to be well.

    1. He’s a little sinewy for my taste. He is a devoted father and husband though. He’s extremely philanthropic and introduced football (soccer) to a whole legion of fans. He might be in my top 20, but not top 5.

        1. Oh of course. This is why I love this blog. We all have such wonderful and varied taste!

          I hope that I didn’t offend you by the comment, mary elizabeth. That was not my intent.

  7. Thanks for a great Royal Roundup KMR! The Swedes are fast becoming my favorite royal family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Swedish people are so lucky to have Victoria as their future Queen. She seems so real and natural but knows her position and isn’t afraid of it. I really hope that her and Daniel are able to expand their family, the outfits she has worn lately are really confusing me in some she could be pregnant and in others not. I guess if she is we’ll find out soon enough.

    Sofia seems to be taking to her royal role quite well. I hope she continues to be confident in her role and is able to use this wonderful platform for the good of the people.

    Wow, how interesting Maddie moved to London but hasn’t yet issued threats to the press about her privacy. Hmmm, I thought all royals did that 🙂 I am really looking forward to christening and seeing some beautiful pictures of Nicholas and Lenore.

    I would like to vote for Felipe for Hot Guy of the Month, with or without the beard I think he’s a hottie!!

    1. On further examination, my only compliant about Sofia is that she wore nylons with sandals (the white blouse, black skirt outfit) I’m sorry but that’s never okay.

      1. Ah, Lauri, I can only think that Sofia and I must have been raised by similarly-minded mothers. If you were going somewhere nice, you wore nylons–regardless of your footwear!

        1. Lol, my mom raised me to never wear open toed shoes with nylons. It’s so interesting the things we take from our mothers and still adhere to many years later.

  8. I read this…..I read it again….I looked at the pictures and found myself actually developing some regard for Sofia….she’s out and about….with her husband….dressed appropriately….and she talks and makes sense…..her past? I wish that she had totally acknowledged and renounced it but she is actually using what she ‘learned’ to help others…especially young people and that counts for something….perhaps she will realize that if she opens up more and lets people know who she was…and that she isn’t that person anymore….she will bring hope to the rejected….I can’t believe I”m saying this….but at this moment in time I can’t help but see Sofia as an asset to a beautiful country…..

    I can only speak of dress length or sleeve length…there are people who are able to discuss fashion intelligently….I am not one of them…..she just looks nice and decent to me…

    1. Hi royalsareajoke, Sofia did acknowledge her past in one of engagement interviews, she said that she has learned and moved on from her past experiences, that they helped shape who she is today and pointed out that they happened 10+ years ago. Personally I think her choices enable her to be compassionate to those who have made poor choices in their past but are trying to learn, grow and move on from them. She doesn’t appear to be ashamed of her past but just trying to live in the present moment and do the best she can.

      1. Thank you!! I agree that crappy choices make for learning experiences….with some people and as of right now it appears that Sofia is one of them….I guess she has the right to not blather on about how ashamed she is…the fact that she has learned and is doing what she does is an indication that she knows that we know and isn’t asking anything of us….she’s simply put it behind her…and is moving on…..thanks again!!

    2. She did talk about her past in an interview for SVT. This is what she said about her past:

      “Much has been written [about it] over the years, not only following our engagement. For me, it’s pretty boring. It happened 10 years ago, and I moved on with my life. But no regrets. All experiences build a person, although I wouldn’t do it now if you asked me. I can say I have lived life 100 percent.”

      1. Thanks to you as well KMR…..I think that my wanting her to do a mea culpa was not fair….the article was awesome….and her comment that she certainly wouldn’t do it again but that all experiences build a person says quite a lot about this woman….I’m not so sure about the having lived life 100% but lots of things get muddled in the translation so right now I’m quite impressed….love your blog…and thanks again!!!

      1. I agree. How old was Victoria when she was born? I think I was following then. A photo with the all family would be lovely. I kind of want a photo of Harry with his nephew and niece. Thanks in advance KMR

          1. Thank you again KMR.It is so lovely seeing Estelle grow up to be so confident and playful. I like the little touches that her parents and Estelle do. I read touching is so important to bonding. Which might explain why my eldest niece grabs my stuff or that is cheeky. It is quite challenge showing my nieces that they are separate people but my eldest niece supports her younger sister. I think kids know if you are listening to them.

    1. This little girl is so adorable. I hope that she keeps this sense of fum, sass and energy all her life. She is well loved and nurtured.

      This is what we clamor to see with George. We saw William like that and the world fell in love with him.

      1. That’s the thing, the public *wants* to love George. They want to feel some sort of connection to him. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, in terms of the monarchy’s future, it’s a very good thing. William and Kate want to keep George all to themselves, but in order for the public to care about the monarchy going forward they need to feel some sort of connection to the royals, and the best way to build that connection is to have the public fall in love when the royal is young and adorable. William either doesn’t understand this, or doesn’t care.

        1. Yes, I wish W&K gave more access to PG. The public has his best interest at heart. Nobody is asking for over-exposure, just a chance to see him and love him. After all, if things move along the way they are supposed to, he will someday be King. If his parents don’t mess it up.

        2. I wonder if William is the type so bent on controlling situations; he can’t even get out of his own way.

          It is only a guess, but I think Diana knew the public needed to see William and Harry. She knew the significance of their birthright. If you are old enough, who can forget the first time we saw William crawl, the two boys on their wooden horses or when Harry stuck his tongue out in the car. This is what made the public fall in love with the young princes.

          1. I remember watching HM chasing after William when he ran behind the York’s carriage after the wedding. He also behaved like a typical preschooler during the same event. We haven’t seem him that animated since.

            I loved to sincere coverage of Diana flying to Scotland with the kids at various ages. It was so cute to see her get off the plane with the boys over the years.

          2. I remember William and Harry racing onto the boat/yacht to meet their parents after their trip away and Diana opening her arms to greet them. Also the image of them at the attraction park on the log fume. The York girls went to the premiere of A little Princess film. I am sorry to admit I was envious.

          3. I also remember William misbehaving a bit on the altar during Andrew and Fergie’s wedding. Charles looked shocked and Diana smiled a bit, but then looks a bit put-out, too. Just normal toddler behavior. It was quite touching.

    2. Thanks so much for sharing these, Estelle is adorable!!!! I love the watering can one where she waters her legs, too cute!! She seems to be such a extroverted and confident child, what a joy to see.

    3. She is just precious Thanks, LizB for the link.
      You can tell she is so well-loved and not spoiled at all.
      Especially loved the photo of her on her Dad’s lap as a baby when she was yawning!
      Oh, and all those hair bows. Too cute.

    4. Liz B, the photos of little Estelle are darling. So glad you pointed them out.
      She and her parents have a warm and loving relationship. Maddie, Chris and their children seem to follow suit.
      It is such fun to see such sweet pictures of happy, well-loved children. Nice to see the warmth between their parents, too.

      I think we got a glimpse of that a few times lately with William and George. That was so nice to see. A bit more warmth on display with the entire Cambridge family would be a shot in the arm for their popularity.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, My2Pence, but I think it means a soft jaw line, especially noticible in profile. Not the chiseled jawline and jutting chin associated with the stongest of masculine features.

    1. I know Brighton, I actually squealed when I saw the post on here. I don’t know them, they don’t know me, but I am so incredibly happy for them! Wonderful news!!

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