Is Kate pregnant with baby #2?

Is Kate pregnant with baby #2?

Jessica Hay is talking again.  If you have no idea who that is, it’s because she’s only known as the chick who was friends with Kate Middleton at some point (you know, before Kate dropped all her friends because they might “leak” info on William), so much so that Hay was the one to claim that Kate was pregnant the first time and even said when they would announce—which turned out to be accurate.  Well, she’s talking again, about another pregnancy.  She claims that Kate is pregnant with baby #2 and will announce in the coming weeks.  Of course, she says this is coming from a bunch of Kate’s “inner circle” rather than Kate herself.  Hay also says all the “signs” of pregnancy are there:

“Kate’s face is fuller like it was when she was first expecting George and she’s been changing her hair, which could be to disguise the fullness.  She has rosy cheeks, she’s letting her greys show again, and whenever she’s out in public she goes to great lengths to hold something over her tummy. [emphasis KMR]”

Oh my freaking gawd.  When will everyone get it through their think skulls that Kate’s “hands over the tummy” pose is NOT a sign of anything other than her insecurity?  She’s done that same freaking pose for every appearance since she got engaged.  Yes, she’s protecting her abdomen, but not because of a baby, because she’s insecure (we’ve all done it subconsciously at some point when in a situation that made us uncomfortable).  If Kate only did this pose when she was pregnant, then I’d say Hay and others who claim that pose is a sign of pregnancy are correct, but since she does it for literally EVERY SINGLE APPEARANCE she makes, it’s not a freaking sign of pregnancy!  The rest of the crap Hay said, sure sign of pregnancy whatever, but not that pose.

Sorry about the rant, but that just bugs me to no end.  So, should we believe Jessica Hay about Kate’s second pregnancy?  I have my doubts, because in the same interview Hay goes on to show how ignorant she is: “With George, they were forced to tell the world very early on that Kate was pregnant because she was rushed to the hospital with that awful hyperemesis gravidarum at around six or seven weeks. [emphasis KMR]”  Yeah, Kate never had hyperemesis gravidarum.  At most she had a stomach bug that she probably picked up at the school she visited a few days before the hospital visit (the one where she played hockey in heels) and was dehydrated.  There is far too much evidence for Kate not having HG, and I’m pretty sure that HG thing was debunked a year and a half ago.  So thanks for playing, Jessica Hay, but you fail on this one.

Also, why would Kate still trust this chick after she leaked all their info?  Maybe because Kate/the Midds really want the baby news out in the public to gain Kate some public sympathy?  I’m pretty sure that’s what happened last time.  Kate/the Midds were so eager to share the news to garner Kate sympathy after those France pics that they just were not willing to wait the 3 months and had to leak the info as soon as the test came back positive (to Hay possibly, but also to Tanna who cryptically tweeted last November about a 12 week scan—no such tweets this time, by the way).  I’ve thought for a while that maybe the Midds hired/used Hay to leak the pregnancy info last time because they really wanted it out there as soon as possible.  Is that what’s happening here?  Did Kate just find out and she had to leak the info somehow and used Hay again?  Your guess is as good as mine.

For what it’s worth, a Kensington Palace spokesman said: “The Duchess has not spoken to Jessica Hay in many years.  She is not in contact with her at all.”

Time will tell, I guess.  If in a few weeks Kate announces a second pregnancy, then we’ll know if Hay was right.

Hm…. I wonder how much money Jessica Hay got for her interview?

Is Kate’s face really fuller?  You be the judge.

Here are some older photos:

Kate at National Portrait Gallery in February:
Kate Middleton NPG Jewels

Kate at Art Room in February:
Kate Art Room

Kate at Zoo in April:
Kate zoo outfit

Kate at Uluru in April:
will and kate spear

Kate at church in NZ in April:
Emilia Wickstead teal dress

Here are some newer photos:

Kate at America’s Cup launch June 10:
Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie at Maritime Museum

Kate at Bletchley Park June 18:
Kate plays pretend with Morse Code machine

Kate at M-PACT Plus visit July 1:
Kate Middleton and John Bishop

Kate at Tour de France July 5:
Kate Middleton Tour de France Erdem coat

Kate at Wimbledon July 6:
Kate at Wimbledon

53 thoughts on “Is Kate pregnant with baby #2?

  1. Her face looks so gaunt and sickly in most of those photos, it’s hard to tell. Who the heck knows if she’s pregnant or not? Willy and Waity and probably the Middletons. But they are getting to the point where the papers are beginning to criticize them for not, you know, DOING ANYTHING, so they figure they’ll deflect by having another child. Ugh.

    1. Yes, another PR baby, just like George. They think that will get them another year and nine months of sympathy and free time, but the public is already turning and a new baby won’t bring as much public sympathy/love as W&K want. No matter how cute the kid is, the public will still complain that they don’t do anything.

  2. It’s really hard to tell with lighting, camera angles and make-up application. Not sure, but I think it would be great if she did. I think one of her major roles was to have children! So we can’t complain when she is delivering on that goal!!!

    1. Yeah as the late, sometimes great Christopher Hitchens wrote at the time of the royal wedding, Willy’s job was “Find a presentable wife, (hmm…) father a male heir (check) (and preferably a male “spare” as well), and keep the royal show on the road… Monarchy is a hereditary disease that can only be cured by fresh outbreaks of itself. “

    2. Her first purpose is to have at least two children. So of course she’ll have at least one more. The problem is that she uses pregnancy and the year (and more) following as an excuse not to do anything. Plenty of women work full time jobs throughout their pregnancies, and in the US are back to work mere weeks later. Pregnancy is not a disability. If she worked steadily, no one would have a problem.

  3. In the Tour de France photos where she is face forward and not smiling, her face is fuller. Kate only retains water in her face, not in her feet, ankles and hands like almost every other woman on the planet, it’s probably the most interesting thing about her. Her face being fuller doesn’t necessarily mean pregnancy but regardless of whether or not she’s with spawn at this very moment, I think we all need to prepare for the fact that she will reproduce at some point in the near future. Sadly I think she’s going to be milking faux extreme morning sickness long before I can get my Death Star built.

    1. Oh please, if they try and claim HG again the fake pregnancy rumors will go into overdrive, because she seriously did not have HG the first time and trying that con again just isn’t going to fly. If she tries that again, it will backfire.

      I wish she wouldn’t get pregnant any time soon, because I’d actually like to see her work, but I know that she’ll have another baby probably next summer or something. Will and Harry are two years apart.

      I’m really getting so sick of all their BS about not working and privacy and crap.

      1. I think you’re absolute right about the HG. I think now that people are a bit more aware, there will be a much different reaction if she tries to play that card twice. I’m offended for women who actually have suffered through HG. At this point does it even matter if she’s pregnant? She’ll still find a way to ditch duties, the only difference is she’ll just have to be more creative with the excuses if she’s not carrying the spare. They want a private life that comes with all the full-time royal perks. At the very least they should have to pay for their own security when they aren’t at official engagements, the millions spent on their private security could help so many in need in the UK.

        1. If the cost of security were factored in, that £35.7 million/62p a year per citizen would skyrocket. It’s ridiculous that they are allowed to keep such lavish houses and servants and security when they don’t do anything to deserve it.

    2. PS. I looked at other photos of her where she’s facing forward and I still can’t really see any difference in her face, but since I clearly don’t want her to be pregnant, I may just not being seeing what’s right in front of me.

      1. Maybe it is as simple as less photoshop? The not-so-subtle way the press is getting back at them for their privacy tinfoil hat routine is publishing photos of what Kate Middleton looks like in reality. Not the fake, extremely photoshopped barbie version they’ve been peddling to the masses for three years. Pregnancy? Didn’t she drink whiskey recently?

        1. She drank at the end of May while in Scotland. I guess it’s possible she conceived since then but damn that would be really quick to tell all their friends and for this friend to leak it to the media. But I think that’s what they did last time. She was only about 6 weeks when she went to the hospital with fake HG, so she would have been what 4 weeks when the friend leaked it last time.

  4. thats the big problem with her, she gets a slight opportunity to stay out of work and will milk it for all its worth!

  5. 9 months of pregnancy (I’m sure it will be a very difficult pregnancy), 12 months of maternity leave and caring for 2 small children (Kate will be the only woman in the world that has been/is in this position), Not sure if Kate will have time for any official royal duties for awhile! Say it isn’t so Kate!!!

    1. “Kate will be the only woman in the world that has been/is in this position”

      Um, what? Loads of peasants have that situation and still have to go to work. And Diana had two small children and continued to do hundreds of duties every year.

      1. Thought I was being facetious. I guess I failed big time, both you and Haila took the comment the wrong way. I’ll leave the cheekiness to others moving forward.

        1. LOL my bad! Sarcasm in text doesn’t always translate well I’ve found. Sarcasm helps to have the voice inflection. Your comment could either be serious or sarcastic depending on how you read it–I originally read it as serious but I can see how it is meant to be sarcastic. Thank you for clearing that up. Again, my bad.

  6. “caring for children” kate does not know the meaning of that, she has her mum, nannies , servants , her kid is for PR prop, l hope this time she wont go on lockdown at ma midds, after birth, she wont be a new mother anymore

    1. No, she and Willy will jet off for a “babymoon” in Mustique or the Seychelles or perhaps d’Autet again so the paps can get another shot of Katie’s breasts so Willy has something to whine about. These two make me ill.

      1. Yes, another babymoon while George stays with Nanny Maria just like last time.

  7. Crazyamg do not be silly lazy waity has nannies housekeepers, gardeners & chauffers, bodygaurrds! that shameless excuse for stupid, ignorant,immature & selfish female is a disgrace!
    She does not care about anyone but herself. When are you going to realized that, she exposed herself in Canada in front of children. In Canada it is a against the law for an adult to expose themselves in the presence of Children! If it is anyone else they would be a child molester & end up in prison! Halia

  8. Ugh. Absolutely hate the constant pregnancy speculation – for her or any celebrity. Can’t we just wait for the official announcements?!

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty rude to constantly speculate on a woman’s womb. It’s her private business, you know. Also, it could potentially be very unhealthy. If a woman has an eating disorder and is put on “bump watch” she may take that as a sign that she needs to lose even more weight, which would make her even more unhealthy.

  9. CrazyAmg I am very sorry please forgive me! I thought you were being serious! I get very upset that the dim cambridges do nothing but take and do not give anything back. Halia

  10. Yawn. So what if she IS pregnant again? I have come to the conclusion these two have no intention of changing their lazy, spoilt ways. They are like perpetual teenagers themselves. Here in the US we have strong feelings about those who don’t have jobs, yet get money, food, housing, healthcare, etc., from taxpayers pockets and continue to pop out more kids. These two are no different than anyone else on public welfare/the dole. If an American can see that, why the heck can’t the Brits?

    1. Because the Royal Family is “beloved” in certain sectors of Britain, especially in the Establishment: the aristocracy, the Church, the Conservative Party. And royal finances are very complicated. Public and private money is mixed in (the Crown Estate vs. the Duchy of Lancaster and Duchy of Cornwall). Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St. James Palace and Kensington Palace are Crown properties given to the royals for their public duties; they are official residences and are no different than the White House, the Naval Observatory or a Governor’s Mansion. The difference is that the Queen is responsible for repairs to these historical buildings (Windsor Castle was built by William the Conqueror after the Norman invasion in 1066; 948 years ago!), and needs the appropriate funding to do so. It would be no fairer to demand that the Presidents of the United States repair the White House; it doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to the people. Willy and Waity aren’t on the “public dole”; their expenses are provided for them by the Prince of Wales, while their high-level security is taxpayer funded. You clearly are interested because you posted on this site, so don’t write “Yawn” again, because your actions belie your true intentions. Cheers!

      1. Thanks for the 411, but keep your comeuppance tone to yourself, please. I shall write whatever I please and do not require admonishment from you. My “Yawn” was to the fact that these media speculations about Kate’s breeding state are becoming old.

        1. Excuse me, but there is no need for you to be rude. You clearly have little understanding about how the British monarchy’s funding systems work and I simply wished to banish your ignorance. Like most Americans, you are incapable of understanding when you are wrong and of accepting the reality of a given situation. If my tone offended you, I do apologize.

          1. No personal attacks please. Also, please don’t generalize about a country’s citizens; it’s rude to stereotype. Just because one is an American doesn’t mean one is an ignorant, racist hillbilly from the South who doesn’t speak proper English.

            Also (and I realize this is a generalization and I just said not to generalize), I would say, from my experience, most people don’t like being wrong, it doesn’t matter what county they’re from.

  11. Not sure if I get the comparison to the American poor. If PW/Kate decided not to take anymore money/perks from the public they would still be very wealthy and continue a very previlage lifestyle.

    1. Yes, but they do not. They are sucking the British taxpayers teat no different than anyone on Welfare. And as far as “their money” goes, I speculate that it would not be many steps back before this was also traced to taxpayer funds. The lack of transparency and co-mingling of monies is simply to shield their (all RF) spending habits.

      1. There is a very clear delineation in the Keeper of the Privy Purse’s reports to Parliament what is public and private funding. The Queen’s public funding comes from the profits of the Crown Estate. Her private funding comes from the Duchy of Lancaster, a private corporation held in trust for the monarch that provides a private income. She actually used most of the revenue profits before the Sovereign Grant Act to voluntarily repay the over £1.5 million of public funding incurred by the rest of the Family for their PUBLIC duties. That would be like having the President of the United States repay the cost of flying him around the country from his private funding. That’s not fair and not possible. The Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are funded privately by the Duchy of Cornwall, a property company like the Duchy of Lancaster, that is in the right of the Duke of Cornwall (the Prince of Wales). The only public expenses that are incurred for the Cambridges are the exorbitant cost of Metropolitan Police protection and military protection, as well as the monies from the Sovereign Grant used to refurbish their apartment in Kensington Palace so it is livable. Overall, it is very good value-for-money for the taxpayer, excepting the SO 14 protection officers, who are paid exorbitant overtime and have to be accommodated in five-star hotels when they travel with their protectees. But that’s because of the police contract with the Met. Willy and Waity have absolutely no control over that whatsoever. It is slightly disturbing that they receive so much publicly-funded armed police protection, while other royals like the Duke of York, Earl and Countess of Wessex and Princess Royal are “protected” by part-time unarmed security officers. The latter group actually do the bulk of the Royal Family’s public duties. Willy and Waity seem to do as little as possible. Cheers!

      2. They are no different than most members of the U.S. Congress, passing bills that make the majority of their salaries TAX FREE! And they schedule “official ” business trips to vacation spots and take their entire families (when they don’t take their mistresses), all paid for by the taxpayer. They don’t have to pay for food, the Congressional gym, postage for mailing things…the “perks” go on and on.

        When someone never has to take out a wallet and actually count out the bills he has earned, he doesn’t really appreciate money. And Will and Kate, and U.S. Congressman, aren’t paying with their own money. They have no clue about sensible spending.

    2. They are not “wealthy” – none of the money is theirs. If they do not do the work, they do not get the perks. That is how it works in the BRF. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent lived at KP at a very low rent in exchange for royal work. The taxpayers found out about the measly rents, screamed bloody murder, and now people at KP are required to pay the going rate.

      Except W&K, they seem to pay no rent. People will start screaming about that soon too. W&K are barely working and not paying rent anywhere — so if they stop work completely and continue to pay no rent for the 57 room mansion in the middle of London and the mansion in the country — they are out on their ears.

      Those perks-in-exchange-for-work include the mansion in Kensington, taxpayer funded security, and his inheritance which is from the Duchy (ultimately, imo this will be returned to the people when the monarchy is ended).

      Anmer and the Balmoral property were “loaned” to them, but would most likely be taken away and given to Harry (or B or E if something happens to Harry), if/when William steps aside. Remember, B&E receive no taxpayer-funded security because Charles has decided they will not be working royals. If W&K stop the tiny amount of work they do now – no taxpayer-funded security according to the rules Charles himself put forward.

      They would have to live on his salary and pay for everything themselves. They aren’t “wealthy” in their own right, and since her family’s net worth has been fictionally inflated, they’d have to cut back in a lot of areas.

      1. Except that Willy has something on the order of £20 million he inherited from Diana, who got it from the divorce settlement with Charles and her own inheritance from her parents. If they stopped “working”, they would be well-provided for. Willy also inherited a substantial trust from the Queen Mother (£5 million minimum) with annual income until the Prince of Wales becomes King, at which point the trust dissolves and the principal gets disturbed to Anne, Andrew and Edward. Willy and Waity are quite wealthy in their own right, compared to most 30-somethings nowadays.

        1. Let’s go with the idea that he gets to keep the entire inheritance from his mother (a lot of which came from his father’s “earnings” from the Duchy). We’ll not get into a discussion about royal “personal wealth” all being stolen from the serfs. And that the royals will only get a small percentage of that in a pay-out when the monarchy is ended.

          W&K burned through roughly $500,000 for the honeymoon and probably $300,000 for the Maldives trip in security — funded by taxpayers. There is no way her parents are worth £30 million, based on statements from similar businesses. And if William paid for a big chunk of the new property for the Middleton’s, even less of that inheritance is left.

          IF they stepped aside and have to pay for everything themselves out of Bill’s money, they’d be bankrupt in 10 years.

          1. But that’s not likely or realistic to occur. Willy and Waity will be King and Queen if the Royal Household and the Establishment don’t force them aside. They WOULD be bankrupt within a few years b/c of Waity’s spendthrift habits; apparently she’s been giving Charles and his staff fits over £35,000 spent on clothes in one year. As for protection, each royal protection officer earns £250,000 a year with salary, bonuses and benefits. Willy and Waity each have two or three officers with them at all times and little Georgie Porgie has at least one shadowing his every step. Those are close protection officers. Then there are the static protection officers from the Met, Berkshire Constabulary and Norfolk Constabulary’s armed forces, who sit on Kensington Palace, Anmer Hall in Sandringham and the Middletons’ manor. That adds at least a dozen officers each shift, each earning £250,000 a year. At an absolute bare minimum, that’s upwards of £10 million. For their security alone. Ugh.

  12. Your assumption is that PW/Kate are using PW’s personal wealth. IMO, PC pays a significant amount of their expenses. Additionally don’t expect the BRF to go away anytime soon. They are not just going to hand over their wealth and privilege lifestyle to the taxpayers. I believe that PH would probably make a better King, especially if he finds a suitable wife. IMO this would be the biggest threat to PW/Kate. If PH found a well educated wife who cared about her charities, embraced royal duties and was loved by the public. PH has everything I believe the public likes. He has a great personality, has the common touch and seems dedicated to his charities. His biggest downfall is that he is the spare and for some reason the spare always seems to be a bit of a wild child. Hopefully the right woman will come alone and he can get past that stage in his life. I don’t think Kate would like this scenario at all…..but wouldn’t it be something to watch!

    1. “Additionally don’t expect the BRF to go away anytime soon. They are not just going to hand over their wealth and privilege lifestyle to the taxpayers. ”

      I do not expect them to hand it over. I expect it to be taken when the Revolution comes and they are thrown out. Big difference.

        1. Go ask the Greek, Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German etc. royals. In this day and age, with the access we have, these two won’t stand a chance WHEN the people rise up.

  13. Seth, this Diana’s inheritance has never been denied or confirmed. Some believe that the inheritance is gone, because billyboy gave the money to lazy waity’s parents. I do not the truth, but the middleton parents live in a an expensive mansion! According to some their online business does not generate 30 million dollars! I am not trying start rumors or damage anyones reputation! I think you check out that other website that tumbled accross because i left some information for to think about? Please let me know what you think? I am not trying to change your opinion! Halia

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