Prince Harry visits Denmark

Prince Harry visits Denmark

Here’s a belated post on Prince Harry‘s October 25-26 visit to Denmark, where he met Queen Margrethe and refused to eat a Danish pastry.

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Harry’s trip began with an audience with Queen Margrethe at Amalienborg Palace.

Harry then visited KPH Projects – a community of start-ups focusing on improving society through social, cultural, and environmental goals – before moving on to GAME – which uses sports such as basketball and parkour as a vehicle for social change.

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Harry closed out his first day in Denmark with a reception hosted by the British Ambassador to Denmark at Tivoli Gardens. Harry gave a speech, but KP still hasn’t put the transcript online. KP did tweet out some of what Harry said:

    “God aften. The warmth of your welcome has been incredible, and I’ve had an inspiring first day in your beautiful city. I have already been incredibly impressed with the passion, drive, and enthusiasm of those people I have met. I told those I met today that they must keep doing what they’re doing; they must keep giving back; and they must keep acting as leaders. Our two countries have an unbreakable bond which is as strong now as it ever has been.”
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Harry started day 2 in Denmark with a trip to a local bakery to meet people from the “One of Us” campaign which aims to destigmatize mental illness in Denmark. The campaign, which launched in 2011, supports young people with mental health issues to help them avoid isolation during their studies. While speaking with the young people, Harry spoke again on the dangers of the internet.

    “He said during a visit to a mental health charity discussion held at one of Copenhagen’s leading chain of bakeries: ‘It’s crazy and scary.’ At the Lagkagehuset bakery in Copenhagen, Harry told ambassadors for the One of Us mental health charity: ‘People are spending far too much time online and it’s like a mental running machine that they can’t get off. You wouldn’t put your body through such a workout. I’m the last person to say ban it but people are suffering from mental fatigue and getting burnt out. We all need to talk to each other more.'”

Harry also spoke about mental health discussion and how it’s changing in the UK, saying:

    “In the UK we found people were scared to talk about their problems but that is changing fast and it’s now becoming normal for younger people to talk about mental health, whether it’s bi-polar, depression or losing a relative. You have all been in a dark place but have come through and your experiences are invaluable to help others. You are proof that you don’t have to be a professional to make a difference and turn a negative into a positive. You have discovered that you are part of a club, and it’s amazing how big that club is. Over 50 per cent of people suffer from mental illness at some time.”


Unfortunately, Harry turned down the offer to try one of the Danish pastries.

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Harry then joined Prince Joachim to visit the Centre for Military Physical Training, which supports veterans of the Danish Armed Forces. They also met Danish Invictus Games competitors.

Harry also had a private meeting with the parents of 21-year-old Morten Krogh Jensen, whose body was flown back with Harry from Afghanistan on a plane he shared with wounded British troops. Harry has previously spoken – including at the 2016 and 2017 Invictus opening ceremonies – about how seeing this Danish soldier being loaded onto the plane was one of the reasons Harry started the Invictus Games.

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The last stop on Harry’s trip was a visit to Ørestad Gymnasium school, which is dedicated to engaging young people in making a difference for their community and solving societal challenges. The school held a special conference about “making a difference” in the world. Harry took part in a discussion session as well as a workshop where students participated in an ‘opinion barometer’ focusing on solutions to improve voter turnout. The final session Harry visited was about the UN Global Goals and how young people can get involved in projects with a global agenda.

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81 thoughts on “Prince Harry visits Denmark

  1. I wonder why Harry refused the pastry. He should know that it is seen as very unfriendly to.deny food of guest countries.These bakers were surely disapointed!
    Even if he is on a diet for fitting in his tuxedo for his wedding (hehe), he could have eaten that little thing.Or he is now a clean-eater influenced by Meghan, who knows?

    1. Is he vegan or GF? He seems to have pretty decent manners, so there may have been a good reason for him to decline the danish. Who knows if something happened last minute, but I do think it is better to take a few bites when you are a guest.

      Harry does look happy and seems to love meeting the children. He interacts with children the way his mother did for so many years. It will be nice to see him with his own children.

    2. Yes, I was about to post that I think he is already being ruled by his Meghan in his dietary habits. He’s lost too much weight! I think it was rude, too. Just taste a pastry, Harry. I’m sure they were amazing!!!

      On the brighter side, he is a natural with people of all ages, but oh, his holding that baby’s feet! Just wonderful.

      I’m glad to see that he is still a loyal man to all the soldiers. I do believe him when says that he was so affected when flying home with the wounded that he had to do something. IG is his baby.

      As for the mental health issues Ok. Enough has been said on other posts. While I don’t want to jump on the ban the Internet wagon, I must say I agree that people need to talk to each other face to face more. It still boggles my mind to see teen-aged friends sitting next to each other and texting one another. WHAT?

  2. Given that nothing is left to chance on these visits, it would have been likely that the Danes and Harry’s people would have been aware that food was to be offered. Why not scrub it from the meeting so as not offend one’s host? I wonder about these things. It’s totally understandable if food allergies were the reason for the refusal, though this would surely have been imparted by the advance people?

    1. It is poor form to refuse – especially when it is offered publically. A big part of his job is about the public image of the institution he represents and the public refusal of something offered by his hosts makes for bad optics. It smacks of rudeness. That’s just the way it is. He didn’t need to eat the whole thing but simply taste it.

      However, if he is uncomfortable with eating in front of a huge audience then his aides could make sure to inform the hosts beforehand that it would no tbe a good idea to publically offer him food.

      1. I remember reading somewhere you’re always supposed to take one bite and say thank you. I first noticed this not happening with Kate.

        1. If you are a Royal and at an event where every move you make is photographed, published everywhere and scrutinized by everyone, taking one bite of something messes up your clean teeth, and if wearing lipstick, messes that up too.
          If I was in those circumstances, I wouldn’t eat something or take the one bite!

      2. It would be up to the host to provide a ‘one bite’ sample – otherwise dignitaries can be accused of sending a message they disliked the food by not finishing the offered portion. Also one avoids giving the press opportunities of catching one talking with a full mouth, crumbs/spills down ones clothes etc. I would imagine it might be a security nightmare too – if not checked and approved before hand.

  3. Harry’s been looking thinner to me, especially when you see his legs in workout gear in pictures. I’m guessing he is trying a more restrictive diet and buttery, sugary pastries aren’t a part of it. I remember there were reports of him in Australia loving sweets, but that’s a while ago now. The problem is that these visits almost always include a public food outing. Either Harry needs to take one bite and smile and wave or they need to avoid visits to pastry shops.

    This is a small thing though. I enjoy his visits since he really seems to love interacting with people and his manner with other world leaders or royals always seems to be friendly and cheery.

  4. Wow, he STARTED the Invictus Games? How did I miss that? He’s awesome.

    Agree that the plan should have changed if the bakery couldn’t accommodate whatever diet he’s on. They could have done a fruit cup or egg if he’s avoiding gluten/sugar/butter.

    But- met with the soldier’s parents. What a good boy 🙂

    1. I’m sorry, I am not criticizing you, just imagining an amazing Danish bakery offering a fruit cup to a Prince! I guess it’s possible, but oh, how I wish he had just tasted a pastry. Man, I would have done so!

      1. No worries. I’ve been on restrictive diets before, and fruit cups are pretty common at bakeries and such in my experience.

    2. I think it was such a lovely gesture for him to visit the parents of that Danish soldier. I’m sure they’d rather have their son back, but how lovely that he is memorialized by Harry as a defining moment in his life.

      1. Harry always seems to be more thoughtful during his visits by making personal connections like this. He also made a point to visit the young patients at CAMH in Toronto.

        Will and Kate could follow his example. They never seem to put as much thought during their visits. And let’s face it Kate barely visits anything but movie premieres and sports events lately.

  5. I guess this trip didn’t draw much attention.

    Richard Palmer from Daily Express tweet:
    “Royal visits are by no means all about media coverage but Prince Harry’s trip made only two picture captions in today’s UK newspapers.”

    Rebecca English from Daily Mail responded:
    “Part of the problem (@invictusToronto very much excluded) is that he doesn’t tend to get involved or so hands on any more. Pix not as good.”

    Richard Palmer:
    “Exactly. The pictures work much better if he participates in sport, dance, camp fire cooking, tree-hugging etc.”

    Richard Palmer:
    “He’s just been to a bakery but declined the offer of danish pastries. (sad crying emoji) (laughing crying emoji)”

    Harry is so hit and miss for me. He goes from giving an amazing memorized speech at invictus, right back to just reading his speech for Heads Together. The difference when he actually puts effort in is HUGE. I guess he wasn’t really into this trip.

    Overall, I don’t like these short 2 day visits that the foreign office keeps sending them on. They don’t feel like real tours and go by so fast. I don’t know why they just have a different vibe for me.

    1. Ouch!!!! That’s gotta sting at bit. But honestly what are royal tours meant to achieve? This whole Brexit charm thing is not working. It may have worked if Diana was alive and doing the whole Brexit charm royal tours.

    2. “The difference when he actually puts effort in is HUGE.”

      Ding ding. Absolutely. It is very obvious when Harry is just going through the motions. And he was very much just going through the motions with this trip. There weren’t any great photos, and no real memorable speeches or quotes. This trip was fairly boring, to be honest.

    3. I’m with you about the hit and miss with Harry. Lately, more often than not he’s a miss for me. When he works he’s usually pretty good and I can forget several of my isssuss. How hard would it have been for him to try a pastry??! I mean, look at how yummo they are!!! He didn’t have to eat it all, take a bite saynit’s delish and move on. I have this same complaint with kate. You know this would make their day. Royals and politicians all have to do things like this suck it up and be a good sport.
      I’m a vegetarian, I know my dietary restriction can be a pain and in OK confusing to some. I’ve eaten things I wouldn’t normally eat to be nice to my hosts and not be rude. It’s the gracious thing to do. If one has an allergy to something then totally legit to say something otherwise suck it up

      1. Agree. Also agree with Jen above that this bakery visit (and the offer of a pastry) was probably known in advance and therefore the rudeness could have been averted.

        1. Hi, TP76 I wanted to reply to you on another thread, but comments were no longer being taken. I am sorry that I was negative in regard to your comment about Meghan thinking of Canada as her adopted home I think I was being way too sensitive that day. Forgive me.

  6. Yeah, I’m kind of tired of this refusing food behavior already with Kate. I’m disappointed he is doing it now as well. One bite will not ruin your figure. I’m pretty sure they’re breaking basic protocol set by the queen.

  7. Ugh. I just cannot believe how boring the trio have been lately. I can’t specify what it is, but it feels so forced.

    1. I can’t put my finger on why either, but I’ve been so bored by the trio all summer and fall.

      1. Include me in to the I Am Bored With This Trio Club. Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose. If they go through the motions (as warm body #1, #2 and #3), they can claim they are *working*. If they bring real attention to themselves it may invade their privacy too much.

        1. Yes, boring is right. I honesty believe they don’t want to be in these Royal positions, but loving the perks makes it impossible to back out. There’s this constant way of showing us that they want to be regular people. Well, try living like regular folks do. They’d last an hour. If even….

          Wow, what’s with me today? I am cranky even though it should be a fun day Happy Halloween, all who celebrate the day.

          1. I adore Danish pastries. Especially Pain aux raisin and Cinnamon whirl. The photo of them is actually wanting to eat one. I wonder why Harry refused. I don’t understand why it is rude to refuse. Kate didn’t try the peanut butter did she but I think the difference is maybe there is a reason or he didn’t know that he had to take a few bites.
            Overall I think this was a win for Harry. Confident body language. Engaging with the kids and showing enthusiasm. I think there must be protocol and Harry follows that but he engages with the kids and I like the way he brings sport into bringing young people together. I am pleased that Harry went solo on this trip to Denmark. I am finding the trio rather boring. When Harry marries I look forward to the two of them doing engagements together. Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it. I don’t know why but my parents never did. Very envious of my brother who has carved a pumpkin. I plan on making pumpkin pasties from a recipe from Harry Potter.

  8. He went to a bakery in a country known for it’s pastry. What did he expect to be offered? A salad? Total lack of forethought on his part. He didn’t have to eat all of it. All he had to do was eat a bite of it and all would have been fine. If an allergy was an issue, I’m sure the bakery would have gladly offered him another choice.

    1. Exactly. While it is a storm in a teacup, Harry is nevertheless representing his fellow citizens on these overblown tours. Therefore, his behaviour and preparation should be exemplary. If unwell, I could understand his being a little low key, but this could have been stated to avoid his rejection of the food interpreted as rudeness.

      Unfortunately, refusal of food does get interpreted poorly, as in, it’s not good enough for ‘royals’. Best to remove it altogether from events to avoid problems. Or buy half a dozen pastries to share with his staff at a later time. There are diplomatic ways to ease possible misinterpretation.

    2. I admire Harry’s honesty. It is refreshing. Kate seems to do one thing and then another. Her actions don’t match at time.

  9. This “visit” didn’t really inspire from what we have been shown. Perhaps in future food samples should not be offered – that way no offense to anyone.

    1. The trio just needs to stop doing food-related events if they don’t want to get involved and try the food.

        1. I think it was Harry who stated that things would change when the Wales’ ‘boys’ ascended to greater prominence, that is, expect less from us folks. But keep the money flowing, plebs, in full and not commensurate with ‘work’ done! I wonder how long it will take the critical mass of Britons to pull the plug on such a raw deal?

          Given their generally lacklustre performances, and small workloads (comparatively speaking), it appears WKH have already started dampening expectations. This would seem to be in contradiction to the Queen and Charles’s expectations that they would do more.

  10. To be honest, I have to say I am with Harry on this. I am a pig, but I am a picky pig. If something does not look good or smell good foodwise or if I don’t like the food, I am not going to eat it, manners or not. And yes, I was raised better, but I am very firm on this stance.

    As far as Kate not eating food at engagements, I remember in Denmark she didn’t eat the peanut butter paste and people were up in arms. I don’t know if she has a peanut allergy, but peanut butter is something that is non-negotiable for many people, allergies or not. I can’t stand Waity and it galls me to defend her, but in this instance, she was right.

    1. If Kate had a peanut allergy or peanut butter was non-negotiable for her, one would think William would have known that and wouldn’t have offered her a taste of the paste.

      According to reporters on Twitter, Harry said the pasty looked good when he walked in, but then later he declined the offer to taste any.

      1. I have a peanut allergy, I react very quickly and just the smell will bring a reaction so just the thought of being around packaged peanut butter makes me feel stressed. If Kate was allergic too then I’m sure no one would have offered even a smell.

        As for Harry refusing a bite of a Danish? Personally I think it’s a bit of a storm in a teacup? Maybe he could have taken a bite, but would he want to end up with the possiblity of flakes of Danish Pastries on his face, in his beard, or down his front?

        The Queen is never photographed eating, so why have things changed so food is now being offered in public to the Royals? Personally I’d rather not see photos of celebs eating as it can sometimes look messy so I would have asked if I could take something to try later? (and then paid for it so I don’t look like a freeloader)

        Harry has lost a bunch of weight in the last year so maybe he’s on a strict diet?

        1. I think you are probably right that we have not and will not see the Queen eating at a public event. But we also never have seen her dancing with a person in a bear costume, sailing with Sir Ben, playing tennis at an appearance,  running a footrace in tight jeans to promote a marathon, doing jumping jacks with cadets, playing volleyball,  playing games in India, running on a beach in wedge shoes….The trio “joins in” (hey they’re normal) so often refusing food seems even more rude than it typically is per good manners. Almost suggests a royal food-taster is needed.

        2. Maybe she just doesn’t like peanut butter? That’s a very American thing and nobody around the world is crazy about it. I hate it, they don’t even sell in in Brazil my home there’s no peanut butter at all neither in French where I live for few years. It’s disgusting and tastes horrible. She doesn’t have to eat that. Makes me so annoyed when people want to rule over what she accepts to eat or not, choose what we out in our own mouth is the bare minimum that we should have the prerogative about it.

          1. I don’t think it’s so much about her refusing the peanut butter, but of her husband apparently not being aware that she didn’t like it. That I find odd.

          2. Agree with Nic919. Why would her husband offer her something she didn’t like? I assume he would know she didn’t like it.

    1. Well, black is so slimming, Cathy. And, a pregnant woman like Kate wants to keep looking trim. (Snarky, me)! I don’t recall who made that call about her choosing black to wear, but kudos to that person.

      Kate looked very happy at the event and her “morning sickness” appears to be under control Good news for her. Talk about boring, though. The event did little to interest me. We need something to shake things up with the younger Royals.

      She’s out and trying to engage with people, so I’m happy for that. I just can’t put my finger on what irks me the most. So many things! It’s harder and harder for me to cheer the Duchess on.

      Hope all is well, Cathy I agree with your peanut allergy comments, too. I wold think that even the scent of peanut butter would cause problems for someone with an allergy. Sorry you are affected by this.

      1. I think she looks appropriate for the event. Hair back in ponytail. Engaged with the participants and all that.
        I think what irks me is that do I give her props for finally do her job? It’s only been what 6 years??!! All of us would have been fired after 6 months if our job performance was anything like hers, so 6 yrs in she finally engages with particpants and not wearing wedges/heels to do sporty engagements. Has her hair back so she doesn’t fiddle with it? These seem like common sense things that I shouldn’t have to give her kudos for so it irks me that I feel I do.
        I don’t know if it’s the new lady on board, pregnancy hormones or what but she has sesmed more engaged at her events. Sadly, I think I would be foolish to think that it sticks

  11. Harry was really phoning it in. I wonder what is up, he is not usually like that; even if he’s not into it personally he has a history of always being fully engaged and interested, but some of this visit he seemed dull which isn’t his personality. He usually sparkles, and it is visible in photos, palpable, really. Not here. Weird.

    If he didn’t want to eat in public then his staff should have told the bakery or not hosted it in a bakery.

    1. He has just finished an exciting couple of weeks at the Invitcus Games. Maybe this trip was a bit of a downer for him. He is headed to the U.S for Hallowe’en and I’m sure Meghan will join him there. So he could be preoccupied with the upcoming trip and meeting with the Obamas.

      1. He was at something with Michelle Obama in Chicago today, so he seems to have been travelling a fair bit. He could have been tired. Unlike his brother and sister in law who certainly haven’t killed themselves with events lately.

      2. I just expect more of him considering he has such a good rapport and is so easy on engagements in general, always courteous, kind, a bit of fun, and here he was really not himself. No excuses imo when one is representing their country abroad.

        1. What a lovely photo of Leonor. How grown up she looks. The hands could be behind her back to look more open. Thank you for sharing the photo Ellie.

  12. Why everything is a drama? Sometimes we just don’t want to eat something, maybe he hates the kind of pastry, maybe he wasnr hungry, maybe he saw something in the bakery that made him not confident.
    No one is obligated to eat anything or pretend to eat not even a royal. They all should follow the Queen’s rule to never eat in public so people stop with all the expectation.

    1. Then maybe KP should have told the bakery not to offer Harry a pasty? Or maybe then royals just shouldn’t do food/restaurant related visits?

      1. Harry was at the bakery “to meet people from the “One of Us” campaign which aims to destigmatize mental illness in Denmark.”

        He wasn’t there to have breakfast (brunch?). I think that if he did eat a danish then it possibly could have diluted the reason why he was there?

        He was there to meet people who are getting support from the “One of Us” campaign.

        It’s a shame that the reporters etc along for the trip didn’t focus on that instead of focussing on Harry not eating a danish? It’s great to see an organisation working to support people with mental illness into employment, but I guess you can get more clicks if you tweet comments like Richard Palmer did?

        1. The main focus of the articles I read were about Harry’s comments that people should put their phones down, or whatever he said (I can’t recall now and I’m too lazy to read my own article at the moment). But Harry standing around chatting to people makes for a boring photo, which is what Palmer was commenting on. As someone who writes about the royals and looks through a lot of photos, I completely understand where Palmer is coming from in saying that the royals not getting involved in activities makes for boring photos, and I would add (and Palmer has commented on this previously) that when the royals don’t say anything significant it makes for a boring article. Writing ‘royal X visited Y and talked to random people Z’ accompanied by a boring photo of the royal just standing around makes it really hard and boring to write about. I feel Palmer’s pain in that regard. For the people who are meeting the royal, I’m sure they gain great enjoyment and value, but engagements where the royals doesn’t get involved and/or doesn’t say anything are really hard to write about and make interesting.

          1. I worked in the entertainment industry for years and I can tell you photogs looooooove catching celebrities eating, too! It definitely would have been exciting for them to think that Harry might get caught mid-bite, and they would have felt let down when he refused the pastry.

          2. I can see where you are coming from KMR, totally!

            But as Royals go somewhere and stand around talking to a bunch of people, cut ribbons, plant trees, open buildings then dull photos is kind of the normal?

            I do applaud you ability to make something dull interesting, especially at yet another Kate engagement where she underperforms again.

            As for Harry saying put down your phones and go out and actually talk to people? I’ve know a few too many kids who have sat in their bedrooms looking at Facebook etc and not leaving the house. Of course they say they are connecting with their friends, online… But in fact they are anguish because they think they are missing out. I told one kid that he may just find the person he thinks is having a great time is really just in his bedroom making stuff up?

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