Prince William’s press office is a mess because he’s a “nightmare” who “won’t take advice”

Prince William’s press office is a mess because he’s a “nightmare” who “won’t take advice”

Prince William's beige room
[Because we all love Kate’s beige decorating style so much]

Once Upon A Time Prince William was the Golden Boy first child of the late Princess Diana. He was drooled over by millions of young girls (not going to lie, I had a huge crush on him circa 2002). The press fawned over him. Not so much any more. Slowly but surely the press has been taking off their Golden Boy gloves and talking about the Duke of Cambridge in an unfavorable light. Not only is the press mentioning William’s flaws, but the palace “sources” are talking negatively about him, too. That’s where this latest article comes in. According to palace “sources”, it’s been a nightmare trying to find William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry a new press secretary because William is a jerk who thinks too highly of himself.

Two years ago, Miguel Head, William’s long time press secretary, was promoted to private secretary and Ed Perkins was hired to replace him. Seven weeks ago, Perkins quit to take a private PR job. Since then, the Cambridges and Harry have still not found a replacement. Why? Because William is a controlling egomaniac.

    Polishing the images of the popular Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry should be one of the plum jobs in PR. But I hear their appointment of a new communications secretary has proved such a fraught process that they have drafted in a highly paid firm of headhunters. Former BBC producer Ed Perkins quit Kensington Palace more than seven weeks ago, after only two years as their press secretary, and Prince William, Kate and Harry have still not found a suitable candidate to succeed him.
    ‘It’s a nightmare,’ claims a senior courtier. ‘Prince William does not take advice readily — let’s put it like that. Several well-qualified candidates have been ruled out.’
    William has a reputation for being strong-willed, but a Kensington Palace spokesman denies suggestions that the Prince has made clear he does not want anyone who has worked at Buckingham Palace or Prince Charles’s office at Clarence House.
    ‘The recruitment process is ongoing,’ says the spokesman. ‘It has been straightforward and we are close to an appointment being made.’
    Plans were announced in January for a unified media operation based at Buckingham Palace for all members of the Royal Family, but they have been shelved amid some tensions. Prince Charles’s staff have returned to Clarence House while William, Kate and Harry have their own office at Kensington Palace.
    The plans are said to have caused friction between Buckingham Palace press chief Sally Osman, and Kristina Kyriacou, Prince Charles’s outgoing communications secretary. Kyriacou, a straight-talking former PR for pop singers such as Take That star Gary Barlow and Bjork, favoured a more dynamic, modern approach to promoting the heir to the throne, but she is said to have come up against resistance from traditionalists.
    Perkins, who has left to join the PR firm Portland, succeeded Miguel Head after he was promoted to the role of William, Kate and Harry’s private secretary. Head was at the hospital when Kate gave birth to Prince George and is said to act more like a friend of William than an employee.

[Daily Mail]

There have been several articles over the summer that have said William is a stubborn jerk who thinks he knows what’s best and won’t take advice from anyone. So this is nothing new, just adding more fuel to the fire and damaging William’s reputation even more.

I find the Fallen Golden Child turn of events interesting. I have no doubt that William has always been an a-hole, ever since he was child (there have been reports of his childhood terror antics), but why lay it out for the public now? Who is driving this new narrative? The press who are fed up with his BS and litigious ways? The palace courtiers (from either his own, Charles’, or the Queen’s offices) who are unhappy with him?

Either way, William seems like a jerk. From the things that he says to the way that he acts, he just seems like a controlling a-hole who thinks he knows better at everything than everyone around him, when really he’s just an entitled egomaniac with a skewed view of reality.

**Man, that’s been two William posts in two days. Hopefully we’ll have a Kate post tomorrow. She’s scheduled for the Place2Be Wellbeing in Schools Awards at Kensington Palace tomorrow.

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58 thoughts on “Prince William’s press office is a mess because he’s a “nightmare” who “won’t take advice”

  1. One of the keys I took was that Miguel Head “acts more like a friend than an employee.” That’s very telling. It is very, very difficult to be someone’s friend and work for them in a professional capacity. Not impossible but from personal experience, you have to draw very bright and clear boundaries. Professional and personal do not mix. If Miguel is acting more like Willy’s friend, no wonder he can’t get him to change his attitude or give him advice. This is Willy’s “I’m an ordinary guy, not a prince” B.S. getting him in the butt. He can act like a tantrumy five-year-old when he doesn’t get his way but he is still the Duke of Cambridge and should act like it. The Prince of Wales can act like a brat but I’m sure he’s in firm control of his office. The Queen is The Queen. Some new courtier once tried to ask her how her Christmas holiday was and was given the coldest stare this side of Antarctica. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Willy. You will destroy the monarchy.

    1. Oh for sure Miguel Head is nothing more than William’s Yes Man at this point. That’s why he is more friend than employee. William wouldn’t tolerate a friend telling him what to do or contradicting him in any way. His friends are nothing more than hangers on who tell him exactly what he wants to hear so they get to stay in his favor and reap the benefits.

    2. I think that both he and Kate suffer from the problem of having employees as friends. Because as you’ve said those “friends” aren’t going to say no. I thought this part of the interview that was linked below was very telling:

      In previous interviews you’ve talked about wanting to be in control of your own choices.

      I really do want to be in control of my own life. If I don’t agree with what someone’s saying, or someone’s pushing on me, then I won’t do it. If I’m wrong and they’re right and people tell me that, then obviously I’ll change my mind. I’m always open for people saying I’m wrong because most of the time I am. I hate losing control. It’s very important to see what you want to do and go for it.”

      The only problem with this as it relates to now is it seems he’s not even listening to those who are telling him he’s wrong and trying to correct it. Sad really, lots of potential there that is being pissed away because of an underlying enormous ego, probable stress from a marriage he doesn’t want to be in and a position he probably doesn’t really want.

      1. I think it’s interesting he says he’s wrong most of the time, but continues to do what he wants anyway, while knowing he’s usually wrong. Why not just listen to advice if you know what you think is probably wrong? Or was that some sort of fake self-deprecation to garner public support when he doesn’t think he’s ever wrong? Because he contradicts himself when he says if someone’s pushing him he’ll do the opposite, but when people tell him he’s wrong he believes them. That doesn’t make sense. What if those people pushing him are telling him he’s wrong about something, then what? He can’t both disregard what they say and listen to them.

        1. It’s all about the ego. Remember he and Kate are the university educated ones therefore they know best. How many times did he “joke” about Harry not having a degree? Having a degree doesn’t mean you’re all that smart, which he has proven time and again with the choices he’s made in his life. Basically, suck up enough to him, keep your mouth shut to the press and you can be his friend (if you have the right amount of money).

          1. I will say it is about ego, but I’m not sure it stems from him being university educated – at least not always. I’m sure the people they employ are also university educated (and in a field they actually use), yet Will still thinks he’s smarter than them. Sure, having a university degree gives Will and ego boost around people without one (not everyone he employs will have one, statistically), but I’m sure his press secretaries and such all have them, too.

            I do think it’s a royal thing a lot of the time around people who are not royal, but he also doesn’t respect Charles’ or the Queen’s advice either.

            And you’re totally right about what it takes to be his friend. He’s such a moron. He’s come out and said he “tests” people by telling them lies to see what ends up in the paper so he knows whom to trust. But anyone who wants to keep a friendship with him could just not run to the press right away, when he’s “testing” them, then they will gain his trust, and then they can use it against him later. That’s what Kate did. She gained his trust by not running to the press right away, then when she did run to the press later he believed her when she told him they were invading her privacy (because he would be eager to believe that anyway since he hates the press).

  2. Let’s not forget that in an interview William himself proudly proclaimed that he listens to the courtiers and then does the exact opposite! He was quite pleased with himself when he said that. sadly, I can’t for the life of me remember which interview it was. I just remember seeing it and thinking “why on earth are saying something like this in public, don’t you know it makes you look rather bad?”.

      1. There’s nothing for William to be proud about when his objective is to be “strong-willed” in the face of good advice, when it’s otherwise known as being pig-headed. He’s made it loud and clear how impossible he is to work for and is just digging his own grave.

        1. Yeah. When this article said “several well qualified candidates have been ruled out,” I feel confident the candidates ruled THEMSELVES out. Would you want to work for Will?

          1. lol, I thought that, too. Who in their right mind would want to work for pig-headed William?

  3. I watched a (not the whole entire) documentary of the official photographer for the royal family, don’t remember his name.

    He said Prince Harry was the happy-go-lucky child but not William, he was more like Diana. He was always pouting, his head down, getting attention etc…When I saw that I thought this is quite an insight into Prince William. As a kid he was already trying to get everyone’s attention or maybe he was just being difficult with the photographer or people who work under him.

    But then Princess Diana was very attached to William and he was the go to person for her for support etc… Maybe like mother like son.

    Another Di-Kate comparison and it didn’t come from me so all the Di fanatics, please don’t jump all over me.

    The photographer said that Diana wanted to be a superstar but Kate does not. Kate doesn’t want to be in the spotlight.

    I think it’s how you define “superstar”? To me Kate is doing a lot to keep up with the superstar celebrities by staying super slim with toned thighs etc..(I heard Victoria Beckham from an interview runs 5 miles a day to keep fit.) Maybe Kate spends all her time working out and doesn’t have time for doing her required engagements??? :))

    1. I thought Diana was overall an amazing woman and ten times the person Kate has been or ever will be. That being said, I’m not blind to her faults, and she did court and crave attention.

      Kate may have missed all the charity work/compassion of Diana, but she sure shares the attention-seeking side of her. Think of all the staged pap shots called in by the Mids before the marriage. Think of the constant “Marilyn moments” even after she was called out by the press for them. Thing of the constant manic grins whenever the camera is on her. These are not the actions of someone who wants to avoid the spotlight.

      1. I think she definitely wanted the spotlight for years, but maybe something’s changed recently. Like once she became a royal and realized how hard it was she didn’t like it and now she’s just trying her best to cope.

    2. I can believe Kate doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Her manic smiling, nervous ticks, rigid positions like the clutch crotch pose, and even the flashing are not necessarily indicators that she is seeking attention. They could be coping mechanisms or other psychological problems. If she was really concerned with being a star I think we would see more of her than we do. Considering that she’s been dating the Prince or married to him since 2002 we really haven’t seen a lot of her. It’s kind of counter intuitive to hide from your adoring fans and events where you get to be in the spotlight if you really want to be a star.

      1. I do think she wanted some form of celebrity. Why would she hustle so hard to get the ring from a Prince if she didn’t want the spotlight at all? If she just wanted to be a normal non-celeb, then she shouldn’t have married one of the most high profile princes around. She knew what kind of spotlight she would get by marrying him. So I do think she wanted the spotlight, but I think something may have changed recently. Like, once she realized how hard being a royal would be, and that her problems didn’t magically disappear when she married, she didn’t like it and now is just trying her best to cope with her self-induced stress.

      2. She and her family posed for paps. They requested pap photos for their family albums. She deliberately chose to exit clubs out the front door – into the sea of photographers – when the owners always offered her the back door so she could sneak out unseen. Have you seen the video of her giggling and laughing while making her way from a club into a waiting car? And taking pictures of the paps from inside the car? She has sought acknowledgement from the press for a decade.

        Kate Middleton may not like people paying attention to what she’s doing and saying NOW. How well is she doing this JOB vs. how much did she enjoy falling drunk out of clubs and vacationing for ten years. For the first time in her life she has a job, and her employers (taxpayers) are judging her work. I see that as a possible difference that might cause stress. That is negated by the multiple expensive vacations she takes each year, the luxury homes, and the 315 days of the year she doesn’t work.

    3. I read a report about William’s actions at a polo match once when he was small, and it said he basically acted like a jackass, running around and terrorizing everyone, and that Diana could barely control him.

      I think that’s interesting that the photographer said Kate didn’t want to be a superstar. It seems so opposite of what she was trying to do when she was still a girlfriend – calling the paps on herself and whatnot. If Kate didn’t want to be in the spotlight, then she shouldn’t have married a friggin Prince – one of the most high profile ones at that.

  4. Why doesn’t this surprise me? I’ve seen interviews and read biographies that all say how hard headed and stubborn William is. No offense to Diana, but sometimes I think that raising the boys to be “normal” might not have been the best idea for a child that will one day be King. To be king of England one needs a great sense of duty, service to others and self sacrifice, traits that William doesn’t display. While in many respects Diana did a lovely job raising her boys but don’t forget she also did a lot to undermine the royal family and I wonder if some of that disrespect for tradition and self sacrifice didn’t rub off on William.

    I was really hoping that maybe Kate would have a calming effect on William and his hatred of the media, but it seems that she really doesn’t have much a voice in their relationship. For all that has been made of this relationship being of “equals” it certainly does seem to be all about William, Kate must be tired of taking his emotional temperature hourly. 🙂

    1. I feel exactly the same way about Diana, Princess of Wales did and I don’t give a rat’s bottom if it offends her or anyone else. Willy is not “normal”. He never will be “normal”–unless he abdicates, which he apparently has told Harry he won’t do–and can’t expect to be. The monarchy has already faced enough damage from Diana and Sarah, Duchess of Freebie and Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie. If William and Katie’s idea of monarchy is to go on vacations and be hidden in seclusion, paranoid about a picture being snapped of their son in a public park, while expecting the British (and Australian and Canadian and New Zealand etc.) taxpayers to pay for keeping up their palaces, their limousines and their lifestyle, they will be in for a VERY rude dose of reality when they reach the throne. There won’t be a monarchy anymore and maybe the British people will be better off for it. It is absolutely absurd and people won’t tolerate it. People are already sick and bloody well tired of these two ingrate parasites as it is.

    2. I agree about Diana. She gets touted as a great mom, and I’m sure she loved her boys, but letting them think their privileged lifestyle was in any way “normal” was a mistake. Now they want all the perks without the responsibility. And they still don’t know what normal really is, even though she took them to see people who were homeless. There is no sense of duty with William, he still wants to go back to his childhood when he was “normal” and his mommy was still alive.

      I also agree about Diana influencing them to hate the monarchy. She hated Charles and the monarchy, and no doubt that hatred rubbed off. William grew up learning that the monarchy and men in grey were things to be thwarted. Hence why he doesn’t respect his advisers, and especially the ones from BP and CH.

    3. Diana didn’t raise them to be “normal” like everyone else, she wanted them to have aspects of “normal” in their bizarre life. She knew they couldn’t be like everyone else, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t go to the cinema or nursery school unlike previous generations of royals.

      She took them to homeless shelters to teach them their duty and tried to teach them to accept the media would be part of their lives. William failed to understand either lesson. Harry understood the duty part, but not the being nice to the media part.

      Diana didn’t hate the monarchy. She resented and hated Camilla (and Tanga, and, and, etc.), she loved the idea of Charles, she felt a duty to the monarchy, and she was a huge manipulator. She did a whole lot wrong, she did a whole lot right. Certainly not a saint, but she isn’t the sole reason why William turned out the way he did. Her death, the two decades of coddling and press coddling, HM and Charles letting William be work-shy and duty-free. All of those things have contributed to the pathetic manchild prince.

      1. Yes. But that has warped itself into the “leave me alone, I’m ‘normal”. They can’t have that. They are royal. No part of their life is normal. The Queen’s success to her reign is knowing who she is from a very early age. When she was a toddler according to one biography, she snuck away from her nurse and walked back and forth in front of the posted Army guards, while they executed “present arms” over and over. She was a toddler. When she was 10, a minor official called on her in Buckingham Palace. He warmly asked “How are you little lady?” The courtier behind him was frozen in terror. She gave the minor official the cold Antarctic stare, pointed at the floor and said “Bow boy bow,” like he was a dog. He later said she scared the bajabbers out of him and he bowed his behind off. When she walked by, courtiers put chin to chest and maids, ladies-in-waiting and nurses dropped to the floor in deep curtseys. Diana didn’t raise her children like that. That was the problem.

        1. “When she was 10, a minor official called on her in Buckingham Palace. He warmly asked “How are you little lady?” The courtier behind him was frozen in terror.”

          Isn’t there also a version of this story where she replied, “I am not a little lady. I’m a princess.” To which Queen Mary who was also there said, “She isn’t a lady yet but maybe she’ll be one one day” as in, “Be polite Elizabeth, no matter what, or I will publicly put you in your place.”

          1. That was a different story with the Lord Chamberlain greeting her. The one I’m referring to was some dignitary or official. She was a bit of a terror at that age; but she never threatened to have people killed by her “men” unlike someone else we know. Yes Queen Mary seized her by the hand, took her to the Lord Chamberlain and announced “This is PRINCESS Elizabeth, who hopes one day to be a LADY.” Queen Mary is responsible for the Royal Family being what it has been thought of until the Diana years. The Queen looks quite a bit like her and learned a LOT from her. Princess Margaret by contrast is said to have loathed her attempts to educate the girls in history, literature and politics, taking them to museums, and looked down on her b/c Mary had been “Her Serene Highness” at birth while Margaret was “Her Royal Highness”. Of course Margaret was a character too.

  5. I’m not surprised to read this. We’ve seen proof multiple times of how bad the Cambridge PR game is. Announcing news before Buckingham Palace, issuing conflicting statements, etc.

    “the Prince has made clear he does not want anyone who has worked at Buckingham Palace or Prince Charles’s office at Clarence House.”

    This makes zero sense to me, even for a spoiled brat like William. Wouldn’t you *want* someone who has experience working in your area? He’s a real head-scratcher. I don’t get why he seems so bent on doing things that don’t serve his image well, in a family business which has become nothing but an image game. Unless he’s so cocky and full of himself he feels he can do what he wants and not care about the consequences.

    1. That says to me that doesn’t respect the Queen or Charles, and certainly not their advisers. If we take into account what Lauri said about Diana’s influence over William, then William would have grown up being taut that the Queen’s and Charles’ advisers were there to be thwarted, rather than listened to.

      1. And yet he seems to have a genuinely good relationship with Charles, and to love his Grandmother. He puzzles me. Maybe he loves them but feels he doesn’t have to listen to them in any way? I don’t know about him. As much flack as Kate gets (and for good reason), I feel like William should be criticized more, since he is the one who’s a prince from birth. And he just isn’t (not here, by the media in general).

        1. I agree re criticizing William. For a long time I ignored him, and focused on Kate, but more and more I’ve been trying to be critical of him since he deserves it even more than Kate as he is the blood royal.

  6. KMR – you would know better then me – but what was happening in W&K’s life seven weeks ago? Is this when she cancelled her engagements supposedly due to HG? And now it is clear as day she doesn’t actually suffer from the condition? Common morning sickness, maybe, but not the debilitating disease known as HG. Right there is when I too, would hand in my resignation for another job so that when she did emerge looking the picture of health – I would be far away from the scene. Don’t know any HG sufferers who would be partying in NY in the December cold.

    As for William – That shot of him playing a video game favored by children, Angry Birds, and snort laughing – really made him look like an idiot. I can’t unsee it — and I will never forget it — that’s how I will remember him – as a boob easily amused by video games where you are throwing animals at targets. Completely clueless that throwing birds at buildings is quite at odds to the conservation message.

    How does one come to the conclusion that Diana did a wonderful job raising her sons? One is a blood thirsty military man (Anyone else see the video of Harry hunting humans in his helicopter?) and the other is stuck in a psychotic state of always trying to rescue her – he is actually training to be a pilot to rescue car crash victims. And they can’t find anyone to be their communications director — a sure sign that no one wants anywhere near these folks.

    1. Eight weeks ago was the most recent Tanna kerfuffle, and seven weeks ago Kate was pulling out of even more appearances. But there were reports over the summer that Perkins was stepping down in the fall. So Will and Kate knew Perkins was leaving months in advance and still haven’t found anyone to replace him.

      Eh, I don’t think it’s a problem that Will is amused by Angry Birds, there are millions of people who are amused by Angry Birds. It’s a dumb app you play to waste time while waiting for something more important. I’ve never played Angry Birds, but Plants V Zombies amuses me when I have some spare time to kill.

  7. I have been saying for a while that Will and Kate are going to self-implode. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. They clearly can’t keep it together and it’s beginning to show. The press can make or break you and they have yet to grasp this fact. Add to this that the courtiers are turning on them, and it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, kids.

    1. “It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.”

      Yep. If William doesn’t realize there are people who know PR better than he does, there will be no monarchy left when he becomes King.

  8. My first reaction was disgust at his alleged behavior. My second and far stronger reaction is sadness for him and his family. Maybe they are taking off the kid gloves to give him a reality check, which is what he needs. Maybe he’ll come up with the idea all on his own after said reality check that he needs a good, experienced PR team. Maybe once he has been derided in the press enough times he will listen to that PR team. I hope so.

    1. At some point when dealing with addicts, you realize that trying to help them is just enabling them, and you must step back and let them hit rock bottom and come to their own realizations. I’m not saying William is an addict, but that may be what’s happening here. His people have realized they’ve been enabling him for years and are stepping back and letting him hit rock bottom so he can come to his own realizations.

      1. IMHO that is one of the smartest things they’ve done. Let him realize what people really think about him in the press and public and he just might turn his attitude around. It will be a rude awakening to him, but he desperately needs it.

  9. Perhaps the Cambridge’s would prefer a foreign private secretary, they already have a foreign nanny. Could that be the reason they are visiting New York? Just kidding.

    I wish I could apply, it would be a joy to be able to tell them what they are doing wrong during the interview without fear of being fired. At least I leave the interview knowing I cursed them out lol.

    1. Oh Cali Gurl, I would love to tell them what asses they are being and how they are systematically destroying their life of privilege. Someone over there needs to grow a pair and tell William to stop acting like a spoiled child.

      1. You’re not the only one. But my talk would end with a hard slap in the back of the head and a swift kick below the belt to drive the point home.

    2. That would be amazing! I’d love the chance to straight talk William. And I’m American, so once the interview is over I can just come straight back to the US and he can’t touch me. Hahaha.

  10. Does anyone else remember stories of William as a child where when he didn’t get his way he used to threaten them saying “I will be king and I can cut your head off” or something similar to that? I guess William is still spoiled if theses rumors are true.

    I would not be completely surprised if they were true. I read in a kate biography that when they were dating William expected Kate to take note during his games and would be upset if she didn’t pay close enough attention. He didn’t want her socializing during his games in college but only focusing on him. Very spoiled child of him. Again though who knows if any of these stories are true. Who knows maybe William is a great guy?

    1. I read somewhere (on RD maybe?) that someone once tried to talk to Kate during a polo match and she said something along the lines of having to pay attention because she would be intensely questioned after the match and had to know everything about it. Nothing like being able to relax at a sporting event!

      1. I read that, too. I want to say it was in an actual paper because the person who talked to Kate was a reporter, but I could be mistaken.

    2. lol how funny would it be if the real PR trick was getting everyone to believe William is an ass when really he’s a saint. lol that would be funny, and show the true power of the press, but I don’t think that’s true.

      I want to say I vaguely remember stories of Will throwing the king thing in people’s faces, but I’m not sure.

    3. You do understand that no bio of any of them contains more than 10% of anything close to fact? And I wish people would stop infantilizing a 32-year-old. “Oh, William is so mean. William made her do it.” NO. She made these choices herself. She chose to pursue a lazy, spoiled, ill-tempered prince and CHOSE to build her entire life around him. He didn’t do that to her. She did.

      Kate Middleton decided that the ONLY thing of value in her life was “the Prince” (not the man). She worked her entire life around him. If he was interested in polo and she found it deadly dull, she’d pay strict attention, take notes, and use those notes to tell him how wonderful he was. It wasn’t William demanding she do it. She made the choice to put all of her life efforts into landing The Prince. She made that choice. HE didn’t make her do anything. “Oh, but if she didn’t do those things William would have dumped her.” So what? She CHOSE to debase herself for a decade to land The Prince. No sympathy.

      A cousin of hers was quoted as saying Kate Middleton has always struggled to pay attention and struggled to find other people interesting. Classic narcissist paired with another classic narcissist.

      1. I wonder if she’s having an “aha” moment where she realizes she threw her life away for the one she’s in now. Yes, she has perks, but her personal life appears to be not very happy. Could all be a front, but I don’t see either of them as award winning actors.

    4. To me, anyone who could jerk a woman around for a decade, complete with public gropings of other women’s boobs and periodic break-ups whenever he felt like it, is just not a good guy. Now granted, Kate stuck around for it and she knew what she was in for. But that doesn’t excuse him.

      1. Quite right. Which the mainstream press downplayed, ignored, excused away or suppressed b/c of who Willy is. Perfect nickname for him.

    1. Like how Katie announced her pregnancy to coincide with Harry’s Invictus Games? Of COURSE NOT! Uh… yeah. Assholes.

      1. Seriously. I know she had to cancel appearances and what not, but I still don’t think there was a need to announce the pregnancy early and especially right before Harry’s big event he helped bring to fruition.

    2. Ugh, Will is always trying to upstage Harry and/or put him down. I think Will knows Harry is a much better royal – and person in general, probably – so he feels threatened.

  11. Hey KMR, I just read an article that said the NBA donated $1 million dollars to get the Royals to appear at their game. If it is true, so much for it being in honor of a charity. It just proves more of the PR team, covering up the real reason they went to the NBA-they were paid to (even if it is a donation, it is still being paid to make a public appearance). I didn’t know you could hire the Royals:). No wonder they are saying it is to announce a ‘joint initiative between the royal foundation and NBA.” Please!! Here is the link to the story, if it is true? I don’t know what to believe really….

    1. $1 million?! The NBA sure is cheap, at least make it $5 mil. I guess the NBA helps so many other charities that they could only give $1 mil, still pathetic though.

    2. The report was originally from a Daily Mail article, which has now been changed. When I read the report earlier, I was wondering if they meant the joint initiative thing. Like, the NBA partnered with United for Wildlife for a joint initiative (that Will is attending the game to announce), and in doing so the NBA donated $1 mill to the joint initiative thing. Who knows. Now the DM article is saying the previous report of the NBA paying anything were wrong, that there was no donation, and they’ve issued an apology for it.

      The article also says the NBA are super excited because Will and Kate are such a huge PR “get”, but even bigger celebs attend games all the time. And more people care about the NBA than care about Will and Kate. So I’m questioning the validity of the “sources” – especially since at one point the DM even says “the friend” instead of “insider” like it was doing in other parts of the article. But who knows.

  12. Did Kate really decorate that room? It’s quite simple and clutter free which I like but it is lacking something. Willy strikes me as being very difficult. Kate seems to have tolerated so much and learned the ways of playing on an ego-maniac alpha male’s weaknesses (flattery, jealousy, challenges, teasing and making him feel inadequate) but what a hell of a lot of work. I guess the prize at the end of the tunnel of doom was worth it, and all the attention and feeling special and like she was the chosen one along the way kept her going. Still it must be a nightmare to be married to him, especially with his apparent emotional attachment to Craig. Kate seems very genuine and if simple then that’s the fault of her pampered upbringing. I like her. It’s very interesting to watch her lose herself in her goofy natural state but when she’s pressured or if what she wants is threatened I feel like she’s learned to be very competitive and a shark. It’s telling that she seems to have no female friends to speak of. Trust no one and stay close to mommy

    1. It’s lacking any spark of personality. Even a picture of the family or something would add some much needed flare.

      I think you’ve pegged their personalities perfectly. Except that I do think Kate is insecure a lot when out on her engagements – hence the crotch clutching and the security blanket hair.

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