Kate, Will, and Harry at the Commonwealth Games

Kate, Will, and Harry at the Commonwealth Games

Kate Middleton poked her head out of it’s hidey-hole for two days of sports watching and game playing. Kate, along with Prince William and Prince Harry, ventured to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games on July 28 and 29. On July 28, the Royal Holy Trinity watched a bunch of different sporting events. On July 29, the RHT toured the athlete’s village and met with some UNICEF kids and played games; Kate also attended a SportsAid reception/meeting/thing. Kate mentioned George to champion swimmer James Hickman, he said Kate said George “loves the water and he grabs things to splash with.” George is (probably) a little terror, so it’s not surprising he’s a menace during swim time. If he channeled that energy into something productive he could be a champion swimmer. Getting George into sports early might help with all that energy.

Kate Will Harry Commonwealth Games UNICEF
[via UNICEF Live Twitter, @UNICEFlive]

I want to talk about Kate’s wardrobe. The designers she wore are not that important because she’s worn everything previously, but I want to point out how dumb Kate is when planning her outfits. For the day she just sat around watching sporting events, she wore pants, but the day she actually met people and played with kids, she wore a dress. How on earth does that make sense when planning what to wear? I would have worn the dress on the day I was just sitting around, and worn pants when I knew I would be more active. Her choices just don’t make sense to me.

Oh, while Kate was playing games with the UNICEF kids, she played some game with tins which involved jumping over the tins. She did this in a dress and those enormous wedge heels. Enjoy the gif.

Kate jumping three tins

There’s not much to talk about, so let’s just do some pictures.

Day 1, Kate wore her skinny jeans and a navy blazer, with a sleeveless button down underneath (and those horrible Stuart Weitzman wedges). There was PDA, if you want to call it that, from Will and Kate when they touched each others knees and held hands for a bit.

Day 2, Kate wore a blue Stella McCartney dress she’s worn a few times now, and another navy blazer, and those wedges again. She wore her Kiki McDonough citrine earrings and Asprey charms (she wore the same jewelry combo for Day 1 also). Kate visited a SportsAid reception/meeting (I always wonder what she talks about in those meetings; does she actually have anything to bring to the table?) and toured the athlete’s village.

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  1. when u attend sports related event, especially if you are going to be actively participating wear a pant suit, with a low heel, and wear appropriate jeans or track pants, but kate will never ever get it, shes such a high profile figure but her clothes make her cheap and tacky, how does exposing your thighs bring any dignity to your status , kudos to sophie, apropriately dressed, hardworking, kate is just an embarrassment!

  2. I thought it was obvious that Kate put a lot of thought into what she was and it was certainly no accident that she attended a day in which she had to take part actively in a relatively short dress. This girl never misses an opportunity to flash. No doubt she was hoping for another picture of her wearing no undies. Kate puts so much effort into staying stick thin and she has clearly had her jaw broken and facial reconstruction surgery, plus lots of dental work and hair enhancing extensions, in the months preceding the engagement. Her only achievement in this life is transforming herself from a plain jane with average looks irregular teeth and not so great hair, into a woman who is move attractive to look at but still no Beaty and certainly never sexy. I think all this deliberate flashing is Kate’s desperate attempt to read about her own boobs and bum, with the hope the world starts to lust over het. Sadly, Kate no matter how hard you try, your only achievement in this word, to transform that body, did not make you centerfold material. With saggy boobs and a bum like a 12 year old boy, you will never be sexy. No wonder baby 2 is still not conceived.

    1. jaw broken and facial reconstruction surgery? I’ve not heard that before. I would say she’s had some work done, and for sure hair extensions and dental work (in one of the christening pics where her head is turned to the side and she’s smiling really wide, you can see where her super white caps end, because she only had the front teeth done apparently).

      At least she wasn’t wearing a flowy dress when she jumped over those cans, or else we’d have another bum pic, and no one wants to see that, lol.

  3. First of all, I love this blog.

    I read somewhere that W&K should not do engagements with PH as it makes them look stiff and uncomfortable. That is so true. PH is a natural and seems to get on with everyone and puts them at ease. Kate just seems so stiff in pics with women. It also makes me wonder how she relates with them. She always seems closed off and unfriendly. I for one say that those shoes and jeggings be burned.

    I had high hopes for Kate as she has an awesome platform to shine a light on many issues. I know that Bill won’t remove himself from the line of succession for PH, so it seems that she will be a Queen Consort who is just a figurehead and has not a thing to offer.

    1. Harry is a natural with kids, and Will and Kate are not. When kids are involved, Harry definitely outshines Will and Kate. I think he’d make a better king than Will.

      As far as Kate relating to women, well she doesn’t really have many girl friends. She dumped most of her friends when she started dating Will. I feel like Kate would be the type of person who would be very competitive with other women, given how she supposedly acted toward women who would talk to Will in the clubs they used to frequent. Also, Kate seems insecure and like she needs validation from men of how sexy she is (hence the flashing and inappropriate clothing choices), and since she doesn’t get that from women she wouldn’t want to be around them unless she felt superior in some way. That’s just my opinion anyway, I could be wrong.

      And yes, those jeggings and horrible wedges need to go.

        1. Supposedly when they went to clubs, Kate clung to Will like a leech and was rude to any woman who got near him. I guess she didn’t want other girls getting in on her territory, or something. Yes, she was also quite rude to the York girls, which is why the York girls and Middleton girls don’t get along.

      1. Yeah well she doesn’t get validation from me of her sexiness. Attractive? Hmm… maybe. Sexy? Not since her wedding day, she looks 40. There was an article in the Daily Mail yesterday about what Willy and Harry would look like in 20 years. Both are bald as coots. Harry looks worse than Willy though. But then Willy doesn’t have as far to go.

        1. “she doesn’t get validation from me of her sexiness” – That’s not going to stop her trying, unfortunately.

  4. As much as I want to support Kate, I must agree with you on her choice of clothing. I really dislike the shoes and wish she would throw them away. She can throw the skinny jeans away as well – not a good look. Playing any type of sport in a dress and heels/wedges looks ridiculous. Kate has participated in sports long enough to know that her outfit would be and is inappropriate. Maybe she is trying to put a halt to the pregnancy rumor by jumping over cups in a dress and high heel wedges (haha that’s a joke, she just looks ridiculous). I really like seeing the PDA between Kate/PW. It gives us a peek into their marriage which from the pictures tells us all is well with the Cambridges! Glad to hear that PG is enjoying his swimming lessons.

    1. I just don’t get her choices sometimes. She’s knows better than to were heels and dresses for sports things. It really doesn’t make sense, unless she purposefully wants to look ridiculous for the attention or something. I don’t get it.

      I always like it when the royals do things like hold hands; it’s so rare, but lovely to see. I love it that Edward holds Sophie’s hand when walking down stairs and such. Seeing Will and Kate touch is so weird, since we never see it.

  5. Kate craves attention. I believe she is a narcissist and an exhibitionist, and this latest display of inappropriate dress for the activity just supports my claim. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say that when she dressed that morning she didn’t realize she’d be playing games. Once she got to the site and the children asked her to jump over stacked tin cans, why wouldn’t she either decline or go into the female changing room and borrow a uniform from one of the athletes? It sounds crazy, but I think it would have been a great PR move…whoever loans her the clothes will fell “special” forever and Kate can do an activity dressed appropriately. I wish I could’ve seen the Queen’s face when she first saw those pictures! If Kate is in a situation where the spotlight is not directly on her, she’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure that spotlight shines on her.

    By the way, I know I’m opening myself up for loads of slamming, but honestly…why does no one like the wedges? Is it because she wears them constantly? I like them!

    1. I have never been able to stand wedges, even the first time they were in style in the 70-80s. However, I think the biggest issue people have with her wearing them is that she continuously wears them to inappropriate events and ends up looking ridiculous. Running in the sand? Jumping cans? She also wears them to events that call for a more traditional or formal look. Bad ideas, all.

    2. I dislike them because they are ginormous and make her feet look like giant hooves. They have a huge platform and that just doesn’t look good at the end of her tiny legs.

  6. princess charlene who is very glamorous, dresses down and appropriate for sports events, even when swimming with kids she never exposes any part of her body, so what was kate thinking, she will always sit there looking cute, its not the first time shes gone to nunmerous sports events and u wear sky high wedges, short dresses,her hair flying everywhere, she really looks stupid!

  7. PDA? More like PDA by numbers?
    Step 1: sit next to spouse
    Step 2: put hand on spouse’s knee
    (at this stage William should have read his instructions whcih ask him to turn and look at Kate)
    Step 3: lean forward
    and repeat above until the cameras are turned away from you.
    No fondness that I can see in any of these photos, may as well be sitting with a stranger?

    1. True. It’s so weird, we never see anything from them in terms of displays of affection so even the smallest thing like randomly having a hand on each other’s knee is a big deal.

          1. I disagree – honestly, imagine that was Kate and William. Never hear the end of William’s annoyed face while Waity drapes herself over him.

            Come on, no one would say that would actually look like true affection from W and K, all that would happen is more ridicule.

            So no offense at all to Charlene and Albert, but that’s a terrible and awkward photo of them.

          2. With Will and Kate, they’ve shown so little affection toward each other that now no matter what they do it looks fake. The hand holding at Christmas was a great example. The first thing I thought of was that they did it on purpose for good press.

  8. First, I’d like to point out, Kate did not jump “over” the cans, she jumped “around” them. As that awesome gif clearly shows.

    Second, The picture of Kate with the female athletes is worth studying. See how Kate is sitting slightly higher, looking down on the professional athletes – that is no accident – her aides are very smart. Now notice the female athletes dressed appropriately in slacks and skirts covering their knees, yet Kate is wearing a too short dress showing off skin to children? Kate needs to grow up.

    Am I the only one that thought: “Look at those three hung over adults in the middle of those UNICEF children?”

    1. True, she couldn’t jump all the way over because of those stupid shoes. If she had jumped high enough to go over them she probably would have twisted an ankle on the landing and fallen in those damn enormous wedges.

      That dress is so short when Kate sits that I’m surprised a photographer didn’t get a snap of her underwear (?).

  9. whatever she was doing to those tins she bent over and her thighs were exposed, God only knows what the people saw from behind!!

  10. CrazyAMG, I agree 100% with you! On a different note Princess Charlene of Monaco was given the highest honour from the Italian President This week in Monaco. The award is called the The Knights of the Order of the Grand Cross! This honour is Italy highest recgonition Italy bestow on people improve the people lives! I think Charlene’s foundation has help children’ lives & safety. I can believe that lazy waity will never get any honours? Halia

    1. No she will, but they will be from Willy when he’s King. The Queen will never make Waity part of the Royal Victorian Order (which is given for personal service to the monarch). I doubt Charles will either, unless Waity proves she does something of worth in the next 20 years, which I doubt. So it’ll be from Willy when he’s King.

    2. I doubt Kate will even get the family order from QEII. Fergie didn’t get the family order. I highly doubt Kate will get any orders from QEII, and I doubt she’ll get any from Charles either. But most definitely she’ll get all sorts of orders if/when Will is king; he’ll give her everything just because she’s his wife and it would look terrible if she didn’t have something when she’s queen.

  11. The Duchess is looking very skinny. When you look at photos previously she was a little more rounded and she was much softer and more attractive looking in the face, now she is older looking and aged, hard for her age, her posture is very bent over and poor , slouching as she is so skinny. I think some sun damage, but mostly extreme dieting. When you look at her in her clothes they dont fit properly, even being designer label, some shots they seem too baggy. She is not a good role model for young girls. this is very unhealthy. With all the tight clothing, skinny jeans, tight fitting dresses and coats, it seems she is drawing attention, and cannnot see that she is bordering in on being severly underweight especially for her height. Whoever is advising her if any. she needs to be advised of the health implications for starters.

    1. As far as her skin, it’s the sun damage coupled with the smoking habit that has done damage. And the dieting can damage as well. Yes, her posture is terrible. The way she stands and holds her head/neck in some shots seems like it hurts. I think Kate looked better when she had a bit more weight on and her face was fuller. I hate to see girls/women lose so much weight when they looked great before the weight loss. I wish the media/fashion industry/society didn’t push the super skinny=beautiful thing; it’s really damaging.

  12. kate has sooo many issues shes nauseating!! She is clinggy,needy, spends and waste millions, now its body issues, she should have stayed with carole who can continue to babysit her, what kind of wife, duchess, fiuture queen is this?

    1. It seems like Carole failed her daughter. She never gave Kate any proper lessons for how to be independent, which is a huge problem. I hate to say this because it takes responsibility from Kate and I don’t want to do that since Kate is an adult and is making her own lazy decisions, but Carole was a terrible mother in terms of preparing her daughter for the real world. If I were Kate, I’d hate my mother for that.

      1. Will married the wrong Middleton girl. Plain and simple. Pippa may be a little “extra” but she works and supports charity.

      2. I disagree. Carole prepared her daughter for EXACTLY what she wanted her to do: Marry Willy. She went to St. Andrews BECAUSE Willy was going then. Then practically stalked him to get him to be her boyfriend. When they broke up in 2007, Carole practically ORDERED Katie to get him back. No, Carole has prepared her daughter to do exactly what she’s doing: Be a lazy, worthless human being.

        1. I think the stalking *may* track back to the false bullying accusations about Downe House that prompted the move to Marlborough (sister school of Eton where William was a student). How convenient.

          I’m not sure it was Carole’s instigation. I see it more as Kate Middleton deciding at age 14 that she wanted The Prince (not William), and her ambitious mother trying to help her make it happen no matter what. Many other families probably thought of similar ideas, the Middleton’s put the plan in place figuring, “Hell, why not try?”. Move from Downe to Marlborough. Check. Change universities? Check. Gap year in Chile? Check. Art History major (William’s original stated degree)? Check.

  13. I struggle with the thought that Kate/Carol plotted to snag a Prince. I find that difficult to believe. Wasn’t Kate dating someone else when she first met PW? IMO, PW/Kate work together as a team. I don’t think Carol is a puppet master pulling all the strings. I do believe she wanted the Royal connection but I don’t believe she plotted/schemed to get it. As far as Kate’s weight and other physical appearance, I find her to be a beautiful woman. Also her weight could be attributed to her genetic make-up(both parents are thin). I don’t find her weight to be all that concerning unless there is proof she truly has an eating disorder. IMO PW/Kate are both getting what that feel was lacking in their lives, Kate the social status and PW his idea of a family, The Middleton’s. Frankly PW issues may be the biggest concern. He is a future King of England who wants to be a Middleton!

    1. William was dating someone else at the time. She allegedly called him out for his cheating with Middleton behind her back – on stage during a play.

    2. Respectfully, please don’t be so naïve. I’m quite sure Carole’s pulling all the strings. Waity doesn’t have a brain in her head to speak of. Willy’s brain is all “Me! Me! Me! Mummy died when I was young so… Me! Me! Me!” Carole manipulated them both.

      1. I don’t see her as a doormat, willingly, to anyone but William. I’m tired of the infantilizing that surrounds her. I do not see her as a victim, but as someone who deliberately made her choices (from see-through dress to being at his beck and call for a decade). She got exactly what she (and her mother) wanted. She is reported to be a b*tch to all other women and the royal staff, not some little milquetoast. Yes, Carole and her ambition helped a great deal, but none of that would have happened if KM wasn’t a willing player.

        1. I agree with you on Kate isn’t a victim and she probably is a b+tch to the staff. However, I don’t think she fully understood the pressures of being a Royal until she became one. I guess an argument could be made that she wanted it so she has to deal with it, to which I still have a sense of sadness for her and want to support her and hope that she can mature and become more responsible. Also, I just want her to do something in this role, its really just a waste to be in her position and not to do something to have an impact not only on the UK but the world. I believe Diana understood this and tried her best to make a difference. My biggest concerns are still with PW, Kate will never do anything unless PW steps up to his birth right!!! BTW My2Pence I had to consult my Thesaurus….milquetoast (haha). Also I believe Kate has a brain but maybe afraid to overshadow PW.

          1. But she deliberately went to St. Andrews to catch a prince, so to speak, then spent seven years playing hard-to-get; she was given unprecedented taxpayer-funded police guards and a bulletproof car to protect her from the paps and even her mother and sister were given special security arrangements–all on the British taxpayer’s dime. More than any other bride in recent royal history, she KNEW DAMN well what she was getting into. Diana, who was much younger, much less-educated (she failed all of her O-levels) and much more sheltered, had been in a relationship for Charles for less than a year (and engaged for only five) when they married. Andrew and Sarah had only been in a relationship for a year when they married and were engaged less than four. Princess Anne and Mark Phillips knew each other about a year when they married. All three marriages ended in divorce. I don’t want to hear about “she didn’t know about being a Royal until she became one.” Hogwash. That’s an excuse she’s going to use from now until death if we let her.

        2. May I ask — why is it Carol who’s always cast as the matchmaker mastermind? Couldn’t it just as easily have been Carole and Michael, both? Are there stories that specifically highlight how Carole is/was an overzealous Mrs Bennet type? I’m truly curious.

    3. It’s nice that you support Kate but please – there was involvement from the mother, otherwise why would the parents support Kate all those years financially? And Kate does appear to go to her mother (often) for advice.

      1. It’s just very difficult for me to see that Kate/Carol could be that calculating. IMO, PW pursued Kate. Once Kate became aware that he was interested, maybe she and Carol began to think about securing his affection. We may never know the true story of what happened at St. Andrews but I believe PW was a willing participate and that he is truly in love with Kate. IMO, Carol being involved in Kate’s life probably helps her navigate the dysfunction of the RF.

        1. Carole’s that calculating I’m sure. She has a glint in her eye. And there was the story that she demanded Katie get Willy back. As for Willy’s “love”, it was only in the 20th century that marriages were for “love.” They were always alliances between two families, calculated and negotiated to the umpteenth degree. If Willy’s so “in love” with Katie he wouldn’t leave her at home to ski and again to go to the wedding in Tennessee, where evidently he and Harry got into some antics. For decades the press have covered up the extracurricular affairs of the upper class. The papers went out of the way to emphasize that Willy was lonely and went back to his hotel early every night while Harry was off partying. Yeah. Right. We already know Willy is emotionally abusive to Waity; when they were boarding the Queen’s flotilla for the Diamond Jubilee, Waity walked out of place in the order of precedence and Willy called her a “b—h”.

          1. Yes, I’ve read where he’s said some nasty things to her. I guess that she doesn’t mind being belittled as long as she has her prince and all that comes with it.

          2. I do believe that Carole is an alpha female (not a bad thing BTW) however, I believe that she treads softly when it comes to PW. PW is in total control (he’s a royal and was told all of his life that he was better than everyone else). It was he that kept Kate waiting all of those years, it is he that berates her and was he that broke up with her (against her wishes as she stated in their engagement interview). As I say this, I don’t believe Kate is some delicate flower but she isn’t in control of that relationship. So my issue remains with PW. Once he embraces his role Kate will follow.

    4. The Brothers Grimm might have had a ball with this.
      1. It’s been pretty well documented that Kate – with the necessary support of her parents – altered her university plans to put herself firmly and squarely in William’s path at St. Andrews. The prince took the bait, for sure, and some may say that he became ensnared in the trap set for him.
      2. From what has been written in the media, one might reasonaly wonder to what extent Kate and her family have influenced William and might be pulling him away from his royal duties. The fairy tale version has the princess kissing the frog and the frog becoming a prince. Perhaps the Middleton version has the wannabe princess kissing the prince, only to have him turn into a frog – in the interest of “normality.” Might that possibly be the case here?
      3. Lastly, before and after photographs show that Kate was at a normal and healthy weight in the years prior to her engagement. She has since become stick thin and does not look healthy. Her parents and siblings are slender, but in a healthy, wholesome way.

  14. Does anyone else think it is odd that Kate Middleton uses Kiki McDonough as her custom jeweler? McDonough made some pieces for Diana but was really known for her work with Sarah, Duchess of York. You know, the one originally saddled with the Duchess DoLittle name. Why not pick an up-and-coming young designer without that royal baggage?

    1. I had no idea that McDonough made jewelry for Diana and Sarah. Hm.. that does seem a bit weird. Kate has very old taste in jewelry–she never picks anything fun and fresh really–so maybe it fits her.

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