Kate and Will enjoy a night on the town, away from George

Kate and Will enjoy a night on the town, away from George

Kate and William went out the other night with some friends to Bunga Bunga in Battersea.  They were with friends, one who was celebrating a birthday and is pregnant or something.  I don’t really care about the details, go to the Mail to read that if interested.  What I care about is the photos, and how far apart Will and Kate are in them.  Oh, and Kate is wearing an awful coat that she really just needs to burn.  That coat is so ugly.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the photos should go in this order: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5.

In picture 1, you can clearly see how far ahead of Kate William is walking.  He basically left her behind and she had to catch up.  He did the same thing when leaving the hospital with George, he ran to the car and didn’t pay any attention to what his wife was doing.

In picture 3 and picture 4, you can see that William gets in the car ahead of Kate, not caring at all to let his wife get in first, or to help her in the car.

I think these photos show how many sh-ts William doesn’t give about Kate.  I mean, we already know that, but this is just more evidence.  They don’t have to walk hand in hand, but not leaving her behind would be polite.  It doesn’t seem to me that William is all that nice of a person.  I think he’s probably an ass to people, especially Kate.  It almost makes me feel badly for her.

Something else I just noticed, Kate is not wearing Diana’s ring!  Wow.  I thought Kate loved that thing, and loved to show it off.  I guess there isn’t really a purpose to showing it off to your friends when they don’t give a crap about it, because they still think you’re an “outsider” and “social-climber”.  She likes to show it off to the public, because the public cares.  That is interesting, though, that she only wears it when she thinks/knows she’s going to be seen by the public.  So maybe I’ll have to look closely in Kate pap photos, if she’s wearing the ring then that means she called the paps, and if she isn’t then she didn’t call the paps?  I don’t know.  I bet that gigantic rock gets in the way during day-to-day activities.

8 thoughts on “Kate and Will enjoy a night on the town, away from George

  1. and the lenghth of the dress is sooooooo short she looks like a stripper that william JUST hooked up with, that pic is no duchess materiall

    1. Oh my that dress is SHORT! And if it had been windy would we have seen her private parts? Not royal at all! Didn’t her mother teach that girl anything? I maintain what I have said before, Kate must be missing something if she doesn’t get that people don’t want to see a Duchess dressed like a street walker!

  2. I’m going to take a different approach to William leading Kate. They had six protection officers whose job is to keep William (first) and Kate (second) safe. I suspect that may be the cause of William’s lack of gallantry.

    1. BitchyShoes, are you suggesting that the protection people are so inept that even with 6 of them (!?) they couldn’t manage to protect them if William allowed his wife to take his arm and he gently helped her into the car? William has always acted in this dismissive way towards her, even before there were protection officers assigned to her.

      1. Hi Tuppence, I think I know you. 🙂 I’m using different names on different sites since I had a stalker, but we’ve chatted before and will again!

        No, I wasn’t suggesting that (although I share your !? that they had six); I was trying to find a nice reason that William was walking ahead of Kate and ignoring her, thinking it might be RPO protocol or something.

  3. Kate really does look unhappy and too thin. Her skirt is way too short, as usual. Their body language pretty much says it all. They are really not “together.” I am actually starting to feel sorry for Kate because her husband is so treating her with such obvious disrespect and no one deserves that from a spouse. Yeah, she is not the brightest bulb, is lazy and unwilling or unable to handle the royal routines, but he did not have to marry her and now he acts like he did her some huge favor by doing it. The more I see of him the less I like him.

    As for him entering the car for security purposes…well, no. My husband of almost 30 years has worked for many years in executive protection/security details and has protected judges, rock stars, religious leaders, etc. If he saw these pathetic “Security Officers” who are with Will and Kate he would fire them on the spot. Those men are almost completely unaware of their surroundings, are not paying attention to their clients, and are improperly placed for almost any security threat. While I am no expert, I know enough after all these years that these pictures show they are lousy at their job. If this is the best that the UK can come up with then they need to look somewhere else for actual security for the RF.

    1. He acts as if he did her a huge favor by marrying her because he DID do her a huge favor by marrying her. If she had two brain cells to rub together, she’d realize this and make the most of it.

  4. I have always felt that Kate wanted William because he was a Prince and not because who he was as a person. Perhaps now William can see that he married someone that he really has little in common with and that could be the reason why he walks on, leaving Kate trailing behind. As for Kate’s short skirts? She wore very short skirts (and tried to be sexy) when they were on that break, maybe she is doing this again to try and get him interested? If Kate listens to her advisors (if she has any?) then I hope they are telling her to get out, go to see her charities (not just when the paps are around), take an interest in the countryside, attend church? And can I say (again) about Kate’s clothing – I do hope we are NOT going to be seeing Kate flipping her hair and her skirts flipping up when they are in New Zealand and Australia!

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