Kate launches Britain’s America’s Cup bid; attends Garden Party

Kate launches Britain’s America’s Cup bid; attends Garden Party

Kate attended two events today.  She first visited the Maritime Museum to launch the British bid for the America’s Cup; then she attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.  Kate was scheduled to attend the Red Cross Garden Party on Thursday, but at the last minute changed to the one today.  She will no longer be attending the Red Cross one.

While at the Maritime Museum, Kate met Sir Ben Ainslie who is leading the British team in hopes of winning the next America’s Cup race which is in 2017.  Kate inspected the trophy and had a tour of the museum.  She attended a breakfast for the racers and donors as well.  PS. Is it weird that I kind of think Kate and Ben make a cute couple?  Like, she looks cuter with Ben than she does with Will.  Kate loves sailing; she and Ben could go sailing together.  It would be great. He’s probably married or dating someone, though. Sad face.

Some interesting history of the America’s Cup: the actual trophy was made by Garrard in 1851 and presented by Queen Victoria to the winner of a race around the Isle of Wight.  They renamed the race and trophy after the winner of that race—a ship from New York named “America”.  William and Kate did an America’s Cup yachting race event while in NZ.  I wondered (to myself) at the time why it was called America’s Cup seeing as the race seemingly had little to do with America (except now I’ve learned America has won the race more times than anyone).  Now I know.  Yay knowledge!  Thanks reporters for clearing that up for me.

By the way, slightly off topic, I was watching the video of Kate arriving at the Maritime Museum and thought, “How funny would it be if the Land Rover rear-ended the sedan?”  I think that would be really funny.  Is that wrong of me?

Kate then attended a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne, and Princess Eugenie.  Today is the Prince Philip’s 93 birthday, by the way.  But don’t you dare tell him, “Happy Birthday.”  As I mentioned earlier, Kate was not previously scheduled for today’s Garden Party, but, according to the Mirror, the Queen invited Kate to today’s Garden Party so she attended.  Kate will no longer attend the Red Cross Garden Party on Thursday—she would have been attending that one with Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton and Ben Ainslie at Maritime Museum
[photo from Emily Andrews]

Kate wore two outfits today.  For her Maritime Museum visit, she wore a new dress from Jaeger, a white shift dress with navy trim.  She paired that with her navy suede heels and Stuart Weitzman navy clutch.  She wore her sapphire and diamond earrings and Asprey woodland charms (and Cartier watch).  For the Garden Party, Kate brought back her bespoke Alexander McQueen lace dress she wore to the Jubilee Thanksgiving service in 2012—she removed the belt/sash for today’s appearance.  She paired that dress with nude patent heels and clutch.  She wore her Annoushka pearl drop earrings.  She wore a new hat by Jane Corbett that was made to match her dress.

The Jaeger dress with the blue accessories kind of had a maritime-y feel, which matched the event.  It’s not my favorite outfit she’s ever worn, but it’s a nice minimalistic look that works on her.  It’s also much better than the last few outfits.  The McQueen lace dress is a look I actually loved when she wore it before.  I’m not a huge fan of this outing though.  I think it’s because she removed the belt/sash.  The belt/sash really added something.  Without the belt/sash it looks unfinished.  But props to her for changing up her styling a bit.  She added different accessories, which look pretty similar, so by removing the belt/sash it changed things up more.  Re-wearing clothes without changing the styling one bit is something I’ve gripped about before, so props to her for actually changing things up a bit.

Kate’s next officially scheduled event is a June 18 visit to Bletchley Park, but Trooping of the Color is on June 14, so we might see Kate there.

Links: Express 1 & 2.  Mirror 1 & 2.  Daily Mail 1 & 2.

39 thoughts on “Kate launches Britain’s America’s Cup bid; attends Garden Party

  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see her at 2 separate events today. However, I want to tear my hair out over the media’s excitement of her changing clothes!?! So mindless. I’m encouraged she attended PP 93rd birthday/garden party as well as the Maritime Museum outing, without any major malfunctions. Baby steps.
    However, why did she need to cancel the Red Cross garden party? Is she limited to “working” 1 day per week? Also, as I have mentioned before, she seems to have taken to wearing something of a uniform. I mean, blue with white anytime she is doing something maritime related. She wore the same dress 2 yrs ago again in the first 2 wks of June (her early June dress?) along with the same jewelry (3 rings, drop earrings, acorn necklace, watch). She’s getting too predictable and therefore boring. And the hair – blah, blah, blah!
    Does anyone know why none of the male RF were at the garden party?

    1. She also has a red LK Bennett coat that she’s worn in the first week of November for the last 3 years running. I wonder if it will make another appearance this year.

      Yes, Kate’s jewelry is becoming routine. It’s the same few pieces over and over and over again. It’s interesting, for all her shopping and whatnot, she really isn’t into fashion that much. She most definitely is not a shoe person. She wears the same shoes, and same types of shoes, all the time and never switches it up. I realize there is a dress code in the RF, but at the garden party Eugenie wore what looked like zebra printed shoes. Shoes are a place she could really show personality, but it seems like her shoes are an afterthought most of the time. The same thing goes with her purses. Expect for a few pieces we’ve only seen once, all her clutches look the exact same, in similar colors. That’s another place she could show personality, but she chooses not to. I would say Kate isn’t a jewelry person either. All her pieces are really small (which may have more to do with cost, and lack of funding, more than anything) and she usually keeps to just a few pieces she wears all the time. She has quite a bit of jewelry but she only wears a handful of it consistently. That’s something I criticized during the tour, is that she never changed up her jewelry selections and it got super boring.

      I did notice, but failed to mention in my post, that since the latest bum-gate, Kate has not worn a full skirt. Her dresses have had straight skirts. May she is finally learning?

      As for no other male RF members being at the garden party, well not everyone attends each time. Charles is scheduled for the one on Thursday that Kate cancelled on.

      1. I think you’re making a very interesting point. Kate appears not to be a “jewelry person”, a “clothes person”, a “shoe person”, a “community service person”, a “charity person”, a “career person”, a “hobbies person”, an “intellectual person”, a “party person”. What’s left? An empty vessel? I hope she’s a fabulous mummy to that adorable baby.

        1. Dag – it’s the WaityBot effect. LOL

          On a serious note I sense a crash and burn coming. Most of us had parents who would have advised us against entering the shark infested waters of intense public scrutiny without the means to survive. Loving parents would have been more astute about what was entailed by their daughter to survive life in the firm. Decent public speaking skills and an interest in social justice or humanitarianism would have been a good start.

          While I always found Kate Middleton to be obviously vacuous and self centered, it’s her parents whom I despise – for the reason above. They sent their child to her doom.

          1. I’m very glad you said this, CR, as I have been thinking something similar. Kate appears to have been groomed nearly her whole life for “marrying her prince” and nothing else. Now that she’s achieved the seemingly impossible (of course with their help), she just doesn’t know what to do with herself. Maybe Dag knows if there’s a psychological name for this…Dag?

          2. Wow…CR and Med…really astute observations. Psychologists and psychiatrists use the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) to make diagnoses. It’s sort of like a cookbook in reverse. The doctor lists the “symptoms” and the DSM matches those with a diagnosis. That’s a major over-simplification, but my point is that I don’t know of any specific diagnosis for Kate’s apparent “emptiness”. I’ve written on here before that I think she is narcissistic and an exhibitionist, but Ive heard many other people make that observation also. I think Kate is just a very shallow, uninteresting person and that may very well be the result of her mother’s unrelenting “grooming” of her to get the prince. Now that you mention it, her mother may very well be a far more interesting subject to try to analyze and understand. It’s too bad there isn’t some wise and compassionate woman among the royals who could take Kate “under her wing” and help her.

          3. Yes, Dag – thanks for the overview on DSM. As I am familiar with it (many people aren’t), what is your take on maybe narcissistic VICTIM syndrome? I know it has not appeared in DSM-IV, but I was told it has appeared in DSM-V (but I haven’t checked yet as it’s not my area of expertise as I am an FP). I am somewhat familiar with NVS, and I think I may see some symtoms/characteristics pointing in that direction. What’s your take?

          4. Carole Middleton can be classified, in my mind, as the classic stage door mother, pushing her child relentlessly from an early age to achieve those goals that Carole so aspired to. Therefore, she’s living vicariously through her child’s achievements. That, in a nutshell, is my armchair theory for what it’s worth.

          5. That is part of the reason I feel badly for Kate sometimes, because she had no defense from her mother grooming and pushing her all her life to marry Will. Her parents are cruel.

  2. Kate looked lovely and happy at both events. I liked both outfits, but I must admit I don’t see all the money that PC is spending on Kate’s clothes. Her wardrobe seems very limited. I’m just happy to see her smiling and enjoying herself. She does look great beside the handsome Ainslie! Maybe she’s all thumbs with PW because he’s constantly critiquing her. Not sure, she just seems happy in the photos.

    1. Sad, but true, that Kate and Will seem to be happier making appearances together. I liked her clothes today, but I do most of the time. I want to tear my hair out over HER fly away hair style. Again. Also, I don’t think this girl is very into jewelry like Diana was. That’s okay, just bummer for us who watch.

      And yes, where were Will and Charles and Harry and Camilla today? Did they not score an invite?

      And why no other garden party with Charles later this week? She needs all the good press she can get and that should be an easy appearance for her.

      1. I quite liked the white dress. It’s not my favorite, but I like it. I like the minimalist vibe of it. And I love that McQueen lace dress.

        I said this above to med, I really don’t think Kate is a jewelry person, or shoe person or bag person. She keeps repeating just a few pieces of jewelry over and over again. I know it’s picky, but as a royal watcher and lover of jewelry, I’d like to see her branch out. She could have such fun with her accessories, but she chooses not to. It’s a bummer, like you said.

        Charles is doing a garden party on Thursday. Don’t know about Camilla. Not every royal goes to every garden party; they split them up so a few royals attend each one. I don’t ever recall seeing Will or Harry at a garden party. I could be wrong though. Maybe they just don’t like them?

    2. Well, Charles certainly isn’t spending Diana-money on Kate, that’s for sure. I have to wonder how much it’s Charles doesn’t want to spend money and how much it’s that Kate isn’t into fashion. I realize I’ve probably lost everyone there, since all she does is shop, but as I mentioned above to med, Kate doesn’t seem that interested in shoes, bags, or jewelry. Maybe her constant shopping has more to do psychologically with something else rather than an actual love of fashion? That’s purely speculation, though.

      Kate does seem to be happier and more relaxed when doing engagements on her own. You might be right that Will’s presence freaks her out because he’s overly critical on her, or something. She did mention that he said one of her green dresses was too bright and the yellow dress made her look like a banana. If he makes those types of remarks every time she does an engagement, then it would certainly eat away at her. She can probably breathe easier knowing he’s not baring down her neck.

      1. Harry was at a garden party last week. the same day some tabloid fanfictioned [it”s the only way to describe it]an introduction to his friend”s girlfriend at a horseguards parade into a possible romance on account of her being blonde and therefore Harry’s type.

        Regarding Charles’s money for Kate. I agree that Charles opened his wallet for the first year which led to that ridiculous sum of $100,000 in six months on clothing. If her wardrobe is anything to go by, the wallet has been ringfenced so she can’t spend as much as she could.

        I’ll wager that despite the brief to start wearing couture and nothing else, she’s buying fewer and less eyewateringly expensive clothes than she did in her first year.

        Speaking of eyewateringly expensive, does anyone remember that cartier necklace she wore to an engagement that cost $75,000? At the time it was billed as something she had bought for herself, so i think she blew the budget there, and wallet was ring fenced from that point onwards!!!

        1. You have to bear in mind the ratio of new clothing to appearance. $100K when she barely worked in those 6mths except for Canada. That is alot of money and shows how much she went all out.

  3. Oops, that was supposed to say “not making appearances together.” I think Crazy is right, but in ways they have both started to undermine each other.

  4. ya ya waity looked happy and lovely as long as she does the bare minimum, shes stiill got a long way to go , in terms of her work ethics, BUT she can dress up (her favourite hobby) and still work hard, other european royals are doing, its funny though because they still dress better than duchessdolittle.

  5. I’ve thought Kate should’ve been with a sailor since she did that appearance with the Olympic sailing team. They’re usually filthy rich, hot and fit, they rub elbows with other rich/famous/powerful people, and she could have the life of leisure she’s always wanted with none of the obligation.

    1. I think she would be much happier if she was with a sailor, living the life and having fun. I think Will would probably be happier if he was with a sailor, too–in terms of living a life of rich leisure with no responsibilities, not in terms of banging a sailor, although, you never know.

      1. Wow, in physical appearance and height Kate and Sir Ben certainly make a dashing and attractive couple, more so than with William. She’d have made a lovely Lady Ainslie, for sure, and I’ll bet she’d have been happier with that lifestyle as well. The sheath dress looked good on her, no chance of a flyaway hem, but I’m in total agreement about the lack of creativity with her accessories. A navy and white spectator shoe, or some other pattern, would have added dash to the outfit. And I absolutely hate that anemic-looking necklace; a statement piece would have looked wonderful or even a colorful scarf. It takes so little to give a lift to an outfit with creative accessories.

        1. It would be so easy for Kate to spice up her outfits with fun jewelry and fun bags. But instead she chooses boring green amethyst or citrine drops–and has a number of green amethyst drops that all look almost identical.

          As for that particular necklace, I’m shocked that that thing costs so much. The three charms cost over 11,000 total. But they’re so damn small you can’t even see them. If you’re going to wear a necklace that small, it shouldn’t cost so much.

          1. It’s shocking how much that charm necklace and the Cartier piece cost. Neither justifies the cost in appearance; it just shows you that you’re paying for the name not for the attractiveness of the piece. I can’t remember what company made that charm necklace, but no way would I plunk down that amount of money for three tiny charms suspended on a chain! And that Cartier necklace was nothing to write home about either.

  6. I’ve been extremely critical of Kate’s clothing choices, but I must say I love both these outfits. The Jaeger dress is a bit minimalist, as someone above wrote, but I still like it. It’s modest enough to be appropriate…the skirt can’t fly up and it’s not too short, but the slit in back gives her a chance to show a little leg without looking trashy. And I love those heels. I think the Alexander McQueen lace dress is beautiful, with or without sash. Kate has such a tall and slender frame, I think she does herself a disservice to wear big pleats, peplums, huge pockets with flaps, and boxy things. Now if she’ll just pull back the hair!! And, get involved in some charity.

    1. I like the minimalist vibe of the Jaeger dress, I think that’s what makes it work. And I love the McQueen (I just prefer it with the sash). I like that she hasn’t worn any full skirts since her last bum-gate. I wonder if that trend will stick around.

  7. KMR, concerning the fact of Prince George’s lovely brown eyes & maybe rumor of his birthday on June 4, 2013 instead Jully 22, 2013 has aroused suspicion in the baby? Is there any thing the british government can investigate this situation, meaning the royals can answer to a srong power? I mean ordinary people have to the law or do the british royal do not have answer to anyone? The most concerning is the suspicious death of the nurse, that investigation is constantly being postponed! I wonder why it is being postponed, if there is nothing to hide? I am not trying to start rumors, but wonder about the situation!

    1. Halia – would you be so kind as to clarify what you mean about PG’s birthday being in June? Unfortunately, I am not understanding where this concern comes from.
      As far as the investigation over the nurse’s death – I think often when there is ANY inquest that involves the RF, there is a long stall for time which they excuse for “investigating time” but is really a ploy to have people forget details and lose important data. I mean, it took 10 yrs before there was a proper British inquest over Diana/Dodi/Henri Paul’s deaths -( which is better if I don’t get started on this because I have a whole theory which would go on and on for days regarding that “accident.”)
      Personally, I don’t think there was any surrogate regarding Kate’s pregnancy. They simply lied about her due date, thinking they were” pulling a Diana”, but in reality just looked stupid and uncaring for the hundreds waiting weeks outside in the heat (which I thought was distasteful in the extreme). But looking back at pics of Kate last June, she was taking on the “look” of a pregnant woman. Remember, she is tall, and therefore carries weight differently than someone like Kim Kardashian, who is only 5″1″ (who I think also has a hormonal problem relating to all that baby weight – not her fault – but that is another topic altogether).

      1. Did they lie, though? All I heard officially was “July”, with ‘sources’ claiming “mid-July”. The hospital, or police, put up a sign blocking off space for reporters for the entire month of July. Then the press started freaking out and claiming Kate was due earlier because the press wanted a girl born on Diana’s birthday (July 1). Unless I’m remembering facts wrong, it’s the press that got crazy and screwed themselves by waiting outside the hospital the entire month of July when the palace sources clearly said mid-. And if it was mid- and she was a little bit late, that’s not shocking. Even if the palace had released the exact due date, the press still would have been outside waiting the entire time, because “omg, she might be early”. We can blame the palace for a lot of things, but the press going nuts over the birth is not the palace’s fault.

    2. I have not heard about a June 4 birthdate. I have been wondering about the eyes, though–where on earth did he get those brown eyes? Honestly, the government probably won’t do anything. Especially when it’s a paternity/maternity test. I know there is all sorts of surrogate speculation involving George, but I really don’t know what to think. I would like to think Will and Kate aren’t that stupid, but you never know.

      1. The surrogate rumour is based on nothing more than malicious lies and people wishing to believe any and everything. The thing about conspiracy theories is that those who start them or even believe them don’t need any proof either way to satisfy the argument they put forth. Any counter argument is dismissed as a doubting thomas argument and any proof given is seen as planted evidence. Either way the conspiracy theorist wins.

        Best to ignore them afterall people still believe Harry is Hewitt”s son!!

        And while i’m on this soap box, i will say that neither Kate nor William are clever enough to pull this sort of stunt.

  8. I was just reading about the Red Cross garden party hosted by PC today – the one that Lazy decided to cancel for PP’s birthday/garden party. I was a little surprised to read that at today’s party, there were several fashion models invited/in attendance. Taking this together with her no show at the Ralph Lauren/Royal Marsden fund raiser. Her actions show one of 2 possibilities – either she has NO self confidence and therefore avoids being around anyone who potentially could be considered more attractive than her, or else she is super vain and doesn’t want to lower herself to appear around any fashion models. I don’t know how she is going to avoid this, as almost anywhere she goes, she will be around attractive ladies, including models. In any case, she is doing herself no favors avoiding them.

    1. Med and CR…I’m responding here to your earlier posts. I don’t see Kate as a Narcissistic Personality Victim (NPV), although she could be. This refers to a person who is damaged by someone close to him who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The NPD person frequently belittles, manipulates, controls people around them to the point where it can be emotional abuse. Tell me what you sense that makes you think that.

      I believe Kate has NPD, which is characterized by feelings of entitlement and needing to be in power and in control. NPD’s often appear to be very self-confident, but are actually constantly vigilant in protecting a very fragile ego. They are usually very self-absorbed to the point of lacking empathy. I see this when Kate is attempting to interact with people and she seems so fake. She probably just doesn’t have the ability to empathize. NPDs also cannot accept any kind of criticism, even constructive criticism from someone close. If they perceive criticism they often lash out in mean and angry ways, or they “attack” in a passive-aggressive way. Whenever Kate makes a snide comment about Will I believe she is “getting back at him” for something he has said (perhaps a reminder to keep her skirt down?). Kate’s attempts to avoid beautiful, young, slender, successful women fits right into this disorder…she can’t be compared to a pretty model if she’s nowhere near the pretty model.

      This is a situation in which I hope I’m wrong. NPDs are very unhappy people deep inside, putting on a show for the rest of the world. I have a very dear male friend who is NPD. He appears to strangers to have it all, but he faces a daily struggle just to keep everything “under control”. And the really, really sad part, for him and for Kate, is that there is so very little than we actually can control.

    2. Or third she didn’t want to go. IMO Kate isn’t and shouldn’t be threaten by models (of all things). If she is well she need to look in the mirror, remind herself of her education and finally her situation in life. I could see heads of state, RF and some high profile business men/women but Models…. No way!

  9. i also noted kate always skips out on engagements even weddings where beautiful and attractive and fabulous women are, she cant do this forever, it was an insult to skip on RALPH show who was donating millions on a worthy cause, and the taylor swift no show again and now absent on charles garden party,, why is she doing these things, her days of sneaking around are over,, she needs to attend this events thats her job and of course there is competition whether she likes it or not!

  10. Med4kmd, i am not trying to start rumors! 1 of the things going around is baby was born on june 4 last year. when waity was 8 months pregnant, she was sitting in a carriage her stomach was flat. Even when woman is last month pregnancy, also sitting down women still look pregnant. I do not believe everything i read! This situations i find confusing, especially george brown eyes. I hope that Prince George is waity & billy’s son, not that i think highly of them!

    1. The baby W&K brought out of the hospital was clearly a newborn. If George had been born on June 4, he would have been 7 weeks old by the time W&K left the hospital with their baby on July 22. There is no way that baby they presented outside the hospital was a 7 week old.

      Also, if Kate delivered early, why wouldn’t the palace just announce it? It does not make sense to me that they would not announce a normal birth, even if it was 7 weeks early.

      I’m not claiming to know anything, I have no definite answers to these questions, I’m just throwing stuff out there.

  11. KMR, I am not trying to start rumors or damage their reputations! I am very confused by billy & waity’s behaviour? I feel very sorry for baby George, having waity & billy as parents. Yesterday it was reported that Prince George has started walking?

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