Prince George’s Spanish nanny has a name

Prince George’s Spanish nanny has a name

Prince George’s Spanish nanny has a name: Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

Maria went to Norland College, the prestigious nanny training college whose nannies are so coveted by celebs and royals (for the full Norland College advertisement, see the links below).  Maria is a full-time nanny, she started a few weeks ago, and she will be accompanying Will, Kate and George to Oz and NZ.  Maria will be living at Kensington Palace.  She supposedly doesn’t have a husband, boyfriend or children and is “married to the job”.

Maria is said to be in her mid-30s with two decades experience working for high-society families.  Yeah, homegirl is not in her mid-30s, mid-40s is more like it.  If she were mid-30s with two decades experience she would have had to start working in her teens.  So no way is she mid-30s.  But sure reporters, don’t do the math on that at all and go ahead and call her mid-30s.

There has been a bit of controversy over Maria’s hiring.  Mainly the fact that she is Spanish and not British.  Some people think the Cambridges should have hired a British nanny, and some people think the people who care are morons.  And then of course there are the people who don’t give a sh-t, lol.  I think they should have hired a British nanny.  My reason is:  the British Royal’s main purpose, and the ONLY argument for keeping them around, is that they promote Britain and British industry.  Given that fact, they should have given the job to a Brit.

Links (seriously, these articles read like advertisements for Norland College):  Daily Mail article.  Telegraph article.  Mirror article.  Express article.  Another Telegraph article.

PS.  Grumpy George. Had to link it because they showed it in one of the articles and I think George’s grumpy face is amazing.

10 thoughts on “Prince George’s Spanish nanny has a name

  1. what are these two thinking, are they crazy or what , that is no just any kid, they should have hired a british nanny, i think they hired because being a foreigner she can keep their secrets,, and why does a woman who doesnt work need a full time nanny, i wish the queen could just retire and let these two morons work

  2. The express have updated their story and now say she is 43! Also, following on from KP asking for the nanny’s privacy to be respected, the express have quotes from her mother and brother! So much for wanting privacy!

    1. Yeah, 43 seems more like it. Asking for privacy seems like a waste of breath at this point, they know the public will want to know about her. And take her photo of her with the baby.

  3. ya right nanny privacy to be respected indeed, waity is very calculating she does not want people to know what we all knew FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME NOW that she is LAZY,and the nannies have been raising george, SOOO what is her excuse for not workin??

  4. How can these idiots be hands-on parents if they’re constantly running to Kate’s parents and/or nannies? Hands-on means being there for the night wakings/feedings, the cranky periods, playtime, putting them to bed, and feeding them. I’m assuming the nanny will see to all of this, so what exactly are they planning on doing that’s so hands-on? Kate’s not even working hard so she can’t use the excuse of working full-time and needing help. ARGH. Ok, I refuse to get worked up about a pair of lazies in a different country than me. I feel sorry for Brits who pay taxes for these two.

  5. whennnnnnnnnnnn is this childish/immature woman of 32 years stop running to her mother, shes a wife and a future queen,,, its getting ridiculous!

  6. I have heard that the ” children ” have booked a vacation in
    the middle of the tour? I hope i am very wrong! Edward viii
    did not even do the crap these 2 morons are doing and he
    was kicked to the curb! lazy & losers are shitheads! Please
    excuse my language, but they bring out my worst qualities.
    I am very sorry for offending people on this website!

    1. Well meeting up with Colonials for 30 – 60 minutes must be SO tiring, William can do it but will Kate be able to keep up the pace of the stress? Don’t forget that before marrying she did very little for 10 years so 30 minutes of “work” must exhaust her?

  7. well she must get used to the stress of working as a royal wife, well she never complained when she was stalking billy for the job , for a decade

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