Beatrice Borromeo in parade of dresses to marry Pierre Casiraghi

Beatrice Borromeo in parade of dresses to marry Pierre Casiraghi

Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo tied the knot in both a civil ceremony in Monaco on Saturday, July 25, and a religious ceremony in Italy on Saturday, August 1. Pierre and Beatrice’s weddings is a parade of dresses. And I love it.

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The civil ceremony was held at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco on July 25. The bride wore a pale pink Valentino Haute Couture dress with gold lace silk chiffon. The wedding gown was designed by Creative Directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. Beatrice opted for a headband of flowers and her long hair down. The dress is beautiful.

Beatrice Borremeo Valentino gown design

For the reception following the civil ceremony, Beatrice changed into a Valentino Spring 2015 Couture gown. I like the design in the shirt, but the top is not my style.

The religious ceremony took place on islands owned by the Borromeo family on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy on the south side of the Alps. The day before the wedding, July 31, they held a welcome reception were Beatrice wore an Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015 gown and her long hair down in curls with flowers. She looks beautiful – kind of like a Roman flower nymph or something.

For the religious ceremony on August 1, Beatrice opted for a custom-made ivory Armani Privé gown. The dress is lace with three-quarter sleeves. It’s light and elegant and very beautiful.

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For the wedding reception on August 1, Beatrice changed into a different Armani Privé gown. This one a specially-made silk tulle gown.

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She looks absolutely stunning. In this parade of wedding dresses this one takes the cake for me. Beatrice looks amazing. It’s too bad there’s no bling happening. But the dress is stunning enough to stand on it’s own.

Beatrice Borromeo Armani gown design

58 thoughts on “Beatrice Borromeo in parade of dresses to marry Pierre Casiraghi

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous few days.

    I was not smitten with this couple when he was made Hot Guy of the Month. I felt they looked too cold and not in love. Well, shut my mouth! They certainly looked not only in love, but very attractive and let’s just say, Gorgeous at all the wedding events.

    Her wedding dress was amazing. So beautiful and elegant. All the other dresses were, too.
    Now, that’s a Princess! And, he looked like — Well, Hot Guy of the Month!

    Loved the photos — especially the one where they are walking along that stone wall.

    Such wedding festivities. Now, that is what fairy tales are all about.

    Thanks for such a wonderful post, KMR. Love truly does make the world go round. I wish them much happiness, good health and love that grows and grows.

    1. May I add a few more things?

      I am truly blown away by the magnificence of the wedding festivities. The welcome ceremony photo is so charming. So Midsummer Night’s Dream. The couple look like every little girl’s dream of what a Prince and his Princess should be.

      The pink dress and the photo of the couple on the balcony is just amazing. The color of the flowers on either side is also just beautiful.

      As for the traditional wedding dress — elegance personified in the form of a radiant Beatrice. She really owned every dress she wore.

      And, that final dress! So true, KMR, no bling needed. Just spectacular.

      I will just bet that Princess Grace was looking down on this couple with pride and love. May they have the blessed life every loving couple deserves. These photos made my day!

      1. I’m not a huge fan of the Ferretti dress on it’s own, but with the hair and flowers it is so dreamy.

      2. I so agree. The dresses are so intricate that a bunch of jewels would have taken away from it. I also need to point out that her posture is amazing. A certain royal’s posture is a hot mess.

    2. Their love not showing in the Hot Guy post may have just been due to the photos I chose. These ones show more movement and natural affection than the posed ones from the Hot Guy post.

      1. No, KMR, I think I was just too critical of the Hot Guy of the Month photos.
        In these pix, you definitely see happiness and love. Truly, this couple is worth watching.


    Her hair is amazing, too.

    I saw a high resolution photo of her 2nd wedding dress and the details are just unbelievable. Gorgeous. Definitely became my favorite “royal” wedding dress. Well… after CP Victoria’s 🙂

      1. Thanks for the pic, Liz. Gorgeous. I love that the shoes are lace to match the dress.

      2. Thanks for the link Liz! I love the flower and fern lace on this dress. The workmanship is incredible and the simplicity of gown is perfect. I really liked how the veil was attached on the side of the chignon with jeweled clips, very unique.

      3. That dress and how she styled herself was by far my favourite of all the outfits shown. Simple, but simply stunning. She looked really beautiful.
        They both look so happy and excited in their wedding pictures. I’m sure there was a great vibe going on throughout the festivities for everyone invited – fun wedding!!

  3. Oh, my goodness, now this is pure magic.

    KMR, what a way to start the week. The photos of this beautiful couple (and, I also was not a fan when he was voted Hot Guy of the Month) are truly spectacular. Thanks so very much!

    What a two day wedding extravaganza, orchestrated with dignity, majesty, sweetness, beauty and love!

    I don’t know where to start. Each photo is amazing. Such devotion between this couple. Such amazing looks, too. The photograph on the balcony is just to die for. What woman wouldn’t want to be in Beatrice’s elegant shoes? Her husband’s arms and that gown?!!

    The welcoming ceremony was so unique. I thought there was fairy tale written all over it.

    Her actual wedding gown was elegant, understated and just sheer perfection. Suited her elegance perfectly.

    And, that Grecian gown and the way she wore it! Just spectacular. I agree, the walk along that stone wall, was just perfection. What a couple!

    No, she didn’t need one bit of jewelry with that amazing dress. She is one gorgeous woman and her groom, one handsome man.

    I also think Princess Grace must have been smiling down at them. Such majesty, such love, such happiness. I wish them the best in their days to come.

    This couple truly knocked it out of the park. No doubt about that. If you had to plan such perfection, you couldn’t. It was as much a part of them and their special ways and their love for one another, as it was about the fashion and settings.

    You either have it, or you don’t. They DO!!!!!

  4. What a stunning bridge and groom!! I have to say the Alberta Ferretti dress and the Armani Prive gown are my favorites. I love the whimsical nature of the Ferretti dress and the flowers in her hair are simply charming. The Armani dress was the one that took my breath away, the way it floats as she moves, it’s everything I would love to have in a dress and her simple necklace was the perfect accessory. I wish the happy couple much happiness and love!

    Does anyone know why Albert and Charlene weren’t pictured? Were they even there?

    1. I know for certain Charlene was not there; I’m an uncertain about whether Albert was there or not.

      1. Interesting. Why not? Any idea?
        That’s sad. The entire family on both sides
        should have been there for such joyous two days.

      2. According to PEOPLE, Albert and Charlene were set to attend the civil ceremony. PEOPLE’s words, they were set to discreetly attend.

        So, I wonder if they did. And, why not the other ceremony?

        It would have been wonderful to have all family members from both sides in attendance. Is there friction here? Apparently.

        1. From what I read, Albert attended the civil ceremony, while Charlene did not. I don’t think either of them attended the religious wedding.

          The Red Cross Ball took place the same day as the civil ceremony, so depending on what time of day the ceremony took place, I could see Charlene skipping the ceremony to get ready for the red cross ball (which is a big event in Monaco, as Albert is a longtime supporter of the Red Cross). But that’s just a guess on my part. I don’t know why they didn’t attend the religious wedding.

          1. You know, I found it odd that the ceremony was planned the same day as that Big Event on Monaco’s social calendar which Pierre and Beatrice always attend. I wonder what drove the calendar planning.

          2. Thanks for the details. I think it is odd that the wedding was planned for the same day as the Red Cross Ball, too. Just hope everyone gets along. If they did not attend, Albert and Charlene missed an amazing two days of celebration.


            Charlene and Albert look very happy together at the Red Cross Ball. At first, I wished she had worn a gown, but after a bit, I really loved that gorgeous red jumpsuit. She carried it off beautifully. Her coloring looked magnificent with that gorgeous red shade.

            She seems more relaxed and is very attuned to Albert in several of the photos. I hope they are happy.

  5. Thank you KMR for the coverage of this beautiful couple. I think the bride did look stunning in her outfits. I liked the first outfit with the flowers in Beatrice’s hair. I also liked the Alberta Ferretti dress, the gown by Prive and the last gown for the evening. I apologise I am not really knowledgeable about designers. I think that the last gown did look like it oozed SA and much better than Kate’s evening dress where she looked like she was falling out of her dress. Sorry. I thought that the pale pink dress made Beatrice look like a fairy princess. The wedding dress for the religious ceremony looked modest and yet elegant. Pierre looked hot but to me lacks depth. Good luck to the couple. You can see with the body language who will be in charge with Pierre’s hand over Beatrice’s.

      1. I agree. Their gene pool is stunning. However gene pools require new blood for healthy offspring. They may be a beautiful couple but I would prefer to be with someone who accepted me rather than my looks and I would rather my niece’s based their judgements on people’s actions rather than looks.

    1. ya I never got over that knitted sweater kate wore for her evening gown, and why was there no pics or video of the ceremony, kw are a weird bunch!!

      1. See, and I really liked her fuzzy bolero paired with the evening gown and wavy hair. I found it more interesting than her wedding gown (other than the lace itself, that was amazing, but very hard to see in detail at the time).
        To each their own, that’s the great thing about this blog 🙂

      2. Thanks Adam, I had hoped to have forgotten that vile fuzzy cardi! I have visions of Kate at state banquets and meeting heads of state in cardigans (and I’m not talking about nice cardigans that Michelle Obama wears).

  6. Oh, no, Laura! I hope this is a couple who strive for equality in their marriage.
    If you ask me, Beatrice is a woman with a mind of her own. I just saw love between them.
    Hope that is true.

    I also wonder if Charlene and Albert were at the wedding. I did not think of that until Lauri of CA posed that question. Too busy looking at the bride and groom, was I!

    1. I hope so too Jenny. I don’t think it take years to decide whether to marry or not. Beatrice is an independent girl but the dynamic will have to change so that Pierre thinks he is in charge. I don’t think the family are going to tolerate being told what to do.

  7. I forgot the Jewellery. I think it was not necessary though a pearl necklace would have looked nice. Maybe Beatrice wanted to keep it simple but I think Pierre could have forked out for a simple necklace. Sorry for my snarky comment in advance.

  8. The last two dresses took my breath away. This is what it looks like to wear couture. Beatrice wears them all so well. The last look was absolutely amazing. I just love all of this.

  9. I rather like Beatrice’s dress for the religious wedding. Having recently gone wedding dress shopping myself, it makes my own options a little less appealing!

    1. Just a bit of unsolicited advice about wedding dress shopping. Buy the gown you love. I bought a choice based on finances. My mother-in-law insisted she needed to invite half the planet and it wrecked our budget. In the end I hated my dress and after the day donated it to a charity shop.

      1. Good advice, G. Sorry to hear you did not like your gown. I think it is lovely that you donated it to a charity shop.
        I wish I had known you when you were planning your wedding. I wrote an article for a bridal guide a few years back about some interesting and effective ways to cut down on the cost of your gown and still find the dress of your dreams. Some of the brides I interviewed did some interesting things and came up with dresses they loved at affordable prices. I hope you still have lovely memories of your wedding and that you and your groom have a lovely life together.

  10. everything was just fabulous, is it me but since charlene came into the scene in monaco, there seems to be glamour all year round, wow like the couple and yes hes one Hot guy and shes beautiful, their kids will be gorgeous!!

    1. I think Albert & Charlene need to be careful about what they wish for. Around the time of the royal wedding and for the first year or so after Kate was the hottest news on the planet, she was fawned over and labeled a fashion icon and the best thing to happen since sliced bread. As has happened in the past once you are put on such a high pedestal the only way left to go is down and we are starting to see that happen in the press, the blogs and from fans that were once rabid for all things Kate.

      I read an article this morning about the end of the “Kate Middleton Effect” and how it’s affecting tourism at the palaces in Britain. Also, designers have started to bitch that they are not seeing much of a “Kate Effect” in their bottom line due to the fact that she frequently wears clothes that are several seasons old and no longer available. Here is the link

      While I can see Albert wanting to raise the profile of Monaco to attract more tourists, I don’t necessarily think emulating W&K would be in their best interest.

      1. Hi, Lauri:

        I read the same article. I also read another piece about how the Monaco Royals are revving it up to garner more press. Tons of stories everywhere, including a piece on Albert’s daughter out of wedlock, Jasmine. Seems like she visits all the time and they are one big, happy family. I wonder.

        I guess once you are on a pedestal, as you say, it’s time to be knocked down. Sad, but true. And, some should never be placed on pedestals in the first place. Just interesting how fickle the media and folks are.

    1. Where were the photos of Carl Phillip an Sofia taken? The water is so blue! So gorgeous.
      Why in the world is Sophia wearing a long dress on the boat, though?
      The prince looks like he is in great shape. Hot, indeed.

        1. My first suspicion was that she’s pregnant, too. But who knows, maybe Sofia just felt like wearing a long loose dress that day lol

      1. I just thought that maybe Sophia was being modest, since her in-laws were with them.
        (in my mind it is different to vacation with your hot-hubby at a beach vs vacation at a beach with your in-laws).

        1. My first thought was that Sofia was pregnant, but your idea of her being modest around her in-laws makes a lot of sense.

  11. Oh, the French Riviera. How gorgeous. Thanks, Liz B.
    I also need to admit that my first thought seeing the long and loose dress was, “Oh, she’s pregnant.”
    But, I hesitated saying it. Glad I was not alone in that idea.

    At any rate, wouldn’t you just love to be on the Mediterranean? So spectacular.

    1. I’m not really a beach/boat girl, but I’d love to visit Rome. That’s on the Mediterranean (kind of).

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