Kate’s 2013 public engagement numbers are ridiculously low

5 thoughts on “Kate’s 2013 public engagement numbers are ridiculously low

  1. Thanks for summing up these numbers for us. While it is clear that no one on this list is really setting himself up as a workaholic, it completely reinforces the fact that Will and Kate are practically Missing in Action by comparison. I am just glad that I am American and only have to worry about my government/elected officials squandering my hard-earned money.

    1. Harry also is practically MIA, with only 52 engagements this year. I realize that Will, Kate and Harry are not “full time royals”, but it is sad that they don’t even do half the amount of work that royals in their 70s/80s/90s do. And I don’t believe the “William and Harry have full time jobs in the military” excuse people try to lobby. Both William and Harry take an inordinate amount of time off to go party and vacation and whatnot for people supposedly working full time. I think those jobs–especially William’s–is/was more of an excuse to not do royal duties full time. Especially since neither of them would have those jobs if not for the HRH in front of their name–William would not have been a pilot because he wears corrective lenses, and Harry had to have help and retake tests in order to pass.

      1. I will argue that there is no such thing as a part time royal. Either you’re a royal or you aren’t.

        By the way, I just found your blog and appreciate the fact that you aren’t rabid about things. A lot of the non-fan blogs lose me with their over the top dislike of every single molecule of air they breathe.

      2. You have an excellent point, they are royal 24/7 whether they like it or not. Even when they’re not doing public appearances they are still royal, still living in palaces and off taxpayer money. Which is all the more reason for them to make as many public/charity appearances as they can so that they can kiss up to the public. I guess I should say they’re not “full-time *working* royals”, since they are always royal they just don’t do much.

        I started this blog because all the blogs I visited always went overboard on the criticism (and it wasn’t always deserved, and sometimes hypocritical–like calling Kate out for wearing red to a wedding, but then praising one of Will’s old girlfriends for looking great while wearing red to a wedding), and whenever I commented I always got angry responses–even though I’m not a fan and criticized them too, but not as rabidly as they did. So I started my own.

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