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Prince George’s Spanish nanny has a name

Prince George’s Spanish nanny has a name: Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

Maria went to Norland College, the prestigious nanny training college whose nannies are so coveted by celebs and royals (for the full Norland College advertisement, see the links below).  Maria is a full-time nanny, she started a few weeks ago, and she will be accompanying Will, Kate and George to Oz and NZ.  Maria will be living at Kensington Palace.  She supposedly doesn’t have a husband, boyfriend or children and is “married to the job”.

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The defense of Will and Kate’s decision to leave George behind doesn’t hold much water

So there has been backlash to Will and Kate (especially, because she’s a woman and women always get sh-t on harder than men) leaving poor little George (their PR stunt baby) behind with Carole and a nanny while Will and Kate jet off on a week-long holiday in the Maldives.  To me, this is not surprising.  Of course they would get backlash for leaving their son behind, that’s half the reason they’re taking him to Oz.  They really are idiots, or they thought they wouldn’t get caught going on this trip, for leaving George.  Anyway, there hasn’t been as much backlash from the press, because they got to go to a private meeting at KP where they met George so they won’t print anything negative.  There has also been some backlash about the cost of their trip—reportedly one villa costs $10,000 for 4 days, and each meal costs $500, and that doesn’t include the plane costs and all the costs for the security team they brought with them.

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Kate is still looking for a new, full-time nanny

I’ve been debating whether to comment on this latest article about Kate looking for a new nanny, because I thought we had already known that.  This is kind of a throwaway post, but the Kate news has been light after the flurry of stuff a few weeks ago, so why not?  Also, there are interesting bits in the article.

So, basics, I guess Kate and William are still looking for a new nanny for George now that Jessie Webb is leaving.  It’s been a month and a half since that news broke, but whatever.  They had planned to go it alone and not have a nanny at all ( 😉 ), but then they hired Jessie Webb on a part-time basis to help when they had royal duties (except that Jessie Webb was chilling with Kate while driving back to KP in Sept.).  Now Jessie Webb is leaving and their royal duties are ramping up (except not really), so they now want a full-time nanny.

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Kate and William hold hands to walk to church

Kate attended church, twice, with the royal family this year.  She wore a cream/pink coat with a pretty tartan scarf for the early service, and she wore the McQueen tartan coat dress for the later service.  I love the McQueen coat, it is beautiful.  I loved it the first time she wore it and I love it now.  And I like it paired with the green hat.

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Kate is still insisting she doesn’t have a nanny, and other news

I’ve been dealing with personal stuff the last week and a half, and have ignored the royal BS PR machine during that time.  But now I’m back to it and as disappointed as ever.  Basically I’m catching up on some of the stories from the last week and a half, or so.

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