Prince George’s Best Grumpy Faces

Prince George’s Best Grumpy Faces

Our Grumpy Faced Overlord turns one on Tuesday, and in honor of His Lordship’s first birthday let’s take a look back at Prince George‘s best grumpy faces so far. His Lordship has given us so many grumpy faces it’s hard to narrow down the list–seriously, I went with just the ones I really like and the list is still enormous. I’ve decided to group them by appearance in chronological order (I’m not including every time we’ve seen him, because not every photo is an awesome grumpy face and I had to narrow down the list). Enjoy!

Leaving the hospital–his first grumpy face!

The Christening

George Christening

Arriving in New Zealand–Instant classic!

George arriving in New Zealand

Leaving New Zealand

George leaving New Zealand

Arriving in Sydney–He doesn’t like meeting the peasants.

George arriving in Sydney

Visit to the zoo–he was really animated at the zoo.

George Zoo 2 George Zoo 1

Arriving in Canberra

George Canberra

Leaving Australia–he was super grumpy leaving Oz. (the one on the far right is the best over the shoulder “bitch, please” photo ever)

George leaving Australia

William’s polo match–George’s first public tantrum?

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  1. Thanks for gathering these photos! It’s really a treat to look at him because he is so cute and it’s not his fault about his parents. Maybe the nanny will raise him to be nothing like them. Happy Birthday baby!

    1. He really is adorable. I realize that Will and Kate want to keep their lives private, but they should bring him out more, if nothing else to distract us with cuteness.

  2. It’s “HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS”, not “his Lordship”. He’s the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, hence HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS. “His Lordship” would be if he held the title as a courtesy title of the younger son of an Duke or Marquess. As a royal by birth, he holds neither.

    1. Um… Duh. Do you really think I don’t know that? I was trying to be cute, since I called him our Grumpy Faced Over*lord*. Hence his *lord*ship. I was making a connection there with the little nickname I gave him. I was not insinuating that his title was Lord. I know his title is His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. I know how titles work–unlike some reporters (one paper called him George of Wales, and People Mag insists on calling Kate Princess Kate when her title is Duchess of Cambridge).

        1. It makes me cringe, too. It also makes me want to slap the People Mag reporters in the face for being idiots.

        1. It was a joke–just like when I call him our “Grumpy Faced Overlord” or “Prince Grumpy Face”–but clearly it was not written well enough, or clear enough. My bad. But at least I’m not like People mag who seem to want to elevate Kate to blood royal status.

    1. I think my favorite is the over the shoulder shot. He really doesn’t like peasants, and it’s hilarious.

  3. Discovered your blog a few weeks back and love your articles.

    I laughed out loud at Our Grumpy Overlord. He truly is one adorably cranky little dumpling. Great photo compilation, they really are a treat to see chronologically.

    1. Hey thanks! George really is adorable. It’s great (for us) that he has so much personality so early on. I’m sure he gives his parents and Nanny Maria a good workout.

      1. Agree with the workout. When I saw the NZ playdate photos, I thought he looked like a little bruiser-physical handful and boisterous personality. Nothing seems shy or retiring with him so far!

        1. He definitely has a ton of personality and loves to show it off. Part of me thinks that’s a good thing, but part of me worries about him becoming a huge a-hole.

          1. Thwarting a**holery = William and Kate’s responsibility, especially to prevent Georgie from picking up any Waity Katie traits or Billy the Basher life tantrums.

            On this note, it saddens me that Diana isn’t around to help raise him. I like to think she would have given him credible, genuine lessons in compassion and being less self-involved. The Middletons can teach him how to go to school, but they can’t pass on Diana’s brand of magic.

          2. Unfortunately, Diana’s lessons didn’t seem to stick in William. And the fact that Will and Kate are raising George are why I worry about him becoming an a-hole.

          3. Sigh. Diana’s lessons definitely don’t seem to have stuck to William. I’m sure he’s going to emulate her hands-on approach to raising George, but he won’t pass on her formative legacy. Nor can Kate, who hasn’t got an ounce of Diana’s charisma. How do they pass compassion or empathy to their kids when both don’t lead with it as an example? (Answer: Not likely, unless a personality 180 happens.)

            I truly think Harry’s more like Diana in character than William. Like her, Harry has an amazing knack for connecting to all walks of life, and he will probably do a great job in teaching his children about giving meaningful service. Escapades aside, he sets a pretty good military example as well as a charitable one.

  4. l love georgie, but as he grows older l dont think he will be a handsome guy, maybe well dressed , presentable, but on looks deparrtment l am fifty fifty

    1. Have you ever seen someone who is gorgeous, then he opens his mouth and starts talking and turns out to be a jerk, and he no longer seems so attractive? Or a woman who isn’t much of a looker at first glance…you get to know her, she’s kind and fun…and becomes much more attractive? Personality can make a tremendous difference, and I’m hoping his parents don’t ruin his.

      1. Very true re personality changing attractiveness. I really hope George doesn’t turn out to be an a-hole, especially a lazy entitled a-hole like his parents, but the odds aren’t in his favor on that one. Hopefully George keeps the outgoing personality but isn’t a huge jerk.

      2. Oh, great example of this is Prince Harry. Just by his physical features, Harry isn’t all that attractive, but it’s his personality that makes people think he’s so hot.

  5. Too cute! Silly question, and feel free to laugh at me. How does he have brown eyes and mom and dad have blue/green and blue eyes, respectively?

    1. Good question. I honestly don’t know. From my basic knowledge of genetics, it should be impossible; but I’m sure eye genetics are far more complicated than my limited knowledge.

      1. Its not impossible.

        Kate probably ended up with hazel eyes because she carries brown and blue genes, and william got two blue genes from his parents. So Kate is Bb and William is bb.

        If you make such a grid:

        b b

        B Bb Bb

        b bb bb

        You can see there is a 50% chance George could end up with Bb. Which means its not entirely unusual for him to have darker eyes. The lightest he would get, with those genes, is like hazel or something.

        Now, he could have gotten bb, but he just didnt. He got Bb. Which manifests as dark in his eyes.

        … At least, this is my understanding of genetics. I MAY be wrong, I havent studied it since high school, so maybe this isnt right at all.
        But I have two blue eyed friends who ended up with a brown eyed child. Both their fathers have brown eyes.

        1. Kate could not be Bb in this scenario. B would be Brown for the dominate trait. Kate would have brown eyes. Grey is a recessive trait. IMO the lighting of the photos for George are not the best. His eyes are either blue or grey. However, there are always these genetic mutations so who knows. Does it matter the color of PG’s eyes?

          1. I was just wondering, because I just thought, incorrectly, that he would have lighter eyes like his parents. I appreciate everyone weighing in. No harm, no foul.

          2. Stephanie sorry I just re-read your post. You said that Kate had Hazel eyes, sorry I thought she had gray eyes. I think the answer to the question of PG’s eye color is what color are Kate’s eyes? As Stephanie stated if Kate has Hazel eyes, PG could have brown eyes.

          3. Yeah, I think that if Kate has a carrier gene for Brown eyes, then George certainly could end up with it. Its not like Kate has crystal blue eyes or something.

            The reason why the eye colour is such a big deal is because there are serious allegations that George was concieved with a surrogate. This would in turn lead to a fabrication of illness by Kate in December 2012, and make the death of that nurse more suspicious – seriously, some people believe she “must have found out” and the RF had her killed.

            Which is a very serious accuation, and I personally do not believe it.

          4. I never have bought the surrogate theory. I don’t know why anyone would. The heir has to be “of the body”. A surrogate baby would not be of the body.

          5. A) I believe the HG was fabricated whether she carried the baby or not. She may have been sick with a bug, but I do not believe it was as severe as they claimed.

            B) The “nurse found out and was killed” thing is silly considering the nurse who killed herself wasn’t even the nurse who was attending Kate. It was the nurse who answered the prank phone call and then transferred the call to the nurse attending Kate. Why would a nurse in another area know, or be able to find out, anything about Kate? So I don’t believe that theory.

            C) I would hope Will and Kate aren’t stupid enough to use a surrogate.

          1. KMR I agree with you about the surrogate. Also, you are correct on eye color, it is very complicated. I find it interesting that we really don’t know the color of Kate’s eyes!! Hazel, green, gray or brown….Does anyone know???

  6. Ugh, I don’t think he is cute at all. He has an expression in his eyes that is MEAN. Often, when not flashing that insipid smile, Kate’s eyes have that expression, too. I think he inherited Grandma Middleton’s nastiness. Will was a cuter baby, but oh, no, look at him now!

    1. He’s definitely very grumpy. We’ll have to wait and see if he turns out like his father and is a huge tantrum-throwing a-hole.

  7. George his facial features are rough and he even looks older than a 1 year old kid, he has too much midd genes !

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