Kate joins Will and Harry to start Tour de France (updated)

Kate joins Will and Harry to start Tour de France (updated)

Our dear Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was out and about the last few days.  On July 5, Kate joined William and Harry in Yorkshire to start the Tour de France.  She had the honor of cutting the ribbon while Will and Harry held the tape on either side of her (because the Royal Holy Trinity must always be arranged like that).  Kate presented the winner of Stage 1, Marcel Kittel, with the yellow jersey (don’t ask me what those things mean, because I’m not into cycling and have no idea).  Kate also met with some SportsAid athletes as Patron of the organization.

Prince George was not there, but his presence was felt because, as always, Kate talked about him, and, as always, he got a gift.  Sigh.  I realize that he is by far the most interesting Cambridge, and that people get excited for babies and want to talk and ask about him, and organizers of course have to give him something, but it gets a bit tiring.  I’d rather see him than get these bits of randomness, you know. At least there weren’t any “Marry me George” babies.  Anyway, to the news at hand, George received a mini yellow jersey with his name on it from the race organizers, which is cute, I guess.  As for what Kate said about George this time, she said he is “interested in helicopters and anything with wheels.”  How much do you want to bet that it was William who pushed the helicopters early?  Because William is himself a child who doesn’t want to give up his toys.

Kate Middleton Tour de France Erdem coat
Clarence House Instagram

Kate brought back that green Erdem coat with the giant zipper and weird darting that most people hated from the New Zealand leg of the Great Royal Tour of Vacation Hotspots.  She paired it with the Suzannah green silk tea dress that she wore under the coat the last time, too.  You can just see the dress peeking out when she lifts her arms to hand the winner the yellow jersey.  Kate carried her LK Bennett clutch and wore her tired, old LK Bennett nude pumps.  She also wore her emerald and diamond “trying to be Diana’s sapphires” earrings and her Cartier watch.

Kate cutting ribbon
Le Tour de France Facebook/Alex Whitehead/SWpix.com

Kate, William, and Harry Tour de France
Clarence House Twitter

Prince George mini Tour de France jersey
Royal Central Twitter

Here is a Vine video of Kate handing out the winning yellow jersey.

On July 2, William and Kate took George to the Sensational Butterflies exhibit at the Natural History Museum.  A fan was visiting the museum that day and managed to snap some photos of the Cambridges leaving the exhibit.  This was not a private visit, though.  In the photos you can clearly see Rebecca Deacon, which means this was some type of official visit, even though it hasn’t shown up on the online Court Circular.  Also visible in the photo is a professional photographer, which means we will get to see proper photos of this trip at some point.  Guess who is also visible in the photos?  If you guessed Nanny Maria, POINTS.  Yep, that’s Nanny Maria walking behind Rebecca Deacon.  It’s important to note that Kate is Patron of the museum, so this may have been an unofficial official visit like her “secret” trip to the children’s hospice that was conveniently photographed by a professional photographer.  Or maybe they were taking George’s first birthday photos?  You know we’re going to get some new official photos for his first birthday coming up on the 22nd, so it could be they were taking those during this trip.

For the trip, Kate wore the Suzannah green silk tea dress she wore in NZ and the start of the Tour de France under the Erdem coat.

Below are the fan photos of the visit, from @Em_Rickard on Twitter.  I would have embedded the tweets, but they are laced with profanity that I wasn’t able to censor.

Kate, Will, and George at Sensational Butterflies, by @Em_Rickard

Kate, Will, and George at Sensational Butterflies 3, by @Em_Rickard

Later that day, on July 2, Kate and Will attended Wimbledon and watched Andy Murray lose. Kate also made a ton of crazy faces which are hilarious to see photos of.  Kate wore her Zimmermann white broderie anglaise dress from the Oz leg of the Royal Tour.  Kate always dresses in white for Wimbledon.  Kate brought back a clutch we’ve only seen once, way back in 2011, her Anya Hindmarch fan clutch.  This is my all-time favorite bag Kate has, so it was lovely to see it make a comeback.  Kate wore her Annoushka pearl drop earrings and Cartier watch. PS. Does anyone else think she got her hair done–dyed, cut, and styled–on July 2. Her hair did not look this fresh on July 1 for the M-PACT visit, right? This makes me think they did official photos during the Butterflies visit, because she would want her hair perfect for new photos.

Kate Middleton Wimbledon

She looks really sinister in this one, right?

And that’s it for Kate appearances for a while, y’all. She has nothing on her schedule until the end of the month when she and Will and Harry go to the Commonwealth Games. Then a trip to Belgium on August 4 for the commemoration of the start of WWI. Sigh.

UPDATE: Just as I say Kate only wears white to Wimbledon, she switches it up on me. She and Will attended the men’s final on July 6, and she repeated a blue and black patterned Jonathan Saunders dress from 2012 (during the SE Asia tour).

If you click on the link in this tweet it will take you to a video where Will and Kate talk to the winner about tennis (the W&K bit starts at 0:50 mark). Kate reveals that she is “very keen” but “slightly out of practice at the moment since having George.”

Kate at Wimbledon
Live Tennis Twitter

Here is a good view of the back of Kate’s dress
Kate at Wimbledon back
Live Tennis Twitter

30 thoughts on “Kate joins Will and Harry to start Tour de France (updated)

  1. I suppose its nice to see Kate out supporting one of her charities but instead of focusing on the charity all I noticed was that Kate’s hair was messy and there was something strange happening at the hemline of her coat + dress. maybe it was the zipper tag hanging down that looks weird but the hem of the coat must be wonky as you can see bits of the dress underneath. If Kate had a dresser then the dresser would have made sure that the hem was straight and the dress was a little short so it didn’t show. Kate has a habit of wonky/ falling down hems… best hem fail was on the jacket she wore going into the Goring Hotel the day before the wedding. http://www.socialvixen.com/entertainment/celebrity-sightings/kate-middleton-arrives-at-the-goring-hotel-in-london/

    1. It looks like the cut of the coat is higher around the sides and lower at the zipper, which is what is causing the dress to show underneath. Weird. Of course, she could have alleviate the whole mess and not worn a coat. Why was she wearing a wool coat in July, it can’t still be that cold?

      1. English Summers are sometimes not that warm, especially in the north of England. That coat would be less likely to blow up if it was windy (no Marilyn moment) so maybe that was why Kate wore it?

  2. I think Royal protocol determines how the trinity lines-up, could be wrong. I hated the coat on the tour and a second wearing confirms that I still hate the coat. I love anytime Kate is out working so the unofficial, official isn’t a problem for me. Most first time moms talk about their children as if no other child existed before, so IMO Kate’s gushing over PG is normal. There was a lot of wind at the Tour event, so Kate getting her hair done afterwards was necessary, besides it looked gorgeous! PW no comments on him I think he is very confused and needs counseling! PW blah blah. I really don’t get why Kate holds PG that way.

    1. I know, I disliked that coat as well, as did a lot of people. I’m surprised it made a comeback so quickly–especially since Will said it was “too bright”, and then Kate turns around and wears it on another appearance with him.

      Re mom’s gushing over their kids. Yeah, that happens all the time, and I hate it every time a mom does it on Facebook, too. So freaking annoying. Not saying it’s not normal, just that it’s annoying. Also, Kate and Will don’t always gush, usually they’re complaining about him, or at least saying something that comes across as complaining.

      Re how Kate holds PG, there was a lot of complaining from people when the Mustique photos appeared, because people thought she shouldn’t hold him that way. But since then she’s held him that way every time we’ve seen him. And when she tries to hold him normally, on her hip, he squirms until she changes his position to that one where he’s facing out. I think he just likes being held that way, so they hold him that way.

  3. she was being watched by the whole world and she still managed to look like a hot mess, just cutting ribbons!!

  4. Still can not believe the nerve of Kate and how she grins like a fool who stole the bank contents on all those kitchen renovations
    while out watching the game of tennis. Hard life.
    We are to forget the spending and all the wardrobe mishaps as we are good, obedient servants to her expenditures.
    Kate mumbles while she speaks and maybe just as well we can’t understand
    because she is, you know, so far above us. That’s right, we peasants are supposed to be too stupid to notice all of this.
    We are told it is enough to be watching Kate get whatever she wants for free as we toil away, giving her our coins. (bucket anyone?)

  5. golddiggers and social climbers have no shame, kate isalways very very happy after wasting millions or when horsseface takes her on holiday, when shes doing real work (which is rare) she looks miserable, why does horseface feel the need to splash money on her, girl aint worth it!

  6. Other than producing a male heir to the throne, I’ve no idea what this woman contributes to the Royal Family other than the numerous photo ops of her at events she would have otherwise never attended had she not married William. I note, too, that coming from a middle-class family she has never held a job (even Diana, Princess of Wales worked at a nursery school prior to her marriage to Prince Charles) but then I suspect chasing Prince William under the direction of her mother, Carole Middleton, was in itself a full time endeavour.

      1. Kate Middleton contribution to the Royal family is that she has the attention of the world unlike any Royal in the world. Like it or not that level of exposure is important for tourism and the very existence of BRF.

        1. Because the media that lined up for Willy about who he was marrying, Harry for his Nazi-themed costumes and barhopping until 4 a.m., and silly me, the Queen opening Parliament and Ascot wasn’t enough to sell newspapers and bring tourists in. The only reason the tourists pay £35 or £20 to visit Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle is because of Kate Middleton. Got it.

          1. She’s not the only reason but Kate’s popularity is one of the reasons people are interested in the BRF. Lets face it if PW had married a less attractive but intelligent women the BRF would not have the same public stage worldwide. You may not like this fact, but Kate brings attention to the BRF thus bringing attention to the UK.

          2. I don’t agree with you. I think Katie IS that less attractive woman you’re talking about. She looks closer to 40 than 30. All those sunny vacations must be doing some nice skin damage. Maybe she has “TODAY” and tabloids in the US interested in her, but ANYONE that Willy married would have generated the same. This is what I wish people would try to make an effort to understand. The Queen is the Queen because her father was King. She as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is not some special person; she’s a fairly ordinary wealthy British woman in her eighties. Bonnie Prince Charlie is not some sage of environmentalism or whatnot; he’s the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall/Rothesay because he was first born to Elizabeth. Similarly Waity is in the position she is because of who she married. If Willy had married Jecca Craig, SHE would be Duchess of Cambridge. It has nothing to do with these people as individuals, which many don’t seem to understand. They are important because they ARE the Royal Family. If someone else was the Royal Family, we’d care about them. Understand? Willy and Waity’s future roles as Prince and Princess of Wales and King and Queen are the ONLY reason I give a hoot about them to begin with and the only reason anyone should. Waity has absolutely no value to the public EXCEPT as a future Queen Consort and mother of the future heir apparent. What the media chooses to focus on and what is really there, are always two different stories. Now the Queen understands this. She knows she is the keeper of the monarchy, the steward of it. She knows that if she was just Mrs. Mountbatten, no one would look twice at her. She understands that because she is Sovereign that people care about her. Willy and Waity, like Diana and Sarah before them, don’t seem to get that. They think people actually give a damn about THEM, and maybe some people do, but I doubt as many as they think. Look at what happened to Diana and what’s happened to Sarah. If they let this go to their head (and there is every indication they have), that spells trouble. Period.

  7. yep she has indeed broughtattention to BRF by her numerous bumgates in every continet she visits, plus a full nude display in france, its definettly not by her work ethics!

  8. Yep, Kate’s SUCH a role model. I just wish that she would wise up and start looking / acting the part. Did she burn out all her brain cells chasing William down that she can not see she is failing? Or does she really not care?

    1. That would assume Cathy, that she had brain cells to begin with. From what school friends say of her, she’s always been self-absorbed. There’s just not much intellectual material there. Which is probably why she cares so much about make-up and clothes and shopping. Beyond that, she doesn’t think too hard about anything. Of course we wouldn’t want the poor dear to have to think too hard, like about how to keep her rear-end covered. I feel GREAT pity b/c it must be quite complicated for her with such limited brain power.

      1. Seth I don’t disagree with what you are saying. My point is that there is this huge focus on Kate from the media. That media focus brings additional attention to the BRF. PW married Kate, not Jecca, so Kate has the media’s attention. Positive attention or negative Kate brings attention to the BRF, if not why does this blog and others like it exist??? I don’t see Kate as a role model, yet. I believe if she excepts her role and the responsibility of the role she can be a role model and a better ambassador for the Monarch (all contingent on PW excepting his role). I haven’t given up on Kate yet, I still believe she can do this. I also believe she has brain power but has lost a tremendous amount of confidence due to all of the scandals. Like it or not, Kate has more power than she realizes and can make a tremendous contribution to BRF, UK and the world if she chooses to (sad if she doesn’t).

  9. I have travelled extensively, and I disagree with you, kate is not famous only maybe in America and Uk, and most only know as a another member of RF!

  10. I disagree with you there. Katie isn’t the focus b/c of her, it’s because the media has a bias against anyone over 40 unless there’s an illness. You almost never hear about the good work the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh do, at least not here, unless they are ill. Most people don’t know this b/c the new media forces most people to have the attention span of a gnat and the memory of a senile cat, but in the late-1970s and early-1980s, the media was a dither over the Prince of Wales and who he would marry, then became gaga over the “new” Royal Family: the 32-year-old Prince and Princess of Wales and their infant son. Ring a bell anyone? Anyone? Everyone wanted the Queen to abdicate so the younger, glamorous Charles could become reign. Now that Charles is an old slightly drafty fuddy-duddy, who talks to his plants and encourages everyone else to economize while he has people pick up his clothes off the floor like a 14-year-old and fence his unwanted gifts, everyone is clamoring for the new “heir”- to-the-throne, Georgie Porgie. It’s an interesting statement, b/c before Georgie Porgie was born, people referred to Willy as the heir-to-the-throne. I guess once Georgie Porgie was born, Willy became King, somehow? Hmm… Shows how ignorant people are.

  11. Accord to some reports lazy waity is going to Malta in september. Katiekins is representing the royals at the independents anniversey ceremonies all by herself! billyboy will be at home all by himself, with George & nanny! I personally think Prince George & nanny should go, It would bring more crowds! middleton stay home with willie the fool & babysit each other ( just kidding!) I hope it is just a rumor?

    1. Sadly I doubt it is. But that’s a good thing; it will require Duchess Do-nothing to actual DO something, without her husband to mumble stage directions to her. She will be the ranking representative of the Royal Family and will be expected to act like it. Also she will have another opportunity to sunbathe nude and get caught by the paps.

    2. Please no! Do the people of Malta deserve a visit from Kate? Or does Ma Middleton want another holiday and wants to go to Malta?

    1. Sorry to point this out Adam but if you take a closer look you will find that Barbie does her makeup better than Kate.

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