Prince George turns 1 with new official photos

Prince George turns 1 with new official photos

A very big happy 1st birthday to our Grumpy Faced Overlord, His Royal Highness (!) Prince George of Cambridge. To mark his first birthday, Prince William and Kate Middleton released three new photos. They were taken at the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum on July 2 by John Stillwell of the UK Press Association. One photo is a solo of George walking on his own; another photo is of Will, Kate, and George, who is trying to grab the butterfly on Will’s hand; and the third photo is of Will, Kate, and George gazing off into the distance.

First, George is walking! Wow. Unfortunately that’s my least favorite photo of the three. I don’t know why, but something is throwing me off in that photo. The one where George is trying to grab the butterfly is cute, but it really looks like he’s trying to smash the poor thing and given his history with animals (trying to attack a bilby), this photo makes me fear for the butterfly’s life. I really hope no butterflies were harmed in the taking of these photos. The third photo is my favorite of the three, and quite possibly my favorite photo of the Cambridges ever. It’s a charming, seemingly relaxed and natural photo and I like it a lot. There’s no horrible backlighting, no horrible Instagram filters, and while they are not engaged with each other they are engaged in the surrounding and it makes for a nice relaxed, charming photo.

George first birthday photo by John Stillwell via Clarence House twitter

To go along with the photos, Will and Kate released a statement: “We would like to take this opportunity on George’s first birthday to thank everyone over the last year, wherever we have met them, both at home and overseas, for their warm and generous good wishes to George and our family.”

John Stillwell said of George: “Prince George was very lively and very sure of himself and confident, a very determined young boy. And who does he look like? I’d have to say his dad, William.”

George grabbing a butterfly by John Stillwell via Clarence House twitter

It was no accident that the Cambridges chose the butterflies exhibit to take the photos. Kate is patron of the Natural History Museum, and by taking George’s photos there it gives not only the museum but the pop-up exhibit, specifically, media coverage (the exhibit runs until September 14 by the way; here’s the website if anyone’s interested). I guess taking family photos at her patronage is easier than actually making a public visit to promote the thing?

The Daily Mail and Express have given George a partial cover to mark his birthday. The Express cover is whatever, but the Daily Mail cover is hilarious. The juxtaposition of Will and Kate–who got a 4.5 million taxpayer funded palace–next to an article about young people not being able to afford to buy homes is hilarious. I wonder if that was intentional.

Will and Kate George Daily Mail cover

Will Kate and George Express

George has graced the covers of multiple US magazines, including Vanity Fair and People. An interesting tidbit from inside the People article is this photo comparison with Queen Elizabeth II. George gets his grumpy face from the Queen. Queen Grumpy Face!!

George's grumpy face came from Queen Elizabeth

47 thoughts on “Prince George turns 1 with new official photos

  1. In the photo of George “petting” the butterfly, all I could think of is, “Kate had to make it all about her hair.” Why couldn’t she pull it back in a ponytail?

    1. it’s her regular hairstyle. if she had wanted to make it all about her hair, she would have debuted a new cut or shoved her son into the background.

  2. I don’t know, I feel like this photo op might have a better impact on the exhibit than some random visit by Kate. Not all of her actions get tons of media time around the world, but these pictures are going to be shown all around the world and seen by thousands of people who will be holidaying in London. I think it’s actually a smart PR move for the exhibit.

    1. True. From the exhibit’s point of view, having George there is a PR goldmine (much more so than just having his mother). But I still feel like it’s a “get out of actual work” thing from Kate’s pov.

    1. This happened on July 2, in between the M-PACT visit and Tour de France thing. What has she been doing for the last three weeks since then? Planning George’s party, or did she sneak in a vacay?

  3. I loved all three pics very much. For once, the Cambridges don’t look like they are trying very hard to be a family. And George is adorable. He does take after his dad. I’m glad they chose one their patronages to be the venue for George’s 1st b’day. They are at least promoting something.
    The last pic with comparisons between the Queen and the Grumpy Prince was hilarious. The Queen does make some crazy faces, huh? I wonder how close she is with her great-grandson? Though she wasn’t all that amazing with her kids, she doted on her grandchildren. I wonder if the Queen gets to spend time with George.

    1. The Queen has some serious grumpy faces, too. George may be our Grumpy Faced Overlord, but the Queen is the Supreme Grumpy Faced Ruler of the Galaxy. I know the Queen is super close to the Wessex kids; don’t know about any of the others.

      I think it was smart that they chose one of their patronages to get the attention of having the pics taken there, at least one of the patronages will get some type of promo out of them.

  4. Does anyone wonder why we haven’t seen a photo of george smiling or making eye contact with others?

    1. There are some pics where he’s making eye contact with peasants during the royal tour, he’s just usually super grumpy for those photos.

  5. Adorable photos of George/Kate and PW. So happy to see photos of PW so attentive and engaged. I think these pictures reflect the true love/respect and dedication to family that PW and Kate have. If there was any doubt that PG was a Windsor, well take a look at those grumpy face comparison between he and HM. PG looks more Windsor than Middleton! He and PW are almost carbon copies of each other as babies. KMR you made a point in your write-up about PG and the butterfly. It takes a lot of focus and self control for a 1 year old to attempt to touch a butterfly (without it flying away). I don’t understand what you see in this photo when you say PG is trying to smash the butterfly??? Give the kid a break….

    1. William said when George was going for the bilby, that if George got a hold of the bilby’s ear that he “would not let go”, which screams that George does not understand that animals are living creatures and are delicate and are not just play things for George to grab (I can only imagine what hell Lupo is going through). Given the way William described George and his tendencies to grab things and manhandle them, there is no way George would be able to touch a butterfly with anything resembling delicacy. If George were to grab that butterfly the way the photo suggests he was going to do, there is no way George would not kill it. Even older children don’t always understand that one has to be delicate when touching small animals. An eight year old could easily kill a gerbil when trying to grab it without realizing that their grabbing would smash the gerbil. Given that George is 1 and doesn’t understand how to handle small creatures, and given everything William and Kate have said in regards to George, I don’t see a scenario that would turn out well for the butterfly should George try to grab it. George wouldn’t necessarily be trying to smash the butterfly, but he is trying to grab it in that photo, and if he tried to grab it then he would surely smash it because he would not have the self control nor the wherewithal to touch it gently. It wouldn’t necessarily be his fault, he just doesn’t know any better. But it does make me fear for the butterfly. Let’s hope the butterfly flew away before George got to it.

      1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with PG’s behavior on both of these occasions. If you want to accuse him of anything, accuse him of being a typical curious 1 year old boy! I say this to you with the upmost kindness and respect…. not sure how this will translate so I’m trying not to offend. Give the kid a chance. He’s only 1 and is being judge,very harshly IMO, on a few photos and a videos. Poor kid I really feel sorry for him.

        1. He has idiot parents that take him to age inappropriate places. How frustrating for a kid to be reaching for things and people keep having to snatch them away? I feel bad for the kid because of his parents, not because people point out the frustrating situations they are putting him in. I wonder if that isn’t why the pictures are so off – I wonder if most off them are of him crying and getting upset.

          1. Not sure if you have ever been to a butterfly exhibit, but it is absolutely appropriate for PG! Please stop projecting your issues with his parents on to him!!!

        2. How is a butterfly exhibit appropriate for a 1 year old? They are too delicate for him to touch, they don’t make funny noises, he can’t eat them…what’s he supposed to do? I honestly don’t think anyone is judging him harshly. He’s just a typical 1 year old…he wants to grab and smash and squish everything.

          1. I would encourage you to become more educated on a butterfly exhibit before you make comments! With all due respect….

          2. Crazy…I honestly don’t know what you mean by that. Do you think only people who have a specialized knowledge of butterfly exhibits should have opinions and make comments?

          3. CrazyAMC:

            Please do no get offended when everybody has a different opinion that does not resemble yours. There’s plenty other websites that agree with your opinion and adoration of this couple. Please, go visit those, too.

        3. I have to agree with Crazy on this. I have a specialized degree in Early Childhood Education and Georgie’s behavior towards animals is absolutly normal. Kids this age do not understand that animals are not playthings and can be hurt. Until about 18-24 months and then one can usually teach “soft”!” and guide a little hand to pet a furry animal gently. However, I am no expert on butterflies, but I have always understood them to be damaged any times their wings are touched for any reason.

          1. So actually, you don’t agree with Crazy….

            Crazy is saying the butterflies were a good choice for George.

            The rest of us are saying that George is a typical 1 year old and would probably harm the butterflies (if he could get to them), precisely because he is a 1 year old!

            No one is bashing George.

  6. those pics are once again dissappointing, they are cold and uninviting, KW always look like actors shooting an advertisement, they should have dressed george better!

    1. I agree – the 2nd one looks like it could have been made with look-alikes. And Kate’s tense smile is because she knows she’s going to have to snatch George away from the butterfly so he doesn’t smash it. It’s actually not an age appropriate venue — babies don’t understand how delicate butterflies are.

      1. I would say the butterflies exhibit was a poor choice on the parent’s part seeing as they know their child is the type who grabs at animals and “doesn’t let go”. It’s a cute setting, but in reality not that smart for babies–like you said, no baby understands how to touch small animals with delicacy.

    1. Lol, very true. He really looked photoshopped into the pre-tour photo. If it weren’t for the fact that George was looking right at Lupo, I would have said they photoshopped two images together for that one.

  7. No Dag, that’s not what I’m saying at all. The Butterfly Exhibit is something, IMO, you have to experience before you make comments like, “it’s not appropriate for a 1 year old.” If you have the chance to go to this exhibit or others like it, you would find that there are children of all age groups in attendance (and they are not running around trying to smash the butterflies). You would also see the pure delight /curiosity in their eyes (as is in PG’s in the photos) at the ability to get so close to a butterfly. We all know that in it’s natural habitat it is very difficult if not impossible to touch a butterfly. I am sure PG, like many other kids has chased a butterfly around his backyard or in a park. However, at a butterfly exhibit they are all over the place and if you are lucky one will land on you long enough so that a 1 year old will try and do the impossible touch a butterfly. So from my eyes and my prospective I see PG behaving like any other 1 year at a butterfly exhibit. That is all, so sorry for all of the comments on this topic.

  8. Jojo thank you for the recommendation. I think I am ok on this site. I like the fact that this group doesn’t all think the same … independent thinkers. Its the only site that I comment on, because it is different. KMR does a great job with her post, presenting the facts and her opinion separately. She leaves the interpretation of the facts to the reader. If she is ok with me posting my comments, I will stay here, thank you very much. Finally, I am rarely offended, life’s to short!

    1. I’m glad you’re going to stick it out. Different POV’s make the world go round, and a blog a whole lot less dull. Considering your opinions tend to be not shared by many here I think you do a great job.

      1. I agree…I like to read viewpoints that differ from mine. I enjoy learning from others and frequently I modify my opinion…or change it completely. So, Crazy…please stick it out.

  9. Bluhare thanks for the kind words. I agree with the fundamental issues this group has with PW/Kate…. Kate needs to work harder at being a royal and PW needs to work less at being a Middleton. We just have different ideas on how they need to accomplish these issues.

    1. Yep, I think we all want to see them do well, even if we think they aren’t going about it the right way.

      Anyway, you express yourself well and I like reading your posts.

  10. Enjoyable post and great complication of pics, KMR. Love the photo comparing Our Grumpy Overlord to his great-gran.

    As for the wisdom of bringing a 1-yo to a butterfly exhibit, it probably is the better choice among museums. Better to reach for a butterfly he can’t catch instead of knocking over a vase or grabbing something with a sharp edge.

    And, the three look like a nice family. They are lovely pics, but more *working* ones would be amazing PR.

  11. ll stilll think these two parents are not doing a good job to PG, they treat him like a 10 year old, at this age a kid should be set free in a safe enviroment run crawl fall over, scream , smash and throw his toys with other kids, and just be himself, george always look frustrated with everything!

  12. George’s body language is very telling, he seems very aggressive and like he thinks the world revolves around him ;P

  13. those are definitely the midds straits “the whole world revolves around them” or better still “the whole world owes them everything”

    1. I can only imagine what he will be like at 5, at 10, at 15 and 20. He’ll make Willy seem to be sober, dependable and responsible. At the very least though, if he gets in serious trouble (like assault, etc.) he won’t have immunity from prosecution, so he’ll have to face the music. Only the monarch is (in theory) exempt from the laws, because they’re done in their name.

  14. Adam i agree with your opinions! I suspect that lazy waity & family are hiding something, but i have no proof? I am not trying to exaggerate or damage anyone reputation! My intuition senses something is wrong, obsvouly i could be wrong. Halia

  15. they should take a leaf from from the becks, despite being raised with enormous wealth. Those kids look normal, and kids next door, l admire the becks for that, but the cambs lets just hope they wont over indulge PG and keep him in seclusion its not healthy at all, and he will be out of touch with the real world and for a future king thats not good at all!

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