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Prince William gives interview to BBC to mark Queen’s 90th birthday

Prince William has given an interview with the BBC to mark Queen Elizabeth‘s 90th birthday. In the interview, the Duke of Cambridge talks a lot about his views on responsibilities and duty and what that means to him and how he intends to proceed with his life. He also talks about his family and choosing to spend more time with them than working.

BTW William and Prince Harry toured the Star Wars set at Pinewood Studios the other day. I’m including some photos of that event at the end of this post.

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KP throws CAA under the bus to defend Prince William’s laziness, CAA isn’t having it

This is getting hilarious. It seems that all of the criticism Prince William has been getting from the various papers this past week has gotten under Kensington Palace’s skin. Kensington Palace issued a statement about William’s work schedule, throwing the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) under the bus to do so, but CAA isn’t having any of that BS and issued their own statement to counter KP’s defense.

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