Kate parties with Pip, Will takes a selfie with fan, and other random news

Kate parties with Pip, Will takes a selfie with fan, and other random news

Let’s bullet point:

*Kate went to a party with Pippa on Monday without William.  I get why George wouldn’t be there, because he’s a baby, but why wasn’t William there with his wife?  Is William even actually in Bucklebury, or is that an excuse and he’s off somewhere with his buddies?  Maybe it was just girls night and William wasn’t invited.  Either way, William was not there and Kate was “really happy… glowing and full of life.”  Of course she was, because she was with Pips and not Will.  And not her crying baby that she probably doesn’t like.

*William took a “selfie” with a woman on Christmas day.  She wanted a picture with the Queen but had to settle for William.

*The man who delivered Prince George, Marcus Setchell, was made a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order by the Queen.  Also, the woman who treated Kate for her fake HG, Caroline Cassells, was named Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order by the Queen.  What the f-ck?  I don’t know, and don’t care to search right now, if the people who delivered Charles and William were knighted afterwards, but this seems weird.  Maybe it’s not, maybe the people who deliver the heir are always knighted, but it seems strange to me.  And why would the lady who treated Kate for her fake HG get an honor?  Maybe because Kate almost lost the baby when she had her fake HG and this woman prevented that from happening?  Or is this honor an incentive to keep this woman quiet about Kate’s fake HG?  Hm.

*Princess Beatrice went on vacation with her boyfriend, Dave Clark, to St. Bart’s to celebrate the New Year.  She has gone on so many vacations this year.  The only reason I bring this up is because of the shoddy—or intentionally misleading to make up for lack of work—reporting by the writer of the article.  Here’s the quote:  “The break comes after a relatively busy schedule for the Princess, who has recently completed a business trip to Berlin, Germany, with her sister, Eugenie.”  Do you want to know how “recent” that trip was… it happened A YEAR AGO!  Seriously, a f-cking year ago.  That trip is far from recent.  What a load of crap.

*Totally random, but this photo appears in one of the articles so I saw it again, and is it just me or does William look super creepy in it? He looks sinister, like he’s a villain in a Disney film. He’s holding the baby like, “at long last it’s finally mine”, and then the hero would come kick his butt.William is sinister

5 thoughts on “Kate parties with Pip, Will takes a selfie with fan, and other random news

  1. Re: Beatrice going on vacation with her boyfriend

    I can totally remember when Charles was dating Diana. The RF was determined that he was darned well going to marry a virgin, so they never spent a night together until after the marriage. His wife had to be spotless because no one wanted an Expose about “My night with the Future Queen of England!” During the engagement she lived with the Queen Mum so there was no “talk,” you know. Funny how THAT turned out, with Diana’s multiple affairs. Now we have Royal Grandkids living with significant others (Will/Kate) and vacationing alone together (Bea/Whatshisname) and generally living lives that would never have been tolerated a generation ago. I really wonder how the Queen feels about all this deep down inside.

    1. Diana being a virgin bride had nothing to do with her affairs–her husband stopping having sex with her just a couple years into the marriage so he could shack up with other people is why she had affairs.

      I have often thought the Queen must hate the messes her grandchildren get themselves into, but then she honors William with a Knighthood and two mansions. So maybe she doesn’t mind. I don’t know. I doubt the Queen would ever say anything even if she did hate their actions, Philip was always the one who ran the family.

      1. Yes But her silence is deafening and could ruin the monarchy. She should be reigning them in. They are lazy and really being very little to the monarchy

  2. I think the doctor and nurse got awards to shut them up about Kate’s fake HG and the surrogacy

    1. There’s really no other explanation, right? If someone made a case for the doctor who delivered George, I could maybe see it–wouldn’t necessarily agree with it, but I could maybe understand. But the woman who treated Kate’s fake HG? That’s what really raises the red flags here. We all know Kate did not suffer from HG, so there isn’t really a reason for the woman who treated Kate’s fake HG to be honored unless it’s to cover up the fake-ness.

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