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Peter Phillips charging £150/person for street party for Queen’s 90th b-day + Prince Harry partying (update)

I keep hoping there will be news about Kate, William, or Harry scheduling appearances for January, but nothing has been released so far. Seeing as KP usually releases appearance info two weeks before the appearance, and there is just over two weeks left in January, it’s looking doubtful that any of them will make any […]

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Kate and Will enjoy a night on the town, away from George

Kate and William went out the other night with some friends to Bunga Bunga in Battersea.  They were with friends, one who was celebrating a birthday and is pregnant or something.  I don’t really care about the details, go to the Mail to read that if interested.  What I care about is the photos, and […]

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Beatrice quits job to focus on charities

I don’t know how many people care about the York Princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie.  I know people care about Kate and people seem to like my posts on Pippa, but I don’t know about the Yorks.  But I’m going to cover them anyway because I think they are interesting.

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