Princess Madeleine moves to Europe

Princess Madeleine moves to Europe

It’s been rumored for a while that Princess Madeleine and husband Chris O’Neill would move from their home in New York, and she’s even talked about moving, and now the Swedish Court has released a statement saying Maddie and Chris, along with their daughter Princess Leonore, are leaving New York for Europe. According to the press release, they have not decided where in Europe they will live, and are currently staying at their apartment in Stockholm.

Swedish Royal Family new years portrait small

Seeing as Maddie is pregnant with her second child due in the summer, it’s not surprising that she would want to be closer to her family. Chris was born in London and holds British citizenship, and if he wants to continue his career, they might end up there. Childhood also has an office in Germany, so that’s a possibility. Of course, Maddie’s family is in Sweden, as is Childhood’s main office. I’m guessing they’ll either end up in London, or stay in Sweden.

The header picture is a family portrait taken at Solliden Palace in July 2014.

Princess Madeleine Nobel Prize Banquet

Victoria, Madeleine, Estelle, Leonore SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen

Photos: Kungahuset/ Rickard Collsiö/SVT

14 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine moves to Europe

  1. It was bound to happen. She has spent a lot of time crossing the pond with an infant. I can’t wait to see the wedding and the new baby. Hopefully CP and Sofia will have some pretty babies soon too! Happy New Year!

    1. The move is not surprising. I hope she keeps working with Childhood, though.

  2. It surprises me that beautiful, intelligent and genuine Maddie doesn’t get more press in America. If you didn’t report on her, we’d never know she was living and working here in the US for Childhood but we got bombarded with press about Kate who came to collect.

    1. I wish the US press would cover her more. She’s got everything they need: beauty, a royal title, a work ethic, a handsome husband and new baby.

      1. Wouldn’t it be something if Amerricans caught on to the other royals like Maddie and came together on good projects and fun events? What if the British royals weren’t first place? With Will hating the press and some of the public along with lazy Kate, it would be good for them not to always get the limelight. Get what you want and pay for it. If they don’t appreciate the privilege, others will take it. Maddie would probably love to have US events for Childhood and different branches in cities. It could happen.

    2. I can’t understand why the media only covers the British Royal Family. While I understand the admiration for QE, Charles and Camilla lack so much (sympathy, youth, beauty) and W&K are so stinken boring!! and also lack Charles’ work ethic. Double bummer.

      I’m sad that Princess Madeleine never sparked media interest and dumbfounded.

      I was secretly hoping I would bump into her in the city and snap some paparazzi shots (lbs).

      As someone who lives away from all of her family (with only the hubby in NY) I totally understand her, especially now that they have a child and one in the oven.

      I’m happy this blog covers her, KMR 🙂

      1. I think it is because the machine behind the BRF is constantly putting out stories and information to the press. It also doesn’t hurt that they were once THE main kingdom out there. But, I think if the various press departments out there didn’t spend their time issuing info to the press, we would not see that many stories about them.

  3. I like this family, I don’t know them very well but I have been reading some of the posts on this site about the new SIL to be, so that should be interesting.

    The little girls are both adorable, I an sure that Victoria will be thrilled to have Maddie back home and that the girls can grow up very close. I also hope that Victoria has another little one this year. I love Maddies eyes. My daughter (who is three) has the same eyes and they are just gorgeous. We get comments on them all of the time. Sadly though her Mummy just ended up with plain brown ones 😉

  4. Yes, Maddie is gorgeous. And the work she does is wonderful.

    I think she may have wanted to lose herself in NY for a while Yet, I agree, she never got the
    recognition she deserved from U.S. media.
    I’m sure as a young mom, she will love being closer to her family. I think they will love having her closer, too. And, yes, Chris is almost smiling!

    And, btw, what’s with the white shoes with the coral dress? Can’t see Maddie’s shoes in detail, but are they white, too? I hate white shoes!!

  5. I hope they end up in London not Stockholm. They will be torn apart by the Swedish press if they return to Sweden, and the press will continually hound Chris and his investment business. In London they would be relatively anonymous. Martha Louise of Norway lived there for awhile with little media attention, and I think Mabel (Netherlands) lives there peacefully too.

    1. I would love it if they end in London and she takes the “darling princess” title from Kate 😛

      Why would they be torn apart by the Swedish press?
      I can’t understand why they dislike her so much 😐

      1. Hell-qvist gives them insider stories, Maddie doesn’t.The press (which S has been cultivating for four years – and chasing fame since she was 16) have to make their source look good. They’ve been drooling for a palace insider that will spill dirt and now they have her.

        To make her look good, they have to make Maddie and Chris look bad because C-P and S give them nothing positive to work with.

        – Hide stories about C-P stealing other people’s designs then fabricate stories about Chris’s investment business.

        – Hide stories about how much taxpayer money C-P uses on his multiple houses and how they went around the law for construction on two of those homes, then print negative stories about Chris and Maddie’s apartment in NYC that Chris pays for with his own money.

        – Hide the truth about how Project Playground really started and where the money went, then accuse Maddie of not working hard enough for the Crown or Childhood.

        Build them up and knock them down. The press knows that when Sofia falls, she has a lot further to fall than anyone else in that family (except the king).

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