Rebecca Deacon getting married, dumping Kate

Rebecca Deacon getting married, dumping Kate

I’m fairly annoyed that KP hasn’t announced any more engagements for Kate Middleton for March, other than the ones we already know: a Service of Dedication on March 9, and the Paris trip on March 17-18 (whose itinerary has still not been released). The lineup for Commonwealth Day was released and neither William nor Kate is attending (although Harry is), and there is still no word on whether the Cambs will show up to the Irish Guards Parade on St. Patrick’s Day. Kate did a surprising number of engagements in January and February of this year, more than any other year she’s been a royal, but I guess we’re back to the same old routine. Boring. Anyway, there is news regarding Kate’s right-hand woman, Rebecca Deacon. Deacon is leaving Kate’s service after five years.

Four months ago, 34-year-old Rebecca Deacon announced that she was engaged to Adam Priestley, after splitting with Nick Loughran (a former press secretary for William and Kate) in 2015.

A few days ago, the DM ran a story about how Rebecca is getting married later this month at the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace after Kate gave the go-ahead.

    “The Duchess has given the nod for the marriage to take place at the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, which can only be used by those with a connection to the Royal Family. The intimate ceremony at the chapel — where Prince George was christened in 2013 — will be followed by a champagne reception at St James’s Palace, and dinner and dancing for 120 guests at the Westminster Boating Base. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to attend. […] My source tells me: ‘Rebecca feels William and Kate have pulled out all the stops for them. Rebecca is down to earth, unpretentious and completely charming.'”

Now, Kensington Palace confirmed that Rebecca is leaving her position as Kate’s private secretary, saying in a statement:

    “After a decade of service to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Rebecca Deacon will be stepping down as Private Secretary to The Duchess of Cambridge. She plans to leave the household in the summer. Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and support Rebecca has provided over the past ten years, and wish her well in the next phase of her career.”

Rebecca first began working for the royals when she was a production assistant for the Concert for Diana in 2007, and worked for Sentebale before becoming Kate’s private secretary in 2012.

So Rebecca is leaving just about the time KP said William and Kate will totally increase their workload. Huh. I don’t have much to say, although since Nick Loughran ditched the Cambs last summer and now Rebecca is leaving, I wonder just how long Jason will last. He’s only been around for two years.

Hopefully Kate will get a more competent private secretary to replace Rebecca. Next, Kate needs to get a new hairdresser and stylist.

Rebecca Deacon

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  1. A: Why would she ask permission from Kate(&not HM or Charles) to marry at….StJP? B: What a revolving door of staff for just 6 years. C: Her replacement should be a royal household veteran (but they can’t seem to keep them), Will’s choice of young ‘uns isn’t working out well.

    1. The only thing I can think of is that Rebecca asked Kate and Kate asked whoever is actually in charge of that stuff. So Rebecca had to go through Kate to get permission to marry at the Chapel Royal.

      Rebecca’s replacement will probably be Rebecca’s current assistant. That chick will get a job upgrade.

  2. I assume any replacement will be as any of their staff save ELF and JLP…sycophants. William requires them all to bow and curtsy, even in private, after all.

    I expect Jason to make a run for it; it’s been a few years, it’s impressive on one’s CV, and now he can get a better paying job with clients who presumably listen to him.

    I wish Rebecca well in her married life. I’m sure having royalty on her CV will be great for her in the future!

    1. I used to think that they just hired incompetent staff (few exceptions) but I’m starting to wonder if working for them causes the decline. Jason was supposed to be some pr great. Haven’t seen gay side at all. So maybe working for people who have no interest in their “job” like reading briefs, prepping before hand, looking presentable-you’re like Meh, why bother? Or maybe they are just as bad to start off with because someone of quality wouldn’t want the position?
      I will miss the spot the ht mess that is Rebecca deacon pics tho =)
      the whole team needs to go. The day Kate was at some engagement the twitter peeps misspelled posies!!! Whoever is managing that is just as bad as the rest of them

  3. Seems like a pretty thankless job so I don’t blame her for getting out of there. Kate isn’t exactly a bright light that inspires.
    I also think we are going to see kate dress the same and have poorly written speeches so it will confirm Kate is the problem.

  4. Along with no new engagements announced, I realized that there have been no candid photos of Kate for awhile. No out and about photos or shopping photos. That is rare. I wonder if no one has spotted her, or the media is being kind and not printing them or people just don’t care about the candid photos anymore. I always like the candid’s so I find it interesting that we used to get a bunch and now I can’t remember the last time we had them.

    As for the itinerary not being released yet for Paris, it makes me think that they really are trying to pull things together to make it a worth-while trip. It is obvious the trip was planned so William could attend a match and now it appears they are trying to find other stuff for them to do. Kate and William also probably thinks with a ‘tour’ they don’t need to do anything else this month. Even though they only have a little over a month left to their big lead of up the marathon.

    1. Is Kate on a secret island getaway with her mother and sister topping up their tans for Pippa’s wedding? Or topping up the botox and fillers to be camera ready for Pippa’s wedding?

      1. I always wondered why Kate and her family are tanned all the time. They have to go several times the year on vacation, the sun doesn’t usually shine that much where Kate lives.
        It’s supposed to look chic because not everyone has the money to travel several times the year.Just the circles to which the Middletons always wanted to belong.

        1. I do not get why they tan so much. I had a friend that loved doing it so much growing up and she is 30 years old and has had several cancerous moles removed. That and then the leathery face that makes you look older as you age. Not worth it in my opinion.

      2. They have fake-tanned for over a decade at least. Pippa and Kate used to have a mobile tanner visit their apartment in London to give them spray-on tans. (Source: ‘As Kate re-emerges more tanned and confident, a new Middleton girl takes a bow’ by LAURA COLLINS and LOUISE HANNAH, May 2007).

        Fake tans can be very dangerous, leading to terminal skin cancer. Plus tanning destroys one’s skin. The Middleton women all look much older than they are, with leathery skin.

  5. What are the chances of Kate getting a proper Lady-in-Waiting to support her uptick in royal duties? Someone like, oh, I don’t know, sister Pippa?

        1. I think Pips would out-work her sister if Pips were the royal Middleton, but I don’t think she wants a full time job (considering how much she phoned in her book and how she hasn’t had a full time job) like being private secretary is.

          1. I agree. Pippa has a bit of a work ethic. However I don’t think Kate and Pippa are that close. I was surprised because Pippa would have been a natural choice. I think the relationship between Kate and Rebecca is professional. Kate can’t seem to make friends.

          2. I think they used to be close but don’t think so any more. You used to get pics of them together but now all I see are the creepy pics of pippa with her brother. I think William and Kate have isolated themselves away from his fam and with the exception of Carole, most of hers.
            Added that pippa got what they wanted-u really wealthy guy so it’ll be interesting to see if she continues with her heart foundation charity
            Same with William and Harry.

        2. With the up-coming marriage and surely pregnancy ,she will determine her time to her family , just like her mother or Kate if we woulld let her 😉
          I sometimes wonder what nerves they must have to live such a life, just granted by the money. We all should do it this way!

          1. To be quite honest I don’t like the Middleton’s way of getting husbands. I can understand from my grandmother’s generation not having enough money. All three grandmothers did not have much money but they worked. (One of my granddads married twice). I don’t think it contributed much to their joy. No that they were unhappy. But one of my grandmothers’ was much happier with her last boyfriend (can you say boyfriend when they are in their seventies?), than my granddad.

        3. Pip’s relentless ambition has only been in finding a wealthy man to marry. Power and money through marriage is all she’s about. Actually, it’s what the Middleton’s are about. They never want to earn their money, just leech off others’ money. All very Becky Sharp. Pippa will also need to produce a couple of heirs, pronto, to secure her future.

          1. It would seem the Cambridge’s keep losing staff every year just about. They need someone who knows what their doing and tells it to them straight.Can’t the queen send some help from BP for Kate?

          2. Are you aware that the Middletons have earned their own money through their business, Party Pieces? They are quite comfortable financially and earned it all themselves.

          3. BethNY: The Middleton wealth is smoke and mirrors.

            Not saying thry aren’t rich, but ‘wealthy’ is not their category.

            As for the value of Party Pieces, this article explains it better than i can:


            At every turn, starting with the education trust for the kids (not big enough to fund all the kids since Pippa required a Scholarship – sport), to the discounts they demand at every turn, before and especially after Kate’s marriage), to the careful cultivation of wealthy friends who lend them the use of properties and other materiak goodies to the lifetime ticket discount given to ex-BA employees, to the several mortgages on their home, their wealth is an illusion.

            ETA: never forgetting Uncle Gary, whose wealth IS genuine and who many suspect to be the true bankroller of the Middleton Royal adventures.

          4. Love the Becky Sharp analogy Jen! She’s my favorite little grifter in literature. Self serving to the bone but worked hard for it time and again. I am seeing the parallels here…

    1. Doubtful. This is another way W&K are secretly costing more money to the taxpayers. Ordinarily these tasks would be done by a lady-in-waiting, who does the job for free (with compensation for special job clothing iirc). Instead, these two pretend they are “normal” and don’t have things like traditional LIW – they charge the taxpayers for a personal assistant instead.

      1. It’s 2017. I think someone should be paid for their services. Not expected to work for free.

          1. Just because it traditionally is unpaid doesn’t mean it should be. Actually paying their employees is one way W&K are actually modernizing things, in a good way.

          2. It may be tradition but that doesn’t mean it can’t/shouldn’t change.
            Tradition-women earn less than men
            Tradition-yulin dog meat feastival in china
            Tradition-taiiji dolphin hunt
            These are things that have been seen as traditional but are now antiquated and need to change
            It’s no longer a “honor” to serve a Royal just because they are Royal. I get that they are usually women of the same background and don’t need a job but the only volunteering I do is for people/animals who need help.

          3. It’s a fine line though because another tradition that can change is the existence of royalty altogether and the money they receive to support their outrageous lifestyle.

            That said I don’t think that Rebecca Deacon’s salary was the most wasteful thing about the Cambridges.

          4. Was Diana’s LIW ( beckwith-smith?) who also I think was a PA, paid? I’ll bet quite a few who work for the younger members are paid, as well they should be, if only to broaden the circle from wealthy aristocrats.

        1. I agree, KMR. In the past, these unpaid people were members of the aristocracy and thought to be wealthy in their own right. In reality, not all of them were but they worked for free anyway, all for the honor of being associated with royalty.

    2. I don’t think I’d be interested in being my sister’s unpaid companion, but that’s just me. In fact, I’m not sure why any modern woman of means would be interested in the role of LIW.

      1. Exactly. It’s 2017. Women should be paid for the work that they do.

      2. What contemporary woman would be willing to cart coats and flowers around for years on end without pay? It may look good on a CV in such a class-conscious society, but really, how could anyone contemplate such a ‘career’? Better to pay someone as a Private Secretary and be done with it.

        1. Traditionally it wasn’t seen as a career, because they aren’t full-time positions and the duties are spread out among several women. I think HM has three.

  6. Glad to see Rebecca is leaving. Her skirts are always too short and she looks unkempt and frazzled half the time. I feel someone with more dignity and more professional clothing would help improve Kate’s image.

    1. Exactly. But I bet she doesn’t employ anyone intelligent and well groomed and professional and dignified as she might feel threatened! And who would she listen to anyway?

  7. The fact that they can’t retain staff should be a cause for concern. Royal staff have a habit of sticking around for 10+ years or more. I doubt any of their current staff will last to see them as Prince and Princess of Wales.

    1. I think Maria might but I think she will see her job as almost vocational. But the rest…..God they must have the job from hell pandering to Wails arrogance and Kate’s need to be looked after. No wonder Rebecca always looks so burnt out.

      1. How long do children have nannies? At what age are children normally sent to boarding school? If it’s say, eight-ten years of age, Maria may have up to 8 years of employment, should she be required or choose to stay. I imagine the children adore her.

        1. It depends a lot on the family Jen…..I imagine that even when the children are at Boarding school she would be there for half term, exeat weekends, school holidays. She might go part time even? Although I think the Cambridges might break with tradition here and not have George go until he’s 11 and maybe even have them go up as weekly boarders. 8 really is ridiculously young in this day and age. My school wouldn’t take girls below 11 unless there was an older sister over 11 and it was keeping the girls together. A lot has changed in Britain with a view to boarding schools. I wouldn’t even assume the children will automatically be going. I, for one, will be very pleased if the Cambridges don’t send them. Whilst I was very happy and thrived my sister did not. Decisions as to whether you send your children should be about whether it’s right for your child not form.

          1. Thanks for the info, Mrs BBV. I agree, it all depends on the child’s temperament and what is the best option as to type of school, let alone a boarding option. I’d be all for the Cambridge’s breaking with tradition if the children’s needs were considered before sending them to wherever their parents were sent.

          2. I boarded a couple of days and a weekend once when I was seven years old at my favourite school down in Cornwall. I did not like it but it made me more independent from my mother. I also learnt how to get along with other girls a bit more. I am in favour of weekly boarding but I wouldn’t want to do term boarding or be a pupil from abroad boarding. Each option is very different.

  8. In the photos RD looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes, her hair is messy and greasy looking and no make up?
    Mind you if I worked for KM I wouldn’t want to make an effort either, just follow the boss’s ethos and do the minimum.

    1. Maybe RD is pregnant and that’s why she is leaving so soon.
      To me she’s looking so very tired and burned-out in that picture of the last engagement (Visit of Ronald McDonald House)…. it’s possible she is in her first trimester of pregnancy, while many women are feeling so bad…

      But that’s all just speculation 😉

      1. Look I too have been pregnant, tired and also sick nursing a cold while pregnant. Also managed to work full time too. I never loooked dirty and sloppy the way Rebecca does. I trust that she will probably the same on her wedding day.

        1. Oh I think she’ll scrub up beautifully when she makes the effort and she’s putting herself first and isn’t wet nursing Kate. Hope so. Every bride is beautiful on her Wedding day. Xx

          1. I hope Rebecca has a great day too, and I’m sure she’ll look lovely.

            It’s very draining to work for someone who just isn’t up to much and has an ego that needs continual massaging; the bar gets lowered to just getting through the day without major gaffes. I’m inclined to give Rebecca more of a break than others do. I imagine there’s not much energy left for Rebecca to see to herself after looking after Kate.

    2. Your assessment of rolling out of bed and throwing on clothes is fairly accurate…for a lot of Europe! Having lived there, I can say that looking perfectly made up (clothes, shoes, hair & makeup) is not the daily norm – and almost universally a sign of a tourist!

      Firstly, there is a lot less closet space, so having an extensive wardrobe isn’t possible or practical for the majority, so they focus on quality over quantity. Secondly, think of all the photos of pre-wedding Kate, Pippa, Jecca, etc. as they attend weddings – they are dressed nicely, but their hair is not perfectly styled, and can even be called messy by some standards. Compare photos of Kate “glamming up” after she got the ring and title with photos of her beforehand.

  9. Good luck to Rebecca and her upcoming nuptials. I wish her every happiness. I wish that I could say that she will be missed. Her work attire was atrocious. I know that I went in on her several times, but it frustrated me to no end. Unfortunately people judge at first glance. I’ve always wondered about her work. We know Kate isn’t prepared. Is it because Rebecca didn’t complete a recce or she did and Kate ignores it? We will never know. Also, we’ve seen some of Kate’s letters to her charities and such, which are interesting….and probably written by Rebecca.

    I agree that Jason will be gone before 2020. They aren’t keeping staff and that’s troublesome. They need to find a professional and competent team who aren’t afraid to tell W+K no.

    Lastly, I suspect W+K are on vacation somewhere. Prepping for Paris is hard work as it is a far trek and they have a strenuous schedule. Insert sarcasm.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. Every other Royal has taken a vacation this year, so if W&K do take one I won’t be surprised or upset about it.

      1. I will be if it’s what is causing them to miss the Commonwealth Service next week. And we do know how they like to have a pre tour and post tour rest. Even if the tour is two days and an just one overnight? Oh yes!

        They had better do the Irish Guards gig before they fly off to Paris too. Funny how a weekend in Paris for most people is lighthearted R & R. I mean how onerous can going to the rugby, meeting your lawyers and attending a black tie dinnner be?

        1. If I were William and Kate, I would have taken my vacation this past weekend. 1) It’s the longest amount of time off Kate has had since she got back to royal duties this year (9 days between her last engagement and the next one on Thursday). 2) Everyone was paying attention to Harry and Meghan in Jamaica, so no one would have been paying attention to William and Kate slipping off to where ever. It would have been the perfect time to vacation.

          1. I totally agree but we know they are either badly advised or ignore advice so I imagine they will just do as they please as they always do. Harry’s back on parade next Monday at the Commonwealth service. Do you know if William has been seen at a public event with the PoW this year? Or when was the last time William was with the PoW at a public event? I want to watch the body language between those two very carefully. I’m still convinced there has been a major bust up there that is not yet reconciled. Xx

          2. I shall be hawk eyes. No doubt getting it completely wrong but I shall be looking all the same. Are Kate and Camilla attending? Xx

          3. Ooooh that should be fun. I love watching Harry with PoW because there is such a warm connection between them. I saw some gorgeous pictures of Harry helping PoW button his ceremonial gloves after one service. Really tender photos that made my eyes prickle when you think what they had both gone through to get to that point in their lives. And I love watching Camilla smoothing all the troubled waters around her like a battleship in full sail. I was lying in bed last night thinking how much Harry might be like a young Henry VIII and what Henry VIII would make of a modern monarchy in 2017.

          4. Henry VIII would have a hell of a time dealing with a recession. He took a surplus left to him by Henry VII and ran it into the ground. Henry VIII also would have a hell of a time dealing with the fact that he would be beholden to the press and public. He would be worse than William with his overspending and hatred of being called out by the press. I would hope Harry is nothing like Henry VIII.

  10. This is where I am always baffled by William…no Commonwealth Day appearance? He’s the future king! I would imagine it would be his duty to go to something like this.

    What is the excuse? I imagine it’ll be something like security, like how family members used to fly on separate planes in case something horrible happened. But, for countless other major events, all royals are present.

    I know there’s been talk that after the Queen passes, the Commonwealth will break apart, but Charles is at least making a good effort and being a terrific diplomat. His son? No. Yet, the royal family is confident Will be be a wonderful diplomat for EU/Brexit? It’s so strange. There’s a big disconnect there.

      1. The Queen’s arrogance in forcing an hereditary solution on the Commonwealth is insulting and completely unnecessary. But it is a revealing attitude in (a) using her position to grab every advantage for her family and (b) still living in a bubble where she can pretend she has an Empire. Sadly, no-one will have the balls to stand against Charles while the Queen is alive. The UK will need Commonwealth countries more than ever for trade – the insulting, never-gonna-happen idiotic ‘Empire 2.0’ – after Brexit. Commonwealth countries will install their own heads of state after the Queen dies, though will stay in the Commonwealth for trade reasons.

        1. Unlike a lot of other people, I detest QEII. She is a prime example of someone who has neither intelligence, skill, talent or the temperament to be a leader, given the position of leader because of being of “royal blood”. She is the epitome of celebrating mediocrity. The only thing this half-literate Lilibet has ever done is stealing more power and money from the public to pad up her and her family’s lifestyles. The only thing she is known for is her long life. Frankly, Diana achieved more in her short life than this Lilibet ever has or ever will. And please…what hard work does she do? Just playing in her little red box?

          1. I agree with you and Jen and I’m so glad you said it. The queen looks cute and inoffensive in her multi-coloured pastels and whimsical hats. But underneath it all she is entitled, grasping and greedy and definitely puts family and power above country and people. W/K are the blatantly venal and feckless end product.

            It also irks me no end that she is hanging onto the throne by her claws while Charles twiddles his pre-regal thumbs. There is something stubborn and callous about her need to keep Charles (the moderniser) shut out so she can hit some historical milestones and pretend it’s all about her vow. Rigid doesn’t half explain her attitude.

            The only thing I love about her is her bling. But take away her bling and, indeed, “she is the epitome of celebrating mediocrity”.

          2. I loathe the sycophancy around the BRF; it is undeserved but also distorts and obstructs the real truths about this monarchy.

            People are overly sentimental because of the Queen’s age, plus the fact that she has been a familiar and all-pervasive presence in their lives amid much societal turbulence.

            I agree that she has damaged Charles’s life by hanging on so long. If she needs to transfer so many of her duties to him and to others, it’s time to step down.

            A principal issue is her refusal to be transparent with public monies. The public funds allocated to BP’s ongoing maintenance over years but diverted to personal use is a case in point; it is fraud and should be treated as such. But it doesn’t stop there. As Maven says, the Queen has lined her family’s pockets at the expense of fellow citizens, and refuses to be accountable. But Charles acts similarly, and wants the publicly-owned Duchy of Cornwall for himself. The greedy are a constant burden to others. SMH.

          1. Kitty, that’s ultimately up to the UK people to decide. I don’t understand their affection for such a system, but it’s their choice. When/if it is made, I hope it is done with full, truthful and transparent data so that an informed decision can be made.

  11. Good luck to Rebecca Deacon on her engagement and wedding. Perhaps Rebecca is expecting but whatever the circumstances I wish her well. I think that despite everything for example sometimes Rebecca has been better dressed than Kate. Yes rather messy hair and inappropriate clothes but Rebecca has been there helping Kate and doing I suspect a lot of the preparation. I have actually liked Rebecca’s clothes sometimes more than Kate. Rebecca really does deserve marrying in St James Chapel.
    It is a shame that Rebecca cannot work just for Harry. The fact that staff keep leaving so soon is worrying but Rebecca has worked for Sentable so maybe she will go back to that.

    1. Maybe Harry is unhappy at her original defection from Sentebale and wouldn’t want her back? It seems to me Sentebale has accomplished more since she left (and he hired the Oxfam person).

      1. I don’t know. I would have thought working for Harry would be easier. Or maybe that is cheeky to say. I know someone who worked for HM and left. The pay is not that great but you get perks.

        1. Laura what perks did the person you know get? I hope you don’t mind me asking. I know they don’t get paid well, but I have never talked to anyone who actually worked in a royal household, so I was curious what it was like.

          1. Not at all Overit. I think if you had been in service for a year you received a Christmas pudding, at Christmas. The use of seats at Twickenham, Wimbledon etc in the royal box. That is all I know. The friend had her photo taken with all the staff and royal family. Well HM and the Duke of Edinburgh.

          2. And some get room and board wherever they work, so you don’t pay rent or whatever in London but get a room at BP.

  12. Royalcentral has the itinerary for the Paris trip. 5 engagements (meeting with a government member, reception, black tie dinner on FR, visiting “Les Invalides” and rugby on Sat), arriving Friday afternoon, leaving Saturday after the rugby.

        1. I think Kate thinks very highly of herself and for someone to give her an honest opinion would easily but them out of favor.I do find it odd that she doesn’t have not even one good girlfriend outside of Pippa &Carole. Does she have any friend’s that aren’t Williams from her life before meeting William?

          1. And Emilia got her to meet William in high school, they didn’t meet at uni but Kate made friends with Emilia to get into that class of people… Highgrove parties…

    1. Women of the World is Camilla’s patronage. So I don’t think it would have been great for Sophie or Kate to be there.

      1. I can see your point that it’s Camilla’s charity so why should S or K show up but I meant more in a “all the royal women being coming to together to honor women” or at least “all the married in royal women…” type of thing.

        1. To me, having Kate at a celebration of international women’s day would be laughable. IMO it’s celebrating something that is the antithesis of what she is.

  13. I believe that only members of the royal family can be married in the St. James Chapel and all others require special permission from the RF. I just hope Rebecca washes her hair on her wedding day! She is a total schlump!
    I doubt Rebecca’s replacement will be any better, since the Cambridges forte is mediocrity.
    If Royal Central is correct and the D & D of Frumpbridge are arriving in Paris during the afternoon, then I would hope that should give them the morning to do their thing with the Irish Guards.
    I agree with those who think W & K have been on vacation since their last appearances or maybe they are planning a quick vacation since they will not be at Commonwealth Day. Maybe we will get to see some cheesy posed family pictures with the elusive George and Charlotte. I am an American, but I just feel that if you are heir to the throne and the future of the monarchy (hopefully) , then this is an event you should be at come hell or high water. The way I see it is that Kate and William are just arrogant and lazy and further complicating matters is that they think they are smart but in reality neither are very intelligent people.

    1. +1. I agree. I’m in Canada but if I were a UK citizen, I’d want a return on my investment. I’m sending you my hard earned money, I’d like to see you out and about making the community a better place

      1. One thing is for sure if they don’t put in a showing at the Irish Guards they will get anilated by the public. You can screw up but you do not ever let your armed forces down in this country and get away with it.

          1. If W&K are scheduled to be in Paris in the afternoon, then they could go the Irish Guards in the morning.

    2. Nah, Kate will have to prepare for her trip to France, it’ll take ages to get those wiglets right, why would they show up to the Irish Guards?

      If they do I will eat my hat.

    3. There is now over six years evidence showing William and Kate’s consistent disinterest in anything approaching work. I don’t understand why UK people doesn’t call this couple out for their utter contempt and greed.

      You’re right in that W+K think they’re intelligent though their actions suggest the opposite. But no-one is ever going to tell them they are inadequate so Brits will have to suck it up until they decide to give them the flick.

      1. How perfect–now we can expect even more highly edited, completely scripted, totally manipulated, artificial royal “realism”. Sigh.

        You can bet that she will do more to exploit the stories of people served by the charities in order to up the profile of the royal foundation itself. A nice little trick to make the public feel more engaged with and connected to a fake, exaggerated image of the Cambridges.

        1. And Harry. It’s the Royal Foundation of the Cambridges and Harry. So Harry also benefits from this new person.

          1. Yes, most definitely. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave Harry out. He will benefit if all the flash and glitz can cover up a lack of time devoted to his charitable work. But I don’t think that his connection to Sentebale and his veterans’ charities is fake. Unlike William, whose only passionate charitable interest is intertwined with Jecca, and Kate, who needed a royal title and intense public pressure to even try to appear interested in others.

            But the more I’m learning about Lorraine Heggessey, the more I’m curious as to how Kate will respond to her. On LinkedIn, Lorraine claims to be a motivational speaker and has served as a mentor for women in business. She’s tweeted about the need to take risks. She’s vocal about women’s health issues. Will she be able to get Kate to become more regularly involved with her charities? Might Kate actually develop some leadership skills under her guidance? Or will Lorraine find her efforts thwarted by headstrong, spoiled, work-shy royals, who only want the royal foundation to give an illusion of generosity, devotion and dedication, not requiring anything more than celebrity appearances?

            Anyway, no matter how Lorraine pitches Kate, William and Harry to the public, no matter if she even motivates them to spend hours a week with their charities, if the royal foundation does not start giving a much larger percentage of their donations directly to the charities, then the foundation itself is not much more than a self-serving scam. And no distortion of reality can hide that ugly fact for long.

  14. Being in the UK, for a while. Most people love the Cambridges. Charles not so much. They would love to skip Charles. Cambridges can do no wrong.
    Pretty sad? When I discuss with people them it becomes a losing battle. When you talk about George and Charlotte, they do agree we don’t get to see much of them, and they are to shielded.

    1. Blimey Fiona where in the UK are you? Most of the media and the public are muntinous about William & Kate’s work ethic, the lack of support they give HM and they are as unpopular as I have ever heard them be since they married. Even Harry who a year ago could have walked on water is getting a tough time of it. William is generally considered to be arrogant, lazy and not wanting to be King. Kate is seen as vain, mollycoddled and false with ideas of grandeur, desperately trying to sound like she belongs. I kid you not but your assessment that they can do no wrong is in reality the complete opposite. At the moment they can’t do a thing right and they don’t even appear to care enough about doing the right thing either.

      1. All my British friends adore W&K and think they can walk on water a la Saint Diana. My family as well who are in the north of England and Scotland (and some cousins in Cardiff!).

        Charles is seen as an evil murderer at worst, and a totally out-of-touch lunatic at best.

        1. I’m really surprised. I suppose it should teach me that the Daily Mail comments board is not really an accurate barometer of national sentiment……as hilarious as it can be.

  15. Can’t say I am too sad to see Rebecca leave. I do wish her a lovely wedding and a happy marriage, though.

    I doubt she really did that much for Kate — or,, as others have written, Kate never took her advice and assistance very seriously.

    Kate and William need a top notch staff inspire those two to work! I am sure that others have made the attempt, but gave up when advice was not followed.

    Rebecca’s appearance — always so messy– was a major distraction, I believe. It seemed that she did not take her role seriously and that is just not right. However, I am sure working for Kate was not easy. So, a Happy Wedding to Rebecca and her fiance and onward to a more professional office for W and K. I agree, Jason isn’t long for his gig, either.

    W and K just seem to coast by and I’m surprised they have gotten away with such demeanor for so long.

    1. I haven’t read the article but I think it’s a well known fact (and many articles written about)that in Africa and India a huge portion of the attrition rate for girls in school is due to lack of sanitary pads/tampons and bathrooms for them to change them out. There are several campaigns now to help provide them. UNICEF is one I can name top of my head

      1. I don’t know if I’d say it’s a well known fact, just given how woefully ignorant a lot of people are about women’s issues in general, let alone issues that Indian and African girls face. UNICEF is doing a lot of great work, along with a number of organizations that are mentioned in the article that Meghan Markle works with. Hopefully having someone who has very recently reached a heightened level of visibility in the public eye highlight an issue like this will bring it to the attention of people who could use some educating.

        1. I just read her piece and I would say she read the same articles that I did last year

          And it’s not just talking about the stigma of menstration, Schools with no bathrooms and girls who can’t afford or don’t have access to sanitary supplies they need, you’re getting into economics of a region.
          And yes these are all important issues but as I stated, I was reading these articles last year so she’s not revolutionary in her cause but just regurgitating old articles

          1. Girls missing school because of menstruation is a thing that happens in the US, too. And yes, once you’re past the “end the stigma” line of discussion, you’re getting into economics and politics, and religion. It’s poorer girls who don’t have the ability to buy menstruation products. But there are girls whose periods are extremely heavy and extremely irregular who need medical intervention (birth control) to fix, which poorer girls wouldn’t be able to afford, especially if they don’t have insurance or if insurance won’t pay for it, and many people are against because of religious reasons. So it’s not just a stigma issue here, it’s a hot button political one, too.

          2. Indeed. She read the same articles you did but decided to actually do something about it. It’s great that she’s using her newfound celebrity to shed light on a worthy, if “unglamorous” cause.

          3. Like I said, I think it’s a very positive thing that someone with her level of fame is highlighting an issue as important as this. And in no uncertain terms. The article was concise and to the point. That’s what you want when your aim to capture the attention of people who normally wouldn’t be reading about something like this. She’s not writing for people like me and you who already have an interest in these kinds of issues. It’s sound like we both understand the complexity of this issue, but I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone, not even an expert on the issue, to be able to capture its complexities in one magazine article. It may not be “revolutionary”, but it’s a hell of a lot more useful to the cause than 35 minute appearances at charity events.

          4. Jen thanks for the link! It makes me so mad that I can’t buy tampons with my fsa but other random stuff is okay grrrr

    2. This is a prime example why Kate’s Vogue spread was such a disappointment. She could raise awareness about a topic so easily with an article. Meghan’s article will be read by many who have not followed third world issues. It will likely inspire some to give money or donate sanitary supplies. It will be a positive. To me, Kate is too often a neutral. I don’t get excited about her causes because she seems a bit bored by them herself.

      1. I agree. I don’t understand why she can’t have more of a definite “position” on relevant social issues or use her fame to highlight specific issues. The mental health initiatives are good, but she should pick something specific to really highlight and devote her time to highlighting. Yes, MH issues are taboo, but I’d venture to say talking about periods may be even more so.

        1. What IS Kate really interested in? Didnt she study History of Art at Uni? Doesn’t she have any passions and want to support any groups in a higher profile way? It could be the Arts or music or charities to do with children or adults. Would just love to see her passionate and personally interested and motivated by something.

    3. I wonder if her attachment to Harry is what got her the publication in TIME.

      It’s an important issue to be sure, but I am super cynical. lol People know who she is now as Harry’s gf. It is GREAT for her media image.

      1. Right. And shedding light on an issue as critical as this is great for young girls in Asia and in Africa. Surely you can see past your cynicism long enough to acknowledge that.

        1. Oh, I think it’s good, but I’ve heard about this sort of thing for years and have known of charities who promote helping these girls in such areas. I actually think royals should get involved with things like this. It’s, as KMR said, not just a thing that happens in poorer countries. My periods have totally interfered with my life in a bad way, I’ve had to take time off school and work because they are so horrendous, and I was lucky to have access to things like tampons and stuff. (Birth control makes me an emotional basketcase, and didn’t help the heavy periods, but I know it helps for a lot of women, so does IUDs and ablation.)

          It is great there are charities and groups in Africa working to help these girls so they can keep up with their education. We take our sanitary products as just another part of life but for them it’s life-changing.

          I just find it odd they had Meghan of all people be the one to write about it, thus the cynicism.

          1. She works directly with an organization that is working to solve this issue in India. She specifically talks about that in the article. I suppose that’s why they chose her to write the article. That and the fact that her name will lend to people actually reading the article.

    4. Thanks Halfofone for the very interesting and informative article by Meghan Markle. I didnt know how tough it is for these girls. I cant imagine not having access to pads or tampons. Im going to investigate and see if I can help them in any way.

      1. I think at this point Meghan it’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. I had zero clue about this issue in the developing world, so I’m happy to have found about it. Meghan is a different animal then Kate, so I think in many ways it’s unfair to compare them. Kate was a girl wanted to marry her man and have kids … (that’s it’s, which is fine) Meghan seems to be the girl who is very ambitious/hungry for achievements in everything that she approaches, that’s why in spite of being a D list actress, she has a blog, clothing line, pursues humanitarian issues, meets and dates a prince. Like I said different animals, in my opinion the beauty is, that women can choose.

        1. Except that just staying at home is not an option when marrying into the Royal Family. Kate should have married a non royal aristocrat if she simply wanted to be a lady who lunches. She did not. And growing up in the U.K. she can’t pretend to be unaware of how many engagements the BRF attends, especially with all the publicity Diana received.

          1. Given how work shy Will is, I wonder if he told Kate that she wouldn’t have to work a lot. And when she did have to work, it would only involve smiling and getting dressed up. I see Kate believing that because she hangs on his every word.

  16. Good luck to Rebecca. I think William and Kate need more of a Mary Poppins nanny working for them rather than another powerless LIW or private secretary. They need someone to call them on the carpet and tell them to stand up straight, straighten their clothes, pull down their skirt hems, stop flashing everyone including God, behave, show up and be interested in their work and responsibility. Since they behave as arrogant and entitled children, they really should get what they deserve. (Sigh) They won’t, of course…but it would be very nice to watch it play it if only it could happen.

      1. Appallingly Kitty, she fell out with nearly all of them. Famously employed periods of not speaking to tnem for months on end until they could stand it no more and left. Very hot and cold with them. Your best read is Patrick Jephson for the way she treated her staff, some of if it is pretty unedifying. Capable of great acts of kindness and great acts of malice.

        1. Mrs BBV really? I always thought she was the nicest and sweetest person ever? How many staff did she have as a royal?

          1. It varied enormously from marriage to the end of her life Kitty. She was a sweet, thoughtful girl but she had a very dark side too. Usually at times of intolerable stress in her personal life she lashed out at those closest to her, her staff. It’s one of the reasons she was so complex.

            When she was nice she was very, very nice but when she was bad she was horrid.

          2. Diana treating people terribly is “human nature” and “no one is perfect”, but Camilla supporting women 30 years after having an affair is a horrible hypocrite?

          3. No….and I think that was one of the reasons that people loved her, that she was far from perfect and had flaws. She certainly was no saint but more an emotionally damaged and fragile young woman who lashed out when her back was up against the wall, or if she felt it was. I certainly think moving in Royal circles would send the sanest persona a bit potty, I mean it’s hardly a normal life as we know it, is it?

          4. To sum up Mrs BBV’s comment regarding Diana and her staff…..the nickname for her office was ‘revolving door office’ meaning her staff came and went so frequently that it felt like a revolving door.

            This freelibrary article sums it up beautifully.


            This article from 1985


            This scathing article about Diana in 1996

    1. Whenever I see Kate in a big hat I think it’s to mask recent Botox =)
      I’d say they’ve been skiing =)

      1. We have to think differently regarding these two, well actually Harry too.

        It’s not that they go on holidays to ski, or in Harry case, to Norway, Jamaica, Toronto, Africa, etc and then hole up at their respective homes. It’s that they ‘interrupt’ these private activities every now and then with a few public engagements as proof they ‘care’.

        But yeah, I recall last year’s hat to disguise the need for hair to be re-coloured so I have the same reaction as you.

  17. Looking at the photos above, I am intrigued by the one in which Kate appears to be examining some of the trinkets she has been given by people. She looks so darn smug and snooty. I really felt sorry for Rebecca, who was standing there with the flowers. Kate must not be easy to work for and I guess over time, Rebecca just threw in the towel.

    I do think that Rebecca could have been more polished in her appearance, but I think she may have been burned out. So, onward to better days, Rebecca. Hope you will have a happy wedding day and a happy marriage.

    Kate and William need stronger minded people working for them. But, I guess that won’t happen. After all, they are choosing people who won’t do more than yes them to death. Shame, isn’t it?

    And, as others mentioned, and I don’t know if I should be speculating, but I have a feeling Rebecca may be expecting. If so, congrats and best wishes.

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