Royal Round Up: Birthdays, Babies, potential State Visits & more

Royal Round Up: Birthdays, Babies, potential State Visits & more

Here’s a round up of some information from this past week, including more photos from Prince Oscar‘s 1st birthday, a new baby for Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo, a possible State Visit to the UK for King Felipe and Queen Letizia, and a new show about Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Oh, and KP announced a new foreign visit for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince Oscar 1st Birthday

Prince Oscar celebrated his 1st birthday on March 2 with a cake at Haga Palace, and the Swedish court released three more photos from the celebration. The photo that was taken by Crown Princess Victoria was nice, but I love these photos so much more. Oscar with cake is the best.

Prince Oscar 1st Birthday

Prince Oscar 1st Birthday

Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo welcomed a baby boy, which they named Stefano Ercole Carlo Casiraghi, on February 28, 2017 at Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco. Stefano was the name of Pierre’s father, who died in 1990, while Carlo is the name of Beatrice’s father.

Princess Caroline and Beatrice’s mother Paola Marzotto released a joint statement confirming the birth: “Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hannover and the Countess Paola Marzotto have the joy of announcing the birth of their grandson, born on February 28, 2017. Mother and son are well.”

Congratulations to Pierre and Beatrice on the birth of their first child.

In December 2015, it was announced the King Felipe and Queen Letizia would make a State Visit to the UK in March 2016, but by February 2016 the visit was canceled due to politics in Spain. I had hoped that they would make a visit sometime this year to make up for the one they had to cancel, and it seems like there are plans for a Spanish State Visit to the UK in June.

    “British officials are still in discussions with their US and Spanish counterparts to finalise any dates but sources have suggested that King Felipe and his glamorous wife Letizia, a former television newsreader, are likely to be invited to fill the first of two slots, one in June and one in October, available for state visits. […]
    “Felipe, 49, and Letizia, 44, were due to pay a state visit to Britain in March last year but it had to be postponed because of political instability in Spain, where no party was able to form a government. Officials in London and Madrid have been discussing resurrecting the Spanish state visit since conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy formed a new government in October, ending a 10-month impasse.
    “One source told the Daily Express: ‘I think the June slot for a state visit had been earmarked for the King and Queen.'”


I hope this comes to fruition! I love monarch to monarch State Visits. I hope Kate is involved and we get lots of photos of Kate and Letizia interacting.

Note: There are two incoming State Visits to the UK in the planning stages discussed in the linked article, I have specifically chosen to only discuss the one involving the Spanish royals for a reason. Please keep possible State Visit discussion to the Spain-UK visit, please.

Letizia Argentina State Visit 2017 banquet

In royal-based television show news that’s not related to The Crown: the second season of FX show Feud has already been announced (even though the first season hasn’t even aired) and it will be titled Feud: Charles and Diana, and focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s marriage and the breakdown of their marriage. The second season will be 10 episodes and debut in 2018.

Ryan Murphy, creator of Feud, spoke about the second season at the premiere for the first season, saying:

    “For me as a very big Diana fan and all of her charitable work and how she handled herself, I was always very interested in that story of divorce and pain and I think that this show Feud can show a lot of two-hander feuds in a different way. The first season Bette and Joan is a Hollywood story. I wanted to do a different kind of feud that’s about broken hearts. And I think that’s what that marriage was and that’s what Charles and Diana is about.”

For those wondering, Murphy show regulars Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange will not be in Feud: Charles and Diana:

    “Those two [Jessica and Sarah], I love them but they will not be in those roles. I think we’re going to be shooting it all in England. It’s going to be a very international cast… I’m just starting to meet with people. If you have a British accent, that helps you. On this show.”

[E online]

Hrm… Unlike some reactions to this news, I don’t think it’s disrespectful to make a show about Charles and Diana, and I do think it’s been long enough since it all went down. My only concern is that the show needs to be truthful and interesting, and not shy away from the bad stuff. It needs to treat both Charles and Diana as flawed humans, not treat Charles as a sinner and Diana as a saint. It needs to delve into the minute details of what happened and how it played out in the press, like The People vs OJ did, and not just skim over the details. I think the show could be good and interesting if done well, but if done poorly it will be terrible. If it’s anywhere close to being as good at The People vs OJ, then I’m in.

On Friday, KP announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton will make an official visit to Germany and Poland in July at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Full details will be announced in due course.

I wonder if William and Kate will visit any of the old concentration camps and if Kate will wear bright ass pink like she did at the September 11 Memorial.

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  1. Oscar is adorable. Thanks for the additional pics.

    The Spanish royal visit will be interesting indeed. Letizia is quite sophisticated and the contrast with KM will be interesting. (So want to comment on the other State visit but will respect your request, KMR.)

    Still can’t see W&KM adding anything of value in the name of soft diplomacy during a visit to Poland and Germany. What does the British government hope these two lightweights can accomplish?

    I’m one of those people who does not want the C v D feud resurrected. Charles will be king soon enough and I don’t think this should be dredged up in minute detail.

    1. I don’t want to see a Charles & Diana rehash either. That subject was beaten to death years ago. But if they are going to keep this Feud show going, I hope they include some male feuds. Tesla vs Edison, Jefferson vs Adams (although that was touched on in the awesome Adams series), the great railroad and oil barrons, heck, the Spellings might make for good drama. I just hope it doesn’t focus on female cattiness.

  2. I’ve heard they will visit Auschwitz. I just have images of Kate grinning in a bright pink coat. I so wonder if they were requested or if as usual someone else was requested and W&K were drafted to go instead, because I’ve heard people want Harry above W&K considering how dull and disrespectful W&K can be…

    The Feud show will be interesting. I assume it will fall into the trope of Diana the saint, Charles the villain, when they were both flawed human beings who both made major mistakes.

    I’m so excited about the UK-Spain visit! I hope it’s pulled off, I love Letizia and Felipe a lot; they are classy, respectful, regal, everything I think of in a monarch and consort and I greatly admire Felipe as a monarch and think he is doing a fantastic job being the mediator during these government crises he’s been dealing with, between all that and the legal case against his sister and BIL.

    Oscar is a precious snowflake! I love it.

    1. It is a sad state of affairs when most cringe at the thought of Kate going to a concentration camp and causing a gaffe. But she has proven to be a nincompoop at other serious places, so the concern is warranted. I hope they don’t film them there for the sake of the surviving families of the victims. Auschwitz shouldn’t be a photo op for two of the most shallow people out there.
      I know other leaders have gone there, but other elected leaders normally have a sense of gravitas and decorum that Will and especially Kate don’t seem to possess.

      1. Kate where a mute color. Or just wear black. That’s your best bet. No bright colors. Like you did at the 9/11 memorial. It’s not about you or your child of a husband. So have some composure, respect, and educate yourself before you go. If I hear the words interesting or keen. I may lose it. Humble yourselves. If they do go to Auschwitz it is a heavy and emotional place. Show respect.

        1. Let’s not forget the Queen wore floral on her visit to Ground Zero.

          It wasn’t that Kate wore a bright, happy colour to a memorial site, it was that she chose to wore head to toe black to visit children, and elected to wear bright colours to a more serious event, that caused people to scratch their heads.

          So, depending on how she elects the rest of her looks, there shouldn’t be a problem with her wearing non-muted colours to a concentration camp.

          What needs to happen, is no flashing, guffawing, and maybe actually learning something about history and developing a tinge of empathy and respect. Basic behavioural and emotional stuff.

  3. Do other countries’ leaders have stars in their eyes with regard to William and Kate? Is this what the Foreign Office believes? I honestly don’t understand what W+K bring to the table (apart from status) when visiting overseas’ leaders. We know they don’t prepare though William can fudge it on occasion; Kate has no conversation, can barely speak or be understood. Neither has experience, knowledge or education in this field and have been resistant to learn anything connected to their roles. Why not send intelligent, knowledgable reps from the UK to progress trade and so on rather than window dressing? Because, regardless, those diplomats will still have to do the real work.

    If ‘Feud: Charles and Diana’ is a truthful warts and all portrayal of the players, then, yes, go ahead. The dross filmed thus far about Diana has been appalling. But will or can the BRF exert pressure – their ‘soft menace’ as Herazeus calls it – on this production? I can’t see them being keen on dirty laundry being aired, and that includes the hair-trigger litigiousness of William. The brothers won’t want to see their mother’s flaws exposed any more than Charles and Camilla want to see their pasts acted out in front of the world. I think the producers would need to be funded independently from UK interests, material scrupulously researched to avoid law suits, sharply written and flawless acting (ie no caricatures) for the enterprise to work.

    1. I find sending W/K to countries like this with very grave and weighty history offensive. They couldn’t get anyone who was knowledgeable and actually cared? Despatching these two morons smacks of the ultimate in cynicism. I imagine the photo ops are going to be a challenge and that’s all they will be- photo ops to add gravitas.

      1. I think UK government types thinks the BRF is a huge asset. Yet, do other countries think this? I doubt it. The royals suck up time and resources but the real work still has to be done by professionals from both countries. How and why serious people could be charmed by two numpties is beyond comprehension.

        1. I remember when William was meeting with Angela merkel thinking, sheesh totally wrong person to send! WTH would the two of them talk about? Politicians are good at faking it tho

          1. Maven, I know you mentioned the past but what about the future?

            I mean, seriously UK? Sending William and Kate to meetings in continental Europe amid concerns over a hard Brexit seems to be asking for trouble! Why not put that money toward sending in the pros for as long as necessary to return with palatable trade deals?
            Much has been said about how EU member states will play hardball with the UK – for the sake of keeping the EU together, in the face of rising nationalism/populism, the UK cannot be seen to better off outside the EU. Is this really the time for soft diplomacy, especially by sending two adults with no discernible concept of the real world let alone foreign affairs and basic economics to the so-called engine of Europe?

            Actually, what is soft diplomacy anyway?
            Are there any measures, besides PR for the Royals, used to judge whether foreign visits are a success?
            What kind of returns can the UK and the other state expect as a result of the visit? I think the Scandinavians plan more meaningful visits that appear beneficial for both countries as their Royals merely act as the fairy dust fronting business/trade delegation activities.

            Is there protocol regarding who receives the Royals while on tour? I too, just cannot help but feel that having to meet William and Kate would be a colossal waste of time for someone like Angela Merkel.

            That said, the prospect of a Spanish state visit to the UK sounds interesting, more so because Felipe and Letizia appear intelligent, well informed, curious, hardworking and gracious- gravitas indeed. KMR, I’d much prefer to see them interact with Charles and Camilla for whatever it is that the two couples do, our own conversations here should go beyond what the ladies wear.

        2. The only positive of K and W’ visit in Paris : we will have a pause from the presidential campaign (and the affairs of Fillon). Honestly here we don’t see them like having a really big role, like symbolising history like the Queen. The majority of the French don’t care about them, when they announce that they come to Paris, there was not a word in the serious newspaper, a little from the tabloids.

        3. Jen, it seemed like Diana was the only one in the RF who could charm the leaders of the countries she was visiting on tours. I guess some people have it and others don’t. Makes sense as to why back in the day the Gov’t would send Charles and Diana to so many tours.

          1. Regardless of her flaws, Diana certainly had charm but also warmth that people gravitated to. It’s a remarkable gift, but as others have said, she also did her homework too.

          2. Charles charms many people. As I said in another thread, he manages to be personal friends with the Dalai Lama, support Jewish causes, and still be befriended by Muslim royals. The first two would have him exiled by some followers of Islam, but Charles is embraced.

      2. Well, I suppose they won’t ever improve on engagements like this if they aren’t given chances to practice.

        Maybe sobering, grave engagements like these are exactly what the two brats need to experience in order to finally grow up.

    2. Jen, Yes it’s really galling that other much more intelligent talented people do all the extensive research, talking points, papers, logistics for these two completely immature ignorant people who would be nobodies if it weren’t for their titles. They are the very definition of vampires.

      1. IndianaJoanna, it’s also insulting to serious people who have serious work to do. William and Kate will need to be thoroughly briefed and how much goes in and is retained is anyone’s guess. I think the British government is way over-estimating the BRF’s appeal to countries that rid themselves of their own monarchies some time ago.

        1. Your point is well taken. A complete waste of time for people who are doing serious work. To have to take valuable time to coddle these two when you know they couldn’t care less is wrong and the BRF is guilty too, foisting spoiled witless W&KM on to people who have much more important things to do. I would give them some papers, advise talking points and then show them the door.

  4. Ryan Murphy doesn’t shy away from showing both sides of his characters. His show about OJ was brilliant. Each character was portrayed equally (both good and bad), including OJ. If you haven’t watched it, you might want to. I can’t wait to watch his first season of Fued.

      1. The People vs OJ was wonderful. Would love to see Diana as portrayed by Sarah Paulson. If written right then she could have played an excellent and complex Diana.

          1. Well it is supposed to release your inner unicorn. It’s gone on sale in Liberty’s today so I have sent hubby to find me some while he’s London. Xx

          2. I love it! I actually have some. I slather some on before I workout or race. At least I will be a glittering hot mess versus a regular hot mess! ?

    1. People V OJ was brilliant. But I’m never comfortable watching the C & D documentaries. PoW never gets a fair deal or even a deal close to the truth IMHO. But maybe we have someone here who can do the story the justice it deserves……but I don’t think the proper story will be told in my life time.

  5. The photos of Oscar with his birthday-cake are really cute.:)
    I think you’re right with
    the show about Charles and Diana, KMR. I hope it will be done with respect but no blind eyes.
    I’m looking forward to this state visit of Kate and William but it’s clear that they will go to a memorial if they go to this two countries. It’s hard but necessery, in my opinion.

  6. I watched the Bette & Joan feud tonight, and it was really good. I say let sleeping dogs lie for the Charles &Diana feud. I really wish they’d do A feud about Olivia and Joan. I would love seeing their infamous life long feud play out.

  7. About the possibility of Kate wearing bright colours at a concentration camp: you don’t have to wear black there. We visited a concentration camp with school in 9th grade (all German schools do) and were told that we did not have to wear black and all the other people who visited wore all kinds of colours. So it is common. The only rule we were told by teachers (as it was very hot summer, June or July) was not to wear hotpants/shorts or short skirts or dresses (we were a girls school) so everyone had to wear long trousers out of respect for the people who had suffered and died there. But there was and is no rule about what colour to wear.
    I hope I could clear things up πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t think anyone thinks there is actually a dress code there. Just like at the 911 memorial there’s no dress code but when you are famous and being photographed at places that call for respect it’s called common sense. The average person visiting these places what they wear doesn’t matter as much. But when you are representing your country and they’re supposed to be showing respect then it matters.

      1. Yeah, it doesn’t matter what normal visitors wear. It matters what a representative of a country wears. They are there representing their country; they should dress respectfully. The Queen wore grey when she visited Bergen-Belsen in 2015.

        1. She wore neutrals and light blue when she toured the 9/11 memorial in July, 2010. I think Kate could wear something subdued with hints of spring to Auschwitz.

    2. And it’s not only being appropriately dressed but acting with decorum while showing respect, for example, not twirling one’s hair at Remembrance ceremonies as Kate did on one occasion. An adult should not need to be cautioned about wardrobe or behaviour for such occasions, but Kate seems not to comprehend social conventions, others’ perspectives or empathy.

        1. Oscar looks just like Estelle when she was a baby. He is so adorable. While I love his surprised/grouchy face, his smile is cute too.

          When I first read about Pierre and Beatrice’s baby’s name, I gasped. I remember how hard it hot Caroline. He was supposed to be wrong for her on so many levels, but they were a happy and glamorous pair.

          I cannot.wait for Felipe and Leti to visit. I love the pomp and circumstance…and the food descriptions. Plus, it’s an excuse to see Leti in fabulous clothes.

          I’m neutral about a series about the Wales. Mind you, I’m a Diana sugar who realizes who she was. I would cringe if they made her a saint. I also hope Murphy does not turn Camilla into a villain.

          As far as W+K, all I could think of was Kate in a short skirt at Auschwitz. I think that would send me over the edge. With history being an indicator, we are in for a repeat. I would much rather see Harry, Anne, Charles/Camilla or the Wessexes.

          Thanks for a sweet roundup, KMR!

        2. The photo of her see-through white dress, with nothing on beneath but her thong, flying up in the face of Gandhi’s grave made me ill. She’s disgraceful.

      1. If she had an ounce of sense she will have read widely before she goes there. That is one place I didn’t want her stupid word salads showing this country up. And the clothing is common sense. Before Diana used to go into situations that daunted her she would have her closest friends at the time give her 5 intelligent questions she could ask. I love that. It was her admitting she wasn’t the brightest tac in the box but that it was her responsibility to make her hosts feel she’d cared enough to find out about where she was and to let them talk about their expertise. Ken Wharfe says as she got older she would ask for reading material so an Opera visit she would read the latest works about that field. Such a simple thing to do but something that demonstrates self improvement, caring about her country, her host and herself.

        Why on earth does Kate find this so difficult to do? She has enough time? She’s not stupid. She has a pool of resources open to her……the best minds in the respective fields would be only to happy to help. Both my Gran & my Dad have given briefings for Royalty and I tell you they put more effort into those than any work or exam they ever did. The pride they felt in delivering their expertise to Royalty was so moving.

        I don’t think I’ll ever understand that girl but I am really hoping self comparison with Queen Letizia during their State visit will point her in the direction of self improvement in all areas.

        1. One can only hope, Mrs. BBV. BTW, your father and Gran have done remarkable work. Briefing Royals! I know they must have worked hard and been most serious and honored to have such roles.

          Kate’s way of not prepping is mysterious. As you said, she would and could have any experts at her disposal. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is discreet and serious during her visit to the concentration camp site. I pray that she has learned from her previous clothing mishaps. Let’s hope. Let’s hope.

          As for Leti, she is dignified, charming, smart and beautiful. Kate will be face to face with someone she should emulate. Again, one can only hope.

    3. Why can’t a girl wear a dress without it being disrespectful? I hope the ban on short pants extended to males as well. No one should ever wear hotpants, ever.

      1. It was not about dresses in general, but short dresses. And since most dresses, skirts or shorts girls that age wear are above the knee, that was considered disrespectful and our teacher told us that we all had to wear full length trousers. To be honest, I don’t know about boys as i went to an all girls school and did not really pay attention to boys from other schools there, but I assume they also wore long trousers.

    4. And let’s hope it’s not a type of outfit that will allow fly-a-ways to happen.
      I think it would hard to go to these locations in an official manner just becuase I’m a cryer at places like this. Sobbed at the holocuast museum at the shoe display, cried at the Anne frank house cried at Dachau…?
      So I just want them to be respectful of where they are and went on there

      1. I think discreet weeping is ok. HM has shed tears on all sorts of occasions……apparently both her and Princess Anne did at Dunblane, she certainly did at Aberfan. At the National Memorial too she was caught on camera. I think we don’t see it as often as it happens as some deference is shown but I wouldn’t be ashamed about being moved at any of these places. I don’t know how you could fail not to be. Even the bugle of The Last Post makes my eyes sting every single time. Xxx

  8. Kate was fine at Somme, right? I think her outfit was not terribly stylish, but it was appropriate enough for the occasion and I think she didn’t grin too much. I doubt we’ll get too many pictures from a concentration camp visit, just the bunch of them entering or exiting. My guess is this overseas trip will be fine, but not have any memorable moments. The Netherlands trip was like this for me – all I remember is Kate met the king, went to a museum, and sat on a panel. I can’t recall one thing she said, and it was only a few months ago. I’d have to look back at posts to see what she wore aside from the light blue suit.

    1. She only wore the light blue suit. She was only there for the day and didn’t have any wardrobe changes.

      You don’t remember anything she said because she didn’t say anything in The Netherlands.

        1. Yeah, for about 95% of her engagements the narrative is “you don’t remember anything she said because she didn’t say anything.”

    2. Somme outfit was very respectable. Black pillbox and long Missoni coat. Earrings were the silly South Fork clip ons, but she really struggles with accessories so no surprise there- at least when they malfunction you can’t see underwear. I definitely do not think she will wear pants. She will probably have something new (that looks like something she already has) to debut- that’s my educated guess?

    3. We know nothing of the panel Kate was leading in the Netherlands; she theme-dressed in pearl earrings for a photo op in front of Girl with A Pearl Earring; met some kids, met a king; her clothes were wrinkled. No words spoken. Point of visit unknown.

    4. She had a couple of odd outfits around the Somme and WWI commemorative events. The cream twirly skirt outfit with Peter Pan collar, something more fitting a little girl. The really bad cream-over-black cosplay outfit that even Camilla side-eyed.

      I thought the Missoni was deliberately attention-grabbing. She could have worn any of her existing black coats or coat dresses and blended with the men’s black suits. Instead she chose new and eye-catching light pattern instead. Stood out.

      1. Nota, I agree that her outfit at the Somme was odd, given that everyone else wore somber black. But at this point it’s clear she doesn’t communicate with anyone about what is or what isn’t appropriate. She doesn’t possess any capabilities for understanding what her role entails and that ultimately it’s not about her. I wondnder in addition to being lazy and inept her mother and W keep her away from other people who could be helpful in educating her. It seems her best moment was as a newlywed running down the beach in Canada for the photographers. It was very much a six year old’s move that KM executed very well.

      2. Oh that cream over black lace- freaking gorgeous, I loved it. So *not* appropriate for the occasion. She really really loves theme dressing though, to an almost comical degree in some instances. Don’t think she’ll be growing out of that quirk any time soon (unfortunately).

        1. This made me laugh as I pictured Kate dressed as the girl on the St. Pauli Girl beer label when in Germany and for Poland she could be dressed as a kielbasa sausage.

      1. Yes. I think that she has a better behaviour when there are other member of the Royal Family.
        I would like to see the reaction of the Queen when she saw the picture from the Gandhi memorial…

        1. That photo is burned into the minds of all commenters here. I can only imagine HM’s reaction.

          To me, that fly-up was the worst. The others were awful, too, but the one at such a sacred site for the people of India — honoring the dead — omg, Kate will never be able to live that one down. Shame on her and her staff for being so very foolish. They knew it was a very windy day. But, what the heck? Where what was planned and keep one’s fingers crossed. Shameful!

          1. I honestly would never want to bet on Kate making a wardrobe gaff because I don’t ever want her to make one.

    1. Just looking at the picture, something tells me that Mr. Oscar is a lefty! πŸ™‚

      He really is a cutie patootie. πŸ˜€

  9. Oh, the Oscar pictures are adorable. I was interested to see how light and sleek the decor was, too.

    I’m on the side of no raking over the Diana coals. No matter how impartial the show, this still involves many painful memories for th RF and the public. We won’t know the whole story until they open the Windsor archives at the end of the monarchy, which I don’t think will happen in my lifetime.

    I am so looking forward to the Spain visit: fashions and jewels galore. Does the BRF do videos like the Swedish of the procession of the state banquet?

  10. How sad that we need to worry about what Kate will wear to the site of a former concentration camp. Doesn’t she realize on any level at all how damaging those fly ups were to her image and the the people she so blatantly disrespects. rather than honors?
    Let’s hope she has learned her lessons and that she will appear ladylike, sedate and respectful.

    Love the idea of Leti and Kate meeting. Leti is such a gracious and beautiful Queen. I wonder how Kate will stack up next to her?

    Oscar is adorable. No doubt about it. That smile!

    Running out to a meeting, but had to see what was new and intriguing on KMR. Wishing everyone a very good day and evening.

    1. Kate will look almost pudgy next to Letizia (warning: of course Kate is not at all pudgy, she is very slim! But Leti is so freaking skinny, that even slim Kate will look ‘fuller’ next to her. I am really worried about Leti. It looks so unhealthy.)

      1. M from Germany: glad I’m not the only one who thinks Letizia is too skinny and that’s not her natural state? In the Argentinian state visit, the gigantic crown really emphasized her very thin physique.

  11. Do we know what kind of cake he is eating because it looks absolutely delish!!! Maybe blackberry moose in the middle? Or they actually have another popular berry can’t remember the name of it now! Hmm I might have to google
    I can’t wait for the Spain state visit especially after Letiza looked amazing in her last one!

        1. I think that’s the Italian meringue. As a non-baker/cook I don’t know how Italian meringue differs from regular meringue. Toasted marshsounds better tho! =)

  12. Oscar is the male version of his sister, a major cutie patootie and (I think) a lefty! His smile is just as sweet as Estelle’s and his parents. πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to see Letizia in the UK! She’s gonna bring out the bling!

    Congrats to Pierre and Beatrice! So sweet that they honored their fathers! I’m sure both grandmas are thrilled and, for Caroline, it must be bittersweet to have her former husband’s name live on in her grandson.

    I don’t have FX (got rid of cable earlier this year and I don’t really miss it!) but I did read about season 2 being about Charles and Diana. I too hope that it shows both the good and bad of them both and doesn’t turn Camilla into the ultimate bad guy because, honestly, all three contributed to the War of the Wales. We shall see!

    As for William and Kate going to Germany and Poland? Like everyone else, I’m also concerned about what Kate will wear to the concentration camps and if the 9/11 memorial site visit is any indication, we can’t be blamed for being worried. Some of the most atrocious things happened to men, women and children during the most awful years in history created by mankind in these camps and I’m so afraid for how Kate will present herself. If I see any grinning, gurning, hair-twirling, fly-ups, posing or brightly colored clothing on her, I’m going to flip my shit and I’m sure HM and Charles will too. And the grinning, gurning and posing goes out to William too.


  13. Oscar is so cute, he looks just like his mother.
    I do hope someone explains what the Holocaust was to William and Kate because while we know he was never an academic superstar, the more I see/hear from Kate the more I put her in this same category: mediocre at best with no interest to improve. Even so, I do hope that William’s inner moral compass will compel him to make a strong statement against the current atmosphere of anti-Semitism and hate against immigrants and those who are different.

  14. Soft diplomacy is what they call it right?… but I often think in those events Kaye looks more intimidated, then a standard tour? Hopefully they are effective for their sake and UK brexit

  15. Can someone explain this “soft diplomacy” thing to me? How are the royal family supposed to help Brexit trade negotiations? Because William and Kate graced these countries with their presence they are going to give the UK more favorable trade agreements? Really?

    Congratulations to Pierre and Beatrice! I smiled when I read the name. How wonderful that they honored their fathers! I had never heard of the name Ercole, had to look that one up.

    1. Well, you know, Carter, their fragrant royal presence anoints and elevates all. And 20 new outfits and matching shoes will spread sunshine everywhere, and for a moment, there will be peace. Such is the power of soft diplomacy.

    2. So I was thinking that soft diplomacy is representing or presenting your government, the agendas and culture without saying that you are… almost like hey I am here cause I care about you and my country does too… sorry Europe for breaking up with you via text it’s not you it’s me

    3. In truth I thought it was coined from when Obama visited the UK before he was president and had meetings with all the various party leaders in UK politics. He came out of his meeting with David Cameron and said ‘what a lightweight’. I always thought it was an official visit ‘lite’ if you will. The major players schmoozing in front of the cameras whilst the diplomats did the real work behind the scenes. In fact all the Obama’s contact with W & K would probably be soft diplomacy as W & K aren’t really capable of anything else.

      1. I feel so sorry for Maria…..if she’s not spent most of her marriage fighting Paul’s adoration of HM and then Diana and her neediness now she’s has a public declaration that hubby’s been living at least a part lie for 32 years. No wonder she has a new life in US.

        I’ve never had a problem with what William calls Paul Burrell’s apparent ‘disloyalty’ in writing those books……to be honest I think the Royal Family deserved everything they got after the way they sold him out and let him take the rap. They should have looked after him. He may have been a gossipy, red carpet driven, ambitious crawler but he was devoted to HM and Diana and I never believed for one minute he ever stole from her. He only wrote those books after they’d bankrupted him and trashed his livelihood and reputation. What else was he supposed to do to clear his name, his legal bills and provide for his family? I still think he knows a hell of a lot more than he’s ever told.

        1. There were several people in Paul and Maria’s marriage! The BRF strikes me as the ultimate state-sanctioned and supported mafia family. Cross them and they’ll ruin you, one way or another.

          Paul’s devotion was unhealthy, but in such heady environments and given his position, you ‘d have to be all-in or nothing, particularly when you are the confidante of the most famous woman in the world. Like you, I don’t blame him for writing his way out of bankruptcy, indiscreet as it was, and yes, I’m sure he knows more. I’m glad he’s happy with his new partner. That both sons are coming over for the wedding indicates acceptance and love for their father and new husband-to-be. I’m hopeful Maria is enjoying a good life too and that she and Paul are on good terms. Life’s too short for anything else.

          1. Let’s face it Paul was seduced by being the personal confidante to one of the most charismatic women that ever lived. Who wouldn’t be? She had such a hold over so many people. I was captivated from that very first run in with the press on a London street and I was ten years old. To be in her trust and have her rely on you for comfort… you say heady stuff.

            I too wish them all peace to go on in their new lives. They’ve all suffered more than enough at the hands of the media, the establishment and the RF.

  16. Regarding Catherine at a concentration camp; I pray that she has no mishaps. I don’t want her or anyone else to be embarrassed by a fashion mishap. As for the pink coat at 9/11 Museum, I won’t come down too hard on her because I know how casual Americans are in general (flip-flops at the White House and Arlington National Cemetery).

    1. I am an American. And I think a dignitary wearing black to visit kids and bright pink to honor those who died on 9/11 is not okay.

        1. Pink at the 9/11 memorial is not ok. NOT ok. That day is etched in the minds of everyone who was alive on that day, pink is just not ok. Black is not necessary, but subdued colours. Well at least she didn’t flash as in Delhi.

    2. I’m an American and I cringe when I see people in public in their jammies or other inappropriate attire.
      You’re forgetting that they sent the press pack memos to dress appropriately when with them, you’d think they would take their own advice. I’m tired of seeing William in his too tight pants and we’ve all seen enough of Kate.
      That is just another example of Kate and her team not getting it. Bright for kids/somber for memorial

      1. I’d forgotten about that memo – they really are shamelessly arrogant. I doubt whether their indiscretions are brought to their attention or would listen, unless by someone with seniority.

        Wasn’t William ‘keen’ to do more important things rather than ribbon-cutting? I know he’s all talk and no action/ gets bored with action but it will be interesting to see whether he brings anything to the table, given his lack of education, knowledge and experience.

  17. Oscar is adorable. Love the Swedish kids so much.

    Quick Question: Do we know if W and K are doing the Irish Guards? Has an announcement been made yet? It’s only in a couple of weeks, no?

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