Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark celebrate 10 year anniversary (update with more photos)

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark celebrate 10 year anniversary (update with more photos)

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary & family

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. They were married on May 14, 2004 in Copenhagen. They have four children together: HRH Prince Christian (8), HRH Princess Isabella (7), and twins HRH Prince Vincent and HRH Princess Josephine (3).

Here is a nice article about them–how they met, when they got married (including pictures of Mary’s wedding dress), and a bit about their family.

They have released new photos to mark the occasion. One of the Crown Prince couple solo, and one with the couple and their children. UPDATE: They’ve release more photos, so I’m including them at the end of the post. /UPDATE They make a lovely couple. Best wishes to them!

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary

More photos, in chronological order. I’ve decreased the size of these; click on the image to see a full size version:
Crown Princess Mary wedding

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary wedding kiss Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary wedding balcony

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary Princess Isabella baptism Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary B&W family

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary family Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary 2

Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary 3 Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary full dress

Photos courtesy the Danish Monarchy website.

18 thoughts on “Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark celebrate 10 year anniversary (update with more photos)

  1. i applaud mary, she has it all, beautiful family, a husband who adores her and shes very hardworking, so……. If a woman. 10 years older than kate can manage to be soo outstanding, whats wrong with the duchess, mary has FOUR kids, and never uses them as an excuse to not work, kate needs to go out there and support her husband , otherwise thing wont be looking well for them!

  2. Maybe I’m being too judgemental, but I remember Prince Frederick for is the Unicef event that was attended by him & his wife, along with PW & Kate. Listening to both Frederick and Kate speak was like fingernails across a chalkboard – neither of them could say anything worthwhile about Unicef or the crisis at that time in Africa. They just needed a couple talking points, and both failed miserably – so much so that the news anchors were chuckling at the end of the segment.
    Anyway, Mary is a lovely woman, very hard working. I agree with everything Adam says above. Despite he husband is lousy with soundbites, I do wish them a happy anniversary.

    1. I remember the interview you are referring to. It was painful to watch. He interrupted Mary at one point to say something inane bad she gave him a look that would kill. I really do think they have a good relationship. They always look so natural together. They are not perfect, but they work at it, you know?

  3. I admire the Danish royals–who seem to work passionately for their causes and seem to have a pulse on the Danish people and current issues. It seems that Princess Mary is good at performing every aspect of her royal duties. She seems to be very comfortable and confident. I recall reading that on the day she was married she was quoted as saying “today I start my new role [in supporting Denmark]” or something to that effect. She also has said that she thinks from time to time “I can’t believe that I’m here doing this, I must be dreaming” sort of thing. She gets it– how blessed she is, what a gift she has been given along with her status and works to help people less fortunate than her. She isn’t perfect but she is relatively well accepted in Denmark. I also think this photo is beautiful– warm and open, casual and inviting. They give off such a different vibe than PW and DoC who only let you get a glimpse of their lives through a window.

    1. I know the family photo ops are not candid, because they are pre-planned photo shoots, but in the photos I’ve seen, Mary and Fred look so casual and at ease with each other and their kids, and really look in love. I love that.

  4. yep actions speak louder than words, mary ALWAYS potrays herself as “i am here to do my job and work for you and my country” despite wearing nice and expensive outfits, her work is always highlighted and on the top of the agenda, i believe its sheer hardwork and determination that she has reached this level , for that i have alot of respect for her

    1. Right. You know, if Kate doesn’t feel comfortable enough around the British RF, maybe she should hang out a little with their Danish cousins. She could learn SO MUCH from Mary.

  5. Yeah, how is it this family seems to manage take the cutest family pictures? The photos always seem to show them natural and truly happy. Seems like they spend a lot of time together as an immediate and extended family. The Danish Queen also portrays herself well. Regal, yet not aloof.

    1. I just commented about this above, but even their pre-planned family photo shoots look comfortable and casual, and not pained.

  6. Kate should definitely take a few clothing tips here…

    To be honest, I have a bit of soft spot for CP Mary, mainly because for some reasons she reminds me of Princess Leia from Star Wars 🙂

    1. Are you a Star Wars nerd? So am I! Now that you mention it, I totally see a Princess Leia thing happening here.

      I love Mary’s style; I think she dresses so well.

      1. I’m just a nerd 😀 Everywhere 😀

        I confused her for Leia once when scrolling Daily Mail website and just saw a photo in the corner of my eye, and since then I just cannot unsee it.

        Well many of her pre- and just after marriage outfits were quite hideous, she was too much a fan of glossy stuff and clashing colours. But her style now is just amazing.

        1. I must admit I know almost nothing about Mary and have never seen her older style. I didn’t even follow the British royals closely until 2012, and have only started to get interested in the other royal houses of Europe, so I’m still learning about them.

          I have to ask, because I ask everyone who tells me they like Star Wars, what are your feelings about the upcoming Episode VII?

          1. I knew almost nothing about royals until something like 3 months ago. Lol, I don’t even remember what made me to become interested in them 😀 But so far its been fun.

            I try to not have any opinion until I actually see the film. From general experience, the sequels are almost never good… But we’ll waity and see 🙂

          2. That’s how I feel too, but I’m still worried. I’m trying so hard to avoid spoilers, because I want to judge the completed film.

  7. My patience with billy & lazy is stretched to the limit! I would never want work with those 2 even if i was desperate. They don’t know what they want or know what do, honestly they are so weak minded. I have known people with limited education & limited intelligence, have better problem solving skills & have organized centered lives than these pathetic losers! It is hard to believe that they have university degrees. I am wonders if they got theeir diplomas out of a box of cereal! It is a good thing they have assistants, because if they did not they would lost in society. They must be a nightmare to deal with every day!

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