Prince William: spoiled brat who wants a job in the Foreign Office as an excuse to put off full-time royal duties, or modern, independent royal?

Prince William: spoiled brat who wants a job in the Foreign Office as an excuse to put off full-time royal duties, or modern, independent royal?

There are two bits of William news I would like to discuss.  First, there is a Mirror article about his next career move (hint: it’s not full-time royal work).  Second, there is a Robert Jobson article about how William wants to modernize the Monarchy by doing things “his way”.

William reportedly wants a job in the Foreign Office to help prepare him for when he is king.  It would be a “full-time position” as he is keen to have a full-time job—as long as it has nothing to do with royal duties and allows for lots of vacation time.  A source said: “He will come to the end of his ‘transitional year’ in the autumn and has made it clear he wishes to begin full-time work again.”

Look, if William really wanted to learn all this agriculture and government stuff to prepare him for when he’s king, he should have been doing that as soon as he left university instead of wasting his time with the military.  I fully support the military and those who work in the military, but for William, his military job was always BS.  He should never have been a pilot in the first place given that he wears corrective lenses, and to be frank, he was never going to serve the way Harry has (since he’s the heir) and he was never going to be a lifer so there was no point at all in him wasting time and resources and a position that could have been given to someone more deserving who would have stayed longer.  I understand that a military stint is traditional for royals, but it’s a complete waste of time, at least for the direct heir.  If William had spent those years he wasted with his military training on learning all this agriculture and government stuff then he would be prepared and be ready to do full-time royal duties now, but instead he insists on BSing around.  He’s in is 30s, he needs to figure his sh-t out.  And let’s be clear, his agriculture and Foreign Office stints are BS, too.  He doesn’t give a crap about any of this, it’s just an excuse for him to not go full-time royal.

This leads me into the second article, the Robert Jobson one.  Goodness.  I appreciate that it isn’t over the top with its sycophancy (I’ve read way more sycophantic articles about him and/or Kate), but it is still pretty bad.  It’s all about how William is doing everything “his way” and how he wants to “modernize” the Monarchy and how he’s shaping things for the future.  There are so many nitpicky things I could point out, but that would make my post too long.  Instead I think I’ll go with an overview of my opinion on William.

This comparison may seem strange at first, but go with me for a moment.  William, in my mind, is very similar to Justin Bieber.  Bieber acts like a spoiled brat, and hates the media for attacking him—because he’s totally the victim and everything he does should just be forgiven because he’s so totally awesome and has a bunch of money and he’s 19 so that means he can do whatever he wants and it’s fine (don’t you remember what you were doing at 19! *I do remember what I was doing at 19, and it wasn’t drunk driving and hitting up brothels and every other nasty and/or rude thing Bieber has done, just saying*).  William is the same.  He acts like a spoiled brat, and then hates the media for daring to criticize his actions.  He’s a royal—and the heir no less—so he should get to do whatever he wants and he’s always right, and how dare the press want to know anything about him (he’s totally the victim, he just wants to live a nice normal quiet life of luxury on the taxpayer’s dime, y’all, how dare you expect things from him) and how dare anyone criticize him, don’t you know everything he does is right—he’s the heir!  Prince William and Justin Bieber, two peas in a pod, they’re both spoiled babies whining in their booster seats.

In my opinion, William doing things “his way” and breaking protocol and tradition has little to do with modernizing or shaping his future monarchy (which may never come to pass) and more to do with his lack of respect and selfishness and spoiled behavior.

William has, as the firstborn, been spoiled since childhood.  But William was especially spoiled after Diana died.  The royals felt bad that he lost his mother and therefore gave him everything he wanted and never told him “no”.  That “never telling him no” thing continues to this day.  There is a sycophancy that surrounds Prince William, and it isn’t coming from the media, it’s coming from his own office and family.  They let him do whatever he wants and if they do advise him on things, he doesn’t listen (because he’s totally right about everything and anyone telling him no is just being a hater).

William is a spoiled brat, plain and simple.  And until he is shown some serious tough love, he will continue his spoiled ways and not give a damn about doing his public duty—who cares what the peasants think anyway, right.  William may be doing things “his way”, and some may think that’s great, but they are missing the bigger, bratty picture.  Actually, they’re not missing the bigger picture, they’re trying to form a public image for him of “the modern royal who is breaking tradition and launching the Monarchy into the 21st century”.  It’s the same image they’ve been trying to sell us this entire time, only repackaged.  They’re taking the whiny baby and trying to sell him as a modern, independent royal. The problem is the PR and his actions don’t match. They may want to sell him as a modern, independent royal, but he has shown himself to be merely a whiny baby.

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  1. Couldn’t have put it any better myself. You can smell the BS flying around. Don’t forget he still owes the taxpayer something in the region of £500,000 because he stepped down from his part-time job in Search and Rescue a year early. And why did he step down early? Because he wanted to go on a gap year ahem transitional year although the truth is that SAR had been privatised and they probably weren’t prepared to put up with his shenangians. Good for you!

    1. They weren’t taking over SAR until 2015. William could have stayed put and worked out his contract. He chose not to. Or maybe SAR booted him because they were unwilling to keep covering up for him never being there, because lives were at risk due to his slacking off on shifts and flight time. Then the BRF covered this up with “paternity leave” and “gap year”

  2. Perhaps the first salvo has been fired with the Sun’s “Duchexcess of Cambridge” article?

    1. I saw that, hilarious title, but I’m not able to read it as I don’t have a subscription to the Sun. I love how the gloves seem to be coming off regarding the Cambridges, though.

  3. Oh for heaven’s sakes. I wish I could have written this article. I could hardly have put it better. He’s a 31-year-old MAN and his wife is a 32-year-old WOMAN who have contributed virtually nothing to the Family or to society as a whole as far as I know, except producing a son (if that counts, which in my book it doesn’t). They say they want to be “normal” and do things like cook and clean for themselves (not that I actually think they do that 98% of the time), but also have the status and luxury that comes from being royal and having access to tens of millions of pounds and being photographed and talked about by everyone. Ugh. Don’t forget the incident in 2007 when he took a military helicopter essentially on a joyride to Waity’s parents’ house, buzzing Sandringham and Highgrove. If any other trainee had done that, they would have been cashiered in a second and probably charged. The military barely said a word. I loathe them both intensely.

    1. Reproducing doesn’t count for much. People do that every day, and most of the time it’s because they’re too stupid to use proper protection.

      Oh the helicopter incident. Yeah, the only reason he got away with that crap is because of the HRH in front of his name.

      William wants all the status and luxury without the responsibility and public interest. He wants to be some billionaire who has a ton of status and wealth, but plays behind the scenes where the public doesn’t notice him and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

  4. Poor Queen Liz. All she wants to do is retire, kick up her heels Nd watch some telly, and she can’t do that because of her worthless heirs. Ol’ gal better find the key to immortality if she wants to keep the monarchy going, because as soon as she dies, the English monarchy is done. Maybe it’s for the best since these guys are unwilling to pull their own weight around there.

    1. Seriously, as soon as Liz II dies there will be some serious shake ups with the monarchy and commonwealth. That’s why I doubt William will have a monarchy in his future to rule and shape, so he better stop wasting his time and get to giving back to the public now or else there will never be a King William V.

  5. Remember how the Palace released the statement that Prince William would be taking a year off to prepare for becoming a full-time royal? Why is he so reluctant to assume that role? Is it the “full-time” part he finds so icky? Prince William has a history of becoming disinterested quickly, he wanted to drop out of St. Andrews because he was bored, then he wound up switching majors. The public was led to believe that part of the RAF decision was so he could devote himself to more charity work. Then he decided what he really needed to focus on was agriculture work but he couldn’t even make it through a ten week course without taking two vacations. Is he going to decide he wants to be a lion tamer next or maybe a vampire slayer? Hopefully some of Justin Bieber’s terrible behavior can be attributed to drug use, then he would have the hope of rehab. (Please, at 19, I was taking graduate courses and wrapping up my BA in two majors, working part time at a church and the film department, acting in student films and volunteering at a soup kitchen.) There is no twelve step program of which I’m aware that addresses being a petulant self-absorbed socially oblivious ass. It would be amusing, though. “Hello, my name is William, and I am a total douchebag.” The group would answer, “Hi, William.” Then Prince William would continue, “I threw my first temper tantrum when I was three and it was such a rush I just never stopped.” I read the “Doing It His Way” article because of the lead-in about the Duke and Duchess holding their drink, I thought it was going to be a feel-good piece about alcohol, sadly no. And really, did it have to mention William’s suggestion to a teen to imagine him naked to calm her nerves? I started dry-heaving again, having just recovered from the report that there was a sex toy kit available in their Maldives resort.

    1. OMG, that “imagine me naked” bit was nasty. I almost talked about it in my post, but decided against it. To me, if a stranger, no matter what situation it was, leaned in and said to imagine him naked, I would kick his teeth in. Who says that to a stranger? And to make the person feel more comfortable around you? That would do the opposite for me, I’d start thinking the person was some pervert and I’d be looking for an exit pronto.

      Justin Bieber’s excuses are weak, and part of the problem is the sycophantic culture that surrounds him via his entourage (part of which is his deadbeat dad who only came back into Justin’s life once he started making money). If Justin stopped with the drugs, found some people who care about him more than the money and took responsibility for his actions, he’d be a better person.

      The same sycophantic culture revolves around William. If someone with authority (say the Queen or Charles) actually sat him down and told him to get his shit together, things might improve. But then I’m sure William would just go run off tot he Middletons or play the Diana card again to get out of it. Such a whiny brat.

  6. i have more respect forjustin bieber, who was raised by a sngle mother, definitely worked hard and is now a multimillionaire, what about willy he is a spoiled, lazy, self entitled brat!

    1. Ugh, I dislike Justin Bieber, but of the two, at least Bieber did have some talent and work ethic that got him to the place he’s at. He went batshit once he got there, but he did have the drive to get there and that is something. William was born into what he has.

  7. I think another apt comparison is between Wills and King Henry VIII. It’s all about feeling “special” and not being held to the same standards as anyone else. Part of it is simply being filthy rich, but part of it is also being royal. A “full time job” for Wills (or any of them, for that matter) simply doesn’t mean the same thing as it does for one of us commoners. For example, any job Wills has will always allow him to jet off on vacation any time he feels like it. He won’t have two weeks vacation, four sick days and two personal days. The only chance Wills had to be genuinely “special” and to do something different and admirable was killed in that tunnel in Paris.

    1. Just to be nitpicky, Henry VIII wasn’t the spoiled first child/heir, the way William is. Henry was the second son who was originally going to have a life dedicated to the church, but then his older brother Arthur died at 15, leaving Henry as the heir to Henry VII. Henry became a spoiled dick later.

      As for William and his need to feel special, yes that’s it totally. He loves being the special one, and feeling superior to people, especially Harry. You can tell he loves being superior to Harry by the way he constantly makes fun of him in public.

      I think there is a problem with the use of the term “full time job” with William (and really any of the royals). If they didn’t claim it was a full time job, then people wouldn’t complain when he takes off from the job all the time. If it were billed as a part time job, people wouldn’t have that ammunition to throw at him for ditching the full time job since he would be expected to have a ton of time off as the job would be only part time.

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