Princess Charlene and Prince Albert show off twins Jacques and Gabriella at picnic

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert show off twins Jacques and Gabriella at picnic

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene brought out their twin babies, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, for the annual Pique Nique Monegasque (Monaco’s picnic) in Monaco on Friday, August 28. They met and posed with dancers wearing traditional Monegasque costumes.

Albert is holding his son and heir, baby Jacques, while Charlene holds baby Gabriella. The babies are wearing tiny versions of the traditional dress (and no shoes, because that’s how they roll).

I love Jacques’ eyebrows. They’re so grumpy.

Charlene wore a lace cream blouse, white trousers, and brown and orange strappy heels. She went a bit bold with her makeup, opting for a red lip. I loathe the shoes and think the red lip is a bit much for a picnic but I think she looks great otherwise.

Too bad Charlene and Albert didn’t go full Scandinavian and wear the traditional clothing themselves, but it’s cute that the kids wore the costumes.

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  1. Those are the cutest royal babies. I started to feel a bit sad they would never know their Grandmother Grace Kelly. And then I remembered they are rich as hell and it will all be okay.

  2. Awwww, what adorable babies!! Wow, they have the most beautiful eyes!!! Jacques and George could totally have a Grumpy Face competition, I wonder who would win ??:) Princess Gabriella is so cute in her little dress, she will grow up to be quite stunning I bet and hopefully be caring and compassionate as well. And how great for the people of Monaco that they get to see their little Prince and Princess taking part in this traditional picnic.

    I agree KMR, Charlene went a little overboard with the lip color, this shade is just so jarring against her pale complexion maybe a softer red would have looked better. And while I think Charlene looks very nice, who wears all white to a “picnic” with 2 babies, I mean there is no hope that this outfit will stay clean.

  3. I think Charlene looks fantastic and so happy! I’ve never seen motherhood change someone so much. It just shows you how much pressure she was under (by herself or others) to get pregnant and have an heir in the first place.

    And those babies are adorable. Good for Charlene, if she has to live the rest of her life with Albert at least she can do it with the cutest, most stylish little babies!

    But dare I say it, it’s kind of charming to watch Albert with his kids, he seems so proud. I know he hasn’t been the best model with his “illegitimates” but here he’s positively glowing.

  4. Those babies are absolutely adorable. And you know, Albert and Charlene haven’t put a wrong foot forward with how they present the babies since they were born. They’ve given them their private time, but they know they are a part of the family and the public is interested and includes them when it works. No letters to the press to back off, no legal threats, no dressing them like Little Lord Fauntleroy every time they turn around. And they look positively happy with each other as a couple. It’s a really nice thing to see.

    1. I agree Lisa, the way they are introducing their children to the people of Monaco is perfect. I read recently that the Dutch King went on Facebook to ask for privacy for his oldest daughter as she starts the new school year, no threats, no playing on public sympathy, no press secretary however with this request he also posted a picture of her riding her bike to school and a short video. I feel that this give and take approach with the people and press is much more practical than threats and lawsuits.

      1. Couldn’t agree more with Lisa…

        Also, I saw that video you are referring to, Lauri from Ca, but was unaware it came with a request. She seems like a confident, happy and lovely young lady.

        Nice to see so many royals doing it right 🙂

        1. Here is an interesting excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

          “The Fauntleroy suit, so well-described by Burnett and realised in Reginald Birch’s detailed pen-and-ink drawings, created a fad for formal dress for American middle-class children:

          “What the Earl saw was a graceful, childish figure in a black velvet suit, with a lace collar, and with lovelocks waving about the handsome, manly little face, whose eyes met his with a look of innocent good-fellowship.” (Little Lord Fauntleroy)

          The Fauntleroy suit appeared in Europe as well, but nowhere was it as popular as in America. The classic Fauntleroy suit was a velvet cut-away jacket and matching knee pants worn with a fancy blouse with a large lace or ruffled collar. These suits appear right after the publication of Mrs. Burnett’s story (1885) and were a major fashion until after the turn of the 20th century. Many boys who did not wear an actual Fauntleroy suit wore suits with Fauntleroy elements such as a fancy blouse or floppy bow. Only a minority of boys wore ringlet curls with these suits, but the photographic record confirms that many boys did. It was most popular for boys about 3–8 years of age, but some older boys wore them as well. It has been speculated that the popularity of the style encouraged many mothers to breech their boys earlier than before and was a factor in the decline of the fashion of dressing small boys in dresses and other skirted garments.[3] Clothing Burnett popularised was modelled on the costumes she tailored herself for her two sons, Vivian and Lionel.[2]”

          1. Thank you so much for this info. Let’s just dress the child as a 21st century baby. This throwback stuff is tired, old, and well, Kate. Can I also say that Lord Fauntleroy looks a little creepy.

  5. What darling babies and what happy parents. The twins are absolutely adorable.
    I love the way Albert and Charlene allow the public access to seeing these beloved children. It’s so nice. Not too much and not too little. Perfect!

    Charlene is gorgeous and I love the red lipstick. I think she pulls it off well!

    In fact, I think every woman should find a shade of red that suits and flaunt it whenever possible!

    The blouse and slacks were beautiful, but I agree with Lauri, for a picnic? Also, the shoes did not go with her outfit. Oh, well. A Glamour Don’t for Charlene is rare, indeed.

    Taking my family on a picnic today, so I’m off to finish the food. Have a good weekend all!

  6. These pictures and other pictures of European royalty and their children got me thinking about how the UK culture doesn’t have “national” celebratory events – all the events are militarized and about the royal family – Trooping etc. There aren’t many events where the children can be presented as part of a culture – and not just as part of the family.

  7. It is a good thing Bill & Katie do not take their children among other children like Al & Char, because the Cambridges would sue those children for looking!( sarcasm.)

    1. am the only one who has lost interest in George and charlotte, I mean, we havent seen them growing up , no wonder george had a breakdown at that awful christening, the kid couldn’t handle anything!! and the dressing just horrible!! Give me Al and char anytime, they never disappoint!!

      1. That’s one reason people go so nuts when they finally get to see a picture of them. I think W&K know this as well so they are doling out the contact to their advantage. You only see pictures of the kids when there’s a fire on the horizon. They just don’t get it. Albert and Charlene, Victoria and Dan, Felipe and Leti, etc., they get it. Their kids aren’t paraded around constantly, but you know they are there and they take part in some public events so you can see them growing up in their positions. I feel for George and Charlotte, they could become two very confused kids with their parents insistence on a “normal” life and then one day having to deal with the royal side of things. But maybe they don’t plan on being royal forever.

  8. I have always loved the traditional dress shown in the photos. As part of A&C’s wedding, it added a charming touch.

    The white may not be practical for a standard mortal at a picnic, but is Charlene sitting on the grass and eating? I doubt it. She looks very pretty and the four of them look like a very happy family. Not at all like the stiff/awkward Cambridge clan.

  9. I want to rub their little bald heads. Jacques does have a grumpy face and I love it. Extra kudos for the way they hold the babies. Babies love to see the world and it’s a great way to show them off, but also have then interact.

    I normally love Char’s looks. The top, lippy, and sandals are a bit much. But, she takes risks, so I’ll give her a pass.

    It will be nice to see these babies grow. It seems like we’ve seen the Grimaldi twins more than we’ve seen George and Charlotte.

    Awesome post, KMR!

  10. I had the same thought about wearing white to a picnic with babies but then I remembered…DUH, I’m not a princess. The shoes and lips are okay. She always looks stunning to me but kind of follows a formula. I don’t blame her and would do the same. After all of the criticism, if there is a look that works for her and makes her feel comfortable then go for that variation all you want!

    I seriously do love all of this. They look happier and happier every time I see them. I hope it’s real because it makes me be stupid happy on their behalf. Albert doesn’t look terribly comfortable holding the babies but I’m chalking that up to it being awkward for them holding them facing out so we all get to see their faces. Oh those faces!

  11. the comments on this couple at the DM is disgusting, yes Albert had a past, so are many other royals (charles anyone), he did choose a good wife, much better than lazy katie, and she dresses elegantly, behaves appropriately, and all those rubbish stories on DM about her not smiling being miserable, geez, am the only one who has seen char smiling many times and more PDA on this two than Kate and Will!! and best of all Albert appreciates and respect charlene alot!!

      1. She hasn’t looked miserable since the day she had those babies. She had the polar opposite of post partum! It’s not hard to be happy for her

    1. Those DM haters are probably all the sugars that follow W&K and they must just be jealous they don’t get to see their idols or the babies as much 😛

  12. Oh, those darling babies! How adorable they are and how wonderful that Albert and Charlene present them at special moments for all to see. The family has discovered a good balance — like Vic and Daniel and others — letting the public see the precious babies and also allowing privacy at many moments, too.

    I so wish that W&K could find such a balance, but like others, I am getting bored and tired with them. Frankly, I could care less if photos of PG and PCharlotte are released soon, or not. Of course, I say that now and when the photos come out, I will be happy to see them in all probablility.

    Babies and children bring out the best in people and W&K should understand that most people have the best interest of their kids at heart. Yes, people want to see them, but most people. I do believe, don’t want them exploited.

    BTW, I think Charlene is just beautiful. She looks so happy, too. I also like the way she and Albert hold the babies so that the public can see them so well. Just adorable twins. God bless them.

    1. You know one reason we’ll never see George and Charlotte in as many public (although there really aren’t that many of the other royal children if you think about it) outings is simply because for that to happen William and Kate would have to actually work on behalf of the BRF. And we all know that’s not going to happen at any regular interval.

      1. Exactly! in order for Charlotte and George to be seen their parents would have to be seen (more than the children themselves) but we hardly ever see Kate and Will has a new excuse, sorry, JOB to be hidden away (growing older and uglier by the day in seclusion and paranoia).

  13. Those babies are adorable! It is great to see their cuteness again.

    Charlene looks great. I don’t mind the red lipstick but I’m not a fan of the shoes… but whatever. I like her taking fashion risks and trying a variety of styles and experimenting 🙂 so every now and then we will see a “miss”, fine.

    Albert looks quite the happy and proud dad. Hope his other children have more of his attention if only privately… he should however consider seriously loosing weight. He should be strong and youthful to play and chase those babies around shortly 😉 plus, I’m sure Charlene would appreciate it (xD)

    1. Agree, Beatrix. Charlene is so lovely. Albert should lose weight for his health and well-being and to please his wife, too.

      Let’s face it, he’s an older dad to the twins and he should want to stay healthy for them. For his wife, too.

      I also hope that his other children receive attention and love from him privately. I guess it’s too much to ask for him to be photographed with them, too and allow them to see their little half-siblings.

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