Pastor for wedding Harry & Meghan attended gave an interview (updated)

Pastor for wedding Harry & Meghan attended gave an interview (updated)

I had another post planned for today (which will now post tomorrow), and wasn’t planning on covering Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s long weekend in Jamaica again, but then I read an interview from the pastor at the wedding they attended and had to post it.

As we know, Harry and Meghan attended Tom Inskip and Lara Hughes-Young’s wedding on Friday. Well, the Daily Mail sent someone down there to interview the pastor who performed the ceremony. Pastor Conrad Thomas spoke to the DM about how loved up Harry and Meghan are and how they’re totally going to get married because they held hands.

    “The pastor who officiated at the wedding of one of Prince Harry’s closest friends told the royal today: ‘It is your turn next Sir.’ Pastor Conrad Thomas, speaking exclusively to revealed Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle ‘looked so very much in love’ as they sat in the third pew of his church. Mr Thomas, 43, added: ‘I have no doubt that they are very much in love. They sat next to each other and held hands as they walked out.’
    “‘They didn’t want to make any fuss and I had to keep my silence about Harry, but inside I was so joyful,’ he added. ‘They smiled throughout and joined in the singing when the band played the song ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley. I will never forget their radiant smiles and they looked so happy together. Bless them in their future together.’
    “The churchman, who charges $150 a wedding to officiate, added: ‘I like to think it is a question not of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will get married and I would be elated to conduct their ceremony.’ […]
    “He added: ‘I didn’t know that the Duchess or Prince Harry would be here. All I was told was that there would be some high profile guests and that it was private. But It was a big day for my church, for me and for Jamaica and such an honor to have Prince Harry here. I will never forget it.'”

[Daily Mail]

I didn’t quote the part where they mentioned that Sarah, Duchess of York also attended the wedding, which is why the pastor mentioned “the Duchess” in that last paragraph.

There are so many photos of Harry and Meghan from this wedding, and even a video of them leaving the church. There are lots more photos at Popsugar, and a video at the Daily Mail.

On Saturday, Harry was photographed hanging at the beach with some buddies – you can view the photos here. No sign of Meghan in these photos, though.

I don’t know what to make of all of the craziness surrounding this wedding, with the copious amount of photos and the interview from the pastor, other than to say “What the F?”

PS. In addition to that ugly Erdem number, Meghan wore a $5,000+ Cartier Love bracelet to the wedding.

UPDATE: Apparently there are photos of Harry and Meghan outside their hotel in Jamaica. I don’t know where the photos originated from.

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  1. One additional juicy detail from DM. Apparently at the reception Harry attempted to impress with his best moonwalk moves to “Billie Jean,” but ended up crashing into a waitress holding a full tray of drinks. DM should have added a video of that.

    1. Ha! I would love to see that! That’s a pricey bracelet, btw. I kinda hope that Harry gave it to her as a precursor of more lovely non-Kiki jewelry to follow.

      1. Yes please, now I wouldn’t mind having one of those Love bracelets, even if all of the Kardashian family seem to wear one… Is it a fashion in Hollywood?
        And I will be very happy if I never see another piece of over priced Kiki jewelry πŸ˜‰

        1. Wow, seriously Cherry? That’s really tacky, really, really tacky of her. Especially considering her and her ex were married in Jamaica. Yikes….

          1. Can we confirm that it is a gift from her ex husband? Just because she wore it on her wedding day is no prove of that. And then even if, why shouldn’t she wear it? They are old enough to be over this teen hysteria with everything ex partner related.
            It might be a bit strange if it was indeed a wedding gift from her ex but I think she wouldn’t wear it if she had tiniest concern it might upset her new boyfriend. I think both a mature and confident enough not to worry about ex partners.

        2. I too would like to confirm it was a gift from her ex because of all things, this seems tacky as ever if it’s true. The fact she married her ex in Jamaica and brings this bracelet out of the woodworks to Jamaica for a wedding is just weird. I’ve never seen her wear it on her IG pics before.

  2. DM are getting worse and worse! They seem to want to lower the bar with bad, irrelevant storylines everyday.
    Next will we be reading about the ground crew at the airport thinking Harry is due to pop the question because Harry was carrying hand luggage which may,or may not, include a ring?
    There are some very good journalists in the UK, but did DM employ only ex News of the World reporters?

  3. I am stunned at how emotionally invested people seem to be with this relationship and how it’s causing so many to become a bit unhinged. I can totally understand when Harry said it’s a matter of finding someone to take all this on because it’s starting to border on crazy.

    1. Starting to? The press went crazy the day the story broke. Many commenters on various sites, both supporters and detractors, went crazy the day the story broke. Her family went crazy the day the story broke.

      The press is hellbent on seeing Harry married, and getting a new person to write about. Commenters like her for various reasons or dislike her for various reasons, but then attack each other for having differing opinions. Supporters want to see them married just to spite the detractors, and the detractors want to see them split just to spite the supporters. Her family just wants to cash in on her royal connection.

    2. Lauri, look behind you. You’ll find we left the border of crazy some time ago…

      It was inevitable that the press would show up in Jamaica, with a high probability that a potential Harry-Meghan sighting would be in order, along with breathless predictions. An extra bit of crazy was thrown in by the pastor for good measure. No beach shots today of the couple, nor would I expect there to be.

    1. Yep. The pastor who officiated the ceremony of the wedding Harry and Meghan were just guests at gave an interview about Harry and Meghan. WTF indeed.

    2. I second this. Total WTF moment. I feel bad that Tom and Lara’s day was hugely overshadowed by Harry and Meghan being there though it certainly isn’t their fault.

    1. Maybe he’s a friendly guy who has never been associated with a celebrity before. Maybe he thought he was just enjoying a friendly chat with some tourist who then took his picture.

      1. He gave an on-camera interview, and shared the photo he took with Fergie. There is no way the DM didn’t make him sign release forms.

  4. I’ve said this on the other post about this. This wedding has gone into really weird WTF territory. I can’t remember a wedding that has been this insane. Usually we get a few pics coming and going from the church. This one we get pics going to the church, inside the church, coming out of the church, the reception, pics of the program and the readings, and an interview with the pastor?! Again, WTF. I am pretty surprised right now. Did the bride and groom just get really lazy with cell phones, nda’s, and security? Never has a wedding had so much access.

    Serious question: why is everyone acting so crazy and emotionally invested about this relationship? I’m talking about detractors and supporters. Most other forums the comments about this relationship turn into a bitter fight. None of his other relationships have got people this crazy. Was it the statement?

    1. And in Jamaica no less. One would think that they would get more privacy in Jamaica than in the UK, but none of the other weddings any of the royals have attended over the years has gotten this much press (not even the big Percy wedding got this much access). Either they thought they were safe in Jamaica so they were lax on security and NDAs (which is stupid if true since the “Harry may bring Meghan to his friend’s wedding in Jamaica” has been discussed in the press for quite a while now), or they wanted to be photographed and let the pastor be interviewed? One of the Jamaica papers said Harry had quite a bit of security with him, so then why are there so many photos?

      People were crazy before the statement, so that’s wholly it, although it may have played a part. That statement, which was unprecedented, gave concrete evidence to the relationship very early on. The press always leaps to the “Harry’s getting married” narrative, but that statement really let them run wild with it.

    2. Pretty similiar to when Harry and Will attended Guy Pelly’s wedding in Memphis. Even though there were actual live streams of their arrival and they were followed by news helicopters. A pastor didn’t speak but the band playing at the wedding party did, as did the restaurant owner from the pre wedding dinner. He even showed their dirty dishes . I din’t understand why people are so incredibly annoyed when it comes to coverage about Harry and Meghan. Maybe stop consuming those articles?!

      1. I remember the Guy Pelly craziness. There were also photos of the pre-wedding dinner and papped photos of guests walking back to their hotel through town.

        Speaking of Guy, i thought it strange that he wasn’t at this wedding, but it turns out his wife is about to have their baby so no travel for them.

        The only other person missing was Arthur Landon, but he may have attended as a guest and not as an usher. The entire usher lineup was Harry’s crew minus Guy and Arthur.

    3. Agreed. I feel a little bad for the couple that got married. Their wedding turned into a press feeding frenzy about a different couple that attended.

  5. If the pastor was busy officiating the wedding, then how could he have possibly noticed what Harry and Meghan were doing during the wedding? My Pastor at my wedding was too busy officiating and looking at my husband and I to noticed anyone else. The only thing I believe from his interview is noticing they walked out hand in hand since at that point his duty was done and he was just watching. This pastor is obviously just in this for a buck and making a fuss out of something that may or may not be true. He is getting his 15 minutes of fame.

    And my goodness, I didn’t realize walking out hand in hand shows how in love a couple is, lol. I didn’t realize it was the 1900s. πŸ˜‰

    1. Wouldn’t that be funny if we again have this rules with holding hands, talking to married men, wearing the right dresses? (of course not in such a strict way)

    2. What he says doesn’t contradict that he would be busy officiating. He says H&M sat next to each other – he would have seen that before the ceremony started. He says they walked out holding hands – his officiating duties would have been over by then so he could have seen them. He says they smiled throughout – when he looked at them in between officiating they were smiling. He says they joined in the singing – everyone was singing so he wasn’t officiating at the time so he could have looked over to them. He says they looked radiant and happy together – could have seen that before or after the ceremony. So he didn’t say anything that he couldn’t have seen because he was busy officiating.

      1. We will have to agree to disagree on this. Other than the hand holding, which I had agreed with above, it would be really unlikely to focus on a couple out in the congregation repeatedly throughout the ceremony. He gave very broad details that would be true of most people attending a wedding, such as smiling throughout. It is like fortune teller-their answers are very broad and can fit most people.

  6. How can Meghan afford such a bracelet? It must be a gift.
    I don’t feel well with both of them. I think Harry is in love with her. He is able to love in such a passionate way. With Meghan, I have the feeling that it’s not so clear that she really do it for him.

    1. Why can’t she afford the bracelet? She’s a working actress with a net worth of a few million dollars.

        1. I’m curious – where are you from, if you don’t mind saying? I find your use of the word “normal” confusing.

          1. It doesn’t matter where I come from. You can go everywhere around the globe, an actor can never earn.that huge amount of money with acting like in Hollywood, so everyone wants to go there to become famous and rich.In Europe, there are sportsmen (soccer) who earn more money than anybody else.So, it’s not just an american problem.
            If you don’t like the word ‘normal’, I use another word ‘disproportionately’.

          2. Lovelyblossom: You misunderstood the question. The use of the word ‘normal’ in your initial comment is confusing in a way that implies that you are not from an English speaking country OR you aren’t familiar with Hollywood where it’s a given that salaries are very high for successful actors even if that success is on a lower tier TV show.

            LizB wasn’t insulting you, but merely asking out of curiosity which i admit i also have, based upon that language usage.

            I’m surprised you read something else in her enquiry.

          3. An American problem? Wow, I am late to the game, but what does that mean? An American problem? Making money? Oh, and many of the top paid film actors are not just Americans, Lovely Blossom. What in goodness sake, are you talking about, please?

          4. mary elizaneth,
            I’m sorry. I didn’t want to offend someone here, no matter where you come from. I wanted to critizice the payment of certain jobs. In my opinion, it’s not right to give this huge amount of money to one person.
            It was idiotic for me to suggest that it has something with America.

      1. LizB, don’t be angry with me x)
        I’m a little bit passionate about such things. It’s not a political site here, so it’s good that we stop here.
        Have a nice sunday, too! πŸ™‚

    2. Meghan has a lot of expensive clothes, judging from what’s been id’d from the pap photos of her. She has lots of expensive purses. So I could see her having a 5K bracelet.

      1. The bracelet is expensive but not impossible to afford. Meghan doesn’t have kids and has a full time job at 35. Many women in a similar position could afford this bracelet. You don’t even need actor money. If there are six different colours of that same bracelet and she has them all then we get into Kate wasting money territory, but one nice bracelet is within the means of many people and not just girlfriends of princes.

        1. Right. We’re not in disagreement, and I said nothing negative about Meghan here. She has lots of expensive clothes and accessories, so it doesn’t seem out of character for her to have an expensive bracelet.

        2. I don’t even see anything wrong in her having many identical bracelets. She’s a private citizen and can spend her money however she likes. But clearly they made this a headline so that she would get some flack.

          1. I didn’t make Meghan’s bracelet a headline. I made it a PS at the end of the post.

          2. Oh I should have specified, I was talking about the DailyMail. They have a piece on the bracelet and how it shows her love to the world or whatever.

          3. No doubt they’ve picked it up from one of these blogs to fill the gaps when they were ‘forced’ to take all the other photos down.

    3. I used to know quite a few actresses and they frequently got goodies at huge discounts. There are also some very nice stores where one can buy pre-owned items of excellent quality. I just bought a $375 purse on eBay for $50 and it looks like it’s never been used.

      1. That is what I was going to say Queen Lauri:). Meghan used to frequent events where they gave out free things as long as you were photographed with them (DM even had an article on it recently, lol). So, it wouldn’t surprise me if she got a lot of free stuff. And she also was with wealthy men-so it could be a gift. She is a b/c level actress, so she has a few million, but not what the A list do.

        Oh and I love ebay for that! Unless their is a bidding war, then it stinks πŸ™‚

  7. Was anyone else quietly appalled that there is a photo of Meghan in a gorgeous tiny bikini in the DM and the caption strongly implies that was what she wore for her wedding in Jamaica?

    1. Yes, I noticed that. Deceptive photo placement intended to make people think she got married in a bikini.

    1. Felix goes by many names and spews their hate all over the DM and tumblr. Over-invested would be nice term. IMO doesn’t deserve any more attention. She seems to think that the more she attacks MM, the more likely it is that Harry will end the relationship.

      I hope the Palace is watching her, as she’d getting close to libel territory. If Letizia can win a case against someone’s rantings on twitter, Harry and MM could have a chance against someone like this.

  8. The pastor seemed very happy and excited about the wedding and I highly doubt he spoke to the press for money. A lot of people will give interviews for nothing just out of excitement.

    Whoever marries William and Harry and any other senior royal was going to have to tolerate (with a smile) intense media scrutiny and press attention. Is it bad if some handle it better than others? There’s also a bit of hypocrisy, Maxima seems to love her position and attention and is lauded for it but Kate, Meghan, and sometimes Mary and former princess Alexandra is criticized for loving attention too much. Being royal seems like fun if you are extroverted and enjoy people, they should enjoy the privileges and tolerate the negatives.

  9. I wonder whether some of the craziness about this relationship is due to the fact that Kate and William are quite boring and that Harry’s the last major royal likely to get married for the next 10 years (apart from Bea, Eug and maybe some of the Luxembourg siblings). There was a big run of coronations, weddings and babies, but we are unlikely to get anything that big, fun or dish-worthy for quite some time.

    1. They are boring, and they had all kinds of media protection for the early years of the relationship. That deal was only in place for university. As Harry didn’t attend college, the press went after him (and anyone he dated) before he even turned 18.

    2. The sons of Diana have always been followed with devotion, particularly since their mother’s death, and apart from their positions as top of the BRF tree. It’s inevitable that every aspect of their lives would undergo scrutiny.

      In broad brush terms, the royal/commoner barrier has been gradually eroded in the public’s mind with Kate-William, Edward-Sophie, Ann-Tim etc etc. The white/non-white barrier has not, especially in relation to the establishment. If Harry marries Meghan, a bastion of white privilege will have fallen.

      And this is why it gets into ugly waters with Harry-Meghan because an underlying concept of racial privilege is playing out with no subtlety whatsoever. It’s entirely different from the extreme ‘fatal attraction’-type fandom, scary and sad as that may be. No, this is racially charged because the Harry-Meghan relationship challenges who has a right to privilege. Those who challenge this view of the world are hitting back with support for Meghan; it’s beyond any personal qualities they may or may not admire in the woman. This is all about who has a ‘right’ to the top table.

      1. The white/non white barrier was crossed a long time ago. Even with the establishment. Only HM’s immediate nuclear family seemed immune, but that wasn’t necessarily a reflection of their views.

        In the establishment, several Aristos married/ dating/affianced to non whites, but i will list a few in the royal circles meaning those with familial ties or very close friends with the royals or are top of the establishment tree.

        1. the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough is Iranian. The Marlboroughs are a branch of the Spencer family, as well as being friends of royalty.

        2. Jemima Khan very publicly marrying Imran Khan, a muslim Pakistani man. The Goldsmiths are entertwined with the Rothschilds and it doesn’t get more establishment than that.

        3. The heir to the Mountbatten Earl title is affianced to a black woman from Eritrea. Infact, this man only dates black women, so it it’s a given that a future Earl Mounbatten within our lifetime will be mixed race.

        4. The Queen’s cousin, James Laschelles, great-grandson of George V, is married to a black woman. The Queen had to give consent to the marriage.

        5. The Duke of Gloucester’s daughter,Davina, is married to a Moari. They have 2 children. Those kids and their father attend all royal family events. Here they are at polo and trooping the colour and westminster.×594×594

        6. Prince Michael of Kent’s daughter Gabriel was in a 5yr long term relationship with an Indian man that was expected to end in marriage. Publicly, Princess Michael expressed deep regret when they broke up because she said they all thought he was wonderful.

        Not to mention the latin women married into the European families which tend to be very strict about such thing than the British eg Maxima, Grand Duchess of Luxemborg, Princess Angela of Leitchenstein, Queen of Sweden.

        Ps Princess Angela is Afro-Latina.

        Britain as a whole has no issues with mixed relationships and that extends to the aristocracy. Most people don’t make a song and dance about it so people assume it doesn’t happen.

        And the Marchioness of Weymouth doesn’t count because she’s a very thirsty famewhore who wants a reality career and so makes a big deal of being the first Marchioness who will later be a viscountess when the truth is that she grew up in aristo circles and all her older siblings are married into the aristocracy.

        1. Herazeus, thank you for your response. I was not thinking that the white/non-white barrier exists within the Royal family or establishment; as you have demonstrated, that is not the case though I’d guess that most people would be unaware of the examples given.

          I’m referring to the throb in social media and press indicating in no uncertain terms their disapproval of MM because of her mixed race heritage. Harry’s statement was, in part, a response to this overt prejudice. As Harry’s crazy fan-girls think he belongs to them, another group thinks British royalty-as-white is theirs too, because it connects them to ‘top of the tree’ in a weird white supremacist way. Whereas, a true meritocracy (still an aspiration in this world) does not privilege colour, age, gender, just achievement.

    3. Having seen many sets of photos now, Harry and Meghan seem quite boring to me as well. Oh, look, H/M at a resort. Oh look, eternal spring break Harry on the beach doing nothing vacationing again from doing nothing, proving once again he is a feckless, slacking trust fund baby. Oh look, they’re partying, again. Meh. What did they do for two months at his ‘cottage’?. Nothing? I’m waiting to see if this gets better.

      Honestly, the lives of a bunch of rich people playing while getting on in years does not appeal; it’s a nothing kind of life. Meghan has a working life so how can she abide a guy who doesn’t? I just don’t get it. Perhaps they admire each other’s high-mindedness in a handful of good deeds.

      I swear, the BRF have become a real eye opener for me. Ugh. What did I ever see in them?

      1. Maven, you’ve just described all reality shows on the tele! The BRF one is lived in real time, funded by Brits, with audience participation courtesy of blogs, twitter and various publications.

        I think it was Carter, Green Trees or Greta who wrote that a side effect of Harry’s relationship has meant more scrutiny of how he spent his time that had hitherto been brushed aside. No doubt this was because he has an affable presence in public, and people are desperate to see Diana in him because it keeps her memory alive. And since his brother is so dour and lazy, Harry is, for some, the last hope. And yet, as the veil is lifted, the picture isn’t exactly heartening, as you describe all too accurately.

        Harry’s trump card is the privilege that a title and wealth provide, and the security it provides for a woman. That’s it. He dabbles in things that interest him but since there is no family or personal internal pressure to work full-time, he doesn’t. Should he marry Meghan, one of two things will happen: (1) she’ll slip into his lifestyle, or (2) she’ll energise him to do more. The second option, though, is problematic because Harry and partner will not be allowed to over-shadow Charles, and especially not William and Kate. That is a hard pill to swallow; all that’s left is a shallow life of ‘nothing, nothing, nothing’. ‘Spares’ of any description generally sit in a drawer, potential never realised, unused, forgotten.

        1. People really did overlook a lot when it came to Harry, but now that Meghan has sparked more media interest in him he is being shown to be much more like his brother than anyone wants to believe.

          I absolutely think Harry and Wife (Meghan or someone else) will not outwork William and Kate. IMO, I don’t think Harry really wants to, and uses the excuse of not overshadowing the heir (William) as an excuse – in the same way William doesn’t want to and uses the excuse of not overshadowing the heir (Charles) as an excuse.

          1. Perfectly said. I agree with you totally.

            I suspect some of the anger directed to Meghan is misplaced disappointment in Harry. People have been fooled and don’t enjoy their goodwill wasted on such a twat.

          2. The GBP are slowly waking up to the fact that he can be as big a twat as William which given that 12 months ago there were national rumblings that Harry would be the better option as King, is quite a tough pill to swallow. Especially as he was revered as the closest in spirit to his Mother. Some of the comment expressed this weekend on sites various about Harry shows a lot of frustration with him that I have never really felt before. Even his past misdemeanours have been of the boys will be boys variety. There is a sentiment building that is normally attributed to William Wails.

          3. And this is how Andrew lost puboic goodwill.

            I’m old enough to remember the golden days of Andrew beloved by the public before it all went down the drain to the lows we see.

        2. “Reality show”. Jen, you nailed it for me. It explains the ennui and disappointment I’ve been feeling about Harry; this is like watching a reality show starring your average shallow, self-absorbed, privileged Joe Shmo with more money than ambition.

          This New York Times interview with a psychiatrist to the rich explains the failure to launch of privileged scions and the resultant emptiness of their lives:

          1. Maven, that’s an interesting article. I’d say William exhibits all the symptoms named (p.2). Harry did have the benefit of army discipline, at least for a time. Kate – despite her insistence of a perfect upbringing – also exhibits some of these symptoms. Too much availability to material things with little to no ethical education regarding how to genuinely give back. However, they all surround themselves with ‘yes’ people so there’s little hope in entrenched attitudes being challenged to enable personal growth.

  10. The Mark Cuthbert photo along with a couple of others of him in the sea…..looks like he knows he’s being photographed from afar. Sort of feel sorry for all the guests that are using the beach with Harry as they,re as likely to be caught in photo whether they want to be or not.

    Ps. Just looked at the three main tabloids online and all three have pulled their pictures of Harry on the beach, in the sea. I wonder what’s going on in the KP office this weekend?

    1. I thought Meghan had at least spotted the photographer, too. I thought it was guests or staff with cell phones because of bad quality?

      1. Fifi, the Meghan photos were just outside the beach villas weren’t they? None of her on the beach? I must admit I didn’t really study them in any detail. The whole approach to security and photos at this wedding has been really strange.

        1. Actually I was thinking of wedding photos. I didn’t see Meghan at the beach, good descision if she stayed away from paps. On a superficial, slightly mean note, Harry needs to get back to the gym.

          1. I thought he look pasty and untoned but definitely less timber. I heard that she’d overhauled his diet…..poor sod. He grown up on McDonalds & Nandos and likes his crap food. According to Niraj Tanna photos have been taken but the British tabloids won’t run them so I would expect to see them all in the foreign press this week.

          2. Well at least we have proof that the tabloid story that Meghan sits at Nott Cott cooking and waiting for him to come home from the gym isn’t true. Doesn’t look like he’s seen the inside of a gym for a long time.

    2. The photos of Harry at the beach in the DM article I linked are still there.

      1. It’s the beach and villa ones that went up for a short period of time and then came down. Why was that I wonder? Seeing as you mention your photo links……those particular ones have been used by DM on every single piece written on there in the last 36 hours (and there have been about 6 articles now saying nearly the same thing) despite many more being used elsewhere which is what prompted Niraj Tanna’s tweets that the British media had been acting completely without balls all weekend with the exception of The Sunday Times of all papers. As I’ve been saying it’s a very odd weekend wedding re. security, press restraint and what the wedding party have accommodated. Some pictures have clearly had some co-operation and others have been papped. A busy weekend in KP press office this weekend? And I wonder maybe one of the reasons Harry’s been photographed looking out of sorts on some occasions?

    1. Kitty weddings can leave you emotional, drunk, hungover, tired. Add jet lag, being irritated by the press hovering around. I wouldn’t read too much into this weekends pictures really. They didn’t look like loves young dream I agree but the fact that he’s gone to so much trouble to protect her and been seen it some pretty public venues with her would suggest there is something there. If she wasn’t important to him she wouldn’t be at this wedding would she? This is his peer group and she’s there. I think that tells you everything.

    2. Eh. Weddings are super boring. Harry looks super bored in the photos from the wedding reception, plus drunk or tired. So it makes total sense to me that he would look that way since weddings are super boring.

      1. Maybe he doesn’t find them super boring? Maybe it was the company or the conversation? Who really knows what he thought? All I think we do know for sure is that the particular moment the photos were taken he wasn’t radiating joy and bonhomie.

  11. The photos of them at the table are really interesting. Does anyone else think that it appears that she is consoling him, or somehow trying to talk him out of being upset? The way she is holding his arm, and keeping her other arm around his neck speaks volumes.

    1. It certainly is really awkward body language, but it’s anyone’s guess as to why he looked so tense. It could be something as innocuous as the sun was in his eyes giving him a headache. Or he saw the photographers and got sulky about it. Or of course what some people have jumped to that he and Meghan aren’t as “loved up” as the tabloids would have us believe. We can speculate until the cows come home and the truth is we will never know.

        1. I do too. I cannot image going to a three day destination wedding. I’d be bored out of my gourd and looking to hire a private plane by hour 2.

  12. Is it me or are some the comments and the write up, have an undercurrent of everything is Meghan’s fault? There was a lot of paps pictures at the wedding =Meghan’s fault … Them being there upstaged the bride =Meghan’s fault … The pastor spoke to the media =Meghan’s fault.. The statement, the press interest, people hating/loving her, the stupid DM article global warming (lol) … her fault as well.

    1. Nothing in my write up says or even implies that any of the craziness surrounding this wedding is in any way Meghan’s fault. None of the comments say or imply that any of the craziness surrounding this wedding or their relationship in general is Meghan’s fault. There is no undercurrent here that everything is Meghan’s fault.

  13. Ok my predictions:
    1 summer engagement after pippa’s wedding
    2 late autumn wedding (fall for the Americans!) Not a state or semi state but private and perhaps like Charles and camillas so civil and blessing so as not to put granny HM in difficult position. Small family wedding at windsor or perhaps balmoral or sandringham
    3 honeymoon in Africa
    4 honeymoon baby born in 2018
    5 Harry made duke of connaught on wedding day
    6 they will live at Nottingham cottage but granny will buy them a cosy country house
    As wedding gift.
    7 another baby quite quickly
    8 eventually they will live part of year in Africa doing charity work there so will buy a house there, this so they don’t upstage the cambridges
    9 meghan will turn out to be a cracking duchess, smart, engaged, hard-working feisty and chic.
    10 their kids will not be prince, princess but lady etc like Sophie and Edwards. They will have an upbringing more like mia tindall rather than George and charlotte.

    1. Some corrections that will happen on assumption that Monarchy continues into another century.

      By constitutional law, if Harry has kids before Charles is King, their highest style is Lord/Lady only.

      Once Charles becomes King, everyone gets an upgrade including Harry who becomes THE Prince Harry blah, blah which is a distinction accorded to children of a monarch as opposed to all other princes. Right now he is Prince Harry without ‘THE’ definitive infront of it.

      As grandchildren of the new monarch Charles, Harry’s children will be upgraded to Prince style because they will have become eligible for it as a direct result of the upgrade.

      1. How come anne was able to opt out then? And is she could then can Harry do the same? Anne’s children and grandchildren famously have no titles apparently at her request?

        1. Anne refused a title for her first husband; that’s why her children have no titles. Titles don’t pass through females (unless it’s the monarch). Harry is in a different position since he’s male.

    2. I can see an engagement in September if she 1) spends time with him in Lesotho working with Sentabale in July and 2) passes the Balmoral test in August. If it happens early enough in September, she can appear at Invictus. A winter wedding (Dec – Feb) would be really quick, but possible if they hold it at Windsor. It could happen tomorrow, or they could break up tomorrow. Who knows?

      I’d prefer Harry+Spouse (whomever that ends up being) at Frogmore or Belvedere, but doubt that would happen. Still think they’d end up at Sandringham for the country pile, possibly Wood Farm. It looks a bit like a real-life Weasley home (knock-back, cobbled-together), but it is available and on HM’s private property.

      1. If an engagement between Harry and Meghan is forthcoming, I doubt it will be before the IG. He was very adamant that the veterans were front and center and seemed pretty peeved that questions about his personal life kept coming up and overshadowing things in Orlando. If an engagement happened right before, the veterans would be completely lost in the inevitable resultant media frenzy, and I don’t think he’d want that.

        1. That’s what makes me question that timing too. Either it happens very soon so people have a few months to get used to it, or after IG. If they weren’t engaged by then, I wouldn’t expect to see them together at IG.

          1. I honestly don’t think they will get engage they will fizzle out in the coming months …. just my hunch…(the pictures) but then again they have lasted much longer than I thought

  14. I think mm came to spend time with Harry and crashed the wedding. Harry having to sit apart from his friends and the media. circus is why he’s pissed. He’s. redhead they steam longer. I think he’s in love with her, but this might have put a strain on the relationship.

    MM had that I know that my man love me look on her face btw the photo where she hugs him is to chew him out. It was the last picture of the lot even though it was placed first, after the girl who was. Clearly flirting left, I think it’s why he got up and dance for her to mellow her out.( probably scared of that bitch face. They need to get married and devote themselves to charity work, it would make all this shit worth it

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