Sophie, Countess of Wessex brings Lady Louise to EuroHockey Championships

Sophie, Countess of Wessex brings Lady Louise to EuroHockey Championships

Sophie, Countess of Wessex went back to work this week. As Patron of England Hockey, Sophie attended the Eurohockey Championship Finals at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London on Sunday, August 30, where she watched the England Women’s team beat the Netherlands to win gold. And Sophie was not alone: she brought along her daughter, Lady Louise Windsor.

Sophie toured the facility and met the staff. She also got to play some hockey herself, in heels no less. I guess Duchess Kate isn’t the only one who can play hockey in 4 inch heels. Which is harder, playing hockey in wedges or heeled boots?

Lady Louise got in on the hockey action as well. She was not wearing heels.

Sophie has been Patron of England Hockey since January 2007 and has shown her love of hockey many times over the years including in March 2014 when she visited the Bisham Abbey National Sports Center. During that visit, Sophie said: “I always really enjoyed playing hockey, it’s so much more than just a team sport. Hockey has a great social side and is a thoroughly enjoyable game to both play and watch.” Sophie wore tennis shoes and pants that time.

This time, Sophie opted for a repeated Peter Pilotto dress – the “Flux” Border Print Chiffon Insert Midi Dress ($1,830) – she previously wore to the Chelsea Flower show in May. About those wedges I mentioned above, those are new LK Bennett “Carina Almond Toe Espadrille” (£160.00)

Here are some photos of Sophie and Louise cheering on England. By the way, I love that Sophie is supporting the Women’s team, as opposed to going to the Men’s finals.

Sophie presented the gold metals to the winning team (England). Here she is presenting the gold medal to Helen Richardson-Walsh.

46 thoughts on “Sophie, Countess of Wessex brings Lady Louise to EuroHockey Championships

  1. Sophie is great. HM, Camilla, Anne and Sophie are the workhorse women of the family. If given a chance to work, I’m sure Louise would follow in their footsteps.

    Now I actually do like her wedges because they don’t look like giant blocks and she’s not wearing them with skin tight jeggings so it doesn’t jar you visually to see that big clump of foot at the bottom of a stick.

    Ed seems to be the only one who is going to have a marriage that makes it in the long run. Good for them! And good for Sophie for supporting her charities!

    1. I’m not too much of a fan of Sophie’s wedges either (I just don’t like wedges), but they are better than Kate’s. Part of the problem of Kate’s wedges is, as you point out, they are so huge and compared to her skinny jeans makes her feet look like giant hooves.

  2. Don’t you just love her genuine interest and enthusiasm, the Countess seems so at ease, how lovely to see Lady Louise with her. Well done, little one!

    1. I agree! In one of the videos I saw of the trophy presentation, she even appeared to be a little teared up. It’s great to see someone who actually cares.

  3. Great post, KMR. Made me feel so happy looking at the enthusiastic faces of Sophie and her daughter! No fake expressions as Kate shows at events such as Wimbleton. Just sheer excitement, worry and happiness at appropriate times.

    I also love those wedges so much more that the ones Kate wears. Sophie is just perfection, if you ask me. Hard working, caring and a good person through and through.

    Lady Louise is coming into her own, too.

  4. While I thought Sophie looked lovely today I don’t think it would be fair to call out Kate for wearing a dress and heels to a sporting event and not do the same to Sophie. Granted Sophie’s wedges are much shorter than Kate’s, I still think pants and low shoes would be a better option.

    Glad to see that Sophie is allowing Louise to dress more her age. She looks to be a nice, young woman and it’s great to see her out and about with her mum.

    1. Yes, I think Sophie’s outfit she wore to the last time she did the hockey thing was much more appropriate than a dress and wedges.

      Louise may just dress young for her age when going to things like church. She probably dresses like a normal 11 year old the rest of the time.

      1. KMR – Lauri Ca,

        C Sophie & Lady Louise are beautiful – the Countess like Princess Anne, are role model to girls and eleven years is young! But I do understand -past church events, beautiful L/Louise seem dressed way too young).

        C/Sophie may have wore a dress b/c L/Louise would be playing (in slacks) …

  5. Sorry, I don’t like Sophie. Since I saw the photo of her yelling at her RPO. I’ve though she was acting like a fishwife, and she thinks she’s superior to other people.

    1. What photo is that. Grumpy? Never saw that. To me, Sophie has always seemed nice. Calm, cool and collected. Something must have rattled her cage. Unless, I am reading her totally wrong.

      1. Hi, thanks for the link. I guess my comments in my next post about her having a nice face that shows she is a good person, does not resonate after seeing this. Something obviously was upsetting Sophie and the article is speculating on what that is.
        I would never appreciate anyone treading their RPO in such an angry way, but I truly wonder what transpired here. She actually looks very upset — almost in tears — in the last photo.

        From all I have read and seen of Sophie, she has always impressed me. It’s hard to know what was upsetting her so much in the photos in the DM article. I think everyone is prone to burst of temper, but I agree, it wasn’t appropriate for her to lash out at her RPO.

        1. As I commented to Grumpy below, everyone has their off days and moments. We have no idea what she was upset about in this instance. She may have had a legitimate reason to be upset. One outburst of emotion due to probably a good reason, doesn’t mean she’s not a good person.

      2. Ok, that’s not a good look. I saw that article at the time and the thought did go through my mind… are they printing that to make Kate look even more like a wonderful person? What was the context? I agree with Mary Elizabeth, something must have rattled her cage. The Queen likes Sophie and I think that Sophie must have had a bad day as the rest of the time she is a real asset to the royal family.

    2. She think’s she’s superior to other people? What about Pippa Middleton getting a police escort to a fashion show or some nonsense? Look THAT up in the Daily Mail. She’s not even a relative of the Royal Family, (like the Phillips, Lord Snowdon, etc.) she’s a vulgar do-nothing, in-law. What about Carole ordering bodyguards and other staff around, not to mention demanding goods for free while making millions off her connections, in the most vulgar ways imaginable? Sophie is actually H.R.H. and the daughter-in-law of the Queen. Between 2002 and 2005, she was the second ranking female member of the Royal Family after the Queen. Perhaps people need a reminder what HRH stands for: His/Her Royal HIGHness. The very word implies superiority, so it’s no surprise to me she might occasionally cope an attitude. In contrast of course, Kate is SO down-to-earth she can stutter through a ten-line speech with notes, flip her hair back from her face and then go off to the Maldives first-class with a dozen taxpayer-funded employees for two weeks to recuperate from her stressful life. Spare me. 🙂

      1. I haven’t read the articles yor mentioned regarding Pippa and Carole. If that true, regarding the police escort then someone should find out why the Police allowed it and reprimand the officers.
        I assume the bodyguards and staff you are talking about are Kate’s and William’s and they should not allow other people to treat their staff in this manor. I don’t approve of these things.
        Sophie, at the time of this article had been in the royal family for over ten years and before that worked in public relations. I assumed she would have learnt good manners in that time. If she had a problem with the RPO or anyone else it should be discussed in private and not on the street.
        This is just my opinion of Sophie. I don’t expect or want to change anyone else’s opinion. I don’t like her and I don’t think that is going to change.

          1. Yeah but Princess Michael of Kent isn’t British, she’s Austrian and has more royal blood than anyone to marry into the Royal Family since Prince Philip. Also she’s managed to make quite a living with very little actual work involved.

          1. …of course, Petulant for 14+ years allows snowflake, scarol and the meddlesome family to live off the state – taxpayers/Duchy funds. Threesome common commoner carol meddlesome must have something on Petulant William!

            The Firm/ gov need to retire Petulant line (if Prince Charles outlive HM and become King) and or Prince Charles change his heir to POW (King) Henry. POW is of and trained by strong Queens -Queen Mary/QEI HM (DOE-duty and tradition) – POW will not allow Petulant, to destroy what his Ggrand/grannies/mom – life of dedication, hard work/fought to protect – The Monarchy.

      2. Agree totally Seth, so well put. Aside from the fact the Countess is very hardworking, she quietly gets on with the job, no fanfare to speak of, She always carries herself humbly. Yes she had a bad moment in the link shown, but royalty are also human. The fact mother and daughter were able to share this engagement together speaks volumes.

    3. What is a fishwife?

      Everyone has their off days and moments. I don’t think one incident of Sophie getting upset with her RPO qualifies her as thinking she’s superior to other people. We have no idea what she was upset about. She may have had a legitimate reason to be upset. Having a legitimate reason to be upset does not mean she thinks she’s superior to other people.

      1. At a guess KMR someone who nags, demands, gossips and has tantrums to get what they want instead of talking about it rationally. I think it was nothing to do with RPO. It must have been something stressful and the RPO received the brunt of it.

  6. How wonderful to see mother and daughter enjoying themselves so much.
    Sophie is an amazing person as far as I am concerned. She works so hard and is just the epitome of grace and goodness. I see goodness whenever I look at her face.

    Lady Louise is growing up and she has a great role model in her Mum. They make a good team and I’m glad to have had the chance to read this today.

    By the way, Lauri, I disagree with you concerning the shoes. I thought these wedges looked fairly easy to maneuver in and looked nice with Sophie’s dress. Kate, on the other hand, with her high, pointy-toed boots was ridiculous to me. I guess fair is fair, though.

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, I was fairly certain that most would disagree with me 🙂 I do agree that Sophie’s wedges look much easier to maneuver in than Kate’s. I guess I just don’t want to apply one set of standards for Kate and another for everyone else, just my little thing really.

      1. I can understand. To me, though, the wedges were not so high and the way the shoes were designed they seemed to support her feet well. Oh, goodness, I cannot believe I am going to bat for someone over the height of her heels. We do come down pretty hard on Kate, don’t we? Some of us, that is.

  7. Sophie is so lovely to me. I hate the shoes. I am not a fan of ankle straps. They make the leanest legs look squat and boxy. Not a fan of anyone playing sports in heels.

    I give her many kudos for bringing Louise. She’s instilling service into her life and I think it’s never to young for someone to learn how to work and give back. Plus, she sees her mom on action and that’s always always good thing. Sophie always seems to care about her charities and it was nice to see her enthusiasm. And she cheered in the women’s team was icing on the cake.

    Lady Louise is growing up so fast. She’s turning out to be a lovely young woman. Hopefully, Kate will bring Charlotter to events, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Great post, KMR.

    1. Ummm.. What service? They were watching a sporting match and Sophie gave out a trophy. There isn’t a charity involved – its’ a sports team. The equivalent would be Kate taking Charlotte to Wimbledon – and then giving out the trophy. Or Kate going to the America’s Cup sailing matches with Charlotte and giving out the trophy.

      1. I was looking at this from the lens of Sophie being the patron of England Hockey. I believe that Louise even attended an event when the Wessex’s went to South Africa.

        1. Yes both Louise and James did Rhiannon. Giving the children a bit of perspective. Sophie and Edward strike me as sensible parents or as sensible as you can get in the royal family.

          1. I am sorry if I confused it too. It is good to see Louise and Sophie out together. Whatever the occasion at least Louise is slowly getting more comfortable with the cameras. Is it me or did Louise look uncomfortable sitting next to a certain Duchess at the Olympics.

      2. Well, Sophie is the patron of England Hockey. So she was there on official patron business, not just as a fan who also got to hand out an award in order for it to count as an engagement. Sophie also met the faculty and staff of the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.

  8. Thank you KMR for the article. I do enjoy reading about Sophie who really puts the enthusiasm into her visits. It was good seeing her support the women’s team. I really like the animated expressions of mother and daughter. I am not sure about eh wedges but they do seem more easier to move around in and the dress a lot more sensible, though I do prefer the trainers.
    I think that Lady Louise looked more comfortable and still smart for her age. As another poster here said that Louise is learning with her mother about service to others and used to the public eye, though will possibly not have as many royal duties. Louise looks sweet and growing up fast.

  9. I am very impressed with Sophie. I wonder if the Queen wishes she were in line to the throne :)? One thing I will never understand with these Royal women is, why if you know you are going to be doing something sporty don’t you wear the appropriate clothing? That goes for both Kate and Sophie? It is just silly to be playing in wedges, heels or boots. But as for your questions KMR, I think boots are much easier to play in than wedges. Especially since Kate’s boots had a thicker heel for support.

    So, I am just wondering, since the Royals are now getting back to work. When is Kate finally going to get back to work? I can’t believe nothing has been set in her calendar until October. I am just shocked no one is telling her to make an appearance or two. She can still make a few appearances and focus on her children at the same time. The cynical side of me wonders if she had a bad reaction to her botox and is now waiting for the side affects to disappear :). Or she is recovering from a breast lift as one article suggested. LOL. Don’t worry, I am saying that tongue-in-cheek, but I do wonder where she is. Especially since we haven’t even seen or heard about her shopping, which is odd for Kate. Even if she is not working, she always makes time for a shopping trip and yet she has not been doing that either.

    1. She can shop online from the comfort of Bucklebury Palace without having to go through tarting-up her make-up and having the ordeal of walking in the back door in six-inch wedges.

      1. The Queen uses a dresser (usually Angela Kelly). The dresser’s role is to make sure the outfit for the day is right for the function and has the right accessories (shoes, handbag, hat, pantihose, (umm) underwear). Kate appears to be the first royal lady to do away with having a dresser, which is perhaps why she ended up in the mis matched outfit in the photo with the trophies that look like eggs.

  10. I actually like Sophie and think she looks great. Happy to see Lady Louise out and about with her mom, she looks like she had fun, good for them.

    And I wager it’s harder to play in heels, since they could wobble!

  11. Louise always wears hideous shoes. I know she’s still young, but there are plenty of nice practical shoes out there for young girls that don’t look awful!

  12. I agree. Call me traditional but I do like the Mary Jane shoes. Not for me but I think they look sweet on children. I think they are better than trainers but they could do with being practical but stylish.

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