Is Cressida Bonas pulling a “Waity” by “showing Harry what he’s missing”?

Is Cressida Bonas pulling a “Waity” by “showing Harry what he’s missing”?

Yay, new Cressida photos!! (Scroll down for photo)  There were new photos from earlier this week, but I didn’t have a story to go with them so I didn’t post them.  I’m not sure how much interest there is left in Cressida—I’m not sure how much interest there ever was in Cressida—but I got so used to the idea of Duchess Cressida, that I’m having a hard time letting it go, and I get more excited than I should when there are new Cress photos.

Cressida stepped out last night with Princess Beatrice, her boyfriend—the Male Waity—Dave Clark, and Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend Jack Brookbanks.  They were at a private club, Annabel’s, in London, but I’m not sure what the event was since these outfits are clearly not the normal clubbing outfits.

Cressida looked absolutely gorgeous in a floor-length, midnight blue gown with a halter neckline that clung to her body.  She wore her hair down.  I would have preferred it up, but that’s just me (she seems to have put her hair in a messy bun at some point in the evening; I prefer it that way).  Beatrice wore a navy blue skirt and white blouse, and carried a jewel-toned clutch.  Eugenie wore a fitted purple gown.  This fashion round goes to Cressida, with Eugenie and Beatrice coming in second and third respectively.

Cress really stepped it up with her fashion.  But you know, she always cleans up nicely—I say “always” like I have more than two occasions to judge from, but on those two occasions, she did look great (the other time to which I’m referring is the Boodles Boxing Ball last Sept.).  Her street style leaves a lot to be desired, but she can pull off elegant well.

I’m wondering if this was a Waity Katie type “show him what he’s missing” situation (like the press is claiming), or if the Yorks are just showing Cressida that she’s still in their set even if she’s no longer with Harry (the Yorks were friends with Cress first anyway).  It may be that the Yorks are helping Cress with her Waity campaign.  If Cress is going for a Waity type situation, I think she will have an easier time with it, being that she is already a part of that set and going to their events will be normal.  I guess we’ll see.  If Cressida starts attending more of these events, and starts going out regularly, then we’ll have our answer about whether it’s a campaign or not—remember, Cressida’s “down to earth” PR has always stated that she doesn’t like the London clubbing scene. (Is it bad that I want her to go out more? I’d love to see more of her “dressed up” style.)

Cressida Bonas leaving London club

I don’t know if Cress and Harry will get back together, but there is a report that Harry banged a blonde socialite while in Tennessee for Pelly’s wedding.  The report claims this chick was bragging to all her friends that she banged Harry.  I will never understand why celebs hook up with morons who want to brag to friends (and tabloids) they banged a famous person—I realize they’re thinking with other parts of their body, but it’s just stupid, especially for people who claim to want so much privacy.  I will also never understand why banging a famous person in a one night stand is something to brag about; it’s not like you meant anything, have some respect for yourself.

PS. Harry sent out his first tweet yesterday to promote the Invictus Games (using their twitter handle), if you care.

Links: Getty Images, Daily Mail article, Express article about night out. Express article with photos from a few days ago. Boodles Boxing article.

21 thoughts on “Is Cressida Bonas pulling a “Waity” by “showing Harry what he’s missing”?

  1. She looks beautiful! A little confused on the hairstyle changes at the same event?? I hope that PH continues to look for a suitable wife. Beauty is nice but would really like to see someone with substance and can add value to the RF.

    1. She got hot with her hair down, or it got annoying so she threw it up? I think it was probably a matter of convenience.

      I think we all want Harry to find a woman of substance to marry, but I’m not sure if A) Harry wants a woman of substance, and B) if a woman of substance would want Harry–he’s not exactly an intellectual, you know. I hope Harry finds at least someone who is willing to go all in and really do excellent work for the monarchy.

  2. Given that Cressida found Kate generally horrifying, I don’t think she’s copying her moves. I think more likely her friend Eugenie urged her to get out, wear something fabulous and be photographed looking drop dead gorgeous. There is always something mildly satisfying about showing a guy you’re not weeping at home over him. Whereas Kate was trying to lay a trap, I don’t think Cressida is scheming to get Prince Harry back. This is the best I’ve ever seen her look, I think it’s a smart move on her part no matter what happens with Harry since the media was trying to portray her as a devastated creature.

    1. I do think Cressida was saying “look at what you’re missing” with this outing, but I doubt it was to “pull a Waity”.

      But to play devil’s advocate: how do we know Cressida found Kate “generally horrifying”? [**I mean, she probably does, we all do, but for argument’s sake**] Also, IF Cress has been playing the media game this whole time (with a ton of leaks from her friends), while she and her mother may dislike Kate and Carole, they’re not above using some of their tactics, just updated. And if they’re not above using their other tactics, then why would they be above using this one? Not saying that’s what’s happening, but just throwing it out there.

      I think it may be too early to tell. If she continues to be seen out and about at clubs and events like this and gets heavily photographed when all the reports claim she’s not into that, then maybe it’s time to claim “pulling a Waity”; but until then I’m inclined to think this was just a normal “look at what you’re missing” move that so many people do, and not something nefarious.

  3. One of the best I’ve ever seen of her… If someone had shown her the strapless bra, would be A, but this way still solid B+.

    I believe that Cressida is a fun girl to party with, but I’m happy that it is over. Everything about her screams “royal disaster”… From changing-with-every-report “job” (first she was going to be PA… then suddenly teacher… then something I don’t even remember… then marketing for Virgin… then for some cinema-related company), the family history dysfunctional even compared to Windsors, to the ivory tusk thing… I used to kinda like her before that but… but… how sick should you be to MOCK the anti-poaching charity the same day your bf goes to the conference????

    1. For a long while they kept flip-flopping what her job or career goals were–she was an actress/model, then a dance student, then back to the actress/model thing, then back to the dance student, then all sorts of other crap. I still think the only reason she got that “marketing” job was to appear more “princess-y”, which begs the question of “if she’s not interested in the ring, why did she have a sudden change of heart involving her career”?

      And while the Windsors have their dysfunction, Cressida’s family is just as dysfunctional. So many marriages and divorces and children. and they are not as wealthy as the press would have us believe.

      BUT, to be fair, the tusk photo was taken a while before it made the rounds in the press. She or someone she knows posted that photo on Facebook or Instagram a while ago, and some fan on Tumblr took all her photos and has been posting them periodically (I believe they started this as soon as she came on the scene because they had access to her account before she made them private), so that Tumblr fan posted the tusk photo to coincide with the conservation thing. Also, that tusk was a fake. While pretending to lick a fake elephant is gross, she didn’t do it deliberately to harm or mock Harry or his conservation thing.

      1. Not in every (four-time) divorced family mother bankrupts her ex-husbands with alimonies and at least once has cheating as officially documented reason for divorce. No blame for Cressida here of course, but with both coming from wrecked families, and Lady MG as role model for Cressida, they just never had a chance to have a stable happy long-lasting relationship.

        I never saw the picture circulating the media, just twitter, tumblr and forums. We have no real chance to know if it was taken before and if the tusk was fake, of course they will say that. It only appeared on her friend’s instagram around the time of the conference. And as for fake, I honestly don’t care. I had a few gross pictures in my teens (not twenties, I’m actually younger than her, but these rich kids seem to go from “child” to “middle-aged” without ever reaching adulthood), but even at that time pretending to lick a tusk, fake of not, when some guy pretends that this tusk is his penis – that wouldn’t go well with my digestive system under any sauce.

        I have no idea how is she as a person, might be a nice fun girl, but from what I’ve seen of her, she is just neither appropriate for royal life nor would be happy there.

        1. It’s probably for the best they broke up, it wouldn’t have ended well if they had married.

          1. Yeah. I actually feel sorry for Harry. Any girl with life and substance will be very reluctant to enter the circus that relationship with a prince always become, let alone give up her plans and interests for a life of shaking hands and being completely inoffensive and non-opinionated.

            As a side note… I hate so much when people call Cressida Cressy… Cress is ok, but Cressy is something you can call a puppy, not a human female…

          2. Very true re a girl of substance. Entering the RF must be like cutting the wings off a bird.

            Re “Cressy”: or a four year old.

  4. if we have to criticize cess i think her mum past history is hers and not cress, well well everybody thought kate stable family values will add something to the RF and look at them, they are shameless goldiggers despite their wealth they want more it will never be enough till RF runs dry, look at kate really, a child who refuses to grow up and has to be passed on, since there has to be someone to look at this lazy, brainless child, pippa is no doubt a famewhore, james is creepy ,his parents still have to look after him, all his so called projects bear no fruit, cress has dated harry ONLY two years its stlll early to judge but please dont compare her with kate , she didnt get the name waity for no reason, TEN years of stalking, THREE years of marriage and NOTHING to show of it!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, Kate and her family is trash. That’s why I don’t think there is any point comparing anyone to her. “Better than Kate” doesn’t really bear any information. If you want to compare, pick someone who turned up to be a good royal material. Rania, Maxima, Letizia, Charlene. If you want the one who is still a girlfriend, Sofia Hellqvist or Beatrice Borromeo. Somehow all the European royals pick girlfriends who don’t need any excuses.

      And, as I mentioned, I don’t blame Cressida for her family’s problems. But coming from a wrecked family, one needs to put a lot of effort to learn to have a stable relationship. Ten times as much if we are speaking about dating a prince. If there were any hints that Cressida was making this sort of effort, I would have no problems with her background whatsoever. But she always looked like just going with the tide, and in this case family history is the best possible indication of where this tide could lead.

  5. As much as I don’t like to bad-mouth people not named Willy or Waity, I always thought Cressida seemed trashy to me. Not fame grubbing trashy like Waity. Just trashy. Maybe b/c she wore the most hideous outfit combinations imaginable to look “edgy” and “down-to-earth”. I always thought she just looked like a tramp. I’m glad they broke up. I wish Harry would settle on someone and be done with it, so we can start “wedding watch” and then “baby watch”, then “scandal watch” (maybe both if he forgets contraception? We could only hope). Of course if there was an illegitimacy, it would handled quietly, without anyone knowing about it, until the gynecological nurse sells her story to the Mirror. I know it probably wouldn’t be a “scandal” nowadays but the Establishment in Britain is still very powerful and would definitely not approve.

    1. I always thought Cressida seemed a bit dirty. She wore horrible clothes and looked like she didn’t brush her hair. I wouldn’t say trampy, though. But that’s based on my definition of trampy. I define trampy as someone overtly sexual, a la someone who sells their body. To me, that doesn’t apply to Cressida. Trashy, sure–she literally looked like trash in that overalls outfit–but not trampy.

      I hate the speculation on his love life, but I hope he takes at least a little bit of care in choosing his wife. We don’t want another Waity situation.

      I’d be willing to bet there are some Ginger Babies out there already that we don’t know about.

      1. I meant “trampy” in the sense of a tramp or hobo, not a promiscuous girl. I don’t think Cressida’s a slut.

  6. what has really made cress trashy.? Because o her clothes, clothes dont define someone, caseinpoint chelsy davy was called all sorts of names and look at her now, whille being called trashy dating harry she managed TWO degrees and is working in a top lawfirm, and kate is the ultimate trashy one, flashing the whole world who have seen her every body part, maybe cress likes being comfortable time will tell, and on this look she looks like a princess no doubt!

  7. All of the recent photos of her remind me of 2007. I think she absolutely took a hint from Kate’s playbook

    1. I do too, but I’m not sure it worked. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It took a good three months for Will to get back with Kate.

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