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Rebecca Deacon getting married, dumping Kate

I’m fairly annoyed that KP hasn’t announced any more engagements for Kate Middleton for March, other than the ones we already know: a Service of Dedication on March 9, and the Paris trip on March 17-18 (whose itinerary has still not been released). The lineup for Commonwealth Day was released and neither William nor Kate is attending (although Harry is), and there is still no word on whether the Cambs will show up to the Irish Guards Parade on St. Patrick’s Day. Kate did a surprising number of engagements in January and February of this year, more than any other year she’s been a royal, but I guess we’re back to the same old routine. Boring. Anyway, there is news regarding Kate’s right-hand woman, Rebecca Deacon. Deacon is leaving Kate’s service after five years.

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Prince William’s press office is a mess because he’s a “nightmare” who “won’t take advice”

Prince William's beige room
[Because we all love Kate’s beige decorating style so much]

Once Upon A Time Prince William was the Golden Boy first child of the late Princess Diana. He was drooled over by millions of young girls (not going to lie, I had a huge crush on him circa 2002). The press fawned over him. Not so much any more. Slowly but surely the press has been taking off their Golden Boy gloves and talking about the Duke of Cambridge in an unfavorable light. Not only is the press mentioning William’s flaws, but the palace “sources” are talking negatively about him, too. That’s where this latest article comes in. According to palace “sources”, it’s been a nightmare trying to find William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry a new press secretary because William is a jerk who thinks too highly of himself.

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