Princess Charlene at the Red Cross Ball

Princess Charlene at the Red Cross Ball

Princess Charlene stepped out with husband Prince Albert II of Monaco last night, August 1, for the 66th Monaco Red Cross Ball Gala at Sporting Monte-Carlo in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. The Monaco Red Cross was created in 1948 by then Prince Louis II; the first Monaco Red Cross Ball was held the same year, presided over by a young Prince Rainier III. Prince Albert is the President of the Monaco Red Cross.

Princess Charlene is pregnant and due in December. She may or may not be pregnant with twins; I know that was a rumor, but I’m not sure if it’s been officially confirmed. This is her first child(ren). This will be Albert’s, what, third confirmed child. I know he’s acknowledged at least two other children, don’t know how many more are out there.

Anyway, Charlene looked lovely. Her hair and makeup and jewelry were beautiful. She wore a diamond headband with two flowers. She wore diamond earrings that also had a flower-ish feel. She wore a diamond bracelet on her right wrist. I’m in love with her jewelry here; she looked great.

Charlene wore a navy blue and black Dior maternity gown. I’m not sure how I feel about it. From the front it looks lovely, and I adore the back, but it looks too big on her from the sides. Maybe she just doesn’t like having clothes cling to her stomach right now? Sure, let’s go with that.

Here is Charlene from the last few engagements if you want to check out her second trimester maternity style. She’s keeping is simple and sleek, but then I think she’s always done that.

Charlene receiving a plaque on July 29 about her family tree from the Irish Ambassador to France. Charlene is has some Irish heritage apparently.
Remise de Recherches Généalogique S.A.S. La Princesse Charlèn
[photo from the Press Office of the Palace of HSH the Prince of Monaco,]

Charlene received the honor of “Cavaliere di Gran Croce della Stella d’Italia dell’Ordine” from the President of the Italian Republic on July 28–was presented by the Ambassador of Italy to Monaco.
Princess Charlene Italian honor
[photo from the Press Office of the Palace of HSH the Prince of Monaco,]

Charlene at the inauguration of the new Yacht Club of Monaco on June 20.

17 thoughts on “Princess Charlene at the Red Cross Ball

  1. I love her and her style. Simple and classic. I think that she seemed a little unsure in the beginning, but has found her stride.

  2. I think she looks beautiful. I just don’t know how she deals with PA, something about him makes me uncomfortable, not sure what it is.

    1. Albert sure is skeevy. I just can’t with the illegitimate kids that took him years to acknowledge–his daughter was in her teens I think before he acknowledged her.

    1. Yes. She canceled some appearances after the pregnancy announcement, so it’s nice to see her out.

  3. why do the blogs and tabloids have to mention Prince albert illigitimate kids everytime, is he the first man to do that in the world??? People do mistakes, charles had an affair while still married toi diana, And so on!! As for Prince albert , he chose his wife very well, charlene is a beautiful hardworking woman who has a wardrobe to die for, it always seem to me the brits are not happy with char for obvious reasons, she has put lazy katie to shame in all aspects., zero competition, char is miles ahead, she has earned it, she is not a trophy wife!!

    1. You are right that Charlene is the Real Deal. I think the illegitimate kids come up because he had not one, but TWO from separate “relationships.” You would think a man would learn. IMO, his entire family has descended into Euro-Trash since the death of his mother. I don’t know about Europe, but here in the US it is still considered trashy to go around fathering children out of wedlock, but unfortunately is becoming more common. VERY unfortunately.

      1. agreed. and true. very unfortunate for children, also life goes on and I hope the princess bring some class back. She seem like a shy and lovely woman. really beautiful and accomplished. I wish them well

      2. Well, the reason it’s brought up especially now is because this may be his third child, but it’s the first legitimate heir. Also, on a personal note, the fact that he has two illegitimate kids says something about him… that he isn’t using as much protection as he should. And if he didn’t use protection with those women, who knows how many others he didn’t use protection with, and how many other kids he may have. It boggles my mind when men, especially men with money, don’t protect themselves. It happens with basketball guys and other sports people, where they’ll have like four kids by four different women and end up paying a ton of money in child support for those kids. What moron doesn’t use protection? So dumb.

    2. First, Albert’s illegitimate children are relevant when discussing his child with Charlene. He has two kids he’s acknowledged, but they are not legitimate heirs, which makes this child with Charlene special because it is a legitimate heir. With Albert, there are all sorts of succession rules at play when it comes to his children. He’s not some random guy on the street who fathers kids of out wedlock, he’s the Prince of Monaco. The discussion between his illegitimate children with the two previous woman and his legitimate child with Charlene is relevant to the conversation. It’s not just the scandal, but what it means in the lines of succession.

      Second, I’m not a Brit.

      Third, I’ve never bashed Charlene, so I’m not sure where that’s coming from.

  4. She is fabulous….everything about her screams “class”. Her gown reminds me of one Jackie Kennedy wore as First Lady. It was white, I think it was also Dior, and I think it might have been her inaugural gown.

  5. if lazy katie cant work, then l wonder why she cant even dress herself properly,, she has tooo much time in her hands and resources, char is only four years older and look how confident and classy she is!

    1. Charlene was an Olympian, and I think that gave her much more confidence in herself, and that translates to her role as Princess of Monaco.

  6. I just love the two of them. Referring to Albert’s two children all the time I think some people are just simply jealous of this couple. Albert is great, down to earth and he is not a pretender. He is a real man and also not racist. He has chosen his woman carefully. Charlene is so beautiful, regal and royal. I just love them. I wish the two of them many more happy years as husband and wife in life.

    1. Like I said to others, the reason Albert’s children are brought up, especially now, is because of the succession issue. He’s acknowledged two children, but neither of them are in the line of succession. Before Charlene got pregnant, there was a real issue about who would inherit after Albert, because his only children were illegitimate. Now that worry is gone, but his other children are still relevant to the conversation considering this is the first legitimate heir.

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