Swedish Court releases new photos of Princess Madeleine and family

Swedish Court releases new photos of Princess Madeleine and family

The Swedish court released new photos of Princess Madeleine with her husband, Chris O’Neill, and her children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas.

Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill and Prince Nicolas July 2015

The photos were taken at Solliden Palace in July and depict Maddie and Chris with little Nicolas, Maddie and Leonore, Maddie and Nicolas, and Chris and Nicolas. Sadly no photo of all four of them together.

Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore July 2015

Madeleine posted some of the photos on her Facebook page, writing: “I’m so thankful to be a mother of two. Both Leonore and her brother Nicolas are little angels!”

Chris O'Neill and Prince Nicolas July 2015

These are some really beautiful photos. Madeleine and her family take the best portraits.

Princess Madeleine and Prince Nicolas July 2015

Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill and Prince Nicolas July 2015 2

Photos: Brigitte Grenfeldt/Kungahuset

34 thoughts on “Swedish Court releases new photos of Princess Madeleine and family

  1. What beautiful photos. See, Mario, what can be accomplished! With a little creative flair.
    Oh, and lots of love that parents are eager to express.

    Thank you KMR.

    I just love the photo of Maddie holding baby Nicholas and the one of Maddie holding the baby and Chris looking on. Also, the photo of Chris holding his son. These are really loving pictures. What a dear family!

    1. I love the photo of Chris with his son. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite from this set, though, as they are all cute. Maddie, Chris, and their kids take such cute photos. All of their portrait sets have been beautiful.

    2. And I agree with your dig at Testino. These photos are so beautiful and professional while the Christening photos are so very lacking. And Maddie and Chris didn’t hire some Vogue photographer, they went with one of the court photographers and yet the photos are much better.

  2. Oooooh, baby pictures! And such beautiful ones.

    What a darling baby Nicholas is and how loving and proud his parents are.
    Hard time for little Leonore, I’ll bet. A new baby is tough on any sibling, but she’s so young.

    Here’s to a wonderful life for these four.

    The photos are just heavenly!

  3. Awww, what a cute family! Too bad there wasn’t a picture of the four of them together but maybe Lenore isn’t too thrilled with her baby brother and M&C didn’t want to risk picture of Lenore bopping Nicholas on the head with a toy 🙂 Loved the photo of Chris holding his son, what love between a father and son.

    1. Considering how squirmy Leonore was at Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding, I could see if Maddie and Chris did not want to chance it with her around Nicolas during a photo shoot.

  4. This seems all wrong. First of all, there are at least two pictures where you get a good look at the baby. Secondly, everyone’s head seems to be in the correct proportion. Clearly this is an amateur at work.

    And thank goodness for that! These are truly adorable. See what a little color and common sense will get you?

    Lovely pics of a lovely family.

    1. Amy, don’t forget they don’t have manic grins…lol

      Beautiful family, gorgeous pictures. This is the way it’s done with a real family that isn’t afraid to share their love for each other in a picture. Leonore has looks from both of her parents. I think she got Chris’ lips and nose and Maddie’s eyes. Nicolas definitely has Chris’ lips.

      If I remember correctly Leonore slept through her first photo shoot too…lol

    2. Lol! I had to read this a few times. It’s a shame that Testino could not capture this kind of magic. Testino is a good photographer.

    3. Lol Amy, I read your first sentence and went, “What?!?” Then I read on and was like, “Oh, I see what you did there.”

      1. Thanks! Glad to know sarcasm is still respected. 🙂
        And yes, Lisa, their grins are strangely realistic. Where’s the fake theatricality of looking like the Cheshire Cat? Oh right, Cheshire Cat is English.

  5. What a beautiful family! These pictures are lovely. I never realized how blue Maddie’s eyes are and that Leonore’s eyes have the same hue. Chris and Maddie make some beautiful babies.

    The picture of Chris with his ar!s around Maddie and baby Nicolas is amazing. Leonore and those puppy eyes are at it again. She has a look of curiosity in her eyes that I love.

    I am of the belief that a photographer captures the essence of their subjects. These pictures were show a young family with connections and love. The baby is the focus and not a prop. The parents are wearing colors that compliment the background and scenery. Nicolas and Leonore are the focal point.

    Kate and Will need this photographer. Badly.

    1. Maddie and Chris really do make gorgeous kids. I can’t wait to see what they look like as they get older.

      the contrast between this shoot and Charlotte’s Christening pics is a stark one. I love these pics of Maddie, Chris, and the kids and am glad they released them.

  6. …..and they need to take note on how a mama should hold their infant with head support!!! These pictures are just beautiful and classy.

  7. wow, the warmth of this couple is just great, and the kids are beautiful, chris is one hot guy, and madde is georgeous, well kate and william pics are just cold not inviting at all, in fact everything they do in their life has no warmth or meaning at all!!

  8. I read somewhere that Chris told the press they were not sure yet of the date for Nicolas’ christening, as they were trying to coordinate with all of the royal schedules so the whole family could attend.

    THANK YOU, Swedish royal family! Could it have been that hard, Cambridges, to include your only brother on Charlotte’s day?!

    1. Yes, I read that, too. He said they were planning it for fall but there was no specific date as of yet.

    2. Yes, it is very hard for them because the only thing they are concerned about is what they want and when they want it. They fully expect everyone to adapt to where they live, how they do things and if you want to be invited apparently you’ll need to be there when they set the date. And if you can’t because you’re actually working (a foreign concept they don’t understand) then tough. And don’t expect W&K to try to make it up to you in any way.

  9. I agree about the quality of the photos and the contrast with those from Princess Charlotte’s christening. I especially like the background of the roses in the photo with Madeleine and Leonore. However, to me, Leonore’s expression as she looks away from the camera seems concerned rather than happy, and I just wonder why that shot was chosen. And old-fashioned as I am, I really don’t care for the stubble look on Chris O’Neill – looks like he got up too late and didn’t have time to shave. I mean, royal portraits, for Pete’s sake.

    1. I think little Leonore was too entertained with Maddie’s pendant/necklace and someone created quite the show/sillyness to get her attention, simply confusing her lol

    2. Hi, Constance:

      To each her own, right?

      My husband gets a nice 5 o’clock shadow and I find it so darn sexy. My youngest daughter, 2 1/2 calls him, “Witsger Man,” as in Whisker Man. She is fascinated by that stubble.

      At any rate, I found the photos of Chris quite sexy. To me, he’s a huge turn-on, but again, to each her own!

      Just think the family is so dear and seems to love one another so very much. I’m happy that when we see William with George in photos now, we see the same sort of love. Wish he would hold his daughter, too.

      1. For me, it depends on the guy. Some guys look better with some stubble, while some guys look better clean shaven.

    3. I think that’s just Leonore’s face. She has permanent #SadFace. Sad eyes and a down-turned mouth.

  10. I agree with everyone on the beautiful photos and family! Kudos to the photographer, because apparently it is very difficult to take candid family photos!!

  11. I’m loving these pictures! They are all so beautiful I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite… but I guess the one of Chris, so proudly and happily holding Nico takes the prize for me. Thumbs up for Chris’ outfit too 😉

    I was there wasn’t a family portrait but maybe Leonore wasn’t in the mood or still adjusting to the little one.

    Super nice pictures, showing so much “natural love”. I don’t get the feeling of STAGE or stiffness at all. I love it!

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