Princess Charlene kisses Prince Albert for Monaco National Day

Princess Charlene kisses Prince Albert for Monaco National Day

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert Monaco National Day close-up

Princess Charlene made an appearance at Monaco National Day yesterday, November 19. Charlene is still pregnant with her twins and she’s looking pretty big now – she’s due sometime in December. I don’t believe Charlene attended the church service or the gala dinner, but she did make a balcony appearance at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco with Prince Albert. In a rare show of affection, Charlene and Albert kissed during their balcony appearance.

Photos of Charlene and Albert’s balcony appearance:

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert Monaco National Day full

Princess Caroline (Albert’s sister), Tatiana Santo Domingo (Andrea’s wife – she’s pregnant), and Andrea Casiraghi (Caroline’s son) attending the gala. Ugh, what is with the royals and their all over lace gowns recently?


Here’s Sacha Casiraghi (Andrea’s son) trying so hard to throw a Grumpy Face to rival Prince George:


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17 thoughts on “Princess Charlene kisses Prince Albert for Monaco National Day

  1. Little Sacha is without a doubt, the best dressed! I’m a sucker for chubby baby knees!

    I want so so so badly for the pictures/video to be wrong and, in fact, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are happy together… but the impression I always get is that she’s incredibly depressed.

    1. Sacha is adorable.

      I always think Charlene and Albert look awkward with each other, and yes Charlene does look sad most of the time. At least for the last six months I’ve attributed her sad-looking-ness to her being pregnant and probably dealing with morning sickness. But even before then she looked sad. Maybe she’s just not good in front of cameras and she really is happy?

  2. I’m sorry but that kiss made me go eeewww!! Those two just don’t seem to act natural together. They did before the wedding but since not so much. I agree with Liz and KMR, Charlene just has that look about her that says “Help Me, I’m trapped here”, she looked so much happier pre-wedding, before all the nasty rumors. I hope motherhood will bring her some happiness, if that is what is missing from her life.

    1. The kiss made me go “eeewww”, too. Mainly because Albert grosses me out a bit. Like, there is no way I’d kiss that, you know.

  3. Some people although extremely beautiful just have sad countenance by nature and Charlene is one of them. Some people even if they’re not beautiful nor pretty, just radiate liveliness and joy even without smiling.

  4. I’ve always wondered if the pre-wedding escape rumors were true about Charlene. She’s always looked so resigned and somber next to Albert. I think the pregnancy doesn’t help, but I hope she finds happiness while married or not.

    And SACHA is the next Grimaldi superstar. Those knees. <3

    1. I’ve wondered that, too. I mean, she stuck it out with him for a good number of years before they married – even through the revelation that he had a second illegitimate kid – so why would she suddenly try and bolt right before the wedding?

  5. Has Charlene has plastic surgery to her face? She’s looked different for a while (pre-twin bloat) – her lips particularly.

    No judgement, by the way, just wondering.

    1. I don’t know. I’m not great at telling when someone has had work done when it’s not obvious. But other people have mentioned it.

  6. So, Charlene is expecting twins? Sorry, I have not been following her. She looks huge!
    Albert gives me the creeps, too. Charlene looks miserable. But, who would be happy waking up to Prince Albert every morning?
    Little Sacha is just adorable. What a cute child. I assume the Royal Twins will be lookers, too.
    Sad, for Charlene, I think She really does look trapped.

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