Sofia Hellqvist joins tiara-clad Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia for Official Dinner

Sofia Hellqvist joins tiara-clad Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia for Official Dinner

Anyone want some tiara action from the Swedes? On Tuesday, November 18, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden held the year’s second Official Dinner at the Royal Palace (the first one was in March). The Dinner saw the King, Queen, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist greet representatives from the diplomatic corps, parliament, government, government agencies, science, sports, business, culture and the people who met the Royal Family on trips.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia Official Dinner at Royal Palace

Silvia wore a green silk satin gown with a bolero jacket with 3/4 length sleeves. She wore a similar (?) gown to the 2010 Nobel Prize award ceremony. The dresses look identical except for the color, which could be a problem with the photography and/or lighting. I want to say it’s the same dress seeing as in some photos of the 2010 dress it looks more green than teal like in the photo below. So either it’s the same dress or she has two of the dress in similar colors. Seeing as this is a tiara event, Silvia topped off her look with the Connaught Tiara.

UPDATE: I added more photos from 2010.  The palace website describes the 2010 dress as “emerald green” which is closer to the color from the photo above than the photos below, so I do think it’s the same gown and there was just a problem with the lighting/photography in the 2010 photos. /UPDATE

[Nobel Prize Awards ceremony 2010]

Queen Silvia green gown Nobel Prize Awards 2010[Nobel Prize Awards ceremony 2010]

The Connaught Tiara[The Connaught Tiara]


Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel Official Dinner at Royal Palace

Victoria wore an Escada gown that she previously wore to the inauguration ceremony of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands on April 30, 2013. Victoria tiara-ed up in the Steel Cut Tiara.

[Arriving at Willem Alexander’s inauguration]

Steel Cut Tiara[The Steel Cut Tiara]


Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist Official Dinner at Royal Palace

Sofia wore a red lace gown from Tadashi Shoji ($408 on designer’s website; $388 at Saks). The dress has a sheer embroidered layer of lace in a floral design over a nude lining, 3/4 length sleeves, bateau neckline, and a ribbon belt.

I know I said Kate Middleton looked matronly wearing an all lace gown, but I don’t mind Sofia’s lace – in fact, I think this is one of my favorite looks from her. The lace is in a vibrant color and doesn’t make her look like a 50-year-old Dowager Contessa in mourning. To be totally honest with you, I could see Kate wearing this dress. I think she’d look great in it. Lace still isn’t my favorite, but Kate loves her lace and if she’s going to wear it she might as well wear it in a nice color (also, she looks great in red).

Tadashi Shoji Illusion Lace Gown

Princess Madeleine didn’t get her tiara on at this event, but she will be all tiara-ed up for the Nobel Prize awards and banquet on December 10.  On December 11, she’ll be back in a tiara for the winner’s dinner. Yay, more tiaras to look forward to!

Here’s a picture of the floral arrangements:
Official Dinner at Royal Palace flower arrangements

Photos: / Getty Images

25 thoughts on “Sofia Hellqvist joins tiara-clad Crown Princess Victoria and Queen Silvia for Official Dinner

  1. You scared me for a second, I thought Sofia would be wearing a tiara and she isn’t a royal yet lol. Which reminds me to do some research of the Swedish Royal Family’s tiars to see which one Sofia may wear when she marries that gorgeous Prince Carl Philip.

    1. lol I’m glad she didn’t wear one tonight, but I’m wondering if she’ll wear one for her Nobel Prize attendance. I hope not. I don’t think she should wear one until her wedding day when she officially becomes a royal. My guess for which one she’ll wear on her wedding day is the Cameo Tiara, since that seems to be the tradition – though Maddie didn’t wear it for her wedding. Sweden has a lot of tiaras, so there are many to choose from.

      If you scroll down on this link there are a bunch of tiaras from Sweden.

      1. I doubt she will wear the Cameo Tiara, which has traditionally only be worn by princesses royal at their weddings except for Silvia who married a king, a very different situation. In that sense this tradition is comparable to the Danish wedding tradition of only the female descendants of Queen Ingrid wearing Margaret of Connaught’s wedding veil and the Khedive Tiara. The only outsider who has worn the veil at her wedding is CP Mary and she was marrying the future king of Denmark.

      2. Thanks for the link above, KMR. I don’t like the Cameo Tiara nor the Button Tiaras. I think Sofia will wear one of the fringe tiaras for her wedding.

    2. Hi Cali & KMR,

      Lol, I was rather bummed that Sofia didn’t wear a tiara. And thought that the Queen was being stingy about it. 🙂 I agree that the Cameo tiara would be the perfect tiara for her wedding to Prince Gorgeous and with her coloring she would really rock it.

      I think for this event she made a classic Middleton mistake, wearing her long, long hair down when an updo would have really looked better.

      1. I was surprised when I saw Sofia didn’t wear a tiara, because I thought she was going to after seeing Silvia and Victoria in them, but I do think it would be nice if the first time she wears a tiara is on her wedding day. Since she’s not a royal and is marrying into the royal family, the wearing of a tiara would be a nice visual marker to show the distinction between her time as a commoner and her time as a royal. But that’s just me.

        I actually don’t mind her hair down. If it had been up it might have made the whole look seem old due to the all over lace.

        1. Dear KMR,

          I certainly see your point about Sofia’s tiara wearing and the distinction between her as a commoner and as a royal. I know if I had access to a tiara there would be no way anyone could pry it from my head. Heck, I’d even wear it to the grocery store, commoner that I am 🙂

  2. When I saw the pictures on RD I thought Waity Jr! You’re right it is her style and she would’ve been smart to choose a more vibrant color, but then again obviously she’s not that smart. As for Ms. Hellqvist, how do you rank to go to an official royal function when you’re not technically royal yet? I’m still trying to figure that out.

    Gorgeous flowers and always love the tiaras!

    1. The moment I saw Sofia’s dress it screamed Kate Middleton to me.

      Sofia was also at the opening of Parliament and the Victoria Day celebrations. And she’ll be at the Nobel Prize functions. I, too, am wondering why she’s attending all these royal things. I mean, I realize she’s the fiancee, but there are certain functions I wouldn’t think a fiancee would be allowed to attend – like the opening of parliament. So I did some research on Daniel when he was a fiancee. Daniel attended a number of events when he was engaged to Victoria, but guess which events he wasn’t allowed at: the opening of parliament, the Nobel Prize functions, and the official dinner. All things Sofia has been allowed to attend. Clear favoritism there on behalf of the King toward Carl Philip and Sofia.

      1. Just to weigh in here, I think the reason why Daniel didn’t attend these events as a royal fiancee was due to his health. If I remember correctly he received a kidney transplant around this time.

        1. Ah, okay. I just looked for which events he attended and which he didn’t, I didn’t look up what was happening in his life at the time.

        2. It wasn’t just his health. It is not common protocol. I don’t think Chris was highlighted as the fiance. I’m going with the original guess – misogynist king still resents that the people of the country decided on equal inheritance rights and “stole the throne” from his previous and valuable boy child. He will continue to spoil C-P (and the Snake) because of it.

          I think the cameo is traditionally reserved for the heir (or the heir’s fiancee).

          1. I do agree about Carl Gustaf’s misogyny and his preference for his son. Order of Splendor says the Cameo was worn by two of Carl Gustaf’s sisters for their weddings, too. So I don’t know. I can’t wait to see which one she wears.

          2. In keeping with this topic, since Chris did not receive a royal title upon his marriage to Maddie (by his own choice) will he still be treated as a royal at these types of events?

            I find it interesting that in the British RF, women that marry into the family are not styled Princess their own name but Princess their husbands name but in other royal families that is not the case. Such as Princess Marie or formally Princess Letizia. KMR do you know the reasoning behind this?

          3. Lauri, turn safe search off on your computer and search for Sofia Hellqvist or Sofia Hellqvist and snake. Note, do NOT do this at work.

            These images and most of her past have been hidden from the Swedish taxpayers. Major tabloids are refusing to publish negative comments about her and are removing any historic negative comments about her.

  3. I don’t mind the red dress since the contrast lining didn’t waste the lace. I thought Kate’s black lace dress was such a waste since I couldn’t discern the lace on the bottom part.

    When you’re gonna be in a sea of penguins, why on earth do you wear black? I would chose canary yellow, hot pink etc to stand out. They don’t have to worry about the money. For us, we stick to black since we can recycle the dress for years to come, that is if we still fit in it.:))

    Now on to tiaras, Sophie the countess of Wessex, her tiara on her wedding day looked awful. I haven’t seen any more recent photos where it sits properly on the head.

    Fergie was given a tiara by the queen on her wedding day-heard it was not one of historical importance but just purchased for her. After the divorce, did she have to give it back to the queen? If she didn’t have to give it back, I suppose she is forbidden to wear it???

    1. From what I understand, Fergie got to keep her tiara since it was purchased for her.

      Sophie’s tiara was four different pieces put together to form a tiara, right? Yeah, it looks kind of off. She’s since worn some pretty tiaras. I love the Aquamarine tiara she wore to the Luxembourg wedding (I think).

  4. The lace dress would look great on Kate. She needs color. When she wears muted darks or black she looks washed out and lost in it. She only looks her best in vibrant bright colors. I love her in bright green and red

    1. Sofia’s dress would be perfect for Kate. I think Kate looks fantastic in rich reds. I love her in jewel-tone red, green, and purple. I’d say blue as well, because she does look good in a jewel-toned blue, but she does wear blue often. The other she doesn’t wear enough of.

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