Crown Princess Victoria at Baltic Sea Future: ‘man is a danger to the sea’

Crown Princess Victoria at Baltic Sea Future: ‘man is a danger to the sea’

Yesterday, March 6, Crown Princess Victoria made her first engagement of the year when she gave the opening address at the Baltic Sea Future conference.

Victoria at Baltic Sea Future March 2017

The Baltic Sea Future conference, held at Stockholm International Fairs, is a multidisciplinary congress, initiated by Stockholm University, Stockholm City, and Foundation Sustainable Seas. The conference aims to support municipalities in their decisive role in the Baltic Sea environmental program. The 350 participants are mayors from municipalities around the Baltic Sea, officials, scholars, and business representatives.

Victoria, as ambassador for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, gave the opening address, and spoke about the danger the Baltic Sea is in and how only humans can undo the damage that we’ve done to it.

    “A while ago, I came across an old poem. It was written in 1858, by a young man called Oscar Fredrik. He was also known by another name: Prince Oscar of Sweden, and later, King Oscar II. He was my father’s great-great grandfather. And the poem was called Östersjön – the Baltic. I would like to read you the first verse:
    “Oh distant blue sea, that for thousands of years
    Has broken against northern shores,
    Crashing free every spring,
    To claim freedom that ever is yours;
    I sing you my song, for I long to be there,
    As the waves break onto the rocks.
    “Almost 160 years have passed since the poem was written. But my ancestor’s words still ring true as they describe the beauty and the power of the Baltic. But as we all know, much has changed. That is why we are here today. And that is also why I, in my role as advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, have chosen to focus on issues such as water and health. The Baltic has a special place in my heart. It is an integral part of my heritage.
    “One underlying theme in Prince Oscar’s poem is the dangers of the sea – the threat it poses to man. He writes of a sailor fighting for his life against the raging dark waters. Today, the tables have turned. Now, man is a danger to the sea. Filling it with plastic, poisoning the fish and suffocating the sea beds.
    “The facts are only too well known: Every year forty tonnes of microplastics from personal care products are released out into the sea. In Sweden, children and women of childbearing age are advised to limit their consumption of fatty Baltic Sea fish to no more than two or three times a year. The Baltic Sea is home to seven of the world’s ten largest marine dead zones. All the while, coastal erosion is eating away at the shores along the Baltic, the damage being speeded up by the effects of climate change.
    “Throughout history, the Baltic Sea has often been a battleground. Nations have gone to war against each other. Today, we are fighting a different kind of battle. Countries along the Baltic shores are joining forces, working together across the sea that unites us. This congress is an excellent example of this, with decision-makers, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors coming together to find new ways forward for a sustainable development in the Baltic region.
    “There is no doubt that humans and our way of life are a hazard to the Baltic Sea. But we are also the ones who are capable of saving it: with commitment, collaboration and innovation.
    “I would like to thank you all for being here and for generously sharing your valuable knowledge and best practices. I want to urge you, every one in this room, to please make the most of this opportunity. Use your time wisely. Because when it comes to the future of the Baltic Sea, there is literally no time to be wasted.
    “For many generations, we have depended on the sea – for our livelihood and for our survival. Now, the survival of the sea depends on us. This is critical. Not only to our environment, but also to our economic and social development. There is a win-win potential in this: A healthy sea allows for new jobs to be created, for example within tourism. And with a growing global demand for innovative environmental solutions, there are great opportunities to export our knowledge and expertise. So let us take our responsibility – and grasp these opportunities for blue growth – by taking action.”


I think this is a great opening address. I will admit my own lack of knowledge: I had no idea the Baltic Sea was in such a bad spot. It sometimes seems like following the royals is frivolous or a waste of time, but through following the various royals I have been made aware of so many things I had never known before.

As for fashion, Victoria looked professional in a nice blue pinstriped suit with her hair in a ponytail. Victoria’s shoes are the Saint Laurent “Paris” pump in blue ($595), and her bag is the Dagmar “Taylor Bag” in black ($1,029).

37 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria at Baltic Sea Future: ‘man is a danger to the sea’

  1. I almost can’t say anything to it because this topic makes me so angry.
    All oceans in our world suffer, the earth suffocates and there are still firms who produce unnecessary plastic (for toys, in skin care products). We all eat from this things, it’s a circle you can’t break without stopping unnecessary productions. I hope and truly believe that a generation sometime after us will change it. I truly hope it.
    It’s good that Victoria talks about it, that’s her task. She is not just some clothing-puppet thinking all day long if her hair is fine.

  2. Great speech and she looks so well. I’ve always thought there was a reason for her extended break and these pictures confirm it in my opinion. She was looking very thin and drawn and now she looks like our good old Victoria. Very professional outfit too. Amazing that a future Queen can wear trousers!!

    1. I think she looks the same here as she did the last few times we saw her. She looked fine to me at the Nobel ceremonies and in Italy.

      I like that Victoria wore a pant suit. I love it when women wear nicely tailored pant suits.

  3. I admire Victoria greatly. I liked that she read part of an ancestor’s poem and loved the way she showed in her own words, just how things have changed. Man once fearing the wrath of the sea and now the sea at the mercy of man.

    Thank you for printing her speech and pointing out something that affects us all. Not justt the Baltic, but every sea/ocean/waterway is being punished greatly by the throw-away plastics that are so prevalent in our world. Victoria’s words educated and inspired. I think she is doing a wonderful job and will continue to do so.

    Looking very professional and polished, too!

  4. I am also a fan of Victoria’s. Her speech was spot on and her passion for this cause is contagious!
    It’s nice to see a future monarch so in touch with reality. So eager to ensure that the world becomes a safer and healthier place for all!

    I think she is a very bright, very polished, super lady! She looked very professional and always is someone to watch!!

  5. First-yayyyyyy Victoria is back!! Okay got that out of the system
    Love the speech! It’s thoughtful and informative. She also plays to both sides, those that enjoy nature for nature but then also mentions the employment opportunities for those that aren’t ardent nature lovers. Job well done!
    I love pin stripe suits whether on a man or a woman. Done right they can very flattering and hers looks great! I like the low pony she’s been sporting lately, gives us a break from her bum =)

  6. I don’t know why exactly, but I like her so much and think that she will be a great queen…. The baltics are and will be heavily affected by Global warming, so its very important that they are spearheading the movement to improve the Co2 problem that causes global warming.

  7. News flash, Rebecca Deacon stopping working for DoC. Wouldn’t it be good if a proper lady in waiting was appointed who could organise better and perhaps get briefing papers read.

    1. To be fair, she may have been trying to roll that stone uphill for a long time. However it would be good if there was someone who was a professional example.

    2. Is she quitting or just getting married?
      I wonder if pippa will finally take it. It gives Kate the excuse to have family at events with her and puts her in the spot light. Although she got what she and mommy wanted in the rich guy so maybe no more need? She has the money without the responsibility. Kate probably hates that. =)

      1. Why would Pippa want the job now? Through her marriage to Terribly Rich James, she will have access to greater wealth than Kate, including a private plane and Caribbean property, freedom to go anywhere and do anything with no accountability to anyone. That is the life I think William and Kate crave. Bummer they have to do stuff because of plebs’ expectations that they do something for the millions, damn it.

        If Rebecca is using the 1950’s excuse of leaving because she is getting married, she clearly wants to move on. The thing to watch is who will take her place – another Kate choice of assistant or will senior royals direct a more appropriate person of their choice to take her place? The latter would be problematic given W+K’s refusal to employ experienced staff from BP because of possible leaking, amongst other things.

      2. Even though Rebecca always looks unkempt and disorganized she seems like she is loyal and was never someone who upstaged KM in the brains department, which I imagine is important to KM but wasn’t helpful to the BRF. As clueless as Pippa is, she does have more energy and seems slightly more bright that KM so she would upstage her and KM would not like that.

        It will be interesting to see who KM considers is professional and attuned to what the monarchy needs to get her prioritices strsight about her responsibilities. Not that I have any expectations that KM ever will be suited to the job or that she even wants to work.

        1. How is loyalty perceived and valued by Kate? Not leaking sensitive info? Flattering her? Picking up work that should belong to Kate? Cleaning up the mess? Being less than what can be (brains and looks) so that Kate appears to be more than what she is?

          If you have a difficult principal, it is incredibly hard work to make them look good. Rebecca may have given Kate good advice that went unheeded. We know that Kate is stubborn and vain, and I’d guess it’s hard to move her to a place of putting the purpose of an engagement before indulging herself. The impression I gleaned from various photos of Rebecca is that she looked worn, tense and frazzled.

          1. Yes, that’s what I meant by Kate’s idea of loyalty. In regards to keeping KM on task, Rebecca most likely has a Sisyphus-like job working with the likes of Kate.

      3. I know you marry they girl/guy and not necessarily the family but with the middletons and how insular they are, you are marrying the family, so I wonder what James gets out this and why he didn’t run to the hills. It can’t just be the Royal connections? So it makes me wonder about him and really anyone who would willingly marry into that cult/family

        1. Hi, Sarah. Just a feeble guess, but from the many photos of James on vacation with the Middletons (maybe Mustique) it seems he’s held a torch for Pips and the Middletons for years. They did date many years before the engagement, but Pips was hell bent on finding an aristo, all of whom backed away from her at one point or another. She then dated extremely handsome guy Nico Jackson who in the end just strung her along. Even after the Nico breakup, she pointedly met with two old aristo boyfriends to gauge interest in marriage, both again backing away. James, the guy who has held a longstanding torch for her was the last man standing, sort of a Kate and Will, but in reverse. He must really be crazy about her and her family for reasons unknown. But he seems to have always been lurking in the background.

        2. That’s a good question. It could be love, but more likely Pippa’s wisteria-like tenacity until some Terribly Rich man weakened. The Middleton’s have royal adjacent status; this may be appealing to the Matthews family for further social and financial benefit. It will be interesting to observe how James will cope in the cult. Michael, brother James and William seem to have been completely emasculated around Middleton women’s ambition. I suspect TR James will follow suit.

          There’s a collection of archived articles on Royal Dish by various royal reporters about the Middleton girls c.2007-2011. From university days, Pippa was particularly aggressive in cultivating friendships with the right people (= wealthy, titled, influential families), had exquisite manners and unambiguous in her quest to marry well. She wanted power and money. The problem she faced was the mothers of these eligible men. They understood the Middleton girls. Having worked her way through a set of suitable men, it still took Pips a good decade to wear down mothers and sons down in order to land one of the duffers.

          1. Sorry all; the Middleton articles were on Royal Gossip: The British Royal Family > The Middletons.

    3. Hi again, nevermind I found the article. Frankly, I’m rather surprised that she lasted this long and now I wonder if Jason will be leaving too? Gosh I wish JLP would come back, under his supervision the office was run correctly, press releases weren’t full of typos and I feel that William behaved himself a bit more too.

    4. Given her age, I suspect that Rebecca is eager to start a family, if she’s not already expecting (that was a rather quick engagement announcement and subsequent stepping-down announcement, although there’s no reason she should have had to inform the public earlier). Also, I bet that Rebecca has felt like she’s carrying Kate’s royal role alone for awhile now, with Kate still needing constant guidance and prodding and Jason Knauf increasingly sidelined by the Meghan/Harry brouhaha. And if–and that’s a big if–the Cambridges are serious about increasing their public duties, I could see how Rebecca would say enough is enough. She can only be stretched so far.

      As far as who will replace Rebecca, I really don’t think the choice will be up to Kate–more likely up to William and Carole.

  8. Victoria is passionate about the world’s water supply. Didn’t she give a speech once regarding fresh water supply in 3rd world countries. Please tell me I’m not misremembering because I was just so impressed by it. Although, if it was actually by Maxima I’ll still be happy!

  9. I’m a big fan, too. She is professional, not afraid to speak out on important topics, nicely dressed and a happy wife and mother. Sweden is very lucky to have her.

  10. Good to see Victoria is back. She makes her point with passion, poise and intelligence. I love her outfit, it is stylish and elegant, yet understated. I really liked how pop of the royal blue lining in her handbag in the 4th picture looked against the darker blue of the suit. Last thing, I knew her hair was long but did not realize how long it actually is.

  11. Victoria is nothing less than professional in her behaviour and dress. I respect her as an ambassador for the UN’s sustainable development goals, a subject for which you need a great deal more preparation and knowledge than W&KM have demonstrated or are willing to perform for their patronages.

    As for her absence, I know people posted that she most likely took her remaining matentity leave, but does the Swedish public agitate when she is off from work? It seems she has established a certain amount of trust with the public in regards to accountability, unlike W&KM and even Harry.

    1. Problem is those generous parental leave benefits are for people who actually work for a living. I find it appalling that these Royal women happily help themselves to these parental leave benefits, when they work maybe once every few weeks, for a few hours and then take entire summers off! While also finding their luxurious living from the public purse! I know Kate would not escape massive criticism were she to do this and Victoria shouldn’t either.

  12. I just love her so much. I find her so inspiring. Obviously my life is very, very different from hers but I love the way she digs in to those things that inspire her and really does the work justice.

    Oh, and on a totally unrelated note: did you hear that Rebecca Deacon is leaving?! I was so excited I almost wrote the word leaving in all caps!

  13. The EU body that oversees environmental progress recently released reports for each member state. Ireland was criticised for not building enough waste water treatment facilities, the UK for poor air quality and Sweden for the state of their territorial waters in the Baltic. These are some of the headlines for theses nations. It is good to see Victoria involved and this conference is timely given the recent EU environmental health check.

  14. Welcome back to the world of work Victoria. Must be nice to be a Royal: pretend that you actually care, give speeches where you read an awfully written poem by your ancestor, pretend that you actually care but not really do anything much beyond giving speeches. The day to day grind of protecting the worlds’ oceans and raising awareness should be credited to people who do this regularly, not to someone who has just come back from a 3month vacation. The positive thing: that’s a lovely and professional suit and she looks….rested.

    1. To me, your comment was so nasty, Red Tulip. We are all entitled to our opinions. Mine differs from yours. I take Victoria seriously. I think she means what she says and does work! I don’t think Victoria “pretends” to care. I think she and her husband do care. I also think they are excellent parents raising lovely children. Again, we all have our opinions.

      1. Jenny I didn’t say anything about her parenting ability, so please don’t put that on me. And I’m entitled to my opinion too and didn’t say anything about you being wrong, so again don’t put words in my mouth and call my comment nasty for having my opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. And frankly, I will criticize someone who goes on vacation for 3 months (with summers off), while her and her family’s lifestyles are paid for by the public. Tell me, how much work has she done for the world’s oceans while she’s taking advantage of maternity benefits that are actually there for women who actually work at an actual job- not this made up farce which royalty actually is.

        1. I did not put the parenting thing on you, RT, you took my words the way you wanted to take them, not the way they were meant. But, that often happens online.

          Oh, and I merely added that I thought Vic and Daniel were good parents. It was an aside to my comment on why I think Vic works hard. You have your opinion and I have mine. I believe I said that in my initial comment. Have a nice day.

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