Prince Harry takes Cressida Bonas on a ski holiday to Kazakhstan

Prince Harry takes Cressida Bonas on a ski holiday to Kazakhstan

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas reportedly took a ski holiday to a resort in Kazakhstan.  It’s some luxury resort frequented by wealth Russians.  They were there from the 13th to the 16th of March (Thursday to Sunday). They flew in a private jet and then used a Kazakhstan government helicopter to go heli-skiing (whatever that is). Here are two pictures taken by Russian tourists, apparently, and posted by Emily Andrews of the Sun.

Some questions: why did they use a government helicopter? It was a “private” holiday. And um… doesn’t Cressida have a job?  Why is she able to take a vacation mere months after getting a new marketing job?  It’s kind of like how Dave Clark works at Virgin Galactic yet manages to find all this time to trot after Princess Beatrice all the time.  Who pays for these luxury vacations?  They’re “private”, so does that mean Harry pays out of his inheritance (which came from the money Diana got in the divorce, which came from Charles and the Queen from the money they get from the state, so basically William and Harry’s money all came from the taxpayer—or the bank through interest), or Charles from the money he gets from the Duchy?  The security obviously isn’t paid for privately.  I wonder how many protection officers they took with them. It’s a luxury chalet, I wonder how much that cost. And of course the private jet they took to get there. Did Andrew set them up with a Russian oligarch who let them use the place for free? And again, why did they use a government helicopter for a private ski trip? No offense to Kazakhstan, but it seems like a strange place for a British royal to go vacationing. Don’t they usually prefer Verbier for skiing?

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  1. william and kate while datng took too many holidays compared to these two, well if the cambs keep using taxpayers money to go on holiday, harry might as well do the same, sophie and family did the same!

  2. Didn’t some of Diana’s wealth also come from her own family – The Spencers

    1. I’m not sure how much. I think most of it came from her divorce settlement from Charles.

  3. Sorry, to be a pain! A website called royal gossip has very interesting
    information on the royals!

    1. I have read that site. It helps to really, really hate WIlliam and Kate. I’m not quite so radical.

    2. To be quite honest with you, reading that site is why I started my own blog. I read that site for a good while, and posted on it, but whenever I posted anything I was either ignored or sh-t on ridiculously hard. They were, like BitchyShoes says, radical in their hatred for Kate and William while positively glowing for people they liked, even if it was hypocritical and a double standard with their comments on Kate.

      One example, they crapped all over Kate for wearing red to a friend’s wedding, because it “took focus from the bride”, but then praised one of William’s ex-girlfriends for wearing red to the wedding in Switzerland last year.

  4. thats what happen when u leech the public, live in a world of luxury, privileges, perks and never endind vacays, and u dont care about the same people who fund your lifestyle, and on top of that the few engagements you do, u cant even pretend to care…….. So this is all waity doing, and only she can undo her mess!

  5. Okay, when I read about this, I thought maybe there was a gas leak in my apartment and I was hallucinating so I’m glad you saw the story, too. The British Monarchy is supposed to be politically neutral, this was an extremely ill-advised vacation especially after the avalanche of bad press his brother and sister-in-law started. This article from the Daily Mail covers the human rights violations part:

    Really, is this what the British Monarchy wants to be linked to in the headlines? Where are these Princes’ advisors? Taxpayers pay the salary of the people who are to keep them from pulling this crap. Does Prince Harry want to prove once and for all he is the less responsible of the two brothers? Is there a strain of a Headlessness Virus running rampant in Buckingham Palace?

    As you mentioned, these vacations are very costly for the taxpayers because of security. Taxpayers who are struggling to put food on the table are paying for these guards’ business class tickets, their accommodations, OT, and per diem. Plus it’s not just the usual security team because in addition to the Royal Family having to be guarded, the place they are staying needs to be guarded as well.

    There is so much grumbling about the Royal Family right now, they should be staying put. If they are bored, maybe they can take up knitting and sell the scarves on eBay to make money for all the tens of thousands of people who will die next winter because they can’t afford heat. They can call it Project We Are Aware Other People Live On This Planet Too.

    And who picks Kazakhstan for a romantic get-away?

    Excellent point about them both having new jobs.

  6. why do people support the cambs when they go on holiday using “they have to keep the fire burning in the marriage” while harry has been working soo hard even trekng on the south pole (that is no joke) hardly making headlines while his lazy brother and wife making headlines for doing NOTHING..,…..harry has a girlfriend now , who will probably be his future wife, they need to work on that too, the only thing i dont approve is their destination!

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