Kate and Will looking for a new nanny, but they’re still whitewashing their lives

Kate and Will looking for a new nanny, but they’re still whitewashing their lives

Kate and Will are looking for a new nanny to take with them when they go on tour to Oz and NZ in April.  Their current nanny, Jessie Webb, 71, has “reached the end of her contract” and doesn’t want to stay on anymore since she only agreed to come out of retirement—she was William’s nanny when he was young, but retired years ago—“on the condition that she would only work for three months”.  Webb is still at Kensington Palace and looking after George for right now, but Kate and Will are looking for someone to replace her, even though they want her to stay on.  But even if she did stay on she wouldn’t want to travel to Oz for a month, because she’s old, so they would have to get someone else for that trip anyway.

The article is full of whitewashing and royal propaganda.  First, the article claims that Webb only came on after Kate and Will moved into KP, which is not true, she was with them before they moved in there, when they were still living in Wales/with Kate’s parents.  It was reported in August that the Cambridges were looking to hire Webb to be their nanny, and then she was spotted with Kate in September.  The Cambridges didn’t move into KP until October.  So… LIES!  Also, the three month thing… well we know they already lied about when Webb came on as nanny, and they’re lying about the three month max, too.  IF she was really only hired in October—which I do not believe since there is photographic proof to the contrary—then her contract would have been over at the end of December.  It’s the middle of January.  BUT we know that Webb was hired before October, so the three month thing is total BS.  Yeah, they are full of lies, and it’s really obvious.

Also, “Kate’s only luxury is her personal hairdresser, Amanda Cook Tucker, who visits the Palace.”  Yeah, because the no actual job to do and minimal royal appearances and the palaces and the custom cars (that they get with their special discount) and fancy dresses and jewels that Charles pays for and everything else is not luxury at all.  Give me a f-cking break.

There is some interesting information about Carole in there.  Carole really wants to go to Oz, and I’m sure Kate really wants Carole to go to Oz, but the palace aides are all, f-ck no:  “It had been rumoured that Carole Middleton could join the tour Down Under to help look after George. However, aides insist that will not be the case.”  If Carole did join them, there would be a sh-t storm from the public.  Also interesting: the fact that Carole seems to stop by KP “several times a week” and she “often arrives without warning.”  Carole seems pushy, and the palace doesn’t seem to like it.  I hope the palace puts their foot down on that shiz.

Speaking of Carole, she went shopping a week ago with Kate.  Because Kate can’t do royal duties because she can’t be away from George while William is at school, but she can totally find time to go shopping with her mother.

Some random news:  The Prince George souvenirs created to mark the birth have not been selling well and are now on sale to get rid of inventory.  Haha.

Oh, by the way, it was Kate’s birthday last week. Nothing really went down. I guess they had a small dinner with Carole after William rushed home from school. Meh.

4 thoughts on “Kate and Will looking for a new nanny, but they’re still whitewashing their lives

  1. what a bunch of shameless goldgiggers this midds, this waity really needs to be divorced she is USELESS!!!, after which she can spend her miserable life shopping and stalking aristos

  2. Their office can’t keep things straight. Not only has Jessie Webb worked longer than three months, but she appears to be a whole lot more than part time, which is what they said she was when they first admitted to hiring her. Not to mention their housekeeper has “part time child care” as one of her job duties. So they have 1.5 nannies, not one.

    This is what’s so frustrating about these two. Their office says one thing and then we find out not too long after that it wasn’t the case. No nannies morphs to hands on parents. HG morphs to severe morning sickness. No staff morphs to 30 plus people at last year’s Christmas party (which we only heard about because of the above referenced morning sickness; otherwise it would not have been reported that they went to a staff Christmas party). I wish they’d just admit things and move forward.

  3. Excellent points, everyone. I just don’t understand why Carole continues to be thrown under the bus by the royal spin-makers. I don’t particularly care for her or her daughter, but if they are cashing in on the situation it is absolutely no different than the royals. Royals get lots of perks, cash, etc. just for being born. Besides, who cares if she wants to go with Waity and Billy to help with the baby on the trip? The press keeps making this trip out to be some frenzied 24/7 work schedule so if that is true Carole wouldn’t be having a lot of fun, just helping out. Someone has to go help out with the royal crier. Why not Grammy Carole? And if this trip is REALLY going to be so grueling should this ignorant couple be taking the baby AT ALL? No one wants to their baby behind, but if its really going to be that much work, maybe baby should just stay home with Carole.

    Just a few of my thoughts. Sometimes the propaganda around this family gives me whiplash from how it bounces around.

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