Will & Kate ask for no-fly zone over Anmer; Will & Harry play cricket, don’t let the press come; more

Will & Kate ask for no-fly zone over Anmer; Will & Harry play cricket, don’t let the press come; more

Hello there!  I’ve been MIA for the last ten days but I’m back with a catch-all post with several news bites.  There’s some Kate, some William and Harry, and a sprinkling of Cressida.  There’s another Kate news bite to mention, but that’s getting its own post.

Kate will make her first solo overseas trip when she heads to Malta in September for the 50th anniversary of their independence.  The trip hasn’t been officially announced by the palace, but it’s been talked about in the media, and by the Malta press.  I’m not sure why Kate hasn’t done a solo overseas visit yet, but whatever, now she’ll have that under her belt.  She’s going to need to keep herself busy while William is doing his stupid air ambulance job.  Isn’t Malta a great vacation spot?  I wonder if Kate will find time for a vacation while she’s there.  Who am I kidding, of course she will.

William and Kate filed a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority to create a no-fly zone over Anmer Hall to stop aerial photos being taken… because they were “looking for any excuse” to stop off duty photos being taken and published.  Oh FFS.  When will these idiots get it through their heads that if they want any sort of privacy in their time off, they need to give a certain amount to the press and public.  If they did regular appearances then the press would have something to publish regularly and the public wouldn’t complain as much.  Then they could hide out during the weekend or something and no one would care.  This is just another example of Will and Kate thinking they can control everything, when they really can’t.  This no-fly zone BS will backfire and only increase the negativity they are getting.

Speaking of hiding from the press.  William and Harry played a cricket match in Windsor to benefit United for Wildlife, they even had their press office tell the press about it, but wouldn’t let the press turn up to cover the event. The match was organized by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.  United for Wildlife released photos, and there has been news coverage, but the reporters and photographers were not allowed to attend.  The hell?  These idiots are such morons.  Don’t they understand that they NEED the press to publicize their charities and causes?  I get that William and Harry hate the press, but by denying the press access to their events, it’s only hurting the charities. Photos of this event are at the bottom of the post. One of the photos is of Will giving a speech, but no one knows what he said because no press was there. So what the hell was the point of the speech? Will is such a moron.

According to the New Zealanders, Kate and Will’s vacation tour was a $68 million advert for tourism.  Not that the coverage has actually brought in $68 million in tourism revenue, but that for the same coverage in the world’s media, it would have cost $68 million to buy all that space for ads.  So instead of paying $68 million for ads all around the world, the $2 million cost of the tour is a bargain… I guess.  Buried deep in the article in an interesting tidbit that I had not seen before.  The cost of the tour doubled from what the government originally said it was.  They originally said it was $1 million, but that didn’t add in the cost of police and other things, which add a good chunk of change, pushing the total to around $2 million (which is covered by the NZ government/taxpayers).

Cressida Bonas is apparently still a thing.  She attended some family wedding and was photographed wearing a backless dress, no bra, and terrible shoes (seriously, what the heck with those shoes).  That outfit—minus the shoes—was cute until I saw the back.  Call me a prude, but a backless dress is a bit much for a church wedding, if you ask me.  The other thing of note is that Cressida was staring directly at the camera and smiling in most of the photos, which is a stark contrast to her glum faces in all the pictures she had taken when with Harry.  Makes me think that she only acted glum around the cameras because she knew Harry didn’t like the paps, but that she really does like the attention.  Oh, and she’s apparently got a part in a play, but don’t let the “starring in” part fool you, she only has a minor part. I haven’t covered Cress in a long time, because I thought that we were over her, since it’s clear she and Harry aren’t getting back together.  I thought the last time I covered Cress would be the last time, let’s see if this time is.

Photos of the cricket event:
The team photo:
Will and Harry cricket team photo

Harry having a grand time:
Will and Harry cricket Harry plays

This photo shows the back of Will’s shirt with the Cambridge name on it, which is kind of cute. This photo also shows off his bald spot spectacularly well:
Will and Harry cricket Will's bald spot

Will giving a speech that doesn’t matter since we don’t know what he said:
Will and Harry cricket Will's speech

Harry and Will:
Will and Harry cricket

All photos via United for Wildlife Facebook

20 thoughts on “Will & Kate ask for no-fly zone over Anmer; Will & Harry play cricket, don’t let the press come; more

  1. If I was Kate and I was going to Malta you better believe I would add vacation days to that trip….good for Kate if she does!! Cressida has no sense of style! Both the dress and shoes are terrible! She is a beautiful girl, but I’m afraid that may be all that’s going for her, glad Harry moved on! Lets give PW and Kate credit for the Oz/NZ tour, it was a huge success and glad to see positive press continues to come out from the visit. If they could only take this positive and do more of these type of engagements they may finally live up to expectations!!!

    1. Yeah, but Kate’s going there on official business, not as a private citizen. She’s there to celebrate Malta’s 50th independence anniversary, not party.

      There was a glimmer of hope for Cress’ style a while back, but she’s back to her horrible style sense now.

    2. – The taxpayers, who had no say in the matter, had to pay $2 million instead of $1 million for the lackluster 3 weeks. Bet those cost increases were for things like the mini-breaks to the luxury resort in the middle of the tour.

      – Threatening of the press because Kate Middleton played with the baby in full-view of the press (across the street) and William had their staff give the press a verbal beat-down for it. Attempting to stifle Freedom of the Press again, Bill Middleton?

      – They did only a handful more engagements during this 3 week vacation than Charles and Camilla did in Canada in 4 days of a REAL royal tour. Epic fail.

      – Let’s not forget the ass-flashing and public chastizing William gave her for it.

      I don’t see this vacation jaunt as a successful royal tour.

      1. I think the extra cost is the cost of the police being added in. The luxury resort and mini-breaks had already been factored in, but they left out the cost of all the police at each event.

        Charles and Camilla are bosses. 4 days and 40 engagements, impressive. Worked all day, not just a few hours each day.

  2. I think PW believes a photo of him giving a speech is better than us having to hear him give a speech…. I agree!!! PW blah blah!!!

    1. Prince William has no idea about how PR works. He really should have taken classes in school to learn this crap, rather than BS around with geography. He’s becoming more ridiculous every day.

  3. William has been in the press all of his life. He knows more about
    how the press works than anyone should ever have to know.
    Perhaps this was a private event for charity and the others involved
    did not want the press there. They brought their checkbooks,
    and had a good day. End of story. The writer seems very bitter.

    1. Not bitter, just aggravated with William’s passive aggressive games and unwillingness to take on the responsibilities of his title and job description (title: prince; job description: official public engagements).

      Taken as a single instance, not inviting the press to a private charity event is no big deal if it were truly for private donors. However put in the context of William’s ridiculous claims/complaints about privacy recently, this looks like him trying to get back at the press and send a message that they are his bitch, when in reality he is their bitch. Because there would be no point to the monarchy and their charity work if there were no press to actually do the leg work in promotion to the people–the royals need the public to not only see what charities they represent, but also that they are actually doing something to earn their keep, and charity promotion is the only way they can do that.

      Also, if it were a true private charity event for private donors, then why did William’s press office tell the press about the event? If they truly wanted to keep the event private, then they shouldn’t have told the press it was happening. But instead they told the press when and where it was, and then banned them from attending. Doesn’t make sense. More passive aggressive games from Will.

  4. Are any of you trained psychologist? I don’t blame William or Harry
    for their attitude toward the press. I hope he does a better job
    of protecting his family from the press than the “firm” has done
    with others who marry into it.

    1. They may hate the press, and they may have every reason to, but their attitude toward the press is not endearing and only hinders their performance of their jobs. If they just accepted that the press is a part of their lives as royals–for which they are VERY well compensated–then their lives would be a lot easier. It’s the seeming lack of awareness that they live very lavish lives and in exchange they have to put up with the press and perform royal duties that is annoying. William and Harry wish they could have all the luxury without any of the responsibility, and that’s just not going to fly. If they want a life without responsibility then they should renounce their titles and places in line to the throne and go live off their millions they inherited from their mother.

    2. Diana refused royal bodyguards, she got into a car driven by an intoxicated driver, and she didn’t wear a seat belt. Yes, paps played a role, but so did her choices. I am an admirer of her work, and I can still see that she was a human who made mistakes.

      Bill and Harry are grown men (32 and almost 30), in a privileged position due to accident of birth. They live a 1% existence off the backs of taxpayers. Whatever their issues are with the press, it is time to grow up and deal with it. They need the press, so they better learn how to co-exist with them. And remember, that family you think he is “protecting” from the press? Middleton had a pap and reporter on speed dial for a decade. Contrast the logical way Sweden is introducing little Estelle to her role.

    3. I am a trained and credentialed psychologist and I agree with KMR that Will’s attitude toward the press is passive-aggressive. I haven’t “followed” Harry enough to have an opinion about him. I understand that you believe Will’s hatred of the press is because of his mother’s death in an auto accident. And that may be true. However, and this is a really big however…Will needs to grow up and think rationally. The entire royal family needs the press. Of course he wants privacy most of the time. But to get that he needs to “play the game” (as his mother learned to do), give the paps what they want some of the time.

      If Will can’t do this, I agree with another poster who said he needs to step down from his official role and live a more “normal” life.

      I find it interesting that Will has apparently forgiven Camilla for the role she played in his parents’ marriage. The harm she did is well known and not ambiguous. Yet the role of the paps in Diana’s death is indeed open to interpretation. That accident might very well have happened just as it did had there been no paps chasing the car. A rational, mature person would be able to accept that.

      Will seems to me to be a very immature, spoiled rotten man who truly believes he is better than other people and should, therefore, have different rules (or none at all). He should be glad to make official appearances for worthy causes precisely because of who he is.

      In addition, he and Kate (indeed all the young royals) are role models for thousands of young people, whether they like it or not. That may not be part of his official job description, but it is a fact. Will and Kate are influential. If they were mature and responsible they would acknowledge that by regularly and publicly embracing worthy causes, making an impact with their actions. (Instead of occasionally showing up to cut a ribbon and mumble something unintelligibly.)

      Unfortunately, Will and Kate are two of the most self-absorbed and shallow humans on Earth.
      And yes, I am a psychologist.

      1. I didn’t see your post before I wrote mine….hope you didn’t/don’t see it as a diss on yours…..your opinion is cool and I love that you really are a psychologist because it shoots down the ones who defend these self absorbed idiots and their excuses for them….Princess Diana died because she was stupid enough to play games with the paps…..not discounting her contributions but she has been all but elevated to sainthood after dying in a wreck that DID NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN! It would take some very powerful kool aid (and it’s bad for your health anyway) to put a heroic tragic spin on that….these people have all kinds of money and could very easily leave….what…the Queen will order a hit?…it isn’t’ Jonestown….that baby is very cute as are all babies but in reading thru comments here and on other forums he is carrying an extremely heavy load as the redeemer….he will have to be brain washed if expected to believe that he was born for any other purpose….and the truth about his parents? OMG he will have to live in the spin cycle of the washer….up is down…..down is up….the sky is blue…..the sky is green…..the truth has to be whatever spews forth from the PR machine….if that baby is to stand a chance at living a normal happy life then prince pouty SHOULD protect him and get the Hell out of Dodge! Not going to happen….fame is a very powerful addiction…..Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a fat, ugly, toothless, uneducated, jealous, envious house frau who hangs out all day in a shapeless mu mu and has nothing better to do than rag on those who are ever so much better and worthwhile than I 🙂

      2. Though it’s possible, I highly doubt Willy has really come to terms with Camilla. He probably tolerates her because his father needs her in his life. Willy’s always been a mama’s boy, so I imagine he still thinks Camilla’s the enemy. In private I highly doubt they are all lovey-dovey.

    4. Oh puuuuuuuuuuulease…..trained psychologists….who needs to be to see what a ludicrous idiotic thing this is……it’s like telling the press that they’re not invited to an event for charity but they have to know about it because they ARE the press and Prince ‘my mummy died and I’m special’ needs them to know….so it’s look at me look at me…no don’t…he’s so full of himself and his importance that he forgets that his view of himself isn’t shared by the public..he’s living in a fantasy world and is fast becoming a total joke….protect his family from the press….without the press who exactly would know about this dude, bimbo, and any offspring….(cute but still another parasite)…..I don’t see the author as bitter….just realistic….if I were English and had to pay for these greedy avaricious bunch of self absorbed fools I WOULD be bitter and making plans to move. Fortunately, I am American and can just watch them tank…I think that when the Queen dies or maybe thru Charles the anarchic monarchy will simply fade into history….we have a consorting and boy did she ever consort wannabe queen whose entire body is exposed for anyone to see…..a pouty prince who now wants to control the skies…..a baby who is used as a prop and trotted out only for PR….hidden away lest he not be such a glorious treat to see….it doesn’t take a trained psychologist to see what is going on….if prince ‘I hate the press….leave me and my family alone’ really wanted to be left alone he could renounce his title…get a job…leave the country….leave the money and perks….what would happen if he did? What loss would there be to the UK? You can bet that his default wife would NEVER go away….she’s like gum on a shoe…sticky and used!! Prince pouty pants had better get a clue…..you don’t dangle a carrot on a stick in front of the press….sooner or later the ‘mummy died, poor me’ line will get old….Diana wasn’t done in by cancer or some horrid illness….her glory grew after her death but the fact remains that she was cavorting with a man and got into a car and essentially played games with the papparazi….they wanted a picture….so pose already…..don’t think that just because you are ‘royal’ that the laws of nature bow to you……if you really want the press to go away make yourself available at all times….prince I want it all my way is very aware of what he is doing….and it’s stupid! We aren’t!!

  5. Wow. Cressida’s dress is fine at the front. It’s cut way too low at her hips, for any wedding I can think of. And I’ve attended many beach weddings.

    The fabric is quite sheer, albeit summery in weight, but she looks rather insipid in the thing, imo.

    Those shoes need to be donated to Clodhoppers R Us ASAP. Good Lord, this girl.

    She is very pretty. But many of her style choices are daft.

    Mr & Mrs Will Middleton are useless, I’m afraid, and should just wander off into the sunset together.

    And I read Malta is a single day excursion for Kate. Her “first overseas”, lol. It’s like me flying from my home on O’ahu to visit friends on the big island for an afternoon. Which I do all the time. And no one would consider it as me travelling overseas. Even if technically I fly over the sea. For a day. I figure it’s about three hours flight for her each way. So, imo it’s just not what I would consider “overseas”. Twice the time from here to the big island, but a simple, enjoyable junket, none the less.

    Lets just hope she considers a nice pencil skirt as she disembarks, this time.

    The priceless look on that darling little chubby PG’s face – “Oh my gosh she is doing it again. I just knew she would humiliate me like this!” – as her skirt flew up when deplaning in NZ. Ahahaha it really is a priceless photo, due to his angry angel mug saying silently what we all felt upon seeing it.

    He is truly their saving grace.

    1. Will and Kate went to France for D-Day commemorations and were there for only one day, and I would call that an overseas trip even though it’s just across the channel. If it’s a different country and they have to travel over water, I’d say it’s overseas. Difference is Hawaii is part of the US, so I wouldn’t call that overseas for myself either even though that would be a 12 flight or something. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion.

      Goodness I really hope she’s learned her lesson and wears something appropriate coming off that plane. A pencil skirt would be best, but at least hem weights.

      George is my favorite Cambridge, he has more personality than his parents combined.

    2. I sort of wonder why Cressida bothered to even get dressed….not much left to the imagination….(it appears that acting stupid and foolish….looking silly and childish are elevated to unique and free spirited when a title is involved.)……you can bet that the queen will super glue waity’s dress to her body….then put a coat on it…and the weights in her hems will be heavy enough to count as a work out for waity….and the press will be ga ga over her decorum…or is this another covert mission for charity that just happened to hit the papers?

  6. Royalsareajoke, I don’t know where to began. I really disagree with majority of your post. However, your comments about HM with the super glue to Kate’s dress and the weights on her hem, enough for a workout, Classic!!!

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