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Kate is still looking for a new, full-time nanny

I’ve been debating whether to comment on this latest article about Kate looking for a new nanny, because I thought we had already known that.  This is kind of a throwaway post, but the Kate news has been light after the flurry of stuff a few weeks ago, so why not?  Also, there are interesting bits in the article.

So, basics, I guess Kate and William are still looking for a new nanny for George now that Jessie Webb is leaving.  It’s been a month and a half since that news broke, but whatever.  They had planned to go it alone and not have a nanny at all ( 😉 ), but then they hired Jessie Webb on a part-time basis to help when they had royal duties (except that Jessie Webb was chilling with Kate while driving back to KP in Sept.).  Now Jessie Webb is leaving and their royal duties are ramping up (except not really), so they now want a full-time nanny.

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Kate and Will looking for a new nanny, but they’re still whitewashing their lives

Kate and Will are looking for a new nanny to take with them when they go on tour to Oz and NZ in April.  Their current nanny, Jessie Webb, 71, has “reached the end of her contract” and doesn’t want to stay on anymore since she only agreed to come out of retirement—she was William’s nanny when he was young, but retired years ago—“on the condition that she would only work for three months”.  Webb is still at Kensington Palace and looking after George for right now, but Kate and Will are looking for someone to replace her, even though they want her to stay on.  But even if she did stay on she wouldn’t want to travel to Oz for a month, because she’s old, so they would have to get someone else for that trip anyway.

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Kate and William hold hands to walk to church

Kate attended church, twice, with the royal family this year.  She wore a cream/pink coat with a pretty tartan scarf for the early service, and she wore the McQueen tartan coat dress for the later service.  I love the McQueen coat, it is beautiful.  I loved it the first time she wore it and I love it now.  And I like it paired with the green hat.

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