Beatrice quits job to focus on charities

Beatrice quits job to focus on charities

I don’t know how many people care about the York Princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie.  I know people care about Kate and people seem to like my posts on Pippa, but I don’t know about the Yorks.  But I’m going to cover them anyway because I think they are interesting.

So Beatrice had her 25th birthday last week.  There was a huge party and whatnot, which I don’t really care about and won’t be covering.  But I found this article about Beatrice and her role as a royal and thought it was interesting.  Now that Beatrice is 25, it’s saying that she is at a crossroads and something about choosing royal duties over work and whether or not Charles is even going to let her be a member of the slimmed-down monarchy when he takes over and blah blah blah.  I guess what brought this on is the fact that Beatrice has become the patron of York’s Theatre Royal, adding to her growing list of charities.  I actually like this article, it talks her up as being a charitable person and wanting to work more with charitable organizations, but it does not hide the fact that she takes a lot of vacations.  It’s not too sycophanty, which is nice.  It basically calls her out about being charitable but not falling into the same trap as her mother by taking a ton of expensive vacations.

The horrible thing, at least from my point of view, is that Beatrice gave up her job at a financial house in London so she can “build… a portfolio of patronages befitting a princess who is sixth in line to the throne.”  I’m all for her being charitable and whatnot, but I think she would be better served holding a job and making a life for herself rather than trying to be a ‘full-time working royal’ because you know that isn’t going to happen.  Charles really is hell bent on kicking out the rest of the family when he takes over in his bid to ‘slim down the monarchy’.  Of course, like is pointed out at the end of the article, Beatrice does like to party, and vacation.  I see a lot of reports of her partying and taking vacations.  I actually find it odd that her boyfriend, Dave Clark, gets so much time off to vacation with her–I’m pretty sure he works for Virgin Galactic and should be working not vacationing.  But then I guess I just answered my own question, Virgin Galactic is owned by Richard Branson who is a notorious royal follower and would probably let Dave take as much time off as he wanted as long as he was taking the time off so he could spend it with a Princess.  Back to Beatrice, I find it odd that Beatrice would get so much time off from her, now former, job, but then again she probably got special treatment because she’s a princess.  Just like William gets in the RAF and like Kate got when she was dating Will.  Ugh.  Or maybe that’s why she left that job; they wouldn’t give her all the time off she wanted to go vacation with Kate Moss.  Now I’m just getting snarky.  Well that’s what you get, Beatrice, when you act like an entitled brat.  Now don’t you go using that “work hard, play hard” excuse on me.  I hate that phrase, mainly because rich, entitled people like to throw it around as some sort of excuse to act like idiots, especially Prince Harry, because they just don’t get it: normal people work just as hard, or harder, to make a living but they don’t get to play as hard because they are too busy working a 9-5 job.  People that use that expression usually have a ton of perks handed to them and that’s why they get to “play hard”, but it’s not like everyday people aren’t working hard, they just don’t have the perks and time off to “play hard”.  They have to actually keep working to enjoy what they have.  No other military man would be able to afford a week at a very expensive hotel in Vegas, or a trip to the Alps, or the Caribbean.  That doesn’t mean they don’t work hard.  Hell, they’re working harder than Harry because they are actually there the entire time, unlike Harry.  Great, now I’ve gone off on a rant.

Hm… was that all I wanted to cover?  I guess so.  Oh, one last thing, pretty much everyone is predicting that Beatrice will marry Dave Clark.  Here’s an article about titles, should they marry.

2 thoughts on “Beatrice quits job to focus on charities

  1. Beatrice’s boyfriend is an american citizen! American citizens cannot have
    royal titles, because if they accept royal titles they forfeit their American citizenship!
    I once read the information in a book.

    1. If he wanted to be given a title, he would have to give up his American citizenship. However, the Queen is not going to give him a title even if he did become a British citizen. If neither of Princess Anne’s husbands got a title, then Dave Clark certainly isn’t getting one.

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