Kate and Sophie watch Order of the Garter ceremony; Prince George attends first polo match

Kate and Sophie watch Order of the Garter ceremony; Prince George attends first polo match

Garter Day was yesterday, and the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, Countess of Wessex all came out for the Order of the Garter ceremony/procession at Windsor Castle.  Kate and Sophie were spectators.  The others are actually in the Order.  Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was due to attend, but she had sinusitis and stayed home (Get well soon, Camilla).

Anyone notice Kate making fun of William’s hat in the video below?  It’s around the 2:31-2:32 mark.  She wiggles her head in jest of his feather.

Historical info?  Anyone, anyone, Bueller?  The Order of the Garter was established in 1348 by Edward III, and is the most senior order of chivalry in Britain.  Appointment to the order is solely the gift of the Sovereign and honors those with outstanding public service or those who have served the Sovereign personally.  The patron saint of the Order is St. George (also the patron saint of England).  They only started letting non-royal women into the Order in 1987, and the first woman actually admitted was in 1990 (Lavina, Duchess of Norfolk).

Kate wore an ice blue coat by Christopher Kane.  She previously wore the coat in 2012 to the Olympics Opening Ceremony as well as the Palace reception beforehand.  It’s a silk satin fabric and quite shiny.  Kate wore a matching ice blue hat by Lock & Co.  She carried her LK Bennett “Natalie” straw clutch that she’s carried a number of times over the years.  Kate wore a new pair of nude heels that appear to be much lower than she usually wears (no LK Bennett Sledges, yay!).  Kate wore her unidentified blue stone and diamond drop earrings first seen on the SE Asia tour.  I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite look from Kate, I much prefer her in jewel tones, but she looked nice. It’s kind of similar to the outfit she wore for Trooping the Color.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore a white Bruce Oldfield dress with ostrich feathers around her neck, and a Jane Taylor hat.  I like the dress and I love the hat.  I didn’t like the feathers at first, but they’re growing on me.  From afar they seem to swallow her up, but close up I kind of like them.

Kate and William shared a carriage with Charles after the ceremony, and OMG Kate got to sit next to Charlie!  I wonder what Kate and Charles talk about?

In Prince Grumpy Face news, Kate brought little George to William and Harry’s polo match on Sunday (which was Father’s Day).  Talk about burying the lead, right; what is wrong with me?  Prince Grumpy Face will not be denied!  Prince George is walking now, or almost walking.  He was standing and moving around, even kicking a ball around—hence all the World Cup headlines in all the papers.  He’s also quite squirmy and independent and “made a determined crawl for freedom”.  Bwahahahahaha!  The Daily Mail has no idea how funny that line is.  If I were him, I’d make a determined crawl for freedom, too.  Unfortunately, Kate grabbed him before he could get too far.  I bet George was so pissed.  Hence this brand new awesome Grumpy Face photo.  Then our Grumpy Faced overlord turned his father into a servant.

Prince George's servant

Prince George front page

In an update to their schedules, Kate, William and Harry will attend the Tour De France Grand Depart in Yorkshire on July 5.

28 thoughts on “Kate and Sophie watch Order of the Garter ceremony; Prince George attends first polo match

  1. This write up is tops, maybe your best! Thanks so much for the Ferris reference! Between that and George’s “determined crawl for freedom”, I’m laughing out loud. Kate’s coat is pretty, but safe; her hat is ridiculous. I think she looked great in the suit the other day.

    What do she and Charles talk about? He talks about his garden while she pretends to listen and she talks about herself while he doesn’t even pretend to listen.

    I love, love that baby.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I liked the Trooping hat much better than this one. I wouldn’t mind having a conversation with Charles; I think it would be interesting. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Charles and Kate talk with each other. I’d love to see her start to talk about herself and Charles shut her down cold. Would be amazing.

  2. Is it really necessary for Kate to make fun of William at Order of the Garter ceremony? This isn’t the first year that she has been seen making jokes and giggling. Could someone explain to Kate why her husband’s family are dressed in the outfits to her?

    1. way to blow things out of proportion. relax.

      george is cute. kate dresses in an aging way. not terrible but she has potential to do way better. thanks for the write up and terris bueller reference 🙂

      1. Kate could definitely have more fun with her outfits than she does.

      2. Sorry but I find Kate’s seemly lack of understanding the occasion annoying. Especially at the Remembrance Services where she finds time to joke, chat up males near by or twirl her hair. She will be Queen Consort one day and I would hate to see ceremonies like the Opening of Parliament or the the reading of the “King’s Speech” disrupted by Kate poking fun at someone or flashing her knickers.

        1. I think she understands the occasion. It seems harmless to me. I’d rather the private jokes between she and PW vs wardrobe malfunctions.

        2. I agree Cathy. The grinning, gurning, hair-twirling, childish behavior needs to go. These events are part of BRF tradition, as silly as some of us might find them. If the people participating in them (Bill and Kate Middleton) treat them as funny costume events, no one else will value them either. And yes, that does matter when the BRF will be clinging by its fingertips to keep existing after HM passes.

  3. Speculation is that more numbers about the refurbishment expenses (KP and Amner) are due by the end of the month. Some (not all) of those expenses are paid by the taxpayers. So throw in 2-3 royal engagements and trot out the kid, quick! Obvious PR is obvious.

    1. Look out for the work/PGtips roll out to bury the expected huge numbers of the refurbishment AND security bills. ANd most attributed to Billy and Cathy.

    2. Yes, most definitely. Lola has been suggesting Kate would, or is trying, to announce a new pregnancy around the time those reports are published in order to distract the public. But if they trot out PGF it would have a similar effect. Once those reports come out, if W&K get any backlash, I totally expect to see lots more of George.

    3. Babies are a PR Goldmine. Doesn’t matter if it’s obvious, it still works. The public wants a spare, if her conception efforts are unsuccessful, which they have been thus far, they can still utilize Prince George. The ultimate PR would be a pregnant Kate sheepishly clutching her belly while doting on Prince George. Put Prince George in one of those sweatshirts with bear ears next to the hint of a baby bump and Kate can pretty much be accused of killing a guy and most journalists will coo over how beautiful she looks in fluorescent orange.

  4. I agree with the first comment about your write up- well done and very informative. Why isn’t Harry a member? I think overall Kate looks great! Not a big fan of the hat, but I guess it’s ok. I really don’t like Sophie’s look. The feathers around the collar and the huge flower on the hat is just to much! She needs one or the other. I will say that Sophie has a beautiful smile and you can tell she is a confident woman in how she carries herself: that makes up for the outfit. I am going to give PW praise! I loved how he exchanged a loving glance with his wife. I also like the photo of him giving PG the water. PG, grumpy face and all is just adorable!!!!!!!! I am not sure if just the best photos of Kate are being published, but she has been looking very happy and smiley face – good for Kate.

          1. Well, the Crown Jewels will still belong to the Crown, and not the RF. HM can do whatever she wants with her private jewelry collection, and by that I mean leave whichever pieces she wants to whomever she wants. She’d probably leave the bulk of it to Charles, though. And yes, Camilla would have access to everything HM leaves Charles. I don’t think HM would leave the jewels to Camilla herself, but rather she’d leave them to Charles and Charles would let Camilla use whatever she wanted. HM would probably leave something to Anne, and maybe Beatrice, Eugenie, and Zara. Maybe Sophie, since HM loves Sophie. But other than Sophie, I doubt HM would leave anything to a married-in.

          2. Me too. She has a vast private jewelry collection filled with beautiful pieces. We haven’t seen them all. I’d love a peek into the vaults.

          3. Under a financial deal with the Major Government in 1992, bequests from Sovereign to Sovereign or consort to Sovereign are exempt from inheritance tax, allegedly to preserve the Royal Family’s independent wealth. For example, when the Queen Mum died in 2002, she bequeathed almost everything she owned directly to her daughter. Her estate was valued at around £70 million. Most of the art work and jewelry she owned went into the Royal Collection. I would imagine that the Queen would bequeath Sandringham Estate and Balmoral Castle directly to the Prince of Wales, along with a lot of her personal jewelry, artwork, etc. That way, Charles won’t have to pay inheritance tax. As for access to the Crown Jewels, people are confusing two separate collections. The Crown Jewels of the UK, the Sceptres, Orbs and Crowns are state property and are available for the use of the monarch and the consort on state occasions like the State Opening of Parliament or state dinners. The other collection is the Personal Jewelry Collection of the Sovereign. They comprise tiaras, earrings, necklaces, etc. that have been passed down from individual members of the Royal Family (mostly Queen Victoria, Queen Mary and gifts from King George VI to either his wife or his elder daughter, the Queen). The Cartier Tiara worn by Katie at her wedding was originally given by the Prince Albert Duke of York to his wife (probably as an early Christmas present, considering the timing) three weeks before they became King and Queen. The King then gave it to Elizabeth on her 18th birthday. She’s kept it ever since.

    1. I much prefer the hat Kate wore to Trooping the Color over this one. I don’t know why Harry isn’t a member of the Order, but I’d expect Charles to make him one when he becomes King if HM hasn’t done it yet. I think Will in his polo outfit giving George the water is the sexiest I’ve ever seen him–but granted I can’t actually see his face in those photos. Still he looks good taking care of the baby, he should do it more often.

      1. KMR, it is my understanding that membership in Order is limited to 25 official members, including the Monarch. So for Harry to be inducted as a member, someone else has to be removed or pass away. www(dot)royal(dot)gov(dot)uk/monarchUK/honours/Orderofthegarter/orderofthegarter.aspx

  5. ya bring out the kid for a few minutes, work on the camera and all over sudden shes a hands on mother, reaaly? So all working mothers who work , look after their kids, clean, shop are the ones that wins my heart and who really deserve credit , she really wants us to believe she takes care of george?, all mothers love their kids shes not unique!

  6. Have you noticed the amount of stairs the Queen has to climb at all of these events? She has difficulties with stairs, but she would probably fare better on a StairMaster than I would. She’s 88 and the Queen of England, seriously, can’t HM have an Acorn Stair Lift installed ahead of her visits? They don’t make ’em like Queen Elizabeth II anymore. I feel like she’s enjoying herself more now, which I love to see.

    1. During the Order of the Bath ceremony at Westminster Abbey, Charles had to step in for HM because she couldn’t walk up the steep stairs in whatever part of the Abbey that part of the ceremony was in. They really should make accommodations for her. She’s still going strong, though.

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