Prince Harry & Meghan Markle photographed in Jamaica

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle photographed in Jamaica

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were photographed at a wedding yesterday in Jamaica.

Harry and Meghan were in Montego Bay, Jamaica for Tom Inskip‘s wedding to Lara Hughes-Young on Friday, March 3 at Hopewell Baptist Church. Harry was one of 14 ushers – he’s listed in the program as “Harry Wales”. Reportedly, Harry flew in to Jamaica on Wednesday from London, and Meghan joined him on Thursday from Toronto.

You can see photos from the wedding at the Daily Mail, E Online, and People. There’s nothing for me to comment on here other than fashion, so let’s do that.

Meghan wore a full length floral gown with a dust ruffle on the bottom. Meghan’s gown is Erdem pre-fall ’17. It looks to be a combo of two different dresses: the print from this dress (on the right), and the pattern from this dress (on the right).

Meghan’s dress reminds me of these two gowns Kate has worn that I hated: Erdem and Alexander McQueen. So am I allowed to say that I dislike Meghan’s dress here? Because the last time I talked about Meghan’s fashion I got yelled at for saying I disliked it. Anyway, I dislike this dress, because it’s Erdem and floral and has a dust ruffle.

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  1. I thought it was an Erdem when I saw it. I didn’t like Kate’s and I don’t like this one. That’s all.

  2. I prefer this one to Kate’s bc it’s not as shiny and the dust cover thing isn’t so drastic. I knew it was Erdem as soon as I saw it lol.

    1. Yes-beautiful – thank you KMR.

      Both Prince Henry and Meghan are georgeous together, a lovely gathering which seem sincere, (NO fake PR or secret/in hiding), and is dignified for the world to view. Can’t wait for King Henry’s formal announcement and wedding of the decade!

      This is the first occasion of Prince Henry (and Pincess in waiting) Wales attended. Harry’s friends – not the middleton climbers/wannabe royals- carol/pips.

      1. There are friends in common though.

        For example, another usher Archie Soames is the son of Jeremy Soames, a grandson of Winston Churchill. William and Harry used to play with Archie’s cousin Harry Soames, son ofbNicholas Soames, a good friend of Prince Charles. He and Diana attended Nicholas’s first wedding 1981 to Catherine Weatherall. Diana used to take along Catherine Soames and her son Harry on some of those beach holidays…Nicholas’s second wife is related to the late Queen Mother while his first wife’s younger sister Isobel Weatherall was the conservatively the late earl of Strathmore and Longhorns (family of the late Queen Mother). The Weatheralls are Jardine Matheson co heirs, with five daughters born 1990 to 1997 to two brothers…that’s the kind of intermarrying these families do.

        Jake Warren is the nephew of the Earl of Carnarvon, and Prince Harry attended his wedding 2013 and that of his sister Susanna 2016. Susanna once dated Guy Pelly for many years, before he married an American.

        Henry Morley is the nephew of the Duchess of Beaufort, and his mother Davina Sheffield ( a first cousin once removed of Samantha Cameron nee Sheffield) nearly married Prince Charles in 1976.

        And so forth…

        And so forth

      2. I was super excited about Meghan, but now I’m not so sure. I’m starting to get major Grasping Middleton/Preening Amal vibes from her. I really hope I’m wrong. :/

    2. I think Meghan can pull off the floral pattern better than Kate. However, I think the dress is “too big” (too much fabric) for a Caribbean wedding, or just at all. It’s just all too much.

      I also think that Erdem designs are hard looks to pull off. I think they are better as shorter dresses, not full-length dresses. The dust ruffle bottom is not flattering, on anyone.

      I also agree that it looks better on Meghan than Kate. I think the floral pattern is smaller on Meghan’s dress. Kate was too big of a pattern.

  3. I don’t like it but it doesn’t look bad on her. It’s more flattering than Kate’s Erdem messes but still not great.

  4. What is Erdem’s thing with florals and dust ruffles?! Hate it! I will say MM wears it better than Kate. MM works the dress while the dress works Kate. And the colours aren’t as bad on this dress. But still, hate it! Big thumbs down.

      1. I think that this dress works for the occasion–a casual Caribbean wedding. With that in mind, I like it and think that MM wears it very well. She looks very pretty.

      2. Totally agree with you, KMR. Why are women drawn to erdem’s awful dresses when there are so many better choices?

      3. I bet they are already engaged. Thanks for everything you do KMR! A resounding, Yes…you are allowed to hate that dress! πŸ˜‰ P.S., I’ve been avidly reading all along, got a little bit of trouble with my husband’s health, worst is over, but still a long recovery! (And he will recover!) This blog has provided me with a much needed distraction, and again, I can’t thank you enough! I’m still here…albeit lurking in the shadows! Love and Health to the KMR Family!!! :*

        1. Anastasia, all best wishes to you and your husband. I am sorry for what you have been through — both of you and hope for his steady progress. Love and best wishes to you both. The best of health, too

    1. I’m convinced that wearing Erdem is part of a ritual hazing for women associated with William and Harry. The dust ruffles are fussy, hippy dippy decoration; too much Ellie-May Clampett. The colours and pattern do suit MM, but far too much material to drag around; even she was pulling the dress up to her knees.

      1. +1!
        Erdem is beyond ugly. This dress has an unflattering waistline that reminds me of the Self-Portrait ball of yarn that Kate wore. Beyond ugly. Erdem must give really good discounts or something to keep showing up like this. Even a dog eventually buries its bone.

        1. I don’t agree. I have a gorgeous lace dress (I have 1 black one unlike Kate) and a gorgeous impressionistic water color dress. It looks like art. You have to pick and
          choose with Erdem.

          1. I love impressionistic art and have a gorgeous skirt that represents; I even had a dress in my twenties that was similar to Starry Night, but the shape was classic rather than Erdem’s grandma’s nightgown shape with the dust ruffle etc. It’s the shape and too much fabric I don’t like (and think is unflattering). Erdem IMO hasn’t learned when to pull back so that design shines through.

            There were similar comments about Kate’s last Erdem dress being pretty, but killed by the bottom dust ruffle. I thought Kate looked good in the colors, and that there was an interesting design element but same problem, dowdy design that took away from fabric beauty.

    2. She must have been hot. There are pics of Meghan sitting with her long dress pulled up above her knees. I find it odd and wouldn’t think to do that at a wedding reception.

      So here’s the question: if Kate did this what would we say? Should Meghan get the princessy treatment now or do we still cut her some slack? To me it iooks like a lack of decorum (and I am Meghan neutral).

      I can’t abide Erdem. Every outfit so far has been a visual cacophony.

      1. Well I do remember when Kate & William went to a sports game (Rugby I think) in Australia during their tour Kate putting her feet up on the advertising boards during the match as a footrest and I was pretty appalled. So I guess hoiking your full length dress up to your knees wouldn’t pass muster with me. I mean why spend Β£2500 on a dress trying to look like a lady and then behaving like a navvie?

      2. I thought at first that the dress code might have been to wear a long dress, but that seems not to be the case. The bride had the right idea with a short, light outfit. Had Meghan’s dress been a knee-length retro 50’s number, with a waist and no ruffles, in the same material, she would have been very comfortable in the heat and looked chic. The Erdem looks heavy to cart around with so much material to it. Not great on a hot day.

        1. She could have taken a scissors to that dust ruffle! Though I confess I would fold up a long skirt while sitting when we lived in Florida.

  5. I don’t give much for Erdem and I hated Kate’s floral Erdem gown. This one is not much better. It seems as if the fabric isn’t as shiny and stiff as the fabric on Kate’s dress but I am not sure.

  6. It’s definitely the darker Erdem dress from the second picture you posted, but in a different colour ie this link.

    I recognised it straightaway because i have the same dress in a black/bronze colour. I think the ruffles on the top half balance the dust ruffle, but i would say that since i liked the dress enough to buy it. LOL

    I style it hippy rather than the Texas big hair style that Kate styled her dress.

    1. Yes, the darker dress from that photo with the print of the other dress I linked. I’ve never met a ruffle I didn’t dislike. So the ruffles on the shoulders plus the ruffle at the bottom is two too many ruffles for me.

      1. LOL.

        I normally stick to slick, pared down styles. Definitely no ruffles for me, but i really enjoyed Erdem’s SS15 collection which included one or 2 maxi floral chiffon dresses complete with tiny dust ruffles. Something so romantic about them. He went all out dust ruffles on the pre-Fall 2015 collection, but he made the above design in silk organza which makes it float and doesn’t overwhelm whereas Kate picked the version made out of crepe satin (minus shoulder ruffles) which is stiff and really makes the dust ruffle stand out and enters into doily territory. The texas big style hair did not help.

          1. Oh this dress is really pretty. I haven’t liked any of the Erdem dresses we’ve seen on Kate or this one on Meghan but maybe they’re just choosing the uglier dresses because this version is so much better than Meghan’s version. The black and bronze of this dress looks better than the black and light greens of her dress.

    2. I wonder if she bought this one specifically for the wedding? Didn’t MM say at one point (in some style article) that she doesn’t wear a lot of prints, and that has been expanded into her character on Suits not wearing prints either?

  7. Oh gosh, looking at the dress on DM shows how awful it is! It is way to much fabric and looks like a dust ruffle at the bottom. I didn’t like Kate’s and I don’t like this one. Erdem has to be one of the worst designers. Maybe Meghan borrowed this from Kate πŸ˜‰

  8. I sometimes wonder what Meghan would do if Harry and her won’t marry. I would panic if I want to have children in the natural way.
    I like this dress.
    I hope they truly love each other. Harry surely does or he wouldn’t be there.

    1. She is 35 not 50. She can still have kids naturally. No one seems to think kate would have an issue having a third kid and she is the same age.

      I know plenty of women who started having kids at this age without IVF. And even if help is required if you really want kids you make it happen. I even know women in their early 40s who had kids without intervention. Pressuring women on this issue is ridiculous.

        1. I wonder when the bump watching of JA will stop considering she’s 48.

      1. But it is true that fertility drops significantly after the age of 35.

        1. I don’t know about the proper statistics but I find the statistics too simplistic. A friend said to me that statistics don’t take into account a pregnancy at university or a surprise pregnancy at 40 years old. I would rather concentrate on establishing a steady relationship with a partner so I could bring up a child than worry about having children. Please don’t hate me for this. I think Meghan and Harry will make great parents. They seem to have a steady presence.

          1. You’re absolutley right. It’s really difficult to study, find the man you love, also after marriage. Also with the education of your children, not every man is willing to participate although he was caring before marriage.
            Look at the divorce-statistics!
            As far as I can see, you have to sacrifice in some aspects of life.

        2. Yes, it is true. One of my uncles is a top infertility specialist in New England. A woman’s infertility rises every year after the late 20s.. Especially, in women who have never had a baby before. Some women are very fortunate to get pregnant the first time they try after 35 — esp. if they have not been pregnant before There are exceptions, but most OBs advise women to try to get pregnant beofre 35. Sad, but true.

      2. I know, it’s a harsh topic. For Kate, it would be her third child and nobody would say anything, she surely knows herself that the clock is counting.
        I especially meant finding a new man she truley loves and fits to her. It’s not that easy. Many men are married with forty, so you have to wait the divorced ones.
        Many are dellusional with getting children today. They would wait till they are fifty.So you can blame all the people for asking but nature will not wait for anybody.
        Jennifer Aniston would help it if she would simply say she will never have kids.

        1. nah, if you’re early 40s, you just catch the 33 and up crowd who missed the “marriage at 28” boat.

          And as for the “fertility falls off the cliff at 35 statistic”, there have been many articles debunking this.

          Check out:

          Turns out they used examples from… wait for it…300 years ago.
          So, um. Don’t freak out Megs πŸ˜‰ (and any over 35s reading this).

          1. I think steady decline is better scenario. You steadily release fewer eggs and quality of eggs also decline. Also increase rate of miscarriage comes with age
            I actually wonder how many of these celebs over 40 giving birth are using donor eggs and just don’t say it?

          2. The miscarriage rate is related to the genetics of the foetus, not the mother’s ability to carry to term. With pre-implantation screening, women in their early 40s are given the same chance of carrying to term as women in their early 30s. (I have friends who have undergone treatments).

          3. Nota as women age chromosomal defects become more common causing the genetic abnormalities causing miscarriages.
            Older women going through say IVF treatment have a higher odds of ongoing/maintaining pregnancy because the embryos selected/transferred are chosen based on signs of normal development

          4. That’s what I’m saying, Sarah. That as long as the embryos have gone through genetic screening pre-implantation, once implanted they have an equal chance of going to term with a woman in her early 40s as in a woman in her early 30s. It is the genetics of the embryo, not the age of the woman’s uterus, that plays a big role.

          5. Sorry nota, I didn’t see the pre-implantation part. Thought you were comparing 40 yr trying naturally vs someone getting help =)

          6. Actually more studies are linking the chromosomal defects to the age of the father now. Let’s stop worrying about whether or not a woman can get pregnant. There is technology out there if natural doesn’t work and the BRF can certainly afford it.

            Also some women and men choose not to have kids and that’s okay too. There are plenty in line to the throne both ahead and behind Harry. No one needs to have kids.

          7. All that’s true but Harry has stated several times that he would like to have kids.
            Whether fair or or not that brings age and fertility issues up. The same issues are there for Kate if she wants baby #3 she just got a head stArt on 1 &2

          8. Going through IVF is not fun, please stop talking as if as soon as you want a baby in your 40s you just get pregnant through IVF in a blink of an eye. Embryo quality crucially depends on eggs quality, that drops after 38, exactly as fertility rate does. People like me undergoing these processes are under a huge emotional, physical, and financial pressure, but it is quite evident from what you are writing here that none of you have any ideas about how difficult it can be, and about the fact that the majority of women undergoing IVF won’t succeed at all, even in the long run. I was 37 when I started the process, and my diagnosis has been “maternal age” from the beginning; having said that, I find totally inappropriate to talk about Meghan’s age and her likelihood to conceive; each of us makes her own choices, and then deal eventually with consequences, but it is very rude to talk about someone else ovaries. It is probably worse than commenting on body weight! (I apologize for any possible English mistakes, I’m writing from Italy.)

          9. Please do not assume you know what any of us or our loved ones have gone through.

            I’m not saying the process is easy, inexpensive, or guaranteed success. There are, however, new pre-implantation genetic screenings that give women in their early 40s a much better chance than ever before. As ever, it is all related to the individual couple and no statistics can apply to everyone.

          10. Of course no statistics can apply to everyone, but if we don’t reason referring to statistics, we can just forget about the concept of science itself! Saying that it is not true that conceiving after 38 is super difficult is just not correct, also if some people can easily naturally conceive at 44. I was not implying anything about what happened to anyone, I was just trying to say that reading these comments gave me the impression that some of you were saying “well, who cares, science is there to help!”, which is misleading because it is not an easy process and the chances to succeed are quite low, and that talking about another person’s chances to conceive is quite inappropriate. Sorry KMR for the OT.

    2. There’s no reason she can’t have children the “natural way” yes more complications can arise i’m sure she would have he best docs available. It may just bump up timeline that they decide to have kids.
      In the states ad soon as a woman is 35+ she’s considered high risk and automatically sees a high risk dr as part of her obgyn team. Pretty sure they would do that in the U.K.

  9. For the sake of Tumblr fangirls(some of whom have moved to CB), I want them to marry. Place: St Georges, Windsor. Dress by Vivienne Westwood. Wearing the Strathmore Rose or the mystery Greek key tiara worn previously by the Princess Royal in the 00’s at a state visit banquet and by the Countess of Strathmore at HM’s coronation.

    1. After that tumblr exchange yesterday, i wonder what they will say regarding these pictures.

      I except it will be soap opera worthy pretzel logic about how they are broken up and are actually stalking each other and or signalling to outer space to be rescued.

          1. “Amy” is going to have a meltdown. But really there is something wrong to keep claiming a relationship doesn’t exist when several photographs show that it does. It may not mean marriage but to deny they are still dating is just bizarre.

      1. If it’s in Princess Anne’s possession then it won’t wind up on Meghan’s head.

      2. We also saw Kate in the Halo tiara, worn previously by Anne as well. What are the chances this also was just a one-time loan for Anne?

        1. As Anne has worn the Greek Key many times, and Zara wore it on her wedding day? I’d say it is in Anne’s line exclusively until both Anne and Zara have passed away. Then it would be returned, to be re-assigned to a new wearer.

    2. I don’t understand why some people (like the tumblr girls) are SO emotionally invested in who Harry dates. It’s one thing to be interested. But wow.

      1. Apparently some are saying they aren’t smiling in the Jamaica photos so they are just doing this as a cover. So crazy. He is not bringing her to a wedding that he knows will be papped unless they are serious. These delusions in the face of actual facts are ridiculous.

        1. funniest thing read on a crazy tumblr: they are under contract.

          Yup, HRH Prince Henry of Wales, agreed to a dating contract.

          Because of course.

          *weeps tears for sad tumblr bishes*

    3. Strathmore is a possibility, although it is one of the few tiaras they have that is their private property. Purchased by Bowes-Lyon for his daughter’s marriage to Bertie. Personally I’d like to see it on Eugenie for her wedding (if she marries), although more likely she’d wear her mother’s wedding tiara.

      I’m hoping for Teck Crescent, if Harry ever marries anyone. HM usually likes to hide things away for awhile. Has QEII ever worn the Teck Crescent? Queen Mum used to, but has it been worn since? Some sources put it in Camilla’s possession, but she’s never worn it.

  10. Not a big fan of the dress due to what people have already said. Why the dust ruffle??

    I thought the bride looked pretty though I wasn’t a huge fan of the bride’s dress either, but I appreciate that it was unique and wasn’t a cookie cutter strapless dress or lace dress.

    I think this is it for him. He’s ready to settle down and all the gossip websites say she’s willing to make the sacrifices. I don’t think an engagement is around the corner though. I’d be surprised if he got engaged this year. But then again, who knows? I thought for sure he’d marry Chelsy after she was his plus one to William’s wedding, and then I thought he’d marry Cressida after they attended an official event together. So what do I know?

    1. Chelsy turned him down because she didn’t want to be a royal, according to various reports. I don’t know about Cressida.

  11. Why is Harry wearing a navy suit in the tropics. I bet it was at least 80-85F in Jamaica. Looks like all the other men were dressed in more tropical weight and lighter colored suits. It looks so out of place. Now to Meghan, oy gevalt, Erdem? Really? I am disappointed. I despise Erdem. Was this schmatte from the 2017 Granny Spring Collection? Despite the fact this horrid creation was sleeveless, I thought due to the dark print it looked heavy. Maybe this is Meghans way of saying “I am ready to be a Duchess”.She does love to convey cutesy messages through her actions. I do think Harry will marry her.

    1. +1

      MM seem to be already in royal training/KP; and is listening to advisers – BP/POW- Prince Henry advisors/CH and PH Private Scretary with her blog; work and upcoming life as a royal. I can see MM continue with the blog,and inspiring her large followers for the better of her upcoming royal duties, charity work.

      1. I think if they married, she’d need to disband TheTig, but keep the website address forever so no one else cybersquats on it. If they married, she might end up being more active on the KP social media accounts, like Madeleine is on her personal one.

    2. I think you may be on to something BB, we’ve all seen how precious (coy may be a better word?) she likes to be on social media regarding her relationship with Harry so far. For good or bad, it seems to be her MO.

  12. I like the dress- very fashionable and youthful from the little we can see of it in pictures of Meagan. I wish them both all the happiness they can muster for themselves in the media frenzie!

  13. Oh wow Meghan & Kate will able to be swap their Erdem, indulge their floral and dust ruffle fetish and save the tax payer money. It’s a yes from me!

    Oh I wish I could like this girl, she’s everything I wanted Kate to be but my gut doesn’t not like what I think she might me. Too grasping, too obvious and too sure of herself. By God she had better look after him and make him happy because I’m predicting St George’s at Windsor and probably a Winter wedding.

    Hera….the Erdem in the bronze pink and black is lovely. When I see a piece like that all is forgiven. I don’t really do florals or Erdem but that would have tempted me without a dust ruffle. I think that colour would have been far better for Meghan at a Caribbean wedding. If you looked at my wish list on Net-A-Porter etc I don’t think I’ve got one thing that isn’t a solid colour unless it’s monochrome. Xx

    1. I don’t do florals either, but something came over me when i saw this dress in the Erdem collection. Being a mostly black background sold it to me.

      I couldn’t imagine who would think to wear the crepe satin version of the dress because that was/is straight out ugly doily territory, and when Kate showed up in it, i felt vindicated.

      Apart from my McQueen obsession, i rarely buy other designers, but once in a while i do.

      Dust riffles aside, i actually think Erdem has improved with time. They started out being rather floral prim in slick designs that didn’t really suit their florals. Perhaps it was a question of financials rather than creativity. Unless you are a McQueen who doesn’t give a monkeys and care more for creativity than financials, you have to create a very bland collection to attract buyers.

      Having written them off for years,what made me take notice of their change in direction was a dress she wore during her first pregnancy–a.jpg

      That dress looks very conservative, but it was a bold move from Erdem which upto that point had been churning out prissy florals like this one that they adapted for her.

      They’ve been making very bold creative choices since then and the collections are more striking, dust ruffles and all.

      1. I’m definitely a McQueen girl. I tend to just skip past Erdem when the email drops because I just see florals everywhere. I think I might need to be a more openminded as there are some lovely things in your pictures.

      2. I disagree. Kate’s early Erdem were not terrible. Kate’s Erdem now are garbage.

    2. I don’t think being too sure of one’s self is necessarily a fault. I mean we’ve all wished that Kate had more self confidence so I am kinda thrilled that Meghan does.

      1. A quiet confidence I can admire. But anyone who feels confident enough to stroll passed the Daily Mail offices in her position worries me a bit. I worry for her and about her. Xx

        1. Heaven forbid she walk 5 minutes to the corner market, the one she’s familiar with from home.

          Maxima and Letizia have plenty of self-confidence, and I don’t see them destroying the men or the monarchies they married.

        2. Heaven forbid it be right past the DM’s main office. If you didn’t want to be seen or wanted to keep a low profile would you not take another route?

          1. I’d take the shortest, most direct route, just like she did. Taking a roundabout route would mean more chance of being seen. And more chance of being called out as a fame whore wandering the London Streets aimlessly, deliberately taking a longer route just to get caught, etc. etc. etc. Just like taking a fleet of black range rovers would have caused a ruckus.

          2. As a ‘public figure’ who’s on the paps current most wanted list I would avoid those offices like the plague and the only reason I don’t think she did was that she wanted to be seen. Albeit unofficially.

          3. Would Harry not have advised her of the DM’s offices so close by? I get that she may want to shop somewhere familiar, though read that Harry shops in the opposite direction to the DM’s offices, avoiding possible intrusion.

          4. I maintain they wanted the attention, well at the very least she did. I think not only would Harry have told her but so would just about every member of household, police on duty etc warned her. ‘Careful to not go past there, Daily Mail Offices, you’re bound to get seen’. Besides there are always paps outside KP. There’s no way she got seen unless she wanted to be seen. Many an A lister will tell you it’s easy to get lost in London if you don’t want to be noticed but you don’t going waltzing along outside the country’s foremost tabloid if you don’t want to attract attention. Neither do you go to Soho House for dinner either. These two are not adverse to some of the media on their terms.

          5. Mrs BBV you’re welcome to think that, I’m welcome to think otherwise. The other grocery store, that Harry shops at, is likely not one familiar to her. Want some salad? She doesn’t have staff, she doesn’t get to order the RPOs out for shop for her. So she runs to WholeFoods, a 5 minute walk. Happened once, and after that, she was in London for 2 months unseen. If she wanted pap strolls, she had 2 months in which to do them and didn’t.

          6. According to Piers Morgan, who speaks very warmly about her having met her at Soho House, she’s smart, savvy and very switched on…..certainly no camera shy ingenue. Of course she’s not sending Harry’s staff out for her, the paps wouldn’t get her photo if that was the case. And the strategically placed, pristine ‘Whole Foods’ bag? And not seen for two months, maybe because she realised Pap strolls outside the DM offices caused something of a backlash the first time she did it. Harry’s reknown for blending seamlessly into the London crowd and not being seen. You don’t think he’s maybe passed an iota of that on to her? Discussed when and when not to be seen based on his experience. As I say you can’t go out for dinner in Soho House or drink in the Punchbowl and not get papped but try Nando’s in Battersea and you’ll be fine. I wonder which one they’ll choose and when? Especially as Nando’s is said to be Harry’s favourite junk food.

          7. Again, nearest grocery store that was familiar to her. Could have purchased the reusable bag at that time, because she didn’t bring her grocery bags from home. Harry has been papped multiple times at the nearby Waitrose. Better to assume that someone would be lying in wait watching Waitrose, instead of the grocery store he’s never been seen in.

          8. Actually no…..the complete opposite. Far more likely to be lying in wait in a food store she’s familiar with even if it’s the London branch than a place that sells a whole host of things she’s not acquainted with. Even more so if we believe the stories that she’s trying to improve his diet and extol the wonders of vegetarianism. Harry also spends a lot of time in M & S foodhall but I don’t think ready meals are quite her thing either.

          9. Far more likely that she’d run to Waitrose like Harry has been caught doing frequently. She was caught once and only once, so lesson learned.

          10. Can’t see a health freak like her in Waitrose at all, they’ve gone almost as bad as M & S for ready made food. Hence why Whole Foods is such a safe bet for the paps to find her especially as she overhauling Harry’s diet. I thought he’d lodt a fair bit of weight. Anyway don’t Whole Foods deliver in London? Doesn’t even need to go up there and been seen no matter what direction she walks in. Like Soho House & The Punchbowl, so far she’s sticking to what she knows. Niraj Tanya saying today that the British tabloids are not printing half of what the paps are taking and have lost their balls. That would suggest that the opportunities are there for the taking. And on today’s evidence she’s not hiding away in Jamaica either.

      2. Not sure that Kate is unconfident! She had enough steel in her bones to hang on for ten years. Kate plays the ‘Being Taken Care Of’ card to infantilise herself, to deflect criticism of her performance, and to gain public sympathy. I certainly think she has been counseled on her performance/prep and has been told to step it up. Like anything in life, the more you prepare the better you become.

        1. I think the only thing that Kate fears is the fear of putting a foot wrong and being seen not to be perfect. Which is her mindset not ours because a little less contrived perfection and a bit more flamboyance might make her more likeable.

          1. That certainly adds another perspective, Mrs BBV. But it’s odd to want to project the look of a perfectionist without doing sufficient work to make inroads to any sort of competence! I usually see perfectionists as those beavering away at something, never content with their efforts, sadly.

        2. Hi Jen, I don’t believe that Kate has much self confidence based mostly on her body language and posture. As I’ve said before, it seems to me that something happened a couple of years into her marriage that knocked her down and took the confidence that we saw during the GF years and first couple of years of her marriage.

          1. IMO Kate seems to be more confident & relaxed nowadays when she’s carrying out an engagement by herself. When William puts his hand behind her back, on occasions it seems as though he is actually pushing her along & that’s not good for anybody’s confidence. As for the dress, the pattern & the design are too much together, they may look better separately like the patterned, straight maternity dress Kate wore, have to admit I did like that. Is Meghan a practicing catholic?

      3. I take being too sure of oneself as over confidence, which I do think is a bad thing. Over confidence tends to lend to arrogance which sadly is the vibe I have always gotten from Meghan. And I am not talking about since she appeared on the scene with Harry. I have thought she came across as arrogant since I “knew” her before Harry due to Suits. I was not her biggest fan. She just seemed like the typical fake and insincere actress. I hope I am wrong and her dating Harry has made me reconsider her. But I still get the over confidence feeling that Mrs. BBV has. It is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I think William is over confident as well.

  14. The dress is hideous. I dislike Erdem. A lot. Imho, she was trying to match Harry. But it was the wrong colors given the location. The dress is too dark and overpowering.

    Well, I guess I’ll find my best Dynasty outfit so I can storm the wedding and steal Harry. By the looks of it, they will be married by the end of next year. ?

    1. Looks like it Rhiannon, much as it pains me his hormones are all over the place and he is the last man standing in his set. I just don’t think she’s right for him at all. Well what I know of her so far. I have a feeling she moulding herself into what she thinks Harry needs and wants based on nothing but my own intuition I must say which is probably really unfair.

      1. I have a feeling about her as well. Her altruism came about recently. And while I don’t hate her, something is off. Keep in mind, I’m biased. Extremely.

        1. I think a lot of thirty somethings start to find a cause…..maturity brings a more selfless side out of you IMO but hers seems really drastic and very self promoting.

          It’s almost as if she was auditioning for the role of an American Billionaire’s wife and by accident landed the bigger fish if you believe Royalty to be a better catch than just money. Me, I’d take the billionaire and go and have a quieter life out of the headlines but you have to be a very certain kind of person if you think you want to spend and enjoy the rest of your life in the public eye because no mistake even if this doesn’t lead to marriage she’s always going to have the Harry Tag with her.

          1. Yes but if you are the wife of a non royal billionaire you have no obligation to anyone other than your partner. Marrying into a billionaire Royal Family is a quite a different thing altogether and far more accountable and onerous. Give me the private billionaire out of the public eye every time. Put it this way I wouldn’t recognise Mrs Gates if she passed me on my high street. She can be a quiet or a public as she chooses to be.

          2. Quiet billionaire is wayyyyy better than Harry’s version of royalty. Harry, though wealthy and has never wanted for anything in his life (except for the romanticized notion of “normal”) is no where near that level of wealth. And he comes with the duty and press attention.

            However billionaire prince with zero press coverage like Lichtenstein maybe wouldn’t be so bad.

          3. Yes to you both, Mrs BBV and Rhiannon. Astute observations. Neither of their public personas convince me.

          4. It’s rare that they truley love each other in such relationships. Meghan seems wanting to escape her background (you can’t blame her). They don’t love the human being but the possibility to live a special live, with money and attention. So, it’s not really altruistic of her being with him, what would she give up?

          5. notasugarhere, you don’t want to say that Thurn und Taxis are a right-wing family? Gloria, Albert’s mother is left-wing. She really loves punk and anarchy (more in a fun way of course), she dresses up in bright colours with big glasses on.

          6. Lovely Blossom, we are forbidden to discuss politics and religion on here. I suggest you do some research about Gloria’s current stances on refuges, homeless, homosexuality, and The Catholic Church. She’s offended many, many, many people in recent years. Ditto her elder daughter.

          7. notasugarhere, you’re right. I didn’t know this. I would have never thought it, but I now read some articles about her. Her personality changed in the last years.She is really an extreme person.

        2. It’s hard to say when her altruistic side blossomed. Her mother is a social worker and she went to a Catholic school. Both of those aspects of her upbringing would indicate that she was likely raised with a sense of obligation to the wider community — as many of us (likely) were. But because she needs to sell herself to get acting jobs and negotiate for higher pay (a HW reality, now) she’s made some very public gestures of altruism. That confuses things a bit — is she generous because she’s generous, or does she just want to be seen to be generous? Frankly, even the latter helps people, but the fact that she adopted two shelter dogs indicates that perhaps her upbringing nutured a giving spirit.

          1. Adopting dogs only means she likes dogs. People who hate other people and think charity work is stupid can still love and adopt dogs.

          2. Even Hitler loved his dog, right? I know it’s not a gold standard test. I guess what I’m trying to say is that she may have done a lot of anonymous charity work (like many of us here do) before deciding to go public with her persona (before Harry) and that I think her upbringing makes that on the likely side of possible. I still think she’s too self-congratulatory for British (and my) tastes, but she likely has the good sense to listen to advisors and tone that down in the future.

        3. I second that feeling, rhiannon. I have a strage feeling about her, too. I want to like her, but I feel something is amiss.

          As for the dress? Ugh!!!!! Just awful. I do think she wears Erdem better than Kate == Meghan has the confident air to do so — but, still, don’t like the dress.

          I think Harry is happy with her, but I stand by my feeling that there is not enough room in a marriage, or a solid relationship, for two such charismatic icons as these two appear to be. She is still shy of his star power, but she’s aiming for it, methinks.

          Rhiannon, you are his soulmate, not her! I mean it.

      1. If he looks tense it is probably because he knows cameras are clicking and it won’t matter what the love of his life does or doesn’t do, or wears or doesn’t wear, she is going to be slaughtered in the press and comment columns!

        1. +100

          The media scrutiny that has decended in Jamaica, is what he seem tense about. They look in loved, and fine especially in London sightings.

          1. I don’t remember grand romantic clinches with Chelsy or Cressida. The most touchy-feely pictures with Chelsy were when their privacy was being invaded and they were unaware of the photographers.

            Here they are aware of the photographers. She would not have received her own invitation to this wedding; she is his plus one. If he didn’t want her there, she wouldn’t be there. She would have been turned away at the door of the resort otherwise, no conspiracy theory here.

            To me, it is annoyance at the photographers and likely controlling his gestures because of it.

          2. That’s not exactly true. There are many pictures of Harry with Chelsy looking very happy with many PDAs at events where he knew there would be paps. For instance, the cricket world cup game, many rugby games, Concert for Diana, polo games etc. There are also many photos where they look tense, mostly leaving clubs. That being said I don’t really think you can analyze the state of his relationship based on a set of pap photos. There could be a million reasons that he looked tense. Many of which have nothing to do with Meghan.

          3. He published a letter publicly declaring her to be his girlfriend and for the press to back off the racism. How is that not more significant than the amount of PDA captured on camera? He is also a bit more mature from years before and knows how vicious the press gets. I don’t think it makes sense at all to compare relationships in this way.
            Does everyone here act the exact same with every relationship they have ever had, from high school , to university to adulthood? I seriously doubt it.

      2. Could be that he had a bit too much fun last night and is feeling it this morning. I saw her pat on his back as a tease ” poor baby, how are you feeling hehe’. Meghan and the other lady seemed happy and relaxed, probably teasing Harry.

        1. I think the pics were taken early/mid-afternoon after the ceremony and either at or after the wedding breakfast as Meghan is wearing the dress she had on for the wedding. Or maybe he was hung over from the night before!

          1. Hi Jen, hope you’re well?. You’ll be pleased to know the breakdown is getting there – some categories have absolutely stunned me. I’ll never understand why people spend hundreds & hundreds of Β£/$ on items they only wear once. Anyway, has you heard the news bout Kate’s right hand woman?Rebecca is getting married at the end of the month at The Chapel Royal, St. James Palace! Apparently Kate has been helping organise. With it being more private, wonder if George will take part. Hope we get to see some photos!

          2. Hi Poppy, I feel I should be doing something to help with this mammoth effort. Please feel free to set me tasks. I’ll do them. Like you, I can’t understand the mentality of spending so much on one-wear items. I’ve worked for public entities my whole working life, managing public money in one capacity or another; I’m ever so conscious that it comes from people’s taxes. I guess all perspective is lost when money is on tap and there is no recognition of where it comes from?

            No, I had not heard about Rebecca; nice, after the unfortunate romance with the guy who ran after someone else. Can’t see George taking part – would pull too much focus from Rebecca. Paps everywhere…

          3. Well if you’ve got time & don’t mind, how do you fancy doing skirt suits with the corresponding blouses/tops please? You might have probs getting info/costs back to 2011, that has been my main area of trouble. She has a lovely evening coat she wore to a wedding in Jan 2011, with proper styling it would look great for an evening reception. I really don’t get the girl. That’s what I thought bout the wedding but its in the same chapel where George was christened, so that’s behind palace walls isn’t it? So if I’m right there should be no photographers that aren’t invited. Perfect chance for a little chap to make his “wedding debut”.

          4. Maybe Rebecca’s wedding will be the day she looks nice and presentable!
            I love all these Kate busy helping the brides stories. What evidence is there that Kate would ever do such a thing?!
            Has Tasha had her wedding yet?

          5. The story was by Sebastian Shakespeare, whoever he is. Perhaps its down to Kate – and possibly William & Harry – that Rebecca is having her wedding at st. James palace – I don’t know if its common place for employees of the R/F to be allowed to use royal chapels etc.? Haven’t seen any news bout Natasha’s wedding, unless they went away somewhere.

          6. Poppy, yes I will get onto that. I’ll use KMR source page and I think you mentioned another as well… Berkshire to Buckingham. I’ll pass on my email to KMR so if you want to email about this you’ll have a direct route.

          7. OK Jen, do I just contact KMR & ask for your e.mail?
            When you go onto Berk to Buck, then click on Kate’s clothes icon & prepare to be shocked, stunned amazed & possibly even disgusted!

          8. Hi, Poppy. Just send me an email directly and I’ll give both of you each others emails.

          9. Hi Poppy, I’ve sent KMR my email address to pass on to you if you contact her. I’ll prepare myself for the B to B site; thanks for the warning!

    2. I truly am sorry, Rhiannon, but marrying a price is one in a gazillion opportunity, and you are probably better off not going this route. With that said, I am getting frustrated by the comments made by the CB ladies that have nothing nice to say about her because they want him for themselves–and that’s a pipe dream. I have lurked for awhile and noticed your intense desire to be with Harry. I wished you could have snagged him, but it’s like snagging Brad Pitt (slim to none change even if you are pretty and all that which I am sure many of the ladies are who are chasing him in their heads.)

      Honestly, I think the dress looks better on her than Kate. She carries it off better; I think it’s the confidence factor and maturity. No ridiculous gurning etc. She is gorgeous. I do think she is excited she is with a prince so hence, there are those little things here and there on media that don’t mean a thing. She was involved in charity WAAAAY before Harry. I like her a lot. She gives fantastic speeches and she is absolutely gorgeous. I think she will outshine Kate but in a natural way–and the world will be obsessed with them not the Cambridges.

      I also obviously think this is it for Harry. He looks happy, and they look gorgeous together. I am so happy for them. Try to at least be happy for him; I know it isn’t easy but try. Blessings.

      1. If he’s happy, then I am happy. I have a better chance winning the Mega Millions than I do marrying Harry. While I consider myself a fan, I realize that it won’t ever happen…kinda like me wanting a unicorn.

        1. Hey Rhiannon, you’d probably be a lot happier being a Unicorn. I don’t think Royalty and happiness really go hand in hand. Xxxx

  15. That Erdem dress is hideous. The only people it could look less bad on are 6ft tall women who are as thin as thin can be.

    And interesting that Harry goes on so many vacations. It’s what March and he’s been gone 3 times already?

    1. Yes! When Harry was single he was going undercover a lot more because people didn’t care as much where he went. Now people care more because there is always that question mark of is Meghan there too. I’ve been saying from the beginning that the downside to Harry in this relationship is that it completely outed how many vacations he takes. It’s not going to reflect well on him given that he doesn’t work enough at royal duties or work at another job enough to defray criticism. He’s the spare. No reason for the press to protect him. If he’s not careful, he’ll get the Andrew treatment.

      1. It has been commented on but he’s getting a fairly easy ride at the moment because he’s Harry. But after that ridiculous statement he put out the spoilt Harry and the holidays has been mentioned a lot more. Public opinion could really go either way with him, depending on what he does next.

    2. What this relationship has done is prove just how many vacations Harry’s takes. He takes just as many as William and Kate do. Plus he doesn’t work full time for the royal family and doesn’t have an outside job either.

      1. Yep KMR if we want to be fair, William works part time and is a father of two and a husband…
        And Harry ummm harry, practices Yoga with Meghan ?

  16. These pictures of the two of them remind me of W&K; the woman lovingly focused on the man, the man not so much and looking grumpy probably because of the attention on his royal self. Doesn’t bode well for the future. If I were Meghan, I would think long and hard.

    1. Yes. I got that vibe too. This relationship really opened my eyes that Harry and William are cut from the same cloth. Harry is just better at playing to an audience.

      1. Well hopefully it was just a second in time and Harry was actually happy to have his ladylove there with him. Although, Harry better lock her down as he is losing his looks and is basically an underemployed guy by choice. and Meaghan better lock him down because it’s not like her acting career is going to go anywhere up- doubt if she was actually an A list actress, she would bother to waste her time with a member of a freeloading family.

  17. I hate Erdem. The ruffles, the 1970s floral patterns, everything about it reminds me of my grandma’s house dresses that she cooks in.
    Is Harry at a wedding or a funeral? In all of the pictures I have seen he looks tense, distant, and miserable. He could barely look at Meghan and when he did his lips were pursed and tense. She kept putting her hand on his back and trying to show affection but he firmly kept his arms crossed. He never looked like that with Chelsy.

    1. I agree. Though it’s anyone’s guess why he was so tense. Probably he saw photographers and started to sulk because why oh why can’t he just be normal??? You know because normal people can spend a week in Jamaica at a very exclusive resort that costs thousands of dollars a night.

      1. Its either that or probably there is something rocky with that relationship. Why is it MM seems touchy and lovey dovey and Harry isn’t doing that same? I doubt its photographers because he was lovey dovey with Chelsy and Cressida.

        1. I don’t agree. I think he is tense because he is finally presenting her to the world. I think he is afraid of the comments and everything. Remember the unprecedented strong statements he made to the press.

        2. With Chelsy, yes. But he always looked a little fed up around Cressida (not necessarily with her; there were always photographers around). The exception (that I remember) was the photo on the ski slopes when he went to hug her and she just stood there, gripping her ski poles.

          1. Harry kissed and cuddled Chelsy multiple times at the Concert for Diana fully aware that the cameras were on them the entire time. Harry never held back his affection for her.






            And some from polo:



            I don’t expect harry to kiss Meghan on the lips at this wedding, but not once did he even crack a smile.

          2. A couple of instances in 7 years. These two have had what, 7 months? And check out the newer photos of the event. I’m not expecting public clinches, but I do see two people who are “with” each other and enjoying it.

        3. Here’s what I think 1) with Chelsea it was young hot love … you know the one you look back on and go, whydid I do that or act like that…but hey you were young and immature.. first love blah blah 2)with Cressida no pictures of them cuddling, kissing nor hand holding at all except for that one picture of him hugging her on the ski slope … so if we would be comparing a mature harry in love , Meghan has outpaced Cressida in terms of public affection!

    2. Also, there were pics of hands on each other’s backs. And some handholding at the table.

      These pictures remind me of Harry and Chelsy at the Boodles ball event, from years back. She’s wearing a brilliant blue, her arms are around him, on his shoulder etc. His arms are crossed. He’s looking straight ahead.

      I think that the Wales Boys like and expect a lot of affection from their women. Mommy type, constant coddling type, attention. Wonder who they got that from, cough Prince Charles cough cough.

      It does look as if Megs is doing a lot of work here. But if they both dig it, then power to them. Relationships come in all sizes. It needs to fit the person.

      If Harry wants a *chocolate* Mommy wink wink, then he’s got one. P. Charles wanted an aristocratic one. William wanted a commoner one, but she was already married with three kids so he settled for her daughter πŸ˜‰

        1. Elaine: ???

          Rhiannon: it seems the 3 men in the Wales Windsor family choose mothering/ nanny partners even though superficially they appear different eg aristocrat one = Camilla, Commoner = Kate cough i mean Carole cough, Chocolate = MM (chocolate being code for black person)

      1. @elaine can I be your best friend for calling her chocolate mommy, LOL (I have put in a request for my boyfriend to start calling me that ASAP) but yes I did definitely pick up mothering vibe from Meghan to Harry… but hey if that’s what he needs and she’s willing to give … enjoy

        1. @JoJosunnFun Yup! besties 4eva!

          @Herazeus, thx for translating πŸ˜‰

          I think at 6 months plus, they’ve reached the relaxation stage. Where you are together, both know it, both like it, and are juust chillin’. You needn’t look as if you are on top of a rollercoaster in order to be having a good time and feel satisfied with your life choices. JMO

    1. Yes, she can. Divorced persons have been able to marry in the Church of England since 2002, at the discretion of the local officiant. No one is going to deny the 5th in line a church wedding.

        1. 1) William’s wedding wasn’t a state wedding. It was a completely made up thing they nicknamed “semi-state” as an excuse to insult people like the Obamas by not inviting them

          2) Yes, Harry is “allowed” an enormous church wedding no matter whom he marries, just like Andrew and Sarah had. Just like Anne and Mark had. Even Alexandra had a huge wedding watched by 200 million, though that wasn’t even a state wedding.

          That said, I doubt they’d go for it, but rather a private one at Windsor that is still televised. Easier to not invite Drumpf that way.

    2. Yes she can. CoE allow divorcees now.

      However, typical officialdom covering all bases, a clause has been left in the updated rules which give discretion to the officiating vicar which on extremely rare occasions can be exercised.

      1. I do wonder if they marry given that she’s is a divorcee HM would prefer a home do and not a state occasion? I think it’s more in keeping with Harry to go low key too. TBH I think HM would only approve of future Monarchs having the whole state affair these days. I know Prince Andrew was different but a lot of that was following on a surge of popularity given the Wales production. But surely now even with Harry’s popularity a state occasion would seem grossly extravagant?

        1. That’s sounds more like economic reasons, and nothing to do with whether or not Meghan has been married before. 3 out of 4 of HM’s kids are divorced. HM is going to have to learn to deal with it.

          1. I think when you’re heading into your 90’s you don’t learn to deal with anything. Especially after 65 and counting years on the throne. I don’t doubt govt. and family will acquiesce to exactly the type of wedding she wants for Harry. How it’s sold might be a different matter. Economic, historic, family, and political concerns of the day will all play a part surely?

          2. “Historic and family” reads like you think she is unsuitable and certain considerations must be taken. I disagree and see nothing unsuitable in a divorcee getting married in the CoE. Neither does the CoE.

            Political? She’s not to blame for Drumpf, and even W&K got away with not inviting the US President to a wedding at Westminster.

            Economic? As long as they don’t pick the worst day of the year for the wedding, adding to a string of Bank Holidays and costing the economy billions, they’d be fine.

            IMO, if Eugenie marries first, they’re more likely to have a bigger wedding. Lots of people will vent about Eugenie’s private wedding (even though it won’t cost taxpayers anything), leaving a little room for Harry to have a bigger splash if wanted.

            You’re right, government will do exactly what HM and Charles want for Harry’s wedding. They just got the 300+ million for Buck House in a walk, no protest. Harry getting a big church wedding is small potatoes.

          3. Any wedding would need to be mindful of the current circumstances eg economic austerity, costs and concerns about Brexit, and any other issues. I’m sure Harry will be given the wedding afforded 5th in line, but hopefully it will reflect the couple’s preferences most of all.

          4. Historic…..the style of wedding afforded in the past and precedents. Family……there are some pretty old nearest and dearest who haven’t been in the best of health. Plus Brexit, British reaction to proposed Trump visit etc, etc…. I made no suggestion as to her suitability. I’m a divorcee who will remarry but I won’t remarry in a church and my first wedding didn’t take place in a church either. Whether the the cost of a Royal wedding is small potatoes the GBP in austerity times won’t see it that way especially given the current, much needed, spending plans for BP and HOP. They will see it as another case of the establishment looking after their own.

          5. Jen: Yes, the BP upgrade was agreed. It took all of 13MINUTES of debate in parliament before it was waved through.

            Yet, this was very cunning timing on the powers that be because on the same day there was Brexit debate in the Lords and that sucked all the media oxygen such that BP’s Β£360M bill debate and agreement didn’t even make the papers.

            As for best economic reasons to stage or put off a wedding, that has never been a consideration in royal history. HM’s wedding to Philip took place during rationing, but it was spun as moral boosting for the starving populace.

            Charles and Diana’s wedding took place during one of the worst recessions Britain has ever known since rationing ended 30years earlier. Not only that, Britain was so poor that it had been forced to accept IMF loans effectively rendering it on a par with 3rd world nations though political rhetoric would never admit this. There were strikes everywhere by unions, workers and the govt couldn’t afford to pay anyone full week’s wages so the 4.5 day week became the norm where people worked for 4 full days and half of wednesday.

            Yet, not only was CD’s wedding over the top glamourous, it was sold as morale boosting for the poor, unemployed public.

            The point being that rational reasons or timings are never a consideration when it comes to royalty and never will.

          6. Herazeus: thanks for that update. How depressing. I feel for the UK people who have been disrespected in this process. You make a sound case for the BRF getting whatever they want, and the record in extravagant weddings bears that out. It will be interesting to see if there is any significant public push-back when Harry’s wedding eventually rolls around. Will people buy the ‘morale boost’ argument nowadays? A whole bunch of people will, for sure; others under huge financial stresses, maybe not. It will be interesting to check the mood.

  18. I have to say for a wedding, particularly in Jamacia, that I like Meghan’s dress. Erdam is not my favourite designer but that dress and the dress Eugenie wore is ok. Not spectacular but ok.
    I saw a trailer of ‘Suits’, and I have to say Meghan is a stunner.
    I wish the Daily Mail would stop mentioning that Meghan is a divorcee. That is in her past. Meghan is not the same person as back then. I like how Harry keeps his friends from Eton. Eddie Redmayne and others seems to have distanced themselves from William. At least Harry seems ok to have Meghan around his closet friends. Time will tell but I hope Harry comes to a decision soon.

    1. “Meghan is not the same person as back then.”

      How do you know that? So many people harp on Kate and Sofia’s pasts.

      1. I am not really sure. But I think the only way we are going to see is if Meghan is in it for the long haul. I don’t know much about Soifa. I think that she is trying to establish herself in the Swedish Royal family.

  19. I like a floral maxidress for a Jamaica wedding. I don’t particularly like that one. From a distance, the ruffle detail just blended in and made the dress look like a too high-necked mess of fabric. Nice colors, though. Also, on the accessories front, the clutch didn’t work quite right. Hairstyle worked well enough, but a messy updo (think ballerina bun) would have lightened up that mess of fabric around her shoulders and given her a little more height (tall boyfriend bonus!).

    I think a 2017 engagement would be fine. If Harry is seen working more often and MM does more down and dirty charity work (volunteering at a local animal shelter, for instance) they’ll gradually win over most of the people who don’t like this relationship.

  20. Ahhh, what perspective time can give you. So back in the fall when this relationship broke, I really did not care for Meghan at all. I thought she was pretty much a top-notch opportunist. She may still be. But here she looks absolutely gorgeous to me, and I cannot deny that she has toned it down in every way and judging by her actions (and her SM behavior), it’s reasonable to conclude that she either legitimately cares about Harry or is superb at pretending to. I am really beginning to warm to her.

    As for Harry in the other hand, I can’t believe I ever thought he was a catch. He looks like such a grouch in these photos, or like he has the all too familiar attitude we see in William, the one where Kate has to coax some sort of cheer out of him, just like Meghan seems to be doing here. And all I can think is, the good, hot Harry was just a flash in the pan before the Windsor looks set in (sorry to be so shallow) and before the surly, “but I’m a prince and need three vacations a quarter” truth ultimately revealed itself. Harry and William aren’t these fairy tale catches, they never were. The women they manage to snag, dare I say even Kate, they should be grateful for, because the bottom line is they are just overgrown infantile little boys, indulged, coddled beyond belief, then nicely packaged by civil servants into something palatable that the public will accept so that the whole charade can continue. I’m sorry to be so cynical about the whole thing but I think what Harry and Meghan has revealed to me is not Meghan but Harry!

    On another note, can we PLEASE discuss the blind item from Lainey gossip about Kate and Meghan. Have y’all discussed that already? I’ve not been to the comments in a while so my apologies if so. I think it’s SO revealing that Meghan let that blind get to Lainey bc it shows that she has A LOT to learn about how royalty and protocol works and also that she and/or Harry are not afraid of pissing people off! Scandal!

        1. I don’t see this as having anything to do with royal protocol. If I’m feeling generous to Kate, I’d say that she just doesn’t think of Megan as important enough to be considered. If M&H were engaged, then perhaps it would occur to her to offer a ride. If I’m feeling bitchy towards Kate, I’d say that she deliberately slighted M, in an effort to dissuade M from continuing her relationship with H. I think it’s the former, though. Kate can turn on enough charm to answer the “Oh, we’re heading out at the same time? Where are you going? John Lewis? Me too.” but not enough empathy to respond with, “since we’re going to the same place, would you like a ride?”

          1. I have to respectfully disagree. I think everyone wants to see the worse in kate on this one, but this is where I see that Meghan just doesn’t have a full understanding of what this life entails. But maybe it’s me that doesn’t.

            I see protocol in the sense that maybe Meghan doesn’t understand that in the royal family every little thing is scripted and that Kate can’t just offer someone a ride to the store. There is no spontaneity in her life, ever. She would need to clear it with security for her to go to the store, much less for someone to go with her. Right? Not to mention that if someone happened to photograph them out shopping together, then this would be a massive deal–this is the kind of thing that it seems maybe Meghan didn’t appreciate when she let the blind get to Lainey, non? Maybe I’m overthinking it or not thinking about it the right way. Maybe Herazeus or someone could clarify how this sort of thing goes. I was just fascinated this blind made it to Lainey, that’s all.

            I guess what I’m trying to say is that it seems EVERY LITTLE THING is a message of some sort so they can’t just be out shopping together and maybe that didn’t occur to Meghan before she ostensibly took offense.

          2. Absolutely with you on this GT. Can you imagine the media response it they caught a photo of that? Sounds to me as if one is playing by the rules and the other one doesn’t know what the rules are.

          3. It could be thoughtlessness, or as others have said, protocol. But then, I’d explain, as in, “Would love to offer a ride but such things have to go through security; hope you understand.”

          4. I googled “diana shopping with friends” and got a bunch of pictures. I doubt there’s any reason why Kate can’t be seen with anyone other than a family member. Also, if Meghan has already passed the security check needed to stay at KP, then she’s probably cleared for a quick car ride.

            You’re right about pics of them together kicking off a firestorm of gossip, though. I hadn’t considered that.

          5. Do you remember the stories that went about that Kate wanted to take Chelsey shopping to get her dressed more suitably as a Royal consort? Only after she’d married William though. I never knew if I believed that story but it does seem mighty similar to Kate’s supposed attempts to find Harry a suitable girlfriend and makeover Nottingham Cottage.

          6. Kate Middleton has been papped shopping with her mother, papped shopping with her RPOs, papped walking with her only friend in a park, and papped doing many other things. She took 8-9 RPOs to cross a picket line to attend her cousin’s wedding. She ran in to a gas station to buy gummies herself on a whim, instead of having someone run out for them later.

            Pippa used RPOs for her book tour security sweep. If KM wanted to offer MM a ride, she would be able to. Protocol isn’t going to stop her from doing what she wants, just like it doesn’t stop her running home to mummy constantly.

            More likely, if any of this happened, it would be related to not wanting the pictures taken of the two of them together.

          7. If this blind is true, there are only 2 considerations that i can think of.

            1. Kate is a cold fish who isn’t socialised with regular people to know what social cues to take without prompting or direction. Heck she tends to look very lost without William to guide her (i realise this is also part of her act), but she genuinely wouldn’t think to offer someone a ride when she didn’t know that person.

            2. this is a woman who by her own words tells us she is cared for by others with little indication of reciprocal actions unless they involve William. Plus she lives in a world where Carole or staff take care of her needs. The basic principal of offering someone a ride when you are both going to the same destination would never occur to her because that is not a normal interaction for her. At best she would assume that MM already had arrangements made and at worst it wouldn’t cross her mind to think about MM’s travel arrangements since her own are always taken care of with a simple phonecall to Rebecca.

            This isn’t about protocol. MM is already cleared for KP and all security knows she is Harry’s friend. Anyone who becomes friends with the royals, nevermind dating and semi-living with them is going to be security vetted. Therefore this isn’t a security concern.

            Further, there is no protocol that stops Kate from hanging out with whomever she wants to hangout with beyond security concerns. Diana hang out with all her girlfriends including those like Fergie that were merely dating her inlaws. Kate is someone with no social skills who prefers to hang out with her mother and siblings. She needs alot of guidance to hit her marks in public, nevermind offering a lift unprompted to someone she barely knows.

            A picture of Kate and MM would be gold, but Kate is not that cunning. Carole is better at this game and would prompt Kate on how to proceed if they want to include or exclude MM.

          8. Ya, I don’t know about that blind item. Maybe they did end up at the same place at some point *but* maybe one or both were also running other errands or had appointments or were meeting a friend for lunch. When I go into town, it’s with a list and not certainly not a one stop shop. This just seems like such a reach to me.

            I don’t believe these women know each other well at all. Separate lives and obligations and the only thing they appear to have in common is their age and that their significant others are brothers. And honestly, till there’s a ring on MM’s finger, why would Kate bother over investing (unless they truly hit if off from the beg go)? I wouldn’t. Not saying she’s not to be polite and friendly when they do meet, but if her BiL’s relationship ends, she and Megan will likely never clap eyes on each other again.

        2. I interpreted it this way….

          If for a moment we think it’s true, what do we know about Kate’s relationships with other women? How does she deal with simple courtersies towards others?

          1. We know she’s not good with women and rarely encourages female friendships plus she’s a cold fish. The only females she shops with are her mother and sister so it would never occur to her to invite a little known female to go for a girly shopping expedition.

          2. Based on how she behaves in public – William calling her back to thank some people on the Canada tour, getting rid of her fliwers infront of their giver, looking to William for cues on jow to behave where it should be automatic…….all of that demonstrates that she is thoughtless. Not deliberately so. If she is not prompted, it doesn’t occur to her to do the right thing. If the other person didn’t prompt Kate into giving her a ride or go shopping together, Kate ouldn’t offer.

          3. Kate is always ‘looked after’. Kate does not look after others. She never stops telling us how much she is taken care of. Even the Queen looks after Kate.

          If the situation was reversed, Kate, who is always looking to be taken care of, would expect an offer of a ride, but based upon her own comments, it never sounds like a reciprocal relationship unless it’s William.

          All of this to say that if true, it would be unsurprising because Kate doesn’t appear to be socialised outside a very narrow set of circumstances that involve staff taking care of needs to extent that polite courtesies are forgotten and or never come into play.

          Therefore without meaning to be rude or mean, Kate ends up doing what she did unashamedly because it never crosses her mind to offer or to invite the company.

          1. That’s a more generous interpretation than I would give. Harry has been dating Meghan since the summer and he is obviously serious about her. Anyone with half a brain would start treating a potential sister in law with some kindness. If Kate can’t be bothered to simply offer a ride to go shopping, then she is either really stupid or rude. I would be pissed too if that happened to me and I would not be keeping it quiet.

            These actions certainly match the other stories of Kate being nasty to other women she views as threats to her status. It may be false, but it works so well as a blind because it could easily be true.

          2. I believe in Occam’s razor. I believe the blind. Kate is a mean girl. Given how close Harry is with Meghan, and assuming Kate has met her, the friendly thing to do is offer a ride. It’s not that complicated. Being a decent/well-mannered human being doesn’t stop at royalty.

            As for the protocol rationalisation, that’s never stopped Kate from exhibitionism or pushing Charles out of the way on the balcony or doing as little work as possible. It’s absurd to imagine that her private life and the choices she makes are not her own. She’s not a prisoner nor a victim of protocol.

            The blind reflects what we know about Kate. She is a nasty snob of the highest order who demands those beneath her kiss the hem of her gown.

          3. I fail to see how not offering someone a ride makes one a nasty snob. Like I said somewhere in this thread, I wouldn’t offer a person I had met once or twice a ride either.

        3. Wasn’t Kate’s Nott Cott makeover for when she lived in it, though? Since Harry’s moved in, there have only recently been reports of painting and redecorating.

          ETA sorry, I’m not placing my messages very well today. THis is meant to go in the blind item thread.

          1. I’m sure I read a story about her wanting to give the cottage a makeover as a surprise for Harry after he’d been away. Apparently he got wind of it and was not one bit happy. So the story goes anyway.

        4. What I take away from this that Meghan either needs to find better friends to talk with or stop talking.
          I’m no supporter of Kate’s and we all know she doesn’t seem to have friends (obviously for a reason) and who knows how it really went down but it’s clearly made for kate to look bad and Meghan to look good. Already setting up the two women

          1. If the gossip item is true (IF!!) such a leak can only have come from Meghan and ultimately makes her look indiscreet and Kate mean. No-one wins.

        5. Maybe I’m just more heartless than all of you, but I don’t think what Kate supposedly did here was a problem. This is the way I would think of the situation if it were me:

          This is my husband’s brother’s girlfriend whom I’ve met maybe once or twice and barely know. If I offer her a ride to the store, then I’ll have to give her a ride home. What if I want to go shopping elsewhere after this one store? What if she wants to go shopping elsewhere after this one store? What if I want to grab a bite to eat? What if she takes way longer than I do, or I take way longer than her? That would be super annoying. If I give her a ride I’ll have to be with her all day. I barely know her and don’t really want to hang out with her. I like shopping by myself because it let’s me zone out, or whatever, and if I give her a ride I’ll have to talk to her. She has enough money for a cab or Uber. She didn’t ask for a ride. So I won’t offer to give her a ride.

          And if anyone called me out on it afterward, I would say this: You didn’t ask for a ride so I was under no obligation to give you one. If you had wanted a ride, then you should have asked.

          1. You are not being heartless at all.

            With less forethought, i think this is what happened with Kate because
            1. we know she’s not social or sticks rigidly to longstanding friends of William,

            2. needs alot of instructions to understand social cues – see her public engagements,

            3. isn’t particularly interested in other people and that probably means she avoids social interactions and therefore misses out on understanding social cues.

            therefore if MM didn’t ask directly, it wasn’t going to be offered.

          2. Even if I’ve only met you once or twice, you are someone who is important to my husband’s brother. If you asked for one, I would have given it, explained that I was running other errands, and that you’d need to find your own way home.

          3. Herazeus, I agree with your take on Kate based on exhibited characteristics that suggest either incredibly insulted parenting or something being a little amiss. The latter would explain the continual hovering of Carole.

    1. I agree with most of what you said, except the part about warming to Meghan. I never disliked her; I’d say I’m more indifferent towards her. She is who she is, a Hollywood actress with a lifestyle blog. If she wants this, I wish her luck and happiness as I don’t think being married to Harry will be easy.

      What has turned me off is Harry. I truly believed he was different from William, but the coverage of this relationship has revealed that he is no different. Just as spoiled, just as indulgent, just as many vacations. He’s just much, much better at hiding it and putting on the show people want to see. Though I will say part of me is stupid for believing it. There were many articles published during his relationships with Chelsy and Cressida that described him as very moody and expecting them to make all the sacrifices. One article about Cressida and Harry even said that he expected her to drop everything and be at his beck and call (sound familiar?).

      I read that blind. I was very surprised that was put out there. It was obviously from Meghan as Lainey works with Ben Mulroney who is married to her friend Jessica. I have to say I’m on Kate’s side. Seeing Kate and Meghan go shopping together in the same car would send the media into an even bigger frenzy than there already is. Plus I have a feeling Kate likes to keep her shopping trips under wraps. All the leaks in the press that keep coming out regarding this relationship is just a taste of what’s to come if they were to marry, or even heaven forbid get divorced.

    2. I liked Meghan until I read that article she wrote about her charity work. So many celebs are using charity work for self promotion nowadays and it’s awful. But then again, that’s what the royal family does to an extent, so I guess she’ll fit right in?

      1. Well if her heart’s not in it, her motives not sincere or she’s fails to read her briefing notes she’ll be as pilloried as W & K for not taking it seriously. To give her her due she looks like she’s getting and giving a lot out of it but then so far we’ve only seen what she wants us to see.

        1. I’m not saying she isn’t genuine, it’s just that I’m really bothered by people who think they deserve praise for doing charity work. The “look at me, I’m so charitable” attitude. I mean if you are privileged in any way giving back is nothing more than an obligation. And what she wrote seemed more like a self-serving piece rather than someone highlighting her causes. But I’ll admit I don’t know much about her other than this article and the eventual gossip.

          1. I think the comparison with charity work is happening because Kate did zero charity work for her decade of waiting and she never held a job, with plenty of time to do things. Maybe Meghan doing charity work is a bit self serving, but at least she is doing it and not simply as an exchange for living in a palace and having a fancy wardrobe purchased for her.

          2. Paula,

            Meghan’s “How to be both” article was absolutely self-serving. No one writes about how awesome they are without it being self-serving.

            I also think the timing of that article is really interesting. It was published a week before the story broke about Meghan and Harry dating. So that article looks like she wrote it so that everyone would know exactly what she does and what she’s about to be able to quote it once the story broke of their relationship.

            It’s actually quite brilliant. Because she got to set the narrative for herself. Paint herself in the best light possible.

          3. Definitely knows what she’s doing or has had some stellar advice from KP / PR people. I think this is one of the things I find difficult to embrace about her, that she was playing the game before we even knew the game had started. It certainly makes it difficult to look at her in anything other than a driven and self serving manner.

          4. KMR, you are right about setting the narrative. It caught my attention how every article describes her as a humanitarian, probably because of that piece.

            I agree that she’s very PR savvy and I have no problem with that, neither with her riding on Harry’s popularity (I think this relationship is very good PR for him too). It just bothers me the way she used charity as a prop.

            Mrs BBV, I doubt she’s getting advice from KP – Jason only wishes he was that good :p

            We’ll never know her real intentions, so I don’t think its fair to say she’s taking advantage of Harry. IMO being linked to him seems more like a loss than a win – girl could cure cancer or establish world peace and she would still be “Prince Harry’s girlfriend”.

          5. I don’t want to sound harsh, but saying she would spend 10 dollars to poor people and wearing a 5000 Dollar bracelet which is, no matter how much money she earns, disgusting to me. If she would really care as much she would feel remorse buying such thing. She talks like Mother Teresa but doesn’t consequently act like it.

  21. I am surprised MM went to this wedding with H! From the pictures i get that mm is clinging to P.H. & he does not look happy! Just my opinion.

  22. Is anyone else getting a really weird vibe about this wedding? The amount of pictures we are getting is insane! Usually when Harry and William attend weddings we get a few pics entering and leaving the church. This wedding we got those, plus pics of the reception, plus now pics of inside the church with the officiant giving an interview! What is going on? Can anyone else remember a wedding with access like this one?

    1. Nope……but then I can’t work out half the PR and motives that this relationship is dealing out. Pap strolls, insane venue choices for quiet niights out, crazy emotional OTT press briefings, social media shenanigans. We’ve had it all and so far she’s not hugely accepted by the GBP and his popularity has waned a little too.

    2. Wouldn’t the onus actually fall on the bride and groom?Allowing personal phones inside venue, letting priest talk and having reception as an outside venue?
      If they didn’t want all these pics getting out they could have put measures in place to avoid many of them. They’ve been friends forever so it’s not like they didn’t know what to expect.

      1. Yes I agree. I don’t think it’s necessarily a PR move by Harry/Meghan. I’m just so surprised that anyone in their set would have such a public wedding because their set is supposedly very discreet and protective of Harry and William’s privacy. Every other friend of their’s has had a much more private wedding.

        1. That was my surprise too. You know how famous your best friend is. You know he will be followed and photographed at this wedding, even if he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the time. Why go to all the effort to pick an expensive destination wedding, then do nothing to protect yourself and your friend from photographers? Or maybe the bride and groom are happy to have the event covered by paps?

      1. I was very surprised as well, by the amount of pics of H&M that have surfaced from this wedding. Will Harry now whine about being harassed by the press that after the fact? Or was planned by Harry and KP as a way of letting the world know she is the one. If so, the bride and groom had to be in on it, after all it is always said that Harry’s friends are a tight-knit group who protect their royal friends.

        1. Given how sulky Harry looked in some of the photos I’m going to guess it wasn’t planned. I’m thinking it was more a combination of an outside venue and whoever was in charge of security didn’t do a great job securing the area from photographers.

        2. And yet, BostonBrahmin, it is ‘pals’ and ‘friends’ of Harry – those who protect their royal friends – who are constantly quoted in the press. KP is definitely playing the game; Harry is part of that, so no sulks boy.

          1. Which is why I’m over Harry. KP literally said in November that “This is not a game – it is her life and his”, but has continued to play the press game this whole time. It’s BS. KP is BS. Harry is BS. He needs to quit sulking. If he didn’t want to play the game then he shouldn’t have played the game.

          2. +1. KP and their clients think they are too clever by half, but they are really dumb as a box of ginger hair. Both parties are playing games, planting stuff knowing full well the frenzy they created. Can’t cry wolf then.

  23. Don’t care for the BRF and I’m on the fence about Harry most of the time but I want this to work just to piss off the racists. Even if they get engaged by this summer I’ll closely watch the wedding.

    1. Ha! I’m sure that means they’ll be announcing their engagement soon. These same “experts” are always trying to sell William and Kate madly in love with their body language

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