Kate showed up for Trooping the Color

Kate showed up for Trooping the Color

Trooping the Color went down yesterday.  It marks the Queen’s official birthday—not her actual birthday, which was in April.  Trooping the Color originated as a means to show soldiers their regiment flag, so they would recognize their flag while in battle.  This was called, “trooping”, where they carried the flag down the ranks to show everyone.  In 1748, they announced it would also mark the Sovereign’s official birthday.  The flag being trooped this year was the flag of Nijmegen Company Grenadier Guards. Afterward, the Royal Family (including the Royal Holy Trinity: Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry–they’re the tallest ones out of the whole family) gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a flypast.

Royal Family Trooping the Color

Prince George did not make an appearance.  For some reason people thought he might make a balcony appearance.  The whole family is usually in attendance, including the children, so I guess that’s where the Prince Grumpy Face theory came from, but… let’s be real, he was never going to make an appearance.  I wonder if they will release new photos to mark his first birthday?

On the Prince Ginger front, even though Harry’s “job” is to organize major ceremonial Army events (he quit flying a few months ago to take this desk job), he had no hand in organizing this event.  Does Harry really work at that “job” of his?  Or is it like William’s RAF “job” where he only shows up a few days a month and doesn’t do much?

Kate Middleton Trooping the Color

Kate brought out a new skirt suit for Trooping the Color—an ice blue Alexander McQueen skirt suit.  Kate wore a new hat by Jane Taylor in an ice blue with leaves.  It’s cute.  I’m not normally a fan of Kate’s hats, because I’m not normally a fan of hats in general, but this one is cute.  I like the leaves and the color.  Kate carried her McQueen clutch.  I’m not sure why she needed a clutch out on the balcony, but whatever.  I often wonder what Kate carries in her little clutches.  Does she carry anything or is it there for her to have something to do with her hands?  For the events when she doesn’t carry a clutch, why doesn’t she need whatever it is she carries around in there?  I would say it was a security blanket, like her hair, to give her something to do with her hands but then why doesn’t she carry it all the time?  Hm…

Kate Middleton Five Pearl Brooch

Kate wore her Annoushka pearl drop earrings.  She also busted out a new brooch.  It’s a five pearl brooch, two rows with two on top and three on bottom.  It looks fake; like costume jewelry.  You know, I hate to have to say negative things when Kate does something I’ve asked for, but… sigh.  I did complain that she wears the same pieces over and over again, and it gets boring (she has a bunch of jewelry already she could switch things up with; and she also needs to branch out when buying new stuff—how many citrines and green amethysts does a girl need?), but I don’t like this brooch.  I think it’s because it looks so fake.  So +1 for Kate wearing new pieces, but I’m not a huge fan of this one.

Kate had the sniffles.

In other fashion, Camilla wore a pink Bruce Oldfield jacket and a Philip Treacy hat she previously wore to Trooping the Color in 2010.  She also wore an enormous necklace.  It’s a pink stone surrounded by diamonds with five strands of pearls.  I have to hand it to Camilla, she brings the jewelry.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Hat Repeat

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PS. How unfortunate that Kate’s name gets used as click bait for terrible articles.
Daily Mail Click Bait

51 thoughts on “Kate showed up for Trooping the Color

  1. Did you also see the pics where Kate threw her head back laughing at something Prince Harry said? I swear that is the first time I have seen her genuinely laugh. Now I’m kinda starting to believe those conspiracy theories that she and Prince Harry have a thing going on. Just kidding, but wouldn’t it make sense? She always seems way more relaxed around him.

    1. Kate really seems to enjoy being around Harry. I don’t blame her, Will seems like a bore. As far as being more relaxed around Harry, I’d say it’s probably because he doesn’t criticize her as much as Will does. Harry seems like the type to be friendly towards her, whereas William seems like the type to criticize her for everything (remember he said she looked like a banana while on tour).

  2. who cares about waity? Shes nauseating, no work, boring fashion, shes as dull as dishwater, hope harry brings a woman with substance, the british RF is lacking chrisma, decorum and dignitty thans to the ever popular miss middleton!

    1. I hope Harry at least married someone interesting who has interests and is able to show them. but knowing Harry’s type I have to wonder if we’ll actually get that.

    1. Big no-no there. No women in the family are supposed to wear the same color as HM, unless it is something like all ladies in long white dresses for the opening of Parliament. I thought it was made known to the other ladies in the family ahead of time, since HM’s outfits are selected and planned months in advance.

      1. Sorry, should have done this in the previous post. Also odd that she has two SUCH similar custom outfits (ice blue, same basic shape, one a suit one a dress coat) and wears them both the same week.

      2. One of the York girls dress looks closer in color to HM’s. It could be how the color shows up on film vs
        live. I don’t think Kate or the PY wanted to upstage HM or break protocol.

    2. I noticed that. The woman one Will’s other side is also in a similar shade to HM. Big no-no, ladies.

  3. Good news, Prince Felix of Luxemburg has become a father of daughter today! Felix has an older brother, married with no children. Princess Claire & felix married last september. The baby is 3rd in line to the throne.

    1. Official website says Kate is 1.79 meters or 5′ 8 inches tall. She seems to wear heels to make her legs appear longer. That, as well as making the waistlines higher on her dresses, a ploy to make her legs seem sleeker. The woman knows all the tricks.

      1. I’m curious, Tashi. What official website states her height? Looking at photos of W&K, when you calculate in the 5 3/4 inch heels/platforms of some of her shoes (which can be checked on websites that sell them), I’d put her height at 5’5″.

      2. It is odd that people keep insisting that she has long legs when clearly they are short in comparison to the length of her torso. Nothing wrong with her body proportions, just interesting that it means she ends up dressing in girly baby doll dresses to try to disguise rather than flatter her natural figure.

        The polo photos showcase that nicely, because she’s wearing a very rare set of flats. The British Vogue Kate Pedia pointed out her proportions, and the smoke and mirrors she uses to try to disguise her long torso and short legs.

        To see a royal who has long legs in proportion to a short torso, see HM Mathilde of Belgium. She wears flats and low heels often, so it is easier to see her true proportions.

        1. I noticed Kate’s long torso when the bikini photos from Mustique when she was pregnant with George happened. You could easily see that Kate had a long torso in comparison to Will, and that Kate’s legs were actually quite short. She wears higher waist-ed clothing to disguise it. That’s why some people freak out any time Kate wears a high slit, it’s because given Kate’s long torso where the slit stops is actually closer to her pelvic area than most people think it is.

      3. (It looks like my reply was eaten). The Kate Pedia (British Vogue) pointed out her proportions – long torso and short legs. http://www.laineygossip.com/KATEPEDIA-by-British-Vogue-on-Kate-Middleton-style/25578

        She ends up trying to disguise this with the baby doll dresses, rather than embracing her true proportions. To see a royal who has long legs in proportion to a short torso, see HM Queen Mathilde of Belgium. She wears flats and low heels a lot, so it is easier to see the proportions.


        1. My bad about the double post. Whenever there are multiple links in a post it automatically goes through moderation, and I have to manually approve it. And I didn’t see it until hours later. That’s my fault.

        1. True. Her Jimmy Choo Cosmic black pumps are enormous as well. She really likes to tower over people.

      1. People also forget that the Windsors are really short. So she towers over them. For me the decider, outside of whatever s posted to the internet is that engagement she had with Charles and Camilla several years ago where she was standing eye to eye with Charles in her 4in heels. Charles is 5ft 10in. Which Makes Kate 5ft 6in. 7in if i’m being generous.

    1. While I don’t particularly care for the design of the brooch, I wonder if we all see it as so “blah” because she paired it with a fabric that washes it out. She needed a POP of color with her brooch, or at least something that would not fade into the fabric. I don’t mind Camilla’s hat. Older women can get away with more flamboyant fashions. Sophie usually looks so put together, but this dress today makes her look chunky and uncomfortable. Throw it away, Sophie!

      1. That could be a factor. I just don’t like the design of the brooch in general, coupled with the fact that it looks super fact really makes me dislike it. But if it had been worn on a jewel tone it might have looked better. I agree on Sophie’s dress.

    2. Oh noes! I love Camilla’s hat. I think she pulls off the large hats.

        1. Ha! That’s a perfect way to describe it. And I really think Camilla is the only one who could pull off some crazy in hat land. Everyone else would look too crazy, you know.

  4. really? Kate needs to wear expensive clothes, make numerous trip for hair blowouts and other beauty regimes, to just appear pretty, we all have seen the reall kate without photoshop, and she looks haggard! And old

    1. Yes Kate is beautiful, tall, thin and has beautiful hair. So what’s wrong with beauty regimes? The beauty industry generates billions a year. I find no fault in Kate wanting to look her very best!

  5. shes not naturally beautiful, money can make any ugly duckling into a swan? Yes her body is thin but too masculine, (she always covers her masculine arms) the truth is with the amount of money she spents on beauutifying herself , lots of girls would look like a movie star, why do you think her hair(extensions) are always on her face, when she ties her haiir intoi a ponytail, she looks very very harsh!! And her crab hands oh dear no words!

    1. It’s interesting that you state Kate is “too masculine” because I always thought that of Diana’s figure. However, she really new how to visually soften it. My husband (definitely not a celebrity or royal watcher) once said he had always felt she was manly.

    2. Hate to break this to you but, you want find to many natural beauties. Cosmetics, surgery, spanxs and numerous other beauty secrets are more common. Kate is just like the majority of high profile women, just trying to look her best and getting whatever help she can to enhance her areas of strength. Who would you identify as a natural beauty that doesn’t have any help?

      1. Personally? I’d say Viola Davis, now that she’s embraced her natural hair. Lupita N’yongo, Irene Bedard, Rachel Weisz, Audrey Hepburn during her UNICEF years.

        1. All Actor’s!! (I think) Come on, they are the experts at “smoke and mirrors” (Actors) Kate could probably learn something from them. I wonder what these women would look like without there cosmetics and beauty secrets. Just to be clear I have no problems with beauty enhancements. I am all for women looking their best so I celebrate whatever a women wants and needs to do to feel good about herself!! I just don’t like it when Kate is being held to a standard unlike any other.

          1. They are women who WORK in their profession, unlike Middleton, and that profession demands discipline and talent not (necessarily) looks. Yes, they have access to the best makeup artists (like Middleton who then chooses to ignore advice) and they all look better than Middleton. They are also women who have not undergone plastic surgery that I know of (vs. Middleton and the possible nose job and eye bag reductions).

            As long as she dressed to protocol (which she doesn’t) and does her job well (which she doesn’t), I personally do not care how Middleton looks. Her role is about what she does, not a fashion show. Unfortunately, there is little else to talk about with her because she doesn’t work.

            BTW, Lupita without makeup.

          2. @my2pence: The acting profession is all about looks. Talent is great, but looks trump that a lot of times. Look at all those no-talent bimbos that get a ton of roles simply because they’re hot. Even the most talented actresses still have to be pretty.

            Same goes for dude, too. It’s on a different scale, because with dudes they are given far more leeway to be “unconventionally” attractive and have charisma. But for the most part, actors need to be sexy, too.

        2. I love me some Rachel Weisz, but even she has some not-so-flattering photographs.

          I personally don’t find Lupita all that attractive.

  6. It seems like you have gone from one discussion point to another and back to the original again. First one: I don’t get why it’s a problem for Kate to want to look good! Just because she wears makeup and had a nose job (not sure of this, but I will go with it) doesn’t make it wrong. I think as a member of the RF, Kate should strive to always look her best. Of course you care about how she looks, you wouldn’t comment if you didn’t, oh and by the way it’s ok if you do. Second her work ethics and protocol I agree with you (one may argue that showing up at Royal Engagements looking beautiful is part of WORK for Kate) Finally that is a beautiful picture of Lupita.

    1. “Of course you care about how she looks, you wouldn’t comment if you didn’t, oh and by the way it’s ok if you do. ” You’re making an assumption and you are incorrect.

      I think she should strive to be appropriately dressed according to protocol, and groomed appropriately. Not dressed fashionably or in a trendy manner, but appropriately for her role and station. Hair out of her face, 3″ heels tops, hems weighted and to the knee minimum, not showing visible lingerie lines, not flashing her breasts and bra at children, etc.. How she “looks” is of no interest to me. I don’t care how HRH Princess Royal “looks” I care that she does 600+ engagements a year.

      So many “fans” of Kate Middleton seem only to think about how she looks and her clothing. Some wax rhapsodic, convinced that she is a natural beauty and one of the most beautiful women around, as if that was actually what mattered in her role (BTW, it isn’t). They ignore the fact that she isn’t doing her job and on the rare occasions that she shows up to work, she generally gets it wrong.

  7. You are very specific in what you think Kate should wear yet you say you don’t care. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, IMO she is a beautiful women. Just because I have a curious nature, why do you propose 600 engagements?

    1. I’m trying to point out (clearly not very well) the difference between 1) dressing and acting professionally and 2) merely focusing on her physical looks (hair, skin condition, body proportions, etc.). The former is important, the latter is not important at all in the performance of royal duties.

  8. well if you say masculine is beautiful , then theres is no problem (check her honeymoon pic with william she looks like a body builder)

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