Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 37th birthday

Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 37th birthday

Victoria meets crowd on birthday

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her 37th birthday Monday July 14.  Victoria was born Princess Victoria on July 14, 1977 as the first child of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.  In 1980, the laws of succession changed and she became the heir apparent and was made Crown Princess.  Her birthday is marked as a national holiday, Victoria Day (Victoriadagen).  Crowds gathered outside Sollidens castle in Oland to celebrate her birthday, where the King gave a speech.  For this event, Victoria was accompanied by her husband Prince Daniel, their daughter Princess Estelle, Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Part of the Victoria Day celebrations included Victoria presenting a scholarship to the men’s and women’s cross country relay teams for their gold medals in the Sochi Olympic Games.

There was also a concert to mark the occasion, but unfortunately there was some rain.  This event was attended by all of the adult royals.  Joining the King, Queen, Victoria and Daniel were Princess Madeleine (yay!) and Chris O’Neill, and Prince Carl Philip and, making her royal debut, Sofia Hellqvist.

Victoria's Birthday Concert

Can we talk fashion for a moment?  I love Victoria’s outfits.  The white dress and pink sweater look lovely, it’s nice and appropriate and summery; and I am a sucker for those traditional outfits.  Estelle was also cute as a button.  Her floral dress is actually a hand-me-down, previously worn by her aunt, Madeleine.  Speaking of Madeleine, I think she looked nice as well.  I’m not a huge fan of the puffy jacket, but it was raining so it’s practical; and I really like the dress underneath.  I think Sofia looked nice as well, but I think a nicer shoe would have worked better.

Victoria 37th birthday

Madeleine/Estelle (how adorable is she blowing bubbles with her dad):
Estelle wearing Madeleine's dress

6 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria celebrates 37th birthday

  1. In spite of all their recent issues, this family somehow manages to at least attempt to keep things together as a family and an example. I just really like Victoria and Madeline and their cute families, in spite of my disapproval of them shacking up with men before marriage. (I am old-school about such things.) The Prince and Ms Slits, not so much. I guess people can change, I just hope her transforming of her rep is sincere, but I am skeptical. Note to Sophia: If you are gonna be a princess, lose the slutty shoes. Those threw your whole look off in these pics. A girl trying to reform needs to embrace conservative everything. Very conservative. Nothing but pumps and pearls until further notice, okay?

    1. I love both Madeleine and Victoria. They really seem to have found lives for themselves and jobs they love–Maddie in New York working for her mom’s children’s charity, and Victoria with her royal duties. And Daniel has taken on his role and not shied away from his duty.

      Re Sofia’s shoes, yeah they look cheap and kind of ruin the outfit. A nice pump would have looked much better. I hope for everyone’s sake that Sofia’s image rehab is genuine, but I fear it’s all about her playing the long game to win that ring and title. Hopefully both she and Carl Philip will actually work after the marriage and there won’t be any scandals.

  2. I love Madeleine and Victoria too. And they both seems so happy with their families. Queen Silvia has done a good work with the king for a long time. People say that she has saved the situation many times but now he speaks more freely and that’s not always so good.
    About Sophia, alot of people want them to be just Mr and MRS Bernadotte because they don’t want to be represented by a nude model. She lived that life for 10 years by choice.

    1. I’ve heard that a number of times, the “Carl Philip should resign his titles to marry Sofia” thing. Not going to lie, if some US president tried to make a former nude model the First Lady, there would be some serious backlash. I certainly wouldn’t want someone like that representing my country to other countries and heads of state. It’s not that being a nude model is necessarily bad, if that’s what she wanted then that’s her choice, but I think the world of nude modelling and the world of representing a country as any form of diplomat should remain squarely separate. Those two worlds just don’t mix, in my opinion. And that goes for both genders. If a former male nude model or stripper or something tried to run for office there is no way in hell he would be elected–he’d end up the butt of many jokes for years to come. Basically, if the public has seen your bits, then you shouldn’t be able to represent a country.

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