New photos emerge of Prince George at the beach

New photos emerge of Prince George at the beach

Popsugar published new photos of Prince George at the beach with grandma Carole Middleton. According to Popsugar, the photos were taken on his second birth anniversary, July 22. George and Carole spent the day at Norfolk beach with Lupo.

Prince George at the beach 2

You can view the photos here.

Some thoughts on the photos: 1) Good on Carole for picking up Lupo’s poop – she’s a good considerate dog owner; 2) Carole is wearing her signet ring on her right hand; 3) George is wearing blue again; 4) Why is George not smiling in any of these photos? You’re at the beach, kid, crack a smile.

Prince George at the beach 1

These types of photos are coming out more and more, though none of them have been published in the UK. They were all published abroad. We’ve gotten seven sets of candid photos of George this year: 1) Kate and George at Snettisham Park; 2) Kate and George at Bucklebury Farm Park; 3) George and Nanny Maria in a London park; 4) George and Nanny Maria seeing Harry off; 5) George and Carole at Bucklebury Farm Park; 6) Kate and George at Snettisham Park. **This post is number 7**

And that’s just the non-official stuff. Officially we’ve seen him or photos of him seven times this year: 1) Visiting Princess Charlotte in the hospital; 2) Kate’s portraits of him and Charlotte; 3) Trooping the Color; 4) Polo; 5) Charlotte’s Christening; 6) Charlotte’s Christening portraits; 7) his second birth anniversary portrait.

We’ve seen George a lot this year – wow.

Before anyone asks, No, I don’t know who the woman in the skirt in the last photo is. Thoughts? I’m guessing it’s just a passer by.

In other George news, apparently George and Prince Charles planted a Balsam Poplar sapling on the grounds of Highgrove. On top of that, Charles redid the gardens of Highgrove and refurbished a tree house that Prince William and Prince Harry used to play on for George to play on. Charles also installed a £20,000 hand-made artisan shepherd’s hut for George’s first birth anniversary last year. The whole article is filled with quotes from “sources” and “aides” who say Charles and George spend lots of time together. [Daily Mail]

Prince George Prince Charles poplar sapling

There is also a tribute to Camilla‘s late brother, Mark Shand.

Highgrove tribute to Mark Shand

Photos: Twitter / Rebecca English @RE_DailyMail

134 thoughts on “New photos emerge of Prince George at the beach

  1. First, I love the tree house. I would love to have one like it, I think it’s a very nice thing for a father and grandfather to do.

    As for Carole, I really, really wish someone would put this woman in her place. Personally I think the Midds are making money off of these pictures. She’s looking right at the camera and again the RPOs didn’t do anything to stop the photos from being taken. Something is going on and it sucks. I like seeing George, but these games that are being played are ridiculous. I hope it sticks in the craw of the British press and they step up the calling out of W&K. Also, if this was actually on his birthday, where was his mother or for that matter his grandfather. Or maybe Michael is the one taking the pictures. That just occurred to me. George wouldn’t look twice at his grandfather taking the pictures.

    1. Possibilities:

      1. The RPOs have been getting really sloppy and should be fired.
      2. Cameras are easier to hide nowadays and it was a public beach. Maybe someone was pretending to be texting while taking photos.
      3. The Cambridges have stopped whining about these or were told that their deal doesn’t apply to online sites.

  2. I hate to sound like a total cynic, but how the hell did someone just happen upon Scarole and PG on a random beach on the morning of his birthday? And they are NEVER smiling in any real, genuine way. No wonder PG isn’t smiling. Scarole looks completely stressed out at this photo op, sorry “secret, private trip to the beach.”
    Why is it that PG is never photographed with anyone but Kate, Ma Midds, or Nanny Maria? No Wills, no Chas, no Grandpa Mike or Aunt Pips or Uncle Werewolf. Clearly he spends time with these people.
    As for Grandpa Future King’s garden, I think that is awesome. The treehouse reminds everyone that despite their mutual horrible childhoods, Chas and Diana tried their best to give their boys a happy one (marital strife notwithstanding). By all accounts, Chas was a doting dad and is now a doting grandpa. Whenever Queen Scarole permits.
    I SO WISH there was a pic of Chas and PG planting the tree. C’mon royal staff, leak one! I feel like there is one out there. But then again he would be playing by the Marquis of Middleton’s rules, but maybe he needs to. They are so on the “normal family” PR kick it is disgusting. What I wouldn’t give to see a picture of Chas and PG where they are both smiling and looking so happy! Would be amazing.

  3. It’s the war of the grandparents as played out in the press. Whether it’s a war made by the press or whether Carole and Charles are orchestrating it, it’s setting up a battle for the affections and time of George.

    The cynical side of me sees Carole trying to re-create the image of Diana as the doting “mom” playing with her kids on the beach. But I sincerely hope it is just the fact that Carole had some time, it’s summer and George likes the beach.

    1. Well shouldn’t it have been the duchess of dense channeling her inner Diana? Nooooooo she’s too busy dong whatever it is she does to avoid work. So we get broomhilda instead (yes I meant to spell it that way)

  4. Okay first off, Lupo is a cute dog. I am glad he went along. Secondly, if this was indeed George’s birthday, then where are his parents? Unless, they are home setting up party decorations to surprise him with when he comes home. That could be a possibility, that Carol took him away for an hour so that Kate could get his party ready…. Which if that is the case, it makes sense why no one else with there.

    Thirdly, I am very skeptical also of these photos. Someone just happened to know they would be at the beach? It sure makes it seem like Kate and Carol are calling the papps. on certain days to get these photos ops. Royals do manipulate the media when they want. We have never gotten candid photos like this of them before and like KMR said this is the 7th one this year. All without William complaining of the privacy. And they are mostly of Kate or Carol with George. Something sure seems fishy to me.

    1. This looks like a planned setup to me representing Carole again as the doting grandmother. No way could a casual bystander get that close for these shots. Will Willie stamp his feet over breach of privacy? Great PR for the Midds and savvy response to the story about Charles and George. The implication is that Charles can talk all he wants about building tree houses and planting trees with George, but Grandma Carole has the pictures to prove her closeness with him.

  5. Total set up, as others have said, Scarole is looking right at the camera. The Mids are trying to get the upperhand in the war of the Grandparents.

    Time for Charles to fire a shot over the bow and put Ma Mids in her place.

  6. I suspect Carol leaked these photos to the press because she didn’t like all the positive attention Prince Charles was receiving for the tree house he had built for Prince George. She really is playing games isn’t she!

  7. Carole is getting weird by the minute. Its obvious that this is a set-up!! I bet Carole was present at all of the other “random” photos taken of PG. If this is a war, I’m with PC on this one. I think it was a great idea to update PW/PH tree house for PG…..makes more sense than having PG dress like PW at PC’s christening!!

    1. I totally agree! This is a set up! I suspect that because Carole is looking at the camera in some photos, plus she is hanging on to PG like just a bit too much. He’s 2 (or thinks he is 3 if you believe Kate), he’s on the beach – let him run around and be a kid, don’t hover over him! And for anyone who may think that puts George in danger? There would be RPOs there plus it doesn’t look like there are many people around.

      1. It looks like they’re close to the water. I wouldn’t let a two year old that close to the waters without hovering.

    2. What if it was Charles’s camp that set it up? That would be a smart move, actually, because it would play into the publics dislike of the Mids. “Look how much time George spends with his crass, grasping grandmother!!” Charles could find out through the RPO’s where they were. And Will and Kate wouldn’t really be able to call him out, because Charles pays the bills.

      1. Carole is looking directly at the photographer – she knows that she is being photographed and by whom. The uk press won’t print these, so they are sold to foreign markets. This has middleton fingerprints all over it.

        Even during the war of the wales, when he was accused of being a negligent and bad father, charles never stooped to diana’s level concerning the boys.
        There she was mother of year at the theme park and charles wouldn’t defend himself in that manner.
        He would rarely hold photo sessions with the boys and you could see he was close to them.

        1. I agree with you Kip, Carole was looking at the camera – if she didn’t want to be photographed then she (or the RPOs) would have had those photos deleted. Interesting you should mention that trip Diana made to Alton Towers with the boys. I worked in Notting Hill Gate during those years and someone (in the know) told me that trip was more a bit of media manipulation than anything else, Diana wanted to very publicly show what a good Mum she was. If Charles didn’t play that game then well I’d be very surprised if he was doing it now.

          1. That’s very interesting, I assumed as much. Diana was a master manipulator, especially with the media. She wrote the playbook that willy tries to follow, but doesn’t have her natural knack.

            Charles holds – via the Queen – the same cards… The legal control over the children. Something Diana was keenly aware of and walked a fine line.
            Carole is playing with fire, if she wants to wage a grandparent media war with him.

            Diana was a formidable lady, who knew the system and could hold her own against the palace machine.

            Carole is no match for the palace machine. They could (and likely will )wipe the floor with the midds when the day comes.

  8. Why does this child always seem so distant, when he is with kate and her mother.
    In 57 pictures – there isn’t one where he smiles or looks particularly happy, nor does he seem engaged with Scarole (love that!).

    G actually smiles and looks most comfortable with Maria and William. Very interesting dynamic.

    So some unidentified photographer just happens to show up at the park, petting zoo, and now the beach at the exact same time as george and kate/carole? Without being stopped by the royal protection officers? And the pictures are always sold to a foreign publication. Uncanny.

    Two things I want to know — Why isn’t William “Candle in the Wind 1997” Cambridge complaining? How much does scarole pocket from these photo sessions?

  9. Just a thought – George might be a little stressed about being on the beach, and that’s why he isn’t smiling or looking relaxed.

    My son is just a month younger than George and we took him to the beach for the first time last month – he was terrified of the waves and it took him a few days to even start being comfortable enough to play in the sand.

    1. I wish it was a one-off, but it’s not just the beach pictures. Look back at the park/farm sets, G always looks disengaged when he is with kate and carol. He seems like a serious little guy, so it maybe part personality.

      This is the only picture where he looks smily and engaged with kate.

      He usually looks like this… She is talking to him and he isn’t looking at her.

      Nanny maria gets the best out of him and looks at him with pride.

      I think William is actually the warmer/calmer parent and person.

      He listens and talks to william.

      Maybe I am making something out of nothing, but little george doesn’t look all too comfortable with mum/grandmother.

      1. Hi, Kip,

        Thanks for the links to the photos. I agree with you that William and George seem to have a really close and loving relationship. I don’t see Kate and George interacting too happily when photographed together. The photo in the link you provided makes me want to be a bit fair, though. It looks as if Kate is trying to tell PG that he must not do something that he just did. Like any tot, he looks away from her as she tells him something he may not want to hear. She does not look very angry in the photo, just like a mom who is trying to impress something on a kid who is in the midst of the terrible twos. (Even though, George thinks he’s three)!

        I don’t know. Kate is one strange person. She just doesn’t seem really together and when you think of the way she was raised, by a pushy, social-climbing mother, I wonder just how she can ever break away. Try, she must, though. For her sake, the sake of her marriage and her kids. Geez, what kind of example is she for her children — especially Charlotte?

        1. That was just the first link I saw that demonstrated what I was seeing.
          I feel bad for those kids being around kate and her mother’s strange relationship. Thankfully Maria seems warm and wonderful.

          William may not be a baby person, but george seems to respond better to him.

      2. There was a comment in the last post that maybe George doesn’t look so happy when he is with Kate or Carole is that those two take the disciplining duties and that makes William look like the fun dad.

        1. At this stage how much discipline does a 1 – 2 year old really need.
          Is he really old enough to have a sense of awareness to make the connection between fun dad and the disciplinarians.

          He does seem to be a serious little fella, so it’s part personality. Part self-preservation?

          Carole does marginally better, but I just get bored babysitting vibes from kate. Maybe G is responding to their vibe.

          1. He stole toys from the other kids at the NZ playgroup, and there were photos of KM reprimanding him for hitting another child with a toy at polo. How much discipline does a 1-2 year old need? Enough to stop him taking things and hitting other kids.

          2. He’s a baby, in a sense. I don’t think George is a bad kid. Just a very active little one. When you ask how much discipline does a 1-2 year old need, keep in mind at age 1, you can say, “No,” but it takes a while for it to sink in what No means. And, at two, kids are asserting themselves. Truly, I don’t think George should be classified as a trouble-maker. Let’s see how he is at 7 or 8. Or, even 5.

        2. No, J, I don’t agree. If Kate is his mum, then whether she disciplines or not, he should be all warm and fuzzy toward her unless she is an absolute monster. He’s a toddler for God’s sake. Just turned 2. Same is true with Carole in a lesser extent. A child so young as George should feel very warm and safe with his Mum and with as much time as Carole spends with him, with her, too.

          Something is amiss. Glad he feels good with William, though.

      3. I think it’s important to think about the types of situations in which we’ve seen George with Kate/Carole vs William. William has been “in charge” of George in situations that probably made George a little nervous. He brought him to the hospital for George’s first real interaction with a ton of media, then had him on the balcony for a flypast which was probably weird for a toddler, and then again had him for the walk to/from the church, when they were being cheered by thousands of people just a few feet away. On the other hand, we’ve seen Kate with George in situations that probably kept him pretty comfortable. While they were photographed at polo, he was probably unaware and could just happily play on the grass. Even the Australia tour appearances were carefully choreographed to make sure he was sufficiently entertained/distracted. William has gotten him in situations where he probably feels more uncertain about himself and wants the protection of a parent. So that could be a huge part of why he looks closer to William than to Kate. If he was with William at a polo match where they were both just watching, he might just ignore his dad/do his own thing like he did with Kate.
        In general, George just seems like a very serious baby. And I also just think it’s very hard to tell anything about anyone’s relationship from pictures. Seriously, some of yall should get someone to take pictures of you when you don’t know and see how you look. I think you’d be surprised.

        1. Well, I don’t entirely agree, Maggie. I don’t think William would have been that successful in calming George down during stressful situations, if he didn’t already have a solid relationship with his little boy. I think you can read a lot in photos and in the most recent ones of PW and PG, you can see a solid bond. Maybe, Kate is not comfortable being photographed, but geez, you’d think she’d be used to it more by now. I just don’t see a very close relationship between Kate and her son. When she held him when he was a baby, I saw it more.

          And, Nanny Maria seems to be able to get a big smile out of PG now and then. He’s obviously very comfortable with her, too.

          In the photos I have seen of late when PG is with either Kate or Carole, I don’t see a warm bond. I agree that George is a serious little boy, but when he smiles, he lights things up.

          And, surely, there are photos taken of any and everyone when we are not looking that don’t show us in our best light, but I’ve got to say the photos of Carole with George at the beach (and there were tons of them) didn’t show a relaxed and happy pair. And, Kate doesn’t look that at ease in many pictures with her son, either.

          Guess we are seeing things quite differently.

          1. I wasn’t trying to say that George and William don’t have a solid relationship, just that the situations we’ve seen them in are more likely to demonstrate that solid relationship than the situations we’ve seen Kate with George, just because George has been with William in a lot of situations that probably made him uncomfortable, whereas with Kate he is usually doing things that seem very normal to him.
            And for goodness sake’s, he’s a toddler. Some like to be quite independent and play on their own without the adult interacting. And while we’ve seen a lot of pictures, it’s also important to remember that they are actually not from a huge period of time, i.e. 50 pictures only really encapsulate like 10 minutes of time usually.
            I just think this is especially silly because at least we’ve seen pictures of Carole and Kate playing with George. We haven’t even seen pictures of William taking his son out.

          1. I agree as well. George seems to be a serious
            , busy toddler. The pictures we all see ARE from small chunks of time. Just because he isn’t smiling, doesn’t mean he’s not happy or comfortable. I think he’s very much loved by all of his family, and he is aware of it.

          2. I love a grumpy faced baby. It’s the antithesis of being a happy, chunky baby.

            I had a sour face when I was a baby. I didn’t smile for two years. My mom said that people would do anything and everything to make me smile. I would only smile when they left or of a camera was out away.

        2. My son was a very serious little boy when it came to doing the things he loved. At 2.5 years old we took him on a steam engine train ride and he did not smile once. He was so thrilled to be on the train and looking at everything. If you did not know my son, you would have thought he was not happy. My son lived, breathed, and played with trains all through his younger years. As he got older, it was Legos. When he received a new Lego set, he would not smile. He sat down and built that thing until he was done, sometimes hours later, then he would smile! PG amazes me because he faced all that media several times and did not appear to cry. Wow!

        3. Kip is spot on, thanks for the links.

          I see PG as stressed with scarol meddleton and km- PG never smiles. He is totally himself with loving nanny .Maria and William.

          George seem happy at the flypast with William and his RF on BP balcony.

          It’s as if little George knows he is used by km scarole and the meddletons for kate scarole meddletons PR money games. And yet again another setup paps by km and scarol mededleton to outshine doting grandpa Prince Charles – HM POW need to put these climbing meddletons in place.

        4. Kip is spot on, thanks for the links.

          I see PG as stressed with scarol meddleton and km- PG never smiles. He is totally himself with loving nanny .Maria and William.

          George seem happy at the flypast with William and his RF on BP balcony.

          It’s as if little George knows he is used by km scarole and the meddletons for kate scarole meddletons PR money games. And yet again another setup paps by km and scarol mededleton to outshine doting grandpa Prince Charles – HM POW need to put the climbing common meddletons in place.

    2. Yeah, but wasn’t it said that George likes the beach and that is why Carole took him there?
      Or, am I losing it?

  10. I think that if we lived in the time of Henry VIII, scarole would be in the Tower and there would be someone sharpening their sword on the green ready for her head to be separated from her body.

  11. I have insufficient background about the Middletons – I don’t live in the UK so much about them does not reach me – but could it be that very long lenses were used for these photos and the subjects were unaware of their presence?
    Despite his privileges, I feel somewhat sorry for this child and his future lived in a goldfish bowl. One thing I’m curious about: in a blog, PG was heard to say at the christening, “I don’t want to prince today. Don’t make me prince.” Why would any child with privilege galore in front of him be told pre-two years of age that he’s a prince? What would he understand of this word? If his parents are wanting an ‘ordinary’ life, surely they’d delay this kind of thing for as long as possible and let him be? I agree with others; this child often seems stressed, in sharp contrast to the photos posted of European royal children, who seem more at ease. I’m not sure why…
    I enjoy this blog and comments from very lively correspondents.

    1. I’m no expert in child development, but does George’s quote seem like something a child under the age of two would say? It strikes me as a more complex sentence than a child of that age could manage.

      If that is, in fact, something George said, then congratulations, William. You sound just like your toddler, but we can understand his reluctance because he’s a baby.

      1. My nephew was very verbal at 2 years old. When most children could only string a couple of words together, he was speaking in sentences — my favorite being, “auntie bluhare, is he a mowon?” after someone cut me off on the freeway. I agreed he was indeed a moron!

    2. Not a chance. This is yet another set up. A photographer was able to take 60 clear pictures without being sent packing by an rpo.

      His mother tells other children, that they might meet king george one day. Who knows what this poor child is told.

    3. PG wasn’t even two when he supposedly was heard saying I don’t want to prince today. I sincerely doubt a child that young would say that. Maybe, if he were four, or so. I don’t know if he is told he is a prince, or not, but I also feel very sorry for him growing up in the proverbial fish bowl. I also think that Carole constantly around him is not healthy. I think William is his best parent. Especially, as he knows what it is like to be the heir to the throne. Still, I doubt this is all discussed at George’s tender age. Unless he is a genius and can verbalize such thoughts as he supposedly did. I’m with you all on this.

      1. My niece was stringing complex sentences together at 2 and fully potty trained before that. I’m convinced she’s a genius… I don’t know if George is that developed because he seems like an average toddler but who knows. Maybe he’s a prodigy. It happens.

        1. It would be a miracle indeed, given the genetic contributions of his parents in the brains department!

          1. Sorry, but complex sentences like the ones George was supposedly heard saying, don’t happen as much as one would imagine. He was not even 2 when he said those supposed words.
            Yes, genius happens, but if George turns out to be one, then I will be shocked!

          2. My cousin’s son was not very articulate when he was two. He could speak, and say sentences, but they were not articulated well – nothing like the quotes at George is supposed to have said which seem very coherent. My cousin got mad at me when I couldn’t understand what his kid was saying.

    4. Well, we know for a fact that poor George looked really scared in front of the hospital (when visiting his newborn little sister) with all the media hassle around. So maybe he wondered what all the fuss about and someone explained that the public just wants to know everything about you & your family because…well. What could one possibly say to explain that circus in front of the hospital?

      One option would have been to keep him away but PR wise that would not have been a good move.

  12. Let’s start with the good: Charles’ garden looks divine. I would love to spend hours walking through it. It looks like a dream. For a child, it must be an adventure and a place for so many memories. The tribute to Camilla’s brother was touching. This memorial will live on and can provide Camilla a place of solace.

    The tree for George is amazing. I would love to see those pictures. I never once thought that Charles was a distant father. I think that he chose to parent in a quiet and thoughtful way.

    The bad and the ugly – Scarole. Those photographs were a plant. It’s too manufactured. My first thought was “This picture is brought to you by Party Pieces. The leader of selling crap, lead infested toys that was created in a sweat shop”. The signet ring is out and in full force as well as the Kate-like shoes and jacket. The woman isn’t original. She’s just a hard looking woman. I think that she wants to channel Diana and will do it all all costs. I think that Georgie is cute, but he never seems to relax around her. Probably because Maria isn’t there.

    I have a bit of advice for Scarole. I was listening to my son’s music this morning and this is brought to you by Ice Cube – check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    1. Thanks for the comment Rhiannon…
      ““This picture is brought to you by Party Pieces. The leader of selling crap, lead infested toys that was created in a sweat shop””
      That woman is too pushy for words!

      1. Trrruuueee. How lucrative is that kind of business anyways? I understand it may have been a hit before–because PP is just basically someone else buying everything you need for you—but I don’t understand how it could be worth that much?

        1. You’d be surprised how many people don’t want to bother putting together all of the stuff for a themed party and would rather leave it up to someone else. If you’re a working parent, for example, you may not have the time to think it all through and make sure the plates and streamers and everything are appropriately themed, and I imagine in such a situation, PP comes in handy.

  13. I agree with others who say PG does not look very happy. In the photos we see of him, he’s a rather somber child. Yet, with William and Maria, he does smile. Big time! So, what is going on?!
    Kids are very perceptive. Even at his age. He may not feel as comfortable with Grandma Midds as she does with him . Although, talk about non-smiling people! When does one ever see a major, happy expression on Ma’s face?

    So, on PG’s b’day, he was off with Carole. His party was at 4pm, so with all the hoopla that needed to be done at home and all the help the Cambridge’s have, where were the parents?

    I think Charles and company need to step up and put the major squeeze on Grandma Middleton.
    She is really a pushy, scary, witch. I’d use the “b” in front of itch, but decided it’s best to say witch.

    Yes, I think she is fixated with Diana. Had the lovely Princess lived, Carole knows that her daughter would never have married William. It’s just appalling to me that Carole takes over so much and sad that G’s parents let her. Talk about whipped!

    1. I wonder why william lets scarole and kate get away with these photo sessions.
      He previously almost always complained and sued in response to george’s privacy being violated.
      The UK press won’t touch these pictures.

      I can’t imagine the palace is pleased by this. Wasn’t there some remark in one of the craploids that camilla mocked carole’s paparazzi shots with G. I wonder if there is some truth to that.

      The queen and charles are probably playing the long game here. Ma midd is delusional if she thinks that she can go up against a 1000 year old institution and beat them.

      1. To be honest, the Queen can’t wait too long to play the long game since she is nearly 90. She may still live for a long time, but she is slowing down so any action needs to be taken pretty soon. Otherwise, this ball is all in Charles’ court to handle.

  14. Wow. Just how many photos of Carole, George and Lupo on the beach do we need to see? The photographer had a field day. Amazing!

    I think Carole leaked them, too. She is so determined to be the favorite grandparent. So pushy and obnoxious. I feel for Prince George. Always under her watchful and manipulative eye. Notice, he does not seem too happy in the photos. She doesn’t either, though. She is one unhappy looking lady. Just so glum. What she’s so sad/angry about, I don’t know!

    The tree house is wonderful. I hope both PG and his little sister have a chance to escape there often for peace of mind and fun. What a wonderful place for youngsters. PC, you have done well!

  15. I am so jealous of that tree house and Charles’ gardens. Makes me look at my yard and think, yeah I live in the high desert but I could do that lol.

    I just don’t understand how a grandmother could spend the day at the beach with her adorable grandson and not crack a smile. It is interesting though how these photos appear right in the middle of Charles’ “I’m a great grandfather” campaign.

  16. I like the fact that Charles has updated PW/PH treehouse. It shows the thoughtfulness of it and the fact that George will have to go round there when he can be prised from the Middleton’s grasp.
    Carole looks miserable and I wonder if she is aware of the photographer as mentioned she is holding on to George tightly and normally if there was no one around he would be able to roam the beach. Even the offer of a Protection officer or Big friendly Giants as Beatrice and Eugenie call them would have been offered to Carole. I would have thought that Carole would be smiling.

  17. A further point who tells an under two that they are a prince? I suspect Diana did not. I wonder how the grandchildren found out about being related to the HM. To them she is just Grandma/ Granny. Queen Victoria supposedly found out by looking at the family tree when ten years old. Imagine being asked in school to draw the family tree. The children would say how far back should I go?

    1. She certainly did by preschool. William was famous for threatening kids with what he’d do to them when he was king.

    2. They probably have to tell them quite early because how else will they explain the staff, the private secretaries, the RPOs and all the other minders? Also, they live in their granny’s palace grounds. Or maybe they found out themselves in a way. Or maybe a staff told them. I wonder how that works out.

      1. Well, since they know nothing else at that point, they probably think everyone has all the staff and caregivers that they have. I think they may have said something to George about him being a prince, but to go into major detail as to what that means, would not have made any sense to him at his young age. Unless, he’s a genius. Even if a staffer said something — it was not their place — unless W&K asked them to do so. It’s ridiculous for me to even try to think that on the day of his sister’s christening when PG was not even 2, he made a comment that he didn’t want to prince that day. Come on!

  18. Carole is a real case, that’s for sure. She doesn’t look like a happy person in these photos. I wouldn’t want to go to the beach with her either, Georgie!

    My guess is one of the Middletons is taking these photos. I suspect Pippa.

  19. Dear KMR,
    Last summer I commented on your site as “Greta,” but stopped commenting in the early fall 2015. While I read your site, I do not post here anymore. To my surprise, I saw a comment posted on your site tonight from “Greta,” so it appears that there is another person posting under the name that I used to post under. Can you please delete my contact information as Greta in your files, so that there is no association between me and the new Greta. I wish the new Greta well, but do not wish to be confused with her, as I do not post here anymore. Thanks very much!

  20. My first thought was immediately STAGED but on most pap pictures, Carole looks awful. I would guess she would want to look better for the world wide web. I remember her pictures from Kate’s dating yrs, she looked great even for the paps. Granted a whole decade has transpired. She still has a nice body but she always looks unhappy and so old. Jeez Mrs. Middleton, you got what you wanted: the prince married her, you are grandma to the future king of England, you show-off that signet ring as much as possible… smile a bit!

    Say what you may about PC. I always felt he was a lousy husband but a good father. Nice to see he will show much love to his grandchildren (as expected). The tree-house is a great gift for George and Charlotte.

    1. I thought i was the only one who had noticed how old and tired Carole looks. She seems to have aged overnight. It’s not just her face, her body has developed a stoop. i first noticed it at the variety show when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte. i don’t think we’d seen pictures of Carole since wimbledon that year, and she was fine at Wimbledon, but my goodness she had aged by the fall.

      1. Mom was right. When she advised us not to make nasty faces, that is. Remember your mom or grandmother saying, “Your face could freeze like that!”

        Well, in Carole’s case, apparently it is true. All those nasty thoughts and facial expressions have come home to roost. She is not aging nicely at all.

        A pleasant demeanor and happier thoughts surely lead to happier lives.

        1. Lol my mom used to say “Your face will freeze like that” whenever I stuck my bottom lip out when I pouted.

  21. I also LOVE that the little hut that was made for George was given to Charles as a gift by one of the thousands of small businesses that he has supported through The Prince’s Trust. That is what a lifetime of service and support will get you.
    What is Wills going to have to show for his charity work?

    1. A grimace, indeed, Lauri.

      I agree with Beatrix. Carole got everything she wanted and more. The least she could do is flash a really happy smile now and then. I get so sick of seeing glum faces. Life is too short, everyone, even when it throws you lemons, you can find something worthwhile to smile about! Just being with little PG at the beach would make me smile.
      Can’t wait til my baby is born and I can tool around with her/him!

  22. I wonder why William was petulant then and now. All I see is a very unhappy young man. Diana and Charles were good parents but William must have caught the vibes between them. Prince George is consistently grumpy and looks like he wants a bit more freedom. Two year olds need the space and do not want clingy adults. Seeing Carole’s face no wonder. Do Pippa and Kate’s brother ever play with George. The family is so disconnected.

    1. everything we’ve read about him indicate a high energy child. the constant hovering by Kate and Carole in the name of photo ops must annoy him so much hence the grumpy face. they should just let him be. it’s not as if Carole or Kate are the only carers near him. he always has 2 RPOs a few steps away from him even if they are cropped/photoshopped out of the pictures. he won’t get into any difficulty.

  23. In connection with Carole’s facial expressions in photos, I was interested to read this article in the New York Times today, “I’m Not Mad. That’s Just My RBF” I can certainly identify, as I’m older than Carole and have been aware for a while that unless I consciously make an effort to perk up my eyes and slightly turn up the corners of my mouth, I can look alarmingly glum and unfriendly – which doesn’t reflect the way I’m actually feeling in the least. The article raised interesting questions for me about the way women are “supposed to” look.

    1. Interesting article Constance. I’ve never thought of this as an only female related issue, my husband , my boss (male) and most males I know at one time or another have had RBF. I am curious though, what questions has this article raised for you?

      1. Hi Lauri, my first reaction was surprise that beautiful young women like those featured in the article were said to have a b*tch face – so my first question was whether this represented yet another layer of pressure on women (on top of weight, chest size, etc.) and judgment based on looks – the level of scrutiny seems outlandish to me. And in the world of work, it seems pernicious to me that a serious expression on a woman’s face now has the demeaning label of being a b*tch face – how might that effect chances for advancement in a career? More personally, I have two granddaughters and I think about pressures they will face as they get out into the wider world (they’re not even in grade school yet, but that’s a worrying grandma for you!).

        1. The New York Times is famous for publishing such articles. They’re slanted the way the paper wants them slanted. I for one, find angry, mean faces a turn-off in men and women. Everyone has a PO’d expression and everyone is entitled to a bad day, but this article makes it seem as if this is yet another challenge women are facing. I don’t buy that. It’s just media hype, as far as I am concerned. I think one’s thoughts come through onto one’s face and what you are thinking affects your appearance. If people have negative thoughts for much of the day, it does come through in their faces. If thoughts are more positive, the person does not need to be smiling, but a more pleasant look shines through.

          It’s hard in such a stressful world to stay positive, but it is surely worth a try. That’s my take on this.

    2. Hm…. I, too, have so many questions running through my head.

      First of all, I’ve never thought of RBF as strictly a female issue where “there is no male equivalent”. To me, the male equivalent of RBF is RBF. Men can totally have it, too.

      The article made the rethink this whole topic, though. I’ve thought for years that I had RBF, because my mouth is down-turned. Now I’m reconsidering using the term altogether because of the question the article raised of why do women need to always be smiling, why can’t they just look serious? Especially in the context of comparing women to men. Men can look serious and it’s considered a good thing, while when women look serious they are considered to have a RBF.

      Thank you for sharing the article, Constance. I’m going to have to digest this more.

      1. That was an interesting article. I think by using the term b*tch as part of the phrase denotes a gender, as it’s usually attributed to women and not men. And it’s not something that is unique to women as the article mentioned both James Corden and Kanye. But I think they are viewed as individuals instead of the gendered term of RBF, For instance, with Kanye who is known for rarely smiling, how often is it referred to as a characteristic of men? Instead it’s discussed as a characteristic of Kanye.

      2. To be honest I think it is more what people say. You can look serious and be a shy person and you can smile and say something nasty or snappy. I think if you do not call people up for what they say and say well they smiled then that is not nipping the behaviour in the bud. It takes years to know someone properly.

        1. I would also like to add girls can smile at guys they want all they like. If they are not interested then they are not interested. Kate should be aware that when she smiles at Wills he doesn’t even make eye contact. Surely if he was in love with her he would kill to make eye contact with Kate. I don’t smile all the time but it is not necessary because I am unhappy. I know some people and they fake smile all the time and when they think that the other person is not looking they turn into their real miserable selves. As the camera catches them out.

      3. I don’t care for angry, mean faces in men or women. Carole just looks mean. That’s all I can think of when I see her photo. Some people have a sad looking relaxed face, but when they do smile, they light up. If they are essentially happy, I mean.
        I know everyone has a bad day. I never like it when I’m walking down the street in a serious mood and a man says, “Smile,” to me. However, when I comment on how mean Carole looks, I am doing that because I do think she looks mean. She has a nasty face, as far as I am concerned.

        Oh, now the Middleton sugars will rush to her rescue. I just don’t think Carole is a nice person and that’s how I see her. I’m sorry of having to defend that opinion, though. We are each entitled to our own thoughts.

        Ever wonder if some people are on the Middleton payroll? Just a joke, guys.

        As for George. I have said he is serious and called him somber. It does not mean that I don’t think he is cute. Kids come in all different personalities and he appears to be a child who is thinking all the time and really taking his surroundings in. What I have noticed, though, is he smiles more when with William or Maria. Of course, that was that dazzling smile when he was a baby looking up at Kate. But, I transcribe things the way my mind processes them and I others do, too.

        1. I’m not a fan of Scarole. My opinion changed when the engagement was announced. She didn’t have the face of joy, she had the face of accomplishment. She was even mocked during that interview. That’s he most that we have heard from Michael Middleton since then. When I first saw that, my first thought was that he is a cuckholded man.

          Since then, there was a story about Scarole meeting a journalist in a pub in Bucklebury. When she found out that he was a journalist, she said that she had to meet up with a friend, which turned out to be a dog.

          I say all of that to say that I don’f find her to be nice or friendly. She seems highhanded and calculating. Every story of Scarole is the same. I don’t strike her as being warm unless she finds value in who you are or what you can do to help her.

        2. jenny said: now the Middleton sugars will rush to her rescue. I just don’t think Carole is a nice person and that’s how I see her. I’m sorry of having to defend that opinion, though. We are each entitled to our own thoughts.

          That was very patronizing, don’t you think? What’s wrong with defending your opinion? Maybe someone will learn from it or perhaps even you might learn something from someone else.

          1. No, bluhare, I don’t think my comment was patronizing and if you took it that way and I hurt you, I apologize. But, believe me, it was not meant that way. People on this site are forever expressing their opinions. Some adore Kate and Carole and others are less enamored. I said, I was joking, and I was. You can accuse me of being the Charles Camilla camp/payroll anytime. I promise not to be offended. And, if you don’t mind my saying, your comment that maybe I could learn from someone else could have been taken as being patronizing, too. Operative word here is “Could.”
            Here’s to differing opinions. And, a chance to express ourselves, but hopefully, not offend others. Again, if I did, forgive me.

    1. See if this had of happened before the births of George and Charlotte, we could have found a friendly shark and then Harry and Rhiannon could have ruled.

      1. Right?! She’s making it too easy for the naysayers. I’m all for learning new skills but this wouldn’t have come at a worse time. We all have the right to have a hobby. As everyone has said, she can’t be bothered with work, but can do this. She is starting to remind me of the “Freeloading Fergie” days of yesteryear.

    2. I’m so glad Kate had time to take classes and gain an advanced diver’s licence but couldn’t be bothered to do any actual work.

      1. If she loves to dive, good for her. If she pursued an advanced license, also good for her. However, like you said, kmr, it’s a shame she can’t put more time into actually doing any work on behalf of the Royal Family. All play and no work, makes Kate a dull and selfish girl.

    3. I just want to give up on this woman! Seriously, she is so busy taking care of her 2 children that she can’t be bothered to visit a few charities, however, she can get her advanced diving certificate. This woman is seriously becoming a joke. It is obvious all she cares about are the perks of being a Royal. I wish people would start waking up to her. When is her ‘charm’ going to wear off?

    4. Ugh she is ridiculous, she can’t keep using the excuse who looking after her children, when she has time to get a divers licence, why does she even need that!? I want to like her but she is making it very difficult!

    5. I think this happened a long time ago and the palace is verifying it now bc the newspapers just found out. It mentions that someone went diving in Mustique around the Cambridges and that William and Kate were able to dive super deep which means Kate already had the certification at that point.

      1. I hope your right and this was done a while ago, does not look good if she was doing this while claiming to be looking after her children.

      2. I read the same article and it sounds like she received the certification in Mustique, so who knows when it happened. That being said I would much rather hear about how she has met with her patronages behind the scenes, you know something that actually benefits someone other than her.

      3. Kate has had many different diving certificates. I think the Mustique one was for a different depth. This deep diving one is more recent.

        1. Most of the articles I’ve read specifically say this diving certificate that’s making the news now is the one she got in Mustique. Notice how no article says WHEN she got it. But most of them them say it was from Mustique.

    6. Good for them to confirm that her “downtime” is also spent planning and preparing for her next vacation, as opposed to busy doing all this imaginary-work the sugars claims she does visiting her charities in private and educating herself on their causes plus endless hours planning an analyzing every fricken boring outfit – I swear they must think at least a 40hr work week goes into each outfit because Kate is so proper and awesome.

  24. I think it’s kind of weird that people seem to almost be complaining that George rarely smiles. Imo it’s a little inappropriate to criticize a 2 year old for his facial expressions. Yeah he’s at the beach, but he’s a 2 year old. Maybe he’s scared of the waves. Maybe he also noticed the paps. Maybe he’s concentrating. He seems like a serious/thoughtful child. I just feel uncomfortable about all of the comments about his demeanor at such an incredibly young age. KMR – I love your blog so much, but this would be my one somewhat negative thought about this post. Of course it’s not just the post but also the comments.

    1. True. When I was that age , I didn’t talk to my mom’s co-workers when she brings me to her office. I would just sit in the corner and not talk to anyone. I also didn’t smile at people.

    2. I agree Maggie, I have two nephews. One is always smiling and laughing while the other rarely smiles and just seems to be taking in the world. It doesn’t mean one is happier than the other or that one set of parents is better. It just means the boys have different temperaments. I think George is a serious boy. He seems to study things a lot and is pensive. And I think talking about adults not smiling is fair game, but agree that it is a little odd to comment on such a young child before his personality is really evident.

    3. I don’t think people complain that George doesn’t smile. They comment on it.
      I’ve seen him smile and he looks like he is quite a little handful. He’s cute whether smiling, or not. What people do seem to comment on is that he appears to smile more when with William or his Nanny. I find that interesting, but that’s me.

      1. I mean, with all respect to KMR, this post literally says “Why is George not smiling in any of these photos? You’re at the beach, kid, crack a smile.” Maybe I’m reading it wrong but it seems like a statement that is “commenting on” his lack of smiling with at least a tinge of negativity or something. Of course I don’t think it’s just KMR, but that seems like an obvious example.

      1. I mean, who doesn’t love Bear? Oh, Kate. You’re making it way too easy.

        I’m going to make a guess. When I marry Harry, I can see Jason telling me that I can’t work more than Kate. But then, it’s Kate, so even two engagements a week for 52 weeks would be more than her.

    1. Hahaha!! I understand that she isn’t the official, royal patron of the scouts but good grief, she really doesn’t get it does she? Oh well, I know I’d enjoy seeing Bear way more than seeing Kate, he is good looking man Rrrrrr 🙂

      Just out of curiosities sake I look up the last time she attended an engagement for Action on Addiction and it was of course a gala in 2014 and 2013 was the last time she visited that charity. But it’s great to know she can keep with Wills while diving, at least she has her priorities straight.

      1. Poor William really cannot escape Kate anywhere now. Great accomplishment to dive though. If Kate poured half as much effort into her charities that she does her accomplishments then praise would be given to her.

    2. That’s really disappointing that she wouldn’t have made time for that Scout event. If it’s true that she declined because she had her “sailing thing” earlier in the week, she leaves herself wide open to critisism (and rightly so). C’mon Catherine, give us something to show us you take your role in society seriously. You married the wrong guy if all you wanted to be was a wealthy aristocratic housewife with every calendar day to call your own.

    3. Thank you for the article. The blogger is witty and gets to the point that it the scouts etc that matter and does not revolve its events around Kate. Bear has a strong work ethic and inspires youngsters.

  25. I’m not factoring in maternity leave, but if Kate were to average only 3 engagements per week (52 weeks) she would total around 156 engagements for the year. She would more than double her numbers from last year (76, I believe). If she didn’t do any prep work (and realistically, does she do any now?) she would be doing an average of 3 hours of work a week!

    Of course, I know they have their breaks and vacations in there, but with an average of 3 hours a week, I’m sure she could stack a few weeks with extra events to free up some time. Three hours a week still leaves 165 hours/week for shopping and vacations.

    Ridiculous! It is so obvious how little has to do, and how even less she actually does!

    1. Even adding travel time to her engagements, say an average of 3hr each, it still leaves her plenty of “me” time. And she could take her children to the farther/ longer ones. They’re little and have no schedule besides meals and nap times. I’m not saying bring them to the actual event, but bring your retinue of nannies, security, family.
      She could even take in local sightseeing/shopping/dining ,en famile, pre or post “work”. The public would love it, she would get to be with her children most of the time, and they would get to see the UK as they grow up.
      She may still be hounded by the long lens, but the gp would not question the expense of her travel group, is she were to be more visible and accessible to them.
      Professionally done family photos, wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewelry, sent out sparingly sets the Cambridges apart from the crowd in the wrong way. It comes across as it was meant, to set them above. That won’t fly for a modern monarchy.
      Surely someone in their camp can see this???

  26. I don’t know how to attach, but look up the Town and Country article “How Kate Middleton imploded the class system and gave rise to a new kind of Brit”,by Tina Gaudoin. You’ll all love it, echoes (most) of our sentiments about Kate and family as part of society.

  27. Shouldn’t be surprising that George isn’t smiling, the kid rarely does. His expressions are usually aggressive and domineering to me.

  28. KMR –
    Might you consider putting up an open post every week as a place to discuss the various silly season stories that the royal reporters come up with that don’t deserve a dedicated entry…
    Gremlins in the palace – is HM’s handbag safe?
    William – simply great or the greatest (CO)pilot?
    Talking to plants… a royal sign of going mad?
    Kate is going back to work with a vengeance, she cares and is committed… No seriously, she is, believe us this time.

    Thanks 🙂

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